hi friends! as a celebration of hitting 1k followers i wanted to do something to show my appreciation for you guys, so voila! tumblr awards!


  • mbf me
  • reblog this post, no likes!
  • must reach 50 pls :)


  • best url
  • best theme
  • best mobile theme
  • best spn
  • best teen wolf
  • best sense8
  • best marvel
  • (other fandoms might be added based on who enters!)
  • best aesthetic posts
  • nicest blogger
  • delaney’s fave


  • winners get 3 promos upon request, a spot on my blog, and a follow from me
  • runners up get 1 promo, a spot on my blog, and a follow
  • these arent awesome prizes i know so just do it for the glory

that’s it! thank you all for 1k!