Autism Network!!!

are you autistic? do you wish to discuss with other autistic beings? WELL i got a network for you!

Rules are simple: try to respect people! and be autistic! self dx or not!

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anonymous asked:

Har, you don't need to "try harder" that's what allistics told me to do my whole life, without realizing that I was trying harder already. No point making yourself feel bad for not being able to satisfy EVERYONE, especially when you're already putting so much time and energy and love into answering questions and posting peoples feels for us all. The main reason a few people are unhappy, is because another blog is low on spoons, so people who would go there, come here. That's not your fault. -天

anonymous said:

Hi mods! Just want to tell you thank you so much for this blog, with every aspect of what you do. It’s wonderful, the itaat asks help validate all of us (esp. s-dx) the autism feels are usually something we can all relate to, and the symbol asks I think are starting to form a little community, which is really lovely for us all to have. Thank you for this fantastic blog, you work so hard and we really appreciate it :)

I love you all ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

-mod har

the best thing you can do for your autistic friend, family member, partner, ect. is research about autism to understand the way we behave, the way we feel, why we do the things we do, and accommodate to our needs. be patient with us, explain things we dont understand, dont make fun of us stimming, help us when we are having a meltdown, support and love us. when the rest of the world makes us feel like a burden, its nice to have a few people that appreciate us just the way we are.

not to start but i cant tell you how much it bother me that keith and lance are both complex characters but people remove a lot of their qualities and fit them in like a trope box or something. i see a lot of ppl reducing lance to just a meme and like yeah he’s funny he probably does love memes but there’s more there and a lot of ppl think keith is like a huge asshole? but he’s so nice and caring lmao there’s a lot of layers to both of them and im pretty sure a lot of the ppl making keith out to be some kind of bad guy are neurotypicals/allistics who think all low empathy/logical thinkers are evil like i hate to break it to you but not everyone expresses their feelings the same way as you and keith not being moved to tears by his love for everyone does not mean he doesn’t care…he’s definitely not a bad person like at all even if he seems “cold” because he’s blunt and thinks logically

things the ace community has stolen
  • the tag “actuallyasexual” was taken from the neurodivergent community, who uses tags like “actuallyautistic” and “honestlyhistrionic” to discuss the realities of their disorders
  • the term “allosexual” meaning anyone that experiences sexual attraction, was taken from the autistic community’s word “allistic,” meaning anyone that is not on the autism spectrum
  • the term “ala,” which stands for “ace loving ace,” was taken from SGA people’s “wlw” (women loving women) and “mlm” (men loving men) - which doesn’t even make sense, like, wlw and mlm are gender-specific terms, ace isn’t a gender? if you’re only attracted to other asexuals are you asexualsexual????? that’s a little allophobic don’t you think
  • the ace triangle, a pretty common symbol of asexuality as pictured below, was stolen from gay men (i’m not sure if gay women went through the same thing), who were forced to wear a badge of a pink upside down triangle during the holocaust. as far as i’m concerned the gay community has not chosen to reclaim the pink triangle symbol, but the ace community decided that they wanted it and were just as entitled to it as gay people, because mass genocide and being called a plant are pretty similar, don’t you think…
  • edit: they stole the term “artemisian” from wlw’s “sapphic” and mlm’s “achillean.” not only was artemis a lesbian, she was also the goddess of purity, so they’re basically saying that lgbp people who experience attraction are “impure”
“They’re not autistic...”

“Holy fuck, why can’t you just let nice things exist without projecting into them so hard.  Maybe the devs were just looking for ways to build a game that reflects the mechanics they wanted.  The weird introductions and lack of small talk is just because when the franchise started there wasn’t room on the cartridges for more dialogue.  The infodumps from the NPCs are just meant to quickly introduce you to the game mechanics and world.  Turn based battling is just the way the game was balanced.  And the whole yes/no thing and the battle scripts is just [slur redacted], it doesn’t make them nonverbal.”

“And of course, just because the creator of something has autism doesn’t mean any of their characters do.  Some people come up with normal shit, unlike you who has to make everything about you.”

Embrace your autistic traits! Even if you have just one or two!

Do you think “everyone has special interests” because you have special interests? Congratulation you have an autistic trait! 

Do you think “everyone stims” because you stim? Congratulations you have an autistic trait! 

Do you think “everyone [does autistic trait]” because you [do autistic trait]? Congratulations you have an autistic trait! 

Autism is when one individual has a bunch of autistic traits - but it is possible for allistic (aka non-autistic) individuals to have one or a couple autistic traits, just due to human variance. 

Please don’t think “oh no I have an autistic trait! :C Autism is bad and I should be ashamed of my autistic trait”! Autism is not bad! Don’t be ashamed! Autistic traits can be great! And even if it’s less great and makes life harder for you, it will make life better for all of us who have that trait, autistic or allistic, if we normalise it.

It’s normal to have special interests. 

It’s normal to stim.

It’s normal to not be able to tolerate loud noises.

It’s normal to not be able to eat certain foods or wear certain clothes.

“That makes three people so far.” Allister said softly as a car sped down the street, causing another poor pedestrian walking on the sidewalk to become utterly soaked in rainwater when it’s tires ran through a large puddle. He tsk’d and shook his head, safely watching from behind a store window. “I almost feel bad. I’ve had nothing awful happen to me yet.”