alliteration ahoy!

there are gods inside your mind
gods and monsters, angels and devils
(it’s true what they say – where’s there’s one
there is always the other)
oh, your blood is sickly sweet to the divine
ruby rivers of sins and saints and storms
they’d eat you up for dinner, my dear
if you give them a penny, you give them a pound

your pulse purrs to pains and pleasures
such sinewy secrets slithering down your spine
your body is a dream for the demons and the deities
a cage of crimson curls and cuts all to catch
a little ballerina girl balancing on breaths

he says, trust me, trust this start, trust your heart
and you think, trust is not for a woman made weapon
here you are, sharp steep slopes and spinning stars
a heart made of hollow hopes and hissing hurts
life is limitless and loud and lonely for little girls
who only ever learned how to run

—  en pointe | m.j.commission a poem