Heaven and Hell
The Growlers
Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell - The Growlers

From nothing to something, a respectable tale
(?) Everybody’s got a price
Liquidating my decisions, holding it in, waiting on a vision
Investing in an ending that might come true, or not at all
Keep up my head cause the water will rise, hoping for calm if it ever resides

Try to find heaven and hell, find a haven right here
Dogmatists will keep barking, ‘til the stars disappear
Find heaven and hell, find a haven right here
Find out for ourselves heaven on earth can be real, and it can be right here

Keep my head up cause the water will rise, subterranean prevails 
And out of thin air, a hope-filled dream, though nothing in this life’s guaranteed
Mouths to feed, and there’s people to please, still walking around on my knees

Try to find heaven and hell, pull ourselves off the clouds
Resting in our own hands, shake it out onto the world all around

Find heaven and hell, find our haven right here, 
Find out for ourselves, heaven on earth can be real

Give me a chance and ill take it, I’ll eat up every crumb
On the knees and the hands gaining momentum ‘til i can finally run,
Run free run down this slipping dream
Tear it up it seems, wrap it all around me

Try to find heaven and hell, some relief from all this chaos
Unpack our dusty dreams we were saving for later
Heaven and hell, find a haven right here, 
Find out for ourselves heaven on earth can be real, and it can be right here

*Note: All these lyrics I got just from listening, I’m sure I made a few mistakes, let me know if you notice any!


a poem about finding yourself & losing
yourself & losing the loss, all in one go.

a conversation between [you] and [you 2],
or maybe [you] & [your brain]. what i’m trying
to say is that i’ve been trying to come to
terms with the nails in my teeth, but it all
tears & shreds either way. all bloody.

i’m not looking for someone to blame, not
anymore. i know whose fault it is, but it doesn’t
matter. it doesn’t take away this pain.
i try to point my fingers outward but they all
keep falling off.

i try to point my fingers inward & they get caught
in my teeth-nails. my nails-teeth. it doesn’t matter
who i point my fingers to. it doesn’t take away
this pain.

i am trying to come to terms with this, &
i am trying to come to terms with my anger.

most days i fail. i’m trying to come to terms
with this, too. what i’m saying is that
it feels like there’s no place for me inside
this body anymore. too full of shame & rot
& anger & trying to deal with this.

too full.

I do not like Michel Therrien

I do not like the Habs head coach

i do not like his whole approach.

i do not like him on our bench

i do not like him, english or french.

I do not like him with our team

i do not like him ruining our dream.

i do not think his systems work

i do believe hes just a jerk.

wanted him fired very soon

wanted him fired to the moon.

I do not like Therrien at all

keeping him is the wrong call. 


This was so lovely of you guys to stand up for me regarding the anonymous hate that I got. you’re all wonderful people and I can’t thank you enough. Especially knowing that you don’t mind and even like that fact that I’m involved with Dedan sometimes romantically. I am just humbled by what awesome people you are let me love all of you slowly and gently.

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❀ | “Eh…..Ehhh?!” Right away, Io didn’t know whom she had bumped into, and puts her hands up, as if she were surrendering. Either way, it was rude to walk into other strangers–even if it was someone she knew. But in this case, she didn’t know.

“Ah–! I-I’m sorry about that…I’m sorry!" 

{S T E P aside F O R}


× Lassy had a feeling he was going to keep getting lost.  Unfamiliar, unknown, unexplored; Whatever fancy word you wanted to give it, the point was that he was lost and he couldn’t just ask for directions; The chance that anyone here would be capable of seeing him was so close to zero that he didn’t even bother approaching anyone. The routine was that anyone who could see him, always stepped up to him, for some reason. Not that he minded. Solitude was something he was an expert in, anyhow.
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⌨ | Hibiki put down his cup of coffee, before seeing the crowd before him. He’s recognized Daichi, yes. The summoner knew very well whenever he’d spot his best friend. But…there were others whom he was not familiar with. Exactly–who were they? Cerulean optics blink in both confusion and curiosity.

“Y-Yes…?” Exactly what did they need from him? 

allkeeper  asked:

Much curious, please do tell.

There are people who treat their muses like things, people who treat them like they’re a part of themselves, people who use them as ways to get things like friends and attention. There’s there’s people like you Keeps who treat them like a person, a separate entity that actually exists. Not a bunch of dialog, lines, and color.

It’s interesting to see because the general idea for muses that’s in the roleplay scene is either ‘A thing to be roleplayed’ or 'It is a part of me’. When you post about Jungo your posts sound like he’s been there conversing with you, or you’ve been there watching him. Which in some ways I can see happening with ones imagination but you make it sound like he’s real.

If I didn’t know who Jungo was you’d probably be able to convince me he was a real life friend of yours.

You treat his feelings and thoughts as things to be understood and give them context, you use things I never would have imagined to find out more about him (I never even though tarot could be used like that)

It’s honestly really charming and on some level for me incomprehensible because I don’t know how you do it. I cannot make up a way to understand it and I have to applaud you for having found such a unique approach. A unique approach that really works, your Jungo when I see him pop up on the dashboard is pleasant and simple. I enjoy reading everything, from him being pleasant, simple Jungo to being angry or suddenly mystified. With what unusual exploration you’ve done he’s gone fro a very simple character to something completely unexpected.

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ϟ | “Huh. It’s crowded over here.” He’s not even going to bother, as Daichi steps out to find a hallway, secluded from the mass of strangers in JP’s. He doesn’t realize that he almost bumped into someone, as the side of his arm touched the other. “Ah–my bad,” He apologized, before looking up at the person.


I forgot one last thing I need from you all, sorry sorry! ^^;;

I want to know anyone has any special, or otherwise noteworthy, relationship with any other session member. I’m operating under the assumption that this is a self-insert deal we have going, but I want to be extra-sure, for the sake of realism. (Realism? In MY Homestuck? It’s more likely than you think.)

It doesn’t have to be a dating relationship, just, is there anything I should note about you and someone else in the session?

For example- I would assume that Shar and I have the same relationship in-game as well as out-game. You get the gist.

Oh, also, any typing quirks I ought to note? If you have it worked out, of course.

If you don’t have any answers to these, please at least tell me that so I know what I’m working with. Thanks for putting up with this, as soon as I have this info from you all, it’s grindstone time.

I’m so excited to be writing again…