Best lovers - Liam Dunbar

Request: Could you please do one where Liam and the reader are best friends , and then she discovers his secret. And in the end they stay together because they have always loved each other??? Thaannk you 😍😍😍😍 love ur imagines btw

Requested By: natymms 

Word count: 923

Liams POV:

I walked into school, pulling my bag over my shoulder. Only focusing on the sound of my shoes on the ground, I would occasionally listen to someone’s conversation and mentally give my opinion. Then I heard the voices I was trying to hear, y/n and Mason.

“Hey!” I said, slinging my arm over y/n’s shoulder.

“Hey yourself.” She says shrugging my arm off her shoulder, Mason shakes his head.

“What now?” I say sighing, Mason and y/n start arguing about someone. “Now in English.” I say, causing y/n to sigh.

“Mason likes someone, and he won’t tell me!” I look at y/n blankly.

“That’s why your pissed?” I say confused and slightly amused. She nods her head, “just tell her Mason.” I say.

“Yeah tell us!” she said, tapping her foot impatiently on the ground. Mason sighed and shook his head smiling.

“I like.” The bell went and Mason started walking. Causing y/n to let out a frustrated groan.

“Oh come on!” She yells after him, running a little to catch up. I do the same.

“Don’t want to be late for class,” Mason says, hurrying to his locker away from us… well, mainly y/n.

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“If we had a secret we would both tell you!” She yells, and looks at me, I start stuttering.

“Y-yeah.” Y/n looks at me suspiciously and I can already tell that she suspects something. “W-what?” I ask, stuttering again. She squints her eyes.

“Do you know something?” She asks, I take a deep breath.

“A-about?” I stutter yet again, don’t get me wrong, y/n is one of the nicest people you will ever meet but as soon as you do something to get in her bad books y/n is the last person you want to piss off. Coming from me, y/n is scary. She takes a deep breath. “I have to go to class,” I say quickly going to walk off. “Bye!” I shout over my shoulder.

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I couldn’t help thinking in class about what would happen if I told Mason and y/n about my supernatural powers. Would they leave? Would they tell someone? I don’t think y/n and Mason would tell. They are not that type of person. After staring into space I was pulled out of my thoughts by my teacher.

“Liam!” She shouted. “Have you been paying attention at all this lesson?” I moved uncomfortably in my seat and cleared my throat.

“Yes.” I said, squinting my eyes. She pressed her lips together tightly and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Really?” She said, raising her eye brow. I nodded my head in a yes motion. “Then what is the equation of Photosynthesis?” She said. I suddenly felt mad, I could feel my blood boiling. Not here, not now. “Liam.” She said, raising her voice a little, “what is the equation for Photosynthesis?” She asked again. My breathing became heavy, I kept thinking of y/n, my anchor.

“I. Don’t. Know.” I said, between heavy breaths. I scrunched my hands into a ball, my nails were digging into my skin.

“Should have been paying attention,” she said as she turned around and wrote up the equation on the board. “Detention, after school Mr Dunbar.” She said, writing my name down on a slip of paper. I packed up my books and stormed out of class. “Mr Dunbar!” She shouted, “Get back here!” I ignored her and kept walking, I was going to change, I could feel it.

I walked into the change rooms, my teeth were coming through. Then I heard it.

“Liam?” y/n voice boomed through the room, it sounded soft and sweet. She must have saw me storm off, y/n knows about my I.E.D.

“Get away!” I shouted, my voice was deeper, it does that when I change.

“Liam it’s okay.” She said, her voice calm.

“No get away!” I shouted and turned away when she stood behind me. She can’t see me, what will she say? I feel her hand on my shoulder and I feel myself calming immediately. She turns me around to face her, her face pales.

“W-what?” she says, looking at me strangely.

“Y/n.” I say, changing back into human form. “There is something I have been meaning to tell you for a while now.” I say, fully in human form now. She steps back, looking shocked.

“That’s impossible.” She says, she steps forward and studies me, “you just had hair all over your face, and your teeth. Your eyes!” she yelled, remembering what she just saw.

“I’m a werewolf, y/n.” I say, making my eyes glow into a gold colour again.

“That’s.” She stops and stares, suddenly her face falls. “How long?” she asks, raising her eye brow.

“Just over half a year.” I say, she grinds her teeth, scrunching her eyebrows. Suddenly she charges towards me and starts hit my chest just violently. “What the hel-“

“AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME! I’M YOUR BEST FRIEND YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO TELL ME THINGS! YOU KNOW WHAT? I’M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS! I DON’T CARE IF YOU HAVE SUPERNATURAL POWERS I’M GOING TO SHOVE YOU HEAD SO-“ I cut her off by pushing her into one of the lockers and kissing her passionately. (He didn’t push her roughly)

“Shut up.” I say, smiling. She sighs, and kisses me again.

“So uhm, if you’re supernatural…” I raise my eyebrow, “care to find out who Mason likes?” she asks, biting her lip. I laugh and kiss her again. She grabs my hand and drags me out of the locker room.


A.A. Week: most empowering moment –“I wanna not be scared. That night in the school I felt utterly weak, like I needed somebody to come in and rescue me. I hate that feeling. I wanna be stronger than that— I wanna feel powerful.

Period Swings - Stiles Stilinski

Request: please make one that stiles are being so cute because he thinks that you are pregnant but your not

Requested by: Anon

Word Count: 399

“It’s going to be so great.” Started stiles, I rolled my eyes. Here we go again. “Can you imagine holding them, I can’t wait to hold them.” My period was a week late so now Stiles assumes that I am pregnant. “We will be such great Parents.” He embraced me into a tight hug but quickly pulled away. “Whoops,” he laughs looking at your stomach, “got to be careful when I hug you now.” He grabbed my hand and we continued walking around the shops. “We have to tell my dad!” he shouted abruptly.

“Stiles, my period is late, that is it. I might not be pregnant…” I whispered the last bit, it is quite strange to think that there might actually be a baby growing in there. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“You’re pregnant!” shouted Scott. I widened my eyes, behind him stood Lydia and Kira. I shook my head no, but could see Stiles next to me smiling while nodding his head.

“What made you think that?” I said crossing my arms and looking at Stiles suspiciously.

“Stiles texted me.” I growled at Stiles and stormed off. Getting extremely upset as to why Stiles would tell them such a thing, I am almost 99% sure I am not pregnant, but Stiles had to open his big mouth! He asked if I needed pads when we were walking past the grocery store and all I said is nah I have pads at home because my period is late. Now he is telling everyone I’m pregnant! It’s cute how he wants a child and he is excited but I am upset, why am I upset again? Actually I’m not upset, I’m hungry! I stormed back over to the group and walked straight passed Stiles.

“I’m hungry.” I told Lydia and Kira, “care to join?” the girls smiled and walked with me to the food court. We all got our food and sat down, in the corner of my eye I could see Stiles and Scott walking over to us. “You can’t sit with us.” I said, Stiles raised his eye brow at me. “Why are you raising your eye brow at me?” I cried, “am I not good enough?” Stiles looked panicked and rushed to my side.

“Don’t get to close.” Lydia said, “Those are period swings, sorry to disappoint you Stiles, but she’s not pregnant.”

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