‘how will i be remembered?’ TW GIRLS

to make this edit i really tried to think about main weapon or conflict with themselves. for lydia her mind is her weapon, allison she struggled with not being strong enough and her weapon of choice was a bow and arrow, kira she was kind but was also a badass when she wanted to be and malia was purely good although she was weighed down by her excessive guilt. this is something that i’ve been wanting to do for ages and it made me realise how much i love every teen wolf badass girl on the show. keep it up girls! 

Your and His/Her Baby {Preference}


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(-M Tran, ‘The Girl With The Wonderer’s Eyes’)

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Allison Argent was beautiful and i felt like this poem described her beauty. you may have noticed that with each new paragraph the photographs become a different season. that is because i felt with each new season, allison is redefined and more she slowly has more depth. she is no longer that girl who is with scott, but herself, allison. almost like a quote i once read ‘i belong to myself before anyone else’- subject05

(yes i know i totally over think all of my edits ;))

His/Her Name In Your Phone











Hell Hound




Strawberry Blondie


Brown eyes






Lacrosse champ


Douchebag with a sexy ass



Being Allison Argent’s Younger Sibling Would Include...

☆ Allison taught you how to use a bow and arrow in secret as your parents didn’t want you to learn how to use a weapon. You were supposed to be the peaceful, innocent one. You were almost as good as her when she finished training you.

☆ Allison was your best friend because you two moved schools often. There were many secrets shared between you.

☆ You two would argue constantly, but you and she were always there for each other no matter what.

☆ You lied to your parents about Allison’s whereabouts so she wouldn’t get in trouble.

☆ At first, you disliked Lydia because of her attitude, but once you got to know her real personality, she became a second sister to you.

☆ She vented to you about Scott. You subtly teased her about her crush/boyfriend when he was around.

☆ As soon as Allison learned about the supernatural, she told you all about it. 

☆ Kate talked to you about werewolves and your background before Allison because she believed you’d be easy to persuade to become a hunter.

☆ When you found out about your family’s history with werewolves, you refused to become a hunter. You worked against your father and hated Gerad.

☆ You and Allison joined Scott’s pack at the same time. You were the baby of the pack. 

☆ Allison told Scott that if anything happened to you, she’d leave the pack forever. The McCall Pack was very protective of you.

☆ When your mother died, you mourned and grieved with Allison.

☆ When you found out that Allison had almost killed Erica and Boyd, you were in disbelief and felt betrayed. She did everything back to gain your trust back after realizing what she did was wrong and inmoral.

☆ You agreed with the new hunter code Allison set and made sure your father would follow it.

☆ When Allison died, you were in absolute shock. You isolated yourself from the pack and other people and left with Isaac and your father to France.

☆ You came back to Beacon Hills to help Scott because you knew Allison would’ve wanted you to help.

A/N: I wish Allison and Scott stayed together. 

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gif came from: 2x09

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Aiden x Fem!Reader

AN: So I planned for this to be Reader x Aiden but it came out more Stilinski siblings and Aiden in the background

Requested By @stephenie-mkm

Part Two

“We have to do something about this.” Allison said as she watched you and Aiden awkwardly talk with each other.

“I dunno, it’s sweet in an awkward kind of way.” Lydia muttered, both of them flinching when you stumbled and dropped your bag, almost falling to the bleachers and blushing, scuttling over to the girls and refusing to look back at Aiden.


“Wow Stilinski who taught you to walk.” Isaac snickered as he sat next to Allison and threw an arm around her.


“Shut up… I hate being so…” As if to emphasize your point you waved your arms around franticly, smacking Stiles in the face who stopped talking, looking a little dazed before he shook it off.


“If you like him just go for it.” Allison giggled.


“Go for who?” Stiles asked quickly, his eyes darting from you to Allison and back.

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