Amnesia || Dallison

[[AU-ish. Alpha pack remains alive, but are mostly allies with the McCall/Hale pack]]

She had promised him she’d stay home.  It was just supposed to be a small meeting, no reason everyone had to be there, Derek and Scott would be fine.  But Allison couldn’t help herself.  She waited ten minutes after they left to sneak out the bedroom window, getting into her car and driving towards Deaton’s clinic.  She parked about two blocks away and walked to the building.  She hid outside a cracked window, and listened carefully. 

“You have a week to decide," came a women’s voice 

"I don’t need a week,Kali. You aren’t taking her. Plain and simple,” Derek said indifferently. 

Kali hissed, “You don’t know what you’re doing Derek. It’s in her best interest.”

Scott jumped into the conversation, “Even if we wanted to, Allison isn’t a girl who can just be forced in to doing anything.  And if she fights us, we’ll all end up hurt." 

Allison’s heart pounded with anger.  Over her dead body was she going anywhere with Kali. The meeting had wrapped up, the outcome wasn’t the desired one, obviously.  Allison waited behind the dumpster until the coast was clear.  She stealthily sprinted back to her car.  And who other than her lovely boyfriend would be leaning against it. A gruff voice tsk’d her, "Allison, you promised you’d stay at the apartment.” It was an accusation laced with anger and disappointment.  She glared up at him, “Don’t even start with me. You didn’t want me here because you knew what it was about. So how ‘bout it Derek, why does Kali want me?” He sighed, “It doesn’t matter, because she’s not getting you.” She walked up to him, their faces only inches apart, “I believe that’s my decision. Why does she want me? Or maybe I should just go find her and ask her myself.”

She turned to walk away, with the intent to go find the alpha. He grabbed her arm, “I can’t tell you, just trust me.” She ripped her arm back and crossed them both over her chest, “I thought we were past this, Derek. How am I supposed to trust you, if you don’t trust me. That’s our deal, no lies, no secrets.  Spit it out, or find somewhere else to sleep tonight.”  He hesitated, “They want to use you as a sacrifice to get some old enemies off their back. An Argent is a really good bargaining chip. I’m not going to let you go, I’d die before that happened.” Her eyes softened as she hugged him, “Is there any other way we could help them?” “I offered to help them fight the others, there’s only four in the pack, we could take 'em. But Scott is absolutely refusing.  And no Scott means no Isaac and no fox girl.” He shakes his head. 

Footsteps spun Allison around and had her reaching for the daggers in her jacket. It was Kali and Ennis.  "What do you think, Argent? Wanna help us out,“ sneered the she-wolf. Allison scoffed, "I’m not gonna die for you.” Ennis shook his head, “Wrong answer.”

Kali lunged for the huntress. A claw scraped down her forearm before she could swing her dagger. Allison cried out in pain. Derek reached out to help only to find himself being shoved from behind. He was then preoccupied with the male alpha, hitting and kicking.  Growls filled the air, but the one who stood out the most was a deafening scream from Kali.  Both men looked over in time to see a wolfs bane laced dagger plunge through her heart.  Directly following that Allison was being picked up by her neck and thrown into the wall, smashing the back of her head.  Ennis looked at his mate, grabbed her body and ran back to Deaton’s to hopefully save her.  

Derek ran over to where Allison lay in a puddle of her own blood, “C'mon baby, look at me. Don’t leave me, Allie.”  He put her in the car and sped to the hospital.  The looks he got from the nurses as he carried her into the ER were looks of pure terror.  He yelled at them to help, she was dying.  _______________________________________________________

Two weeks later Allison woke up in a hospital bed.  the first thing she registered was her group of friends watching her.  Lydia and Scott were crying, Isaac looked terrified, and Stiles looked down right uncomfortable. The second thing she registered was immense pain in her head.  When they saw her confused expression, Lydia began to explain, “Hey there, Sweetie.  You had a little accident. You’re okay though, no real damage.” Allison just looked around the room, there was a missing face. “Where is he,” she said with a scratchy voice, “Why isn’t my dad here?” Everyone gave her a funny look but it was her best friend who spoke up, “Allie, you’re dad…he died a year ago in a car accident." 

That hit her like a ton of bricks and she began to cry, "What do you mean? How long have I been unconscious?” Scott cleared his throat, “It’s been two weeks, Allison. You scared us all to death. Derek-” She cut him off, “What did Derek do? Did he do this to me?! That stupid bastard. I should have put a bullet in his skull when I had the chance.” Stiles broke into laughter, only to receive death looks from everyone in the room, “Derek, hurt you? Please. You’ve got that boy so whipped his tail hangs between his legs at your very command. He hasn’t left your bedside since you got here.” Allison was more confused than ever, “I don’t understand." 

That was when she registered a third and final thing, someone was holding her hand.  She turned her head to see Derek Hale with tears in his eyes and the most heart broken look on his face.  He went to say something, but the doctor walked in as he opened his mouth.  

"Hello Ms. Argent, how are you feeling, I’m Dr. Suresh,” said the doctor.  She used her unoccupied hand to touch her head, “My head hurts like a bitch. And I’m confused. Really confused.” “Hmm…Just out of curiosity Ms. Argent, can you tell me what year it is?” She thought for a moment, “It’s 2011.”

Everyone gasped. But Dr. Suresh answered calmly, “Actually, today is November 28th, 2013.  It appears you have some memory loss. Totally normal with head injuries such as yours. Can you look around the room and tell me your relationship with everyone?” Allison shrugged, “That’s Isaac, he is umm well we recently ended a relationship, but he’s a good friend.  Stiles is like the funny cousin I never asked for.  Scott is another ex/friend/brother figure. Lydia’s my best friend,” she paused when she looked back to Derek who was still grasping at her hand, “Derek Hale is a sick son of a bitch who I only put up with for these guys. He is the reason my mother is dead. And honestly, I hate him with every inch of my soul.” She ripped her hand away from him. Derek stood up and excused himself to the restroom.  

The doctor looked around, “You’ll have to do some more testing before you leave. But right now I’ll have a nurse bring you some pain medication and let you sleep.” He then walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. 

Lydia stared at her friend with a gaping mouth, “You.. you don’t remember anything from the last two years?” Allison shook her head.  The strawberry blonde spoke up, “Allison, you and Derek have been together for the last year and a half. You share an apartment. And I’m pretty sue you just broke his heart.” She laughed at the thought, “Stop joking Lydia. I really don’t remember anything, and of all things you want me to believe that I’ve been dating Derek Hale?” Scott whispered, “It’s true, Allison. You guys have inseparable since you made it public knowledge.”

Allison was losing her mind, literally. So the nurse walking in the door came at the perfect time.  Allison smiled when she saw Mrs. McCall.  Melissa smiled back at Allison, “It’s nice to see you awake, darling.  What’s wrong with your man? Derek just put a hole through a wall, nearly giving someone a heart attack.” Allison moaned miserably, “You too? Kill the joke guys.” Melissa was administering the medicine, “That poor guy. I didn’t realize you didn’t remember your relationship. But seriously, Kiddo, I was expecting a wedding invitation soon.”  

The room went silent when Derek appeared in the door way. Melissa whispered to the others, “C'mon. Why don’t we leave them alone for a couple minutes.” Everyone shuffled out the door and Derek stepped up to the bed. His eyes were red and puffy.  "Allison…“ She looked at him and something in her heart melted, "I don’t.. I don’t remember anything about us.” He sighed and mumbled under his breath something along the lines of it’s all my fault.  "Can I ask you something? Will you answer honestly?“ He nodded and sat down in his old chair, "Anything. That’s a thing with us. No secrets and no lies.” She looked into his eyes, “How did we happen?”

He bit his lip, and answered quietly, “You came over to my old loft one night.  You walked in and told me that you were there to avenge your mother. I volunteered as a punching bag. You pulled out a 9mm and leveled it at my head. You were crying, and kept saying, "I’ll do it, I’ll pull this trigger.” I asked if I could tell you a story.  You didn’t answer, so I did. I told you about how Kate had made me trust her, she made me think she loved me, and then she killed my entire family.  The house that she set on fire had innocent human children in it. I told you about how when I saw your family back in town I wanted to kill each and every one of you for what happened. That night I drove you home from the party, I was planning on killing you, to send a message to your father and aunt. You kept crying and crying until you just dropped the gun and fell to the floor. You fell asleep on the floor that night. I simply moved you to my bed, and I took the couch. When you got up the next morning you walked into the kitchen and wouldn’t even look in my direction. I got you a cup of coffee and a pop tart.  When I handed you the pop tart, you started crying again. Scared the hell out of me. But when you stopped you said something about your mom giving you pop tarts when you were a kid.  I asked if you wanted something else and you smiled at me and said no. You actually smiled. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. At that moment, I decided I was never gonna be the cause of making that smile go away ever again. You stayed and hung out that day. We watched movies and talked about everything and anything. I told you about why my eyes are blue. You talked about your childhood, and how you always felt like you had to be perfect. When you left that night after we had dinner, you kissed my cheek, apologized for trying to shoot me, flashed another dazzling smile, and walked out the door.“

Allison was crying.  He looked over and wiped her tears away, "What’s wrong?” She gave half a smile,“I don’t remember any of that happening, and I still…I can still see myself doing exactly that.  I can see myself crying over a Pop tart. I can see myself going to kill you. And if what you said is the truth, and I believe it is, I can see why I was so in love with you.” Derek smiled sadly, “I love you more than I ever thought I was capable of. But everyone I love is taken away from me, I should have seen something like this coming. I’ll never be allowed happiness.” Allison put her hand on his cheek, “I don’t know if I’ll ever remember the past two years, I really hope I do. But I just really hope that I get a chance to hear all of those stories again. Because I want to know everything about you. You deserve to be happy, Derek, more than anyone else in this entire world. It’ll probably be much easier if you just moved on,” she put her finger on his lips to shush his protests, “But if you are willing to work at it, I want those memories back. Every single one." 

Derek leaned forward and placed a small kiss on her forehead, "You are my better half, I don’t think I could go back to being angry at the world. I need you like air I breathe. And this is all my fault. I’m so sorry.” She tilted her head, urging him to go on. “I made you stay at home while I went to a meeting with a couple of alphas. Your stubborn self followed, like I knew you would.  Before we left, the two alphas found us.  A fight started and I couldn’t help you. You got the girl, but not before she through you fifteen feet into a brick wall,” he took a shaky breath and his eyes welled up, “There was so much blood. I could feel your heartbeat slowing down every second. I rushed you to the hospital.  You almost died. And it’s all because I didn’t tell you what the meeting was about." 

It was her turn to wipe his tears, "What was it about?” “You. They wanted you as a sacrifice.” Allison sighed, “It’s not your fault. You were trying to protect me. The gesture is sweet, even if I don’t need protecting.” She scooted over and patted the bed beside her, “C'mere.” He sat down and slid his arm around her back.  She intertwined their fingers and leaned her head on his chest. She heard rustling at the door and laughed, “You guys can stop eavesdropping and come in now.”  

The next day she was discharged, with the warning that she still had a severe concussion, and the recommendation that she have people fill in the holes of her memory.  Pictures, stories, souvenirs, anything that could trigger something. When she got home, Derek put a movie on, got out pictures from their vacation to Cancun, and answered any questions she felt like asking. 

World On A String (10721 words) by lowlifetheory
Chapters: 1/1
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Period-Typical Racism, Violence, Mention of Rape, Racist Language
Relationships: Allison Argent/Derek Hale

‘The future of the Hale name is in your hands, you are the woman Derek trusts to have a family with, you’ll be the mother of his children,’ Talia bit her lip.

'Are you asking us to get a move on?’ Allison said.

'No, not at all, I’m just laughing at the irony of Gerard Argent providing a beautiful young woman to carry on the line of the family he hates,’ Talia said.