The Valet Dopplegangers


Chris discovers that another Doppelganger had been born, kept secret by Gerard and Kate, so they could keep her from joining forces with werewolves. In his attempt to keep his word to Allison he brings (Y/N) to Beacon Hills forcing the pack to look deeper into the Argent’s past and come to terms with their newest member.

Part One

Part Two

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fairytale retellings for my teen wolf ships: dallison + snow white

it’s been years since derek helped allison escape from her stepmother and years since derek has seen the sun. neither of them know why he did what he did but a chance for revenge and a chance for escape is about to bring them back together and change the fate of the kingdom forever.


fairytale retellings for my teen wolf ships: allydia + the snow queen

childhood friends allison and lydia share their second kiss beneath winter’s first snow. the next day, lydia is gone, leaving in her wake whispers of someone by the name of the snow queen. determined to rescue lydia, allison undertakes a frightening journey through the seasons. meanwhile, lydia struggles in the far north with a force beyond her control and the growing darkness in her heart.

allison rising from the snow, the werewolf she was supposed to kill alive and breathing at her feet, had been the act they’d needed. it never occurred to them that there was a bigger story behind what had happened. they did not know that the huntsman had picked the werewolf she was to fight specifically. he’d thought that, of all the werewolves in the world, she would kill derek hale. instead, she had held out her hand and helped him to his feet.