The characters of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, put on a height chart for perspective. These are, unless noted, based on the real actors. Sorry for my comments, it just makes me happy I actually finished it. >D

From left to right; Kitty Bennet (9” - she’s a cat, it’s the average cat height), Caroline Lee (4’9” - I honestly thought she was taller), Charlotte Lu (5’2” - ditto to Caroline), Lizzie Bennet (5’4” - juxtaposition to Darcy d’awwww), Gigi Darcy (5’5” - not including her arms - this was my nod to Allison Paige’s dance career :D), Jane Bennet (5’6” - this was a guess because there is no listing of Laura Spencer’s height ANYWHERE on the interwebz), Mary (Bennet?) (5’7” - another guess because apparently Briana and Kaley Cuoco are the same person according to the net), Ricky Collins, (5’7” - it’s okay Maxwell, we still love you <3), Lydia Bennet (5’8” - the tallest of the girls! - also not counting her arms), Fitz Williams (5’10” - disclude his afro, that was added after the height), Bing Lee (5’11” - again, not counting the arms), George Wickham (5’11” - yes he has a baby in his arms, does that surprise you?), William Darcy (6’1” - see! so cute with Lizzie. ;-;)