Another Allies 

Based on these sketches by Himaruya-san which are some different designs of the alllied forces characters: [1][2][3]

Hwaah so cool

The filename is ‘2P’ but Hima-san is probably just teasing us for now haha, so I didn’t change their colours
How to be a Christian ally to LGBT people - Faithfully LGBT
Some easy steps for Christians to advocate for the LGBT community.

A great article to use to get the discussion going with your friends and your religious institution. Bisexual journalist and activist Eliel Cruz’s latest for Religion News Service: So you want to be an ally? Here’s four ways to be a Christian ally to LGBT people.

And PS when you say LGBT – make SURE you are actually working hard on consciously including the “B” and the “T” and don’t just mean Gay Men and Lesbian Women.

Not entirely sure how to put that into effect? Bisexual People of Faith is one place to check in with for some good ideas on how to actually be bisexual-inclusive in a religious and/or faith-based environment.


When a fan didn’t know that the girls were formed on X-Factor