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💀🔪 Watch out!! It’s Shadow the Hedgehog!!! 🔪💀

My half-cousins were playing Shadow the Hedgehog on their PS2 and I got in the mood to doodle this angry little ‘hog!! Yeah, I knOW the game’s kINDa (VERY) cheesy now that I look back at it, and the controls were a tad wonky, but hey, that won’t stop me from drawin’ it!! Honestly, I don’t really know that much about Shadow, I played the older games (Sonic 3, Pinball, 2, etc) more often! So I tried mixing the classic sonic look with Shadow, it was really fun!!!

not to sound like a pothead but c’mon we know that in warrior cats, certain cats fuckin. blaze it up w/ catnip like alll the time, medicine cats have to protect a certain area of it but w/ the rest they’re like “fucking fine u animals”

i have this image in my head of darkstripe, one of the most…pothead wc characters ever, just standing by the river at the border between riverclan and thunderclan just staring at it, looking at it so lost

and longtail goes up to him like “um. hey what are you doing.”

“dude this is the longest thunderpath ever. i dont think i’ll be able to cross it all these monsters keep passing by.”

“…’re standing at the river.”

“wha- OH SHIT lol man sorry im high as fuck rn”

i was given this idea by a Good Pal but um link has ptsd ofc from all the Shit hes seen and had to do just to survive despite being like 17 n so hes fucked up u feel but sometims hes especially fucked up so much so that hes sometimes (fairly often tbh) like You Know , Death Seems Pretty Neato but yknow since hes the goddamn hero of fucking hyrule and also zeldas Appointed Knight and therefore has 113983848382939940 eyes on him at all times , he uhh Fuckin Cant Do That so he just has to Suppress It !!! Bury That Shit Like A MotherFucker !!!!
however. there exists one person to whom he can break down and let out his actual feelings and shit and just Not be the big strong powerful hero everyone expects him to be , surprise tht person is sidon !! and uhhh its gr8 bc w sidon link can actually cry and let out his fears and anxieties and insecurities and paranoia and all that shit that he cant let out with anyone else or god forbid in public and he can just kinda break down (and by breakdown i mean Break TF Down like goddamn tears and shaking and shit all that great shit) and man fucking !!!! sidons goddamn fine with it man !!!!! he doesnt care !!!!!! he still believes in link and thinks hes great n brave n powerful and fuckin everything and he’ll comfort and reassure him no matter what no matter hiw long or how hard it is bc he wants link 2 b Ok and Happy alll the time and??????? fuck hes a good ol friend

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so i noticed this a lot, but when i don't wear makeup people tend to tell me i look tired or dead and i was wondering if you could do a HC where the RFA (+ V and Saeran) react to seeing MC without makeup, and she feels insecure.

(Yep, yep. I’m sure you look beautiful without makeup~ I will gladly do this request! Because same.)
Also! Guys, sorry for not posting for 2 days! I have been busy. T_T


• He doesn’t even notice you weren’t wearing it.
• you assumed he was just being nice, and not saying anything, but..he just literally did not notice?
• You begin attempting to hide your face as you both go out in public, feeling awful about yourself.
• Now, he notices this.
• He pulls you aside, and begins to brush the hair you were trying to use to shield yourself, out of your face.
• he questions you on what’s wrong, and when you finally answer..he’s at a loss for words.
• How could you feel insecure? When you’re literally perfect?
• to him, you look amazing in anything. This includes no makeup.
• so, he just kisses you.
• For a loooonnngggg time..
• letting you know, that he finds you stunning in every way

• Okay, call him old fashioned or whatever, but he prefers you without make up.
• in fact hates when you wear it.
• Obviously he knows it’s not done to impress him or anyone, it’s for yourself
• Still, he loves to see your natural face.
• So, when you come out of the bathroom, with no makeup on, he can’t help but grin.
• “Zen, where did you put my makeup?!”
• “Babe, you don’t need it! You’re my perfect little treasure, and I want to see your natural features~”
• Won’t even give you the chance to feel insecure, to be honest.

• The moment he see’s you walk out with a clean face, he’s practically dropping his work every where.
• No, but seriously. hOw cAN SOMEONE LOOK SO GOOD???
• He gets up, casually fixing his tie, before walking over to you with open arms.
• He wraps you up into a hug, telling you how beautiful he finds you to be.
• And if you disagree?
• Oooohh, boy.
• He will argue with you until you agree.
• He is persistent asf.
• Will even drag Elizabeth 3rd into it, somehow.
• “Elizabeth 3rd wouldn’t want you to feel this way. Don’t disagree with her, (Y/N).” Jumin says, as he shoves Elizabeth in your face.

• Okay, but, she’s been there.
• In fact, she’s more insecure than you are, most of the time.
• So, you both have to comfort each other.
• However, she finds you to be absolutely stunning. To her, you’re the perfect girl.
• so, to get you feeling less insecure about how you look without makeup..she goes to work without makeup for two weeks.
• While people Attack her for this, commenting on how she looks tired, or even offer to do some natural makeup, she just ignores them.
• Knowing that she is doing this to prove a point to you, her beautiful girlfriend.
• Because you don’t need makeup to be pretty. Simply because you already are.
• But let me just say..

• Well, he stole all of your makeup for his Cosplay, and now he doesn’t remember where he put it.
• At least, that’s what he’s telling you.
• He knows where it is.
• It’s all in the 12th honey buddha chip box, in his oldest car’s trunk.
• But he refuses to tell you that.
• Why?
• Because your face is so hot??
• Literally, he did it as a prank at first, but you’re actually the most beautiful thing to him.
• He wants you to not wear makeup more often.
• And if you start getting really insecure? He’ll let you know where it is.
• But not before he makes a huge speech on how perfect you are.

• Considering he’s always taking photos of you, you can bet he’s taking some while your make up is off.
• He can’t even see you that well, but he knows that even without makeup, you’re still a beautiful princess~
• When you beg him to stop taking pictures of your clean face, he can’t help but tilt his head in confusion.
• Because you’re the most beautiful person? His favorite pictures are the ones of you..
• And one day, when he finally gets his eye surgery, just so he can see you better.
• He’s going to want to take a look at these pictures, and be reminded of how damn lucky he is.
• So, he wants to do his best to make sure you stop getting camera shy. Because there’s going to be a lot more where that came from.

• Okay, well.
• So, you walk out. No makeup on. Hoping Saeran wouldn’t notice, or say anything..
• “! (Y/N)? You look tired. Did you not sleep or something?”
• You couldn’t help but feel your eyes twitch, opening your mouth to speak, before you heard Seven bust out laughing.
• “THAT IS NOT…WHAT YOU SHOULD SAY- AHHAA HOLD ON…HAHA, TO A GIRL!” Seven chokes out from another room, running in to see your faces.
• Saeran narrows his eyes, letting out a grunt.
• “Get out, idiot brother. I didn’t ask you. Besides, I was just asking. I want to make sure (Y/N) even gets sleep. I mean, she looks-”
• “don’t finish that.” You groaned.
• Seven continued to laugh, before Saeran began to push him out of the room.
• Once that was successful, Saeran shut the door, Locking it.
• “Oh. Ah, (Y/N). Sorry about that. I hope you didn’t take what I said wrong. You’re still beautiful and stuff..I was just making sure you got sleep. Sorry.”
• He may be a little shit, bUT IT’S CUTE.

GOT7 Imagine | Cuddling with Jackson

y'all have i mentioned how much I Love Jackson Wang recently ~Admin H

  • literally one of The Best Things
  • Soft, Warm, Comforting, overall Delightful
  • im a firm believer that jackson gives some of the very best hugs in the world so that means he gives amazing cuddles as well
  • hes a bear hug kinda guy
  • loves pda 
  • will physically drag you onto his lap if he has too and has done it before
  • hes DTC alll the time (Down To Cuddle) and will just cling to you constantly
  • like he knows his boundaries and can tell when ur not feeling the cuddle mood but most of the time he adores to just have his hands on you
  • he has so many different cuddling positions he likes to use depending on where u guys decide to cuddle
  • like if ur on the couch watching a movie he likes to have his head on ur lap or have you laying on top of his chest so he can play w ur hair
  • (or likes u to sit on top of him when u make out but we aren’t talking about that rn)
  • loves 2 be the big spoon AND the little spoon when u guys are in bed he has no preference
  • but when you guys are sleeping he will just a t t a t c h himself to you koala style
  • u will have to pry urself out of his arms when u wake up in the morning like if you have to pee rip you theres no way ur gonna get out of there easily
  • Jackson just loves and adores u to his very core and his way of showing u is by literally smothering you in love and affection and also actually smothering you bc sometimes he rolls on top of you in his sleep and he is not a light person okay someone go get mark
Cafe Lovin’ Part 1

Requested by: anonymous

Summary: you and Jordan are friends and you work at a small cafe. Jordan thinks that you and Josh have a lot in common and tries to set you guys up.  


Your Pov: 

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was busy serving tables at a small cafe. I worked at a local cafe in Columbus, Ohio. It wasn’t very busy but it was just busy enough to the place open. It was around 3:00 and I was serving two tables. One was a table with four girls and the other one was a table with 2 guys. 

One of the guys was a reoccurring customer so I knew him pretty well. The other guy I didn’t know at all. The regular guys’ name was Jordan. He was nice and over time we became good friends. Jordan had a brother named Josh. He would always try and set us up but I was just not interested cause I didn’t know the dude. My thoughts were interrupted by the coffee maker beeping indicating that the coffee was done.

I poured the coffee out and put it in two mugs. I placed the mugs on the tray and made my over to Jordan and his friend. 

“Here are your two coffee’s.” I said to them as I placed them in front of them. 

“Thank you.” They both said simultaneously.

“Are you ready to order?” I asked them while placing the tray under my armpit and grabbing my pad and pen from the front pocket of my apron. They both just nodded there head. 

“Well then what can I get for you two?” I asked them cheerfully. 

Jordan spoke up first. “The usual.” He told me with a smile. I just laughed. 

“Of course.” I said with a smile while writing down his usual order. Once I was done I turned to the other guy. 

“And for you?” I asked. 

“The number two please.” He said with a smile. I nodded and started to write it down. 

“And what kind of toast with you like with that?” I asked with a smile. 

“Ummmm… Rye please.” He said after a while of thinking. I laughed. 

“Is that all?” I asked before leaving to give the cook’s the orders. 

They both shook their heads no. 

“Okay then, your food should becoming very soon.” I smiled at them and started to walk to the kitchen to place there orders. 

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bts has a vevo channel ;_; did you know about this? o.O

bighit doesn’t acknowledge it so it’s not affiliated with them

Anonymous said: I went and saw BTS for the first time ever in Chicago and it was amazing! IM GOING TO MISS THEM SO MUCH ;_; post concert depression is real 💀

you can overcome it anon!! don’t worry!!! I hope you had a great time with Bangtan and Armys! ^_^

Anonymous said: omg ur 30? acc to ur FAQs. u sure dont look it :0

hehe yeah, I will be in September~ why ;_; do I look 31? hehehe jk!

Anonymous said: Hello, I was wondering if you knew what email to contact Bighit at for business related inquiries? (Not audition related)

sorry anon I’m not sure either

Anonymous said: To the anon about Jungkook being shy, he is definitely more comfortable now. Also, during INU era in an interview he said he had no friends.. and now he is very close to his 97 liner friends. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that he mentioned them in his thanks to for ynwa. 💕💕💕 (and yugyeom & bambam did too) it makes me very happy that our Jungkook has been able to show his true self, make friends, all while living his dream. ☺️ I just hope for bangtan’s happiness and wellbeing alll the time.

^^^^^^^^^ (thanks anon! kookie is growing up well!)

Lost Ladies Appreciation Week
Day three 1/3: Favorite F/F Relationship → Sun and Kate

Thank you for being here. And not asking why Jin isn’t.
You’re welcome.