ONE THOUSAND FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!! I love all of you so much!!!!!! Even the spam bots. You guys are so precious and it’s so weird to think that people who don’t know me are interested in who I am and what I love?? I’m still working on the giveaway prizes, and I hope that shows how much you guys mean to me. Because I don’t really know how to express it. You guys mean a lot to me, and I love talking with all of you. ALLLLL of you. Even you, little blog with 10 followers. I love you unpolluted children especially. 

Sorry for ranting! I’m just… really happy. I feel like I have the means to influence people for the better, and I really hope that’s something that I’ve done. Thanks to all of you!!!


My puppies wanted to wish you to have a nice day!
Lots of love

😍😍😍😍 @k-s-m-i-n Thank-you so much, look how Adorabuubble!!! So much loves and ear scratches for you beautiful little guys!! I would play ball with you alllll daaaaay 😍 Have a fantastic day!!!!!! 😘 🐕 🌸
Super bob - Killer (Official Music Video)
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Ok! I just recently discovered this band, earlier this week actually, because they were heading the Breaking Benjamin concert I was going to. (It was fucking great by the way, music is so much better when you can literally feel it. Like fuck my half-blind eyes, half-deaf ears, and half-dead legs, I CAN FEEL THE DRUMS YES PLEASE)anyway…

I listened to a bunch of their songs and holy crap. One: this is basically TØP on all of the steroids. Two: I LOVE THEM OMG!! Three: I actually got to meet them after the concert because they were up at their merch stand and I just want to say they were extremely sweet human beings. 

SuperBob is band thats main goal is to change what Rock n’ Roll has become, to remember what our way of music is, why this music is created and why we listen to it. They are extremely genuine and adorable and I am so glad to have met them. You do have to be a very hard core Rock N’ Roll person because they are a ‘screamy’ band but I adore them.


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Name: Blake ;)
Nickname: Grey (what im called most often)
Gender: radical dude
Star sign: aries!
Height: i’m 5′5″. v smol.
Hogwarts house: gryffindor!
Favorite color: this changes all the time but probs black
Time right now: 15:09pm
Average hours of sleep: like 6 i’ll say
Lucky number: 13 yeyeye
Last thing I googled: “wham bam thank you ham” at 1:53am wtf
Favorite fictional character: nagisa from free!
Number of blankets I sleep under: 2 ehe
Favorite band or artist: years & years my babies
Dream trip: iceland!
Dream job: tattoo artist B)
When did you create this blog: i think 4 years ago now
Current amount of followers: 748 and i lov them alllll
What do you post about: pastel pink aesthetic!
Who are your most active followers: @leafmen @plutosjournal @cryhard-fairy and @would-i-be-good
When did your blog reach its peak: probably at the start of this year~
Do you get asks on a daily basis: nah i really wish i did thoooo
What made you get a tumblr: i was a fan of a really stupid tv show and looking for nerds to share it with
Why did you choose your url: because im the real william shakespeare

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sunflowerbaka asked:

✩ (tho that's allot of hc so really.. Just do like four of each cause that's wayyyy too many for that meme lmao )


Send ‘✩’ for the following:


Who is more likely to raise their voice? 
–I think both could be likely? I think it depends on what the argument is about. 
Who threatens to leave but never actually does?
–Hide? She seems to be someone who would threaten it in the moment but never go through but that’s speculation~
Who actually keeps their word and leaves?
–I think it’d be Mika but again depending on the argument. I think he’d threaten to do it, then leave and then come back like 5 hours later like a lost dog. 
Who trashes the house?
Do either of them get physical?
–AGAIN it depends but Mika would never hit her to harm her, grab her by the collar maybe and shake her but thats it. 
How often do they argue/disagree?
–They dont argue all that much but Mika is so freaking sulky with Hide even tho he loves her in their little verse so it may seem like his disagreeing but he’s just being Mika. 
Who is the first to apologise?
–It depeeeends Mika would be stubborn as heck though on most accounts. 


Who is on top?
–Mix n’ match
Who is on the bottom?
–look to the former
Who has the strangest desires?
–I wanna say Hide I dont think Mika would be into anything in particular but dont knock it ‘til you try it son
Any kinks?
–Mika likes having his hair pulled? 
Who’s dominant in bed?
Is head ever in the equation?
–Yes, both ways? Mika would im just saying.
If so, who is better at performing it?
–I wanna say theyre both pretty good?
Ever had sex in public?
–Not yet. -wink wonk-
Who moans the most?
–MIKA he’s a moaner
Who leaves the most marks?
–Mika bc duh
Who screams the loudest?
–eeeeeeeerm dunno
Who is the more experienced of the two?
–Hide I guess bc Mikas a little virgin in the tg/ons verse we got uwu
Do they ‘fuck’ or ‘make love’?
–boooooth? depends on the situation
Rough or soft?
How long do they usually last?
–Mika? 30/45 minutes at most? Hide about the same maybe a bit longer?
Is protection used?
–If they can find any hahaha
Does it ever get boring?
–perhaps? theyve never had sex sooooo
Where is the strangest place they’d have sex?
–errrm strangest place for Mika would be the back of the car.


Do your muses plan on having children/or have children?
–Mika doesnt nope no way.
If so, how many children do your muses want/have?
–NONE but I dont know about Hide?
Who is the favorite parent?
–Mama Hide, ive got a feeling she’d be a bit of a softy?
Who is the authoritative parent?
–Mika mostly but Hide can be too when it matters.
Who is more likely to allow the children to have a day off school?
–Both actually? I can see them being pretty chill parents 
Who lets the children indulge in sweets and junk food when the other isn’t around?
Who turns up to extra curricular activities to support their children?
–Both do, Mika wouldnt wanna miss a single one.
Who goes to parent teacher interviews?
–Again both if they can, if not then Mika would try to be the one to go so that Hide didnt have too.
Who changes the diapers?
–Take turns but ive got a feeling Hide would complain more?
Who gets up in the middle of the night to feed the baby?
Who spends the most time with the children?
–I wanna say that Mika would be a stay at home dad while Hide works? Dunno thats cute in my head haha
Who packs their lunch boxes?
Who gives their children ‘the talk’?
–It depends on who the kids ask? But probably both?
Who cleans up after the kids?
–Mika ive got a feeling Hide might complain a little bit
Who worries the most?
–Both can worry a hella lot but Mika is the one who shows it the most.
Who are the children more likely to learn their first swear word from?
–ohhhh Ive got a feeling it could go both ways, Mika perhaps by accident tho?


Who likes to cuddle?
–Both but Mika would ‘protest’ until he got more comfortable with her
Who is the little spoon?
Who gets naughty in the most inappropriate of places?
Who struggles to keep their hands to themself?  
–Hide? But Mika if he’s got her on his mind. 
How long can they cuddle until one becomes uncomfortable?
–Quite a while but Mika has to get up and walk around eventually. 
Who gives the most kisses?
What is their favourite non-sexual activity?
–Long drives to no where haha
Where is their favourite place to cuddle?
–The sofa, so they can watch tv.
Who is more likely to playfully grope the other?
How often do they get time to themselves?
–Hide’s work can keep her busy so a night every now and then they get some time apart from each other. 


Who snores?
–Hide? Mika a little bit
If both do, who snores the loudest?
–Hide I wanna say haha
Do they share a bed or sleep separately?
–Share after Mika got more comfortable with her
If they sleep together, do they cozy up together or lay far apart?
–Again together after some time when Mika got more comfortable
Who talks in their sleep?
What do they wear to bed?
–Mika wears his boxers and a top if it colder, Hide actual pjs but underwear if it too hot?
Are either of your muses insomniacs?
–Mika can be, ive got a feeling Hide can be too
Can sleeping pills be found by the bedside?
–Hmmm possibly? Thats an interesting thought actually
Do they wrap their limbs around each other or just lay side by side?
–Depends on the weather
Who wakes up with bed hair?
–Both but Mikas is more noticable and I can see Hide taking the mick the first few times they sleep together.
Who wakes up first?
Who prepares breakfast in bed for the other?
What is their favourite sleeping position?
–Spooning or just lying on their sides?
Who hogs the sheets?
–Hide perhaps?
Do they set an alarm each night?
–Mika’s an early riser ive got a feeling Hide might have to though
Can a television be found in their bedroom?
–hmmm nope?
Who has nightmares?
–Both, look at them they are both pretty fucked up
Who has ridiculous dreams?
–Both but Mika doesnt talk about them too much because he thinks theyre too weird
Who sprawls out and takes up most of the bed?
Who makes the bed?
–They take turns but Mika mostly
What time is bed time?
–Anywhere between 6pm to 3am
Any routines/rituals before bed?
–Just brushing teeth and changed
Who’s the grumpiest when they wake up?
–Mika? But hes always grumpy


Who is the busiest?
Who rakes in the highest income?
Are any of your muses unemployed?
Who takes the most sick days?
Who is more likely to turn up late to work?
Who sucks up to their boss?
–I cant really see Hide being a suck up. Mika’s bosses are the kids tho so he’s screwed
What are their jobs?
–Hide ccg? police? something like that? Mika is dod
Who stresses the most?
–Both are pretty stressed
Do your muses enjoy or despise their careers/occupations?
–Despite complaing from time to time they actually enjoy it
Are your muses financially stable?
–Yeah reasonably so even though Mika doesnt really approve of Hide’s career choice as it’s so dangerous. 


Who does the washing?
Who takes out the trash?
–Mostly Mika
Who does the ironing?
Who does the cooking?
–Mika mostly
Who is more likely to burn the house down just trying?
Who is messier?
Who leaves the toilet roll empty?
Who leaves their dirty clothes on the floor?
–Boooth? Mostly Hide
Who forgets to flush the toilet?
–Mika if he’s tired af
Who is the prankster around the house?
–Hide, but mika will get his own back
Who loses the car keys when it comes time to go somewhere?
Who mows the lawn?
–I cant really see either of them actually caring?
Who answers the telephone?
–Who ever is closest
Who does the vacuuming?
Who does the groceries?
–Mostly Mika
Who takes the longest to shower?
–Hide, so much hair
Who spends the most time in the bathroom?
–Both dont take particularly long


Is money a problem?
How many cars do they own?
–only one
Do they own their home or do they rent?
Do they live near the coast or deep in the countryside?
–Closer to the city for Hide’s job
Do they live in the city or in the country?
Do they enjoy their surroundings?
–They dont hate them, it’s Tokyo so its convenient at least
What’s their song?
– ‘Backseat Driver’ By New Boyz LOL no erm ‘Fly me to the Moon’ by Frank Sinatra
What do they do when they’re away from each other?
–Relax, watch TV/ read a book or hang out with friends
Where did they first meet?
–Good question omg the Elevator haha
How did they first meet?
–Trying not to die
Who spends the most money when out shopping?
Who’s more likely to flash their assets?
–Neither really
Who finds it amusing when the other trips over?
Any mental issues?
Who’s terrified of bugs?
Who kills the spiders around the house?
Their favourite place?
–A dead tree in an abandoned vally
Who pays the bills?
–Hide but Mika makes sure they are paid
Do they have any fears for their future?
–That Hide might lose her life to her job, thats Mika’s biggest fear
Who’s more likely to surprise the other with a fancy dinner?
Who uses up all of the hot water?
–Hide (and sometimes Mika to piss her off)
Who’s the tallest?
Who’s more likely to just randomly hop into the shower with the other?
Who wanders around in their underwear?
–Both? Omg Hide wearing one of Mika’s big tops tho
Who sings the loudest when singing along to the radio?
What do they tease each other about?
Anything they can
Who is more likely to cringe at the other’s fashion sense at times?
Do they have mutual friends?
–They could make aquaintances with the others friends?
Who crushed first?
Any alcohol or substance related problems?
Who is more likely to stumble home, drunk, at 3am?
Who swears the most?

So I’ve hit 1,000+ followers and you honestly don’t know how friggin happy & greatful I am. Thank alllll of you so much, and I’m glad that you guys haven’t had enough of my emotional ass yet. I really reallly really am happy that you guys love this account and find potential even though it is a mess and totally overemotional, like myself. SO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I hope to continue growing bigger :)