Best Friend & First Mate. (Part 3)

Title: Best Friend & First Mate.  

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Author: Gráinne x

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Summary: Part 3 of the Harry Hook mini-series. Reader becomes emotional the more time she’s on Auradon. Loving her best friend from a far, desperate to reunite with him but not wanting to give into the dark temptation that is evil. 

A/N: So this took a while to write because I was following the storyline and I wanted to break off in a good place. This is Part 3 ahh exciting lol, there will be a Part 4 & 5 still to come, so don’t worry folks plenty more of Harry & Reader to come. I hope you enjoy. Love Always G xx

Part One / Part Two /

Y/N stood side by side with Evie on the balcony, this was it the moment they’d be waiting for.

Ben’s coronation had begun and Mal had successfully enchanted Ben with a love spell gaining her spot next to the fairy godmother and that wand.

Y/N played with the ring that sat on her right middle finger, nervous habit that set in even when she was a baby. They’d been in Auradon for four months now and things were… changing.

Evie noticed Y/N playing with the ring and placed her hand gently on top to get her stop.
“Hey, you’ll see him soon”

Y/N didn’t believe her. She didn’t believe she’d see Harry again, or the isle or her mother for that fact. Things had changed in Y/N she didn’t feel the need to prove herself, she didn’t feel like scaring kids or tormenting the student body sure she had her moments when she lost her cool but nobody expected a VK kid to automatically be good. ‘Oh god what is happening’

Y/N faced Evie whispering “I don’t want to do this anymore”
Evie’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head when she heard her older sister
“WHAT!” she whisper shouted.
Y/N shrugged “It’s not worth it, look at what we’ve accomplished here”
Jay and Carlos gave Y/N that knowing look as they overheard the conversation between the two sisters.
“But. You won’t get to see Harry again?” Evie whispered
“There’s always a price to pay Evie. Mom taught us that. Harry’s my price to pay… to stay.” Y/N croaked.

All hell unleashed the moment the wand was removed from the Beast’s bell jar. It shocked the entire room when it wasn’t Mal who got the wand but Jane; the fairy godmothers daughter. Evie, Y/N, Carlos and Jay made it down to the centre of the room as Mal grabbed the out of control wand from Jane.

The gasps and shocks from everyone around the room made a tourney game more appealing. A villain kid with the fairy godmother’s wand, of course she’s going to destroy them, and release the villains from the Isle and let all hell break loose. ‘Not on my watch’ Y/N thought.

“Mal” Y/N called out as everyone stood terrified, Mal turned to face Y/N, wand raised.
“We don’t have to do this”
Mal laughed “We don’t have a choice Y/N/N our parents would kill us”
“You are not your parents, they made their choice” Ben called out.
He took a tentative step towards Mal and another as she clearly wasn’t going to hurt him.
“Now you just have to make yours” Ben finished holding out his hand in anticipation.

Mal whirled round to face the gang. “I think I want to be good”
Y/N smiled knowingly “Me too”
“You are good” Ben spoke
“How do you know that?” Evie asked curiously
“Because I’m listening to my heart” he answered.

Jay and Y/N shared a look “Stealing things doesn’t make you happy. Tourney and victory pizza with the team makes you happy” she pointed out.
Jay smiled nodding “And reading those sappy romance novels and hanging with Evie makes you happy not tormenting kids.”
Y/N blushed as Jay spilled her secret liking for romance novels. “I’ll get you for that” she groaned.

“Scratching dude’s belly makes you happy. Who would’ve thought?” Mal smiled at Carlos.
“And Evie” Y/N grabbed her sister’s hands in her own.
“You do not have to play dumb to get a guy! You are so smart” Y/N hugged her younger sister. Evie beamed as the tears fell from her eyes. Who would’ve thought Evie & Y/N would be the best of sisters.

“And I don’t want to take over the world with evil. I want to go to school. And be with Ben. Because being with Ben makes me really happy” Mal cried, the tears falling freely. Everyone around the room began to relax and cheer as the VK kids wanted to become good.

“Us all being best friends makes me really happy, so I choose good” Mal placed her hand in the middle waiting for the rest of the VK kids to join her.
It took Y/N a split second before she placed her hand in too “I choose good too”.
Evie followed suit and then Jay. Carlos was the only one who was holding back in fear of their parent’s wrath.

“So just to be clear, we don’t have to be worried about how really mad our parents are going to be? Because they are going to be so mad!” Carlos chuckled.
“Your parents can’t reach you here” Ben smiled at the group.
“Okay. Then good.” Carlos finished placing his hand in the middle.
“You too your majesty” Y/N called out.
Ben smiled and placed his hand in the middle too.

The moment was broke however, when green mist appeared from nowhere. It only meant trouble. Y/N gasped “Oh shit”
Maleficent had escaped from the Isle after the barrier was broke when Jane stole the wand.
“I’M BACK!” She sang.
“Go away mother” Mal shouted.
Maleficent began to laugh, no way was this her evil, monstrous daughter.
“She’s funny”.

Y/N grasped Mal’s hand giving her a sense of comfort and to let Mal know that she had someone there to stand up to her mother.
“Wand me!”
“No” Mal shouted throwing the wand to the fairy godmother, but it failed because Maleficent froze everyone.

It took five hearts standing as one to defeat Maleficent. All of it only happened because Mal had the courage to stand up to her mother and she had her friends standing behind her united.

Y/N smiled to herself as Ben and Mal hugged, she missed Harry and it looks like she was going to miss him a whole lot more now because they just ruined their chances at going back. 

Uma and Harry watched the coronation tragedy on the small screen in Ursula’s Fish and Chip shop, they peeked a glance at one another mirroring each other’s worried glances as everyone else around them booed and insulted the VK kids for ruining their chance at cursing kingdoms and doing villainous things.

“I..I.. We..We won’t see her again” Harry stated angrily 
Uma gripped Harry’s hand tightly “One day maybe”
Harry pulled his hand from Uma’s storming out of the fish and chip shop.

Uma sighed sadly, she should be happy Y/N was okay and getting a good life but she missed her friend and she missed her first mate. Harry wasn’t the same since she left.

Y/N waltzed into her shared room with Evie, throwing her bag onto the floor and flopping onto the bed face down. It was such a long day and now she had to do dress fittings for Cotillion with Evie, so many girls had come to Evie begging for her to make their dresses and when they found out Y/N could Sew, it loaded the pressure on the two girls. Y/N groaned into the pillow.

A knock at the door signalled the first customer of the day.
“Come in” Y/N called out pushing herself off the bed.
Lonnie walked in looking desperately exhausted.
“Hey Lonnie” Y/N sighed
“Hi Y/N where do you want me?” she yawned
Y/N pointed towards the pedestal “Up here Lonnie”
Y/N grabbed her measuring tape and began to take measurements for Lonnie. They discussed colour scheme and patterns before Doug entered the room.

“Hi Y/N” Doug called out pulling his laptop from his bag and setting up. Doug kept track of all the girls Evie and Y/N were making dresses for. He even had little folders of the information stored away.
“Hi Doug where’s Evie?” Y/N questioned writing down the last measurement for Lonnie.
“Stuck with Chad. He wants peacock feathers on his cape now”
Y/N glanced up at Doug to see if he was joking. He was not.
“Wow” she laughed.

“Alright Lonnie all done. See me next week for a trial version of the dress okay?”
Lonnie nodded tiredly “Yea see you next week”
Just as Lonnie left the next girl arrived eagerly ready to tell Y/N all her ideas. Y/N pouted at Doug “It’s going to be a long night”.
Doug nodded typing up Lonnie’s information that Y/N had given him.

Evie arrived an hour later with Mal in tow. Y/N shooed the last girl from their room so she and Evie could have some alone time with Mal.
“Do you’s ever think what we’d be doing right now if we were on the Isle?” Mal asked curiously
Evie laughed “That’s funny” she finished the new touches to Mals dress.
Y/N smiled sheepishly “Sometimes. I mean no offence but I’d probably be at Uma’s”
Evie looked over at Y/N “Thought you were past that?”
Y/N shrugged “I am, at least I thought I was… but I’ve been missing it more and more lately.” 
Y/N zoned out from the rest of the conversation as she thought back to a time when life was simpler.

(Before Y/N left for Auradon)

“HARRY” Y/N squealed running across the deck, away from the advancing pirate, donned with water balloons instead of the usual hook and sword.
Harry laughed mischievously throwing a balloon at Y/N, she ducked missing her by inches.
Y/N cheered sticking her tongue out at Harry.
“Hahahha you missed”
Just as she finished that sentence Harry threw the last balloon at her hitting her square on the chest. Harry cheered “Gotch ya”

Y/N squealed as the water soaked her t-shirt. “You are so dead Harry Hook”
Harry laughed running away from Y/N, she chased him across the ship.
“C’mon Harry I just wanna give you a hug” Y/N called
“No way ye stay away from ma you lil witch”
“Why thank you, nicest thing you’ve ever said to me” Y/N giggled
Harry ducked under stairs as Y/N ran on past, he stayed crouched so she wouldn’t find him.

Y/N tip toed underneath the stairs, ducking so she wouldn’t hit her head just as she got close enough to Harry who was looking out on to the deck waiting for her to pass by again she screamed “BOO”
Harry jumped in fright hitting his head on the stairs. “Ow ye lil codfish”
Y/N faked insult “Excuse me?” smacking Harry on the arm.

Y/N crawled out from under the stairs straightening up she faced Harry who crawled out after her, a slight pink tinge to his face. It took Y/N a few seconds to catch on.
“Did you just stare at my butt?”
Harry’s blush darkened giving Y/N the answer she needed “NO” he lied.
“Liar!! Liar, Liar pants on fire” Y/N sang.
“Shut up Y/N/N” Harry whispered.
Y/N laughed she never seen him blush like that before.

“Well, how was it?” she grinned teasingly.
Harry looked on in confusion, the pink tinge settling on his cheeks. “How was what?”
“My butt? Did it look good?” Y/N teased.
Harry huffed, muttering under his breath “Shut up”

“HARRY LOVES MY BUTT” Y/N sang as she ran away from Harry. He chased her down trying to get her to shut up, everyone around them was beginning to take notice of the two and their antics.

It wasn’t until he cornered her at the stairway again, did she realise the compromising situation they were in. Y/N’s back was to the wall and Harry had her trapped, both arms pinning her into position.
“Ye gunna keep tha up?”
Before she could answer he placed a hand over her mouth stopping her,
“Right answer only” he warned removing his hand.

“HARRY LO…” Y/N’s answer was cut off as Harry yanked her wrists over his head, grabbed her by the waist and threw her over his shoulder and walked towards the berth (living quarters).

Y/N wriggled and struggled to get free from Harry’s grasp all the while laughing at the situation she found herself in.
“Harry let me down” Y/N squealed as Harry smacked her ass in amusement.
“Oi does that mean you do like my butt?” she sang.
Harry roared with laughter as the rest of the crew began to join them on the ship watching the two curiously. Harry felt a slit stinging sensation on his bum and a quiet giggling from the girl he was carrying.

Y/N giggled as Harry jumped a little when she smacked his bum.
“Cause baby I do sure love your bum” Y/N whistled.

Harry shook his head in amusement setting the girl upright on her feet again, Y/N staggered off balance, not quite use to the gravity again. Harry grasped her arm to steady her holding on tightly. Harry looked down to see Y/N had a firm grasp on his shirt between her two hands, he peaked a glance at Y/N again eyebrows raised “Ye look like ye wanna rip ma shirt off?”

Y/N smirked, eyes raising to meet Harry’s “I do”
Before Harry could answer that Uma called for Y/N.
Y/N released Harry’s shirt and headed off in the direction of Uma, she cast a quick glance back winking at Harry as she left. “Later blowfish”
“Later devils bitch” he grinned.

Uma watched the interaction between the two with a fond smile on her face, her first mate and best friend… who would’ve thought.

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Not my Jacket - Part 2 - S.P

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Part I , Part II , Part III , Part IV , Part V , Part VI , Part VII , Part VIII

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“Lovely Y/n, how nice to see you again”

Penny peabody smiled at you, a wicked grin on her face. He blonde hair was straightened to perfection, as her navy blazer was crisp. The woman looked at her with wild eyes.

“You know the deal. Join the serpents, pay off your debts, and your boyfriend-”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Sorry” She sneered, “your friend, won’t get hurt”

You sighed;

“What do I have to do?”

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Behind Closed Doors - Chapter Two

(part two of fifteen)

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Chapter One , Chapter Two ,



Looking at my watch, it reads 5:30 pm. “It really took over six hours to film one scene?” I ask rhetorically. Someone jogs up to me and says, “Believe it or not, it really does take that long to film stuff. Welcome to the club,” Joe says with a big dorky grin.

“Jeez, I’ll never get used to this,” I say jokingly. Joe laughs along with me and walks back to my dressing room. He stops at my door and begins to speak again, “um, you wanna go out to dinner with me…,” he asks nervously, “with my girlfriend Maika, Y/N?”

I’m sorry, did he just say girlfriend?


“Your what now?” I ask shocked. “My girlfriend. Dacre is coming with us too. So I thought you might wanna join us, get to know everyone a bit more,” Joe said scratching the back of his neck, obviously lying. “I’d love to, but I’m quite tired honestly. Such a long day, ya know?” I said coming up with a lame excuse to get out of this situation. “Yeah, yeah. I totally understand,” he says disappointedly, “See you Friday on set.”

It had been two weeks since that awkward moment. Now here I was sitting in my directors chair watching Joe and Maika giggle and steal kisses with one another. I huff in annoyance at the two love birds, “Are you alright, Y/N?” Dacre asks worriedly from beside me. “Yeah, just not feeling well,” I lie, faking a smile at the Australian beauty that I became close with in these few weeks. “You don’t have to lie, I know that it’s bothering you,” he says sympathy evident in his voice, “C’mon, come out back with me for a smoke.” I get up and follow Dacre outside, he hands me a cigarette and I politely accept. “Man, I don’t even smoke but everything’s got me so irritated, D. Things were going so well the first day on set, ya know?” he nods his head listening to me ramble on, “Joe was all sweet and flirtatious and then, bam! Out of nowhere he mentions a girlfriend. And boy was I not expecting some bleached blonde, bimbo!” All flustered and red, I take an deep drag from the menthol nicotine. “He does like you, it’s just he’s been with Maika for awhile now. He doesn’t wanna break her heart, trust me. He likes you,” Dacre says smirking. “Don’t fuck with me Dacre! It’s not funny, and if you like someone else, I didn’t know that meant make out with someone else,” I say rolling my eyes at my new found best friend.

Our conversation ceases to an end as Joe walks out of the building, without Maika on his arm. “Hey, Y/N? Can we talk for a second?” he asks quietly.

“Yeah. D, give us a sec, please?” I say and smile at my best friend. “Of course, see you inside,” Dacre says, high-fiving me behind his back. I laugh as he struts back inside the building in those silly, tight blue jeans and blonde mullet. Taking my eyes away from Dacre I bring back my serious expression when looking at Joe. “So…what did you want to talk about?” I ask very intrigued. “I wanted to ask if you wanted to go out to dinner,” Joe asks, an eye roll escaping me, he goes on, “But, just me this time. No Maika, I asked her. She said it’s totally fine.” Joe had a twinkling in his big doe eyes, I couldn’t help but nod yes, “Yeah, I’d like that Joe. What time?”

“Meet me in the parking lot, I’ll pick you up after we get outta these costumes?” he says, biting his lip. “Meet me at my apartment, so we can drive one car from there, can’t have the press knowing we’re sneaking around,” I chuckle. “Yeah, yeah. That makes sense, don’t know why I didn’t think of that,” he laughs.

Maika comes strolling out of the studio and jumps straight over to Joe, “Hey, baby. Wanna see a movie tonight?” she asks in her overly high pitched voice. He rolls his eyes and shrugs her off, “I can’t, have a meeting tonight. I’m gonna stay at Dacre’s tonight, so don’t wait up,” he says nonchalantly. “Oh, okay,” she kisses his cheek, and scowls at me before finally kissing his lips. I just chuckle and roll my eyes at her jealousy. She finally leaves the set, driving off to only God knows where. “‘No Maika, I asked her.’ You liar,” I laugh, slapping his arm playfully. “Shut up, and get ready to go. Meet me at Waffle House, I’m in the mood for something sweet,” Joe says with a wink before going inside to change.

Mother fucker, Y/N! Is this even right? What about Maika? Fuck it. Multiple thoughts pop into my my mind, but I push them aside and go to my dressing room to change. I dress into my blue jeans and my favorite ‘Big Mouth’ graphic tee. I shove on my black vans and say my good-bye’s to everyone on set. Walking out of the building, I walk straight over to my car and wait for Joe to come outside. The tall, lanky man jogs out of the studio, his hair bouncing with ever step. Joe comes up to me and gives me a tight hug, “So…I’ll follow you then?” he asks. “Yep, try to keep up, Keery,” I say laughing. “Very funny,” he smiles getting into his car. I jump into the front seat of my car and send a quick message to Dacre,

Dude! I gotta date-ish kinda thing with Joe, no Maika’

I write. He quickly replies with a smirk emoji and a ‘go get ‘em tiger’

I shift into gear and take off down the road towards my rented apartment in Jackson, Georgia. The window open blows my hair back and my sunglasses block out the little bit of sun that still shines. I pull into the complex and park in the lot. Joe pulls in beside me and I hop out of my car and get into his. “Hey, we got matching sunglasses,” Joe chuckles. I look up at him and to my surprise we both have on the same black pair of Ray Bans, “You’re a total dork, Joe,” I smile at the handsome man. He pulls out and drives us to the nearest Waffle House in town.

Dinner is full of careless jokes and sticky messes of syrup being smeared onto each other’s faces. For the first time in awhile I feel genuinely happy and welcome. It’s been a long time since I’ve had free time since filming began, and spending my time with anyone but myself feels great. The drive home Joe and I sing along to songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Beach Boys. When he pulls into my driveway, a wave of sadness washes over me, realizing our night of fun is over. “Let me walk you up, Y/N,” Joe says leaving the car and jogging to the opposite side to open mine. “Mademoiselle,” Joe says bowing and holds out his hand. I laugh at the gesture, “Dork.” He walks me up the steps to my apartment and stops to talk before I enter my room, “Y/N, I really had fun. A lot actually, more fun than I’ve had in a long time.” His hand cups my cheek and he bends down, “I had fun too, Joe. Thank y—,” he cuts me short by pressing a soft kiss to my lips. I pull back shocked and ready to push him away, but he just looks at me with those eyes and presses his lips back to mine. This time with so much force my back slams against my front door, I extend my arm out to unlock my front door. Successfully, the door opens and I grip Joe’s wild, brown locks and pull him through the threshold. He slams the door and pushes me against it, this time attaching his lips to my neck with sloppy kisses. I gasp at the sudden contact, my hands digging in his hair, “Joe…mphhh.”

“Tell me what you want. We can stop,” his says, eyes practically begging me to continue. This is wrong, this is so wrong. I tell myself. Fuck it… “I want you, Joe. All of you,” I whisper against his lips. He grabs my thighs and lifts me up around his waist. “Down that hall and on the left,” I mumble, pressing hot open mouthed kisses on his exposed neck. Joe sets me onto my feet once we reach my bedroom. He grips the hem of my shirt and lifts it over my head, “Shit, you’re gorgeous,” he moans lowly at the newly exposed flesh. His mouth lowers over the swell of my breast, just above the cup of my bra. “Joe, please,” I whine at his teasing antics. “Shh, baby. I’m getting there,” he coos. His arms wrap behind my back and he unclasps my bra, letting the material fall to the floor. “My, god,” he mumbles, he grasps my neck and pushes me down onto the bed. Joe’s knee is placed between my legs touching my aching core. He sits up and removes his white tee. My hands rake down his exposed chest and abdomen. His abdomen flexes as my fingernails scrape at the skin, “Don’t tease me, Y/N,” warns. I smile and pull his lips back to mine, meeting in a feverish kiss. His knee rubs against my heat, “lets get these off, eh?” he smirks. Lifting my hips from the mattress, he pulls my jeans and underwear down in one swift motion.

“Fuck, Joe,” I mewl when his lips attach to my thigh, sucking a purple mark onto the soft flesh. My hips involuntarily thrust up at him, he digs his hands into the skin definitely leaving bruises. “So gorgeous and all for me,” he says as he spreads my legs apart. Joe lowers his head in between my legs and licks up the length of my soaking cunt. I toss my head back into the pillows, “Oh my—,” my own moan interrupts me when he shoves two long digits into me. The only sounds in the room are my moans and the wetness of my cunt being devoured by Joe. “I want you to come for me, Y/N. Come all over my face, let me taste you,” he says working his fingers and mouth at a faster pace. My hands dig into his long locks, my nails scraping his scalp, “Joe, I—fuck!” I shout as my body writhes on the bed, shaking in pleasure. He doesn’t stop there, his mouth moves lower. He withdraws his fingers and replaces his fingers with his tongue. Delving deep inside of me, he hums against my pussy, sending a jolt of white hot pleasure up my spine and to my chest. “I-I can’t take anymore, Joe. Plea—,” my voice gives out as another wave of delightful pleasure over takes me. My back arches off the bed as I scream out his name. “Joe! Joe, I—fuck!” He kisses up my stomach, between my breasts, my chin, nose, then forehead before his lips reach mine. I groan at the taste of myself still on his lips, my hands fumble with the buckle of his belt. I victoriously unbuckle it, I then unbutton his jeans and push them down to his knees with my feet.

“What do you want?” he smirks from above me. I whine at his teasing and reply, “You, damnit, you Joe!” I shout in frustration. “Okay, okay. Ready, princess?” he asks sweetly. I nod quickly in excitement, he kicks his jeans all the way off and crawls back up my body. His lips lower into mine, I gasp as he pushes into me. “Joe…” I groan, my teeth gritting in pleasure. “So, so beautiful,” he growls, his head falls into the crook of my neck as his thrusts become harder and faster. My nails did into the skin of his back, sure to leave reddened marks in the morning. “Fuck, you feel so amazing, Y/N,” Joe moans. His left hand reaches up to grip the headboard, and hooks my leg over his shoulder, the new angle allows him to push deeper within me. “I’m so close, baby,” he whispered in my ear. “I- me too, Joe,” I cry out, his lips clash against mine, the kiss all tongue and teeth. I yell and writhe when his thumb pushes onto my clit, rubbing small circles. “Joe!” I scream in ecstasy as my orgasm shoots throughout my body. My vision blurs as he continues to ride out my high. “Oh, I’m gonna—shit!” he shouts as he releases inside of me. Luckily, I am on the pill, or there’d be little Keery’s running around.

He gently and slowly pulls out of me and kisses my neck sweetly. Joe rolls onto his back and stares up at my ceiling in shock, I do the same.

“We’re so fucked,” I say, rubbing my hand across my face. “So fucked,” Joe huffs.


He has a girlfriend, Y/N? What is she finds out?

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The Elevator (part 5 of The Concert)

Characters: Rock star! Jensen Ackles, Female!Reader

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word count: 1030

Warnings: Awkwardness, sexual tention, a kiss and a long elevator ride.

A/N: So, it took me 4 times to update this time… Sorry! Let’s hope next part’ll be up sooner. I still don’t know if I’ll smut to this story. We’ll see what happens. Thank you so much to @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname and @nadiandreu7 for reading this part for me and assuring me it doesn’t suck!

The Concert Masterpost 

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5) The Elevator

The doors open with a ding, the sight of the two of you on the big mirror at the far wall panel makes your legs freeze in place as you stand at the edge of the floor panel. Jensen walks past you unaware of your sudden hesitation, his hand holding the doors open for you.

“Hey.” His voice is soft, “It’s just so you can put on something dry, ok? No funny business!” A smile crawls up his lips, allowing you to witness first row his lovely little dimples and those crinkles around his eyes that make your stomach flutter.

Your eyes leave his face for a second to look at yourself again and the big ochre stain on the front of your shirt. “Okay,” you sigh and step inside.

He takes his hand from the door, allowing it to finally close, “Wanna push the button?” His head nods towards the board and you nod enthusiastically. “Eight” he adds, leaning closer to you.

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You Love Me & I Love You (Part 7)

WhTitle: You Love Me & I Love You.

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Author: Gráinne x

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Synopsis: The battle before the battle. Preparation is key gotta make sure you have everything, and everybody… even if they’re from the other team.

A/N: Look at this part 7 guys…. So I was going to do the battle on this one but I had this idea so It kinda took me away from the battle. But this means we have more chapters yay! Next chapter will be the battle and I think after that we’ll only have one left. So in all 2 chapters to go. I hope you like this. SOME KISSING/SOME FLUFF *wolf whistle*

AND don’t forget Riverdale requests are now open. I hope you enjoy. Much Love G xxx 💛💜


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Not My Jacket - Part 3 - S.P

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Part I, Part II , Part III, Part IV , Part V , Part VI , Part VII , Part VIII

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You looked at sweet pea, eyes wide, he was still working on your neck.

“Good job joining the serpents. Your parents must be very proud” She drawled.

“What do you want?”

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Prank Wars (2/4)

Chapter 2

O N E |

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: The prank war has begun in The Avengers tower, your partner is Steve Rogers. None of The Avengers are safe, mostly if you and Steve are the ones paired up.

Word Count: 1,397 

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Warning: Fluff

A/N: Glad to see all the support you guys are giving me! Love you all! I hope you enjoy ♥

Night finally came and you and Steve were in your bedroom, planning the next prank for Tony. Now, there were a few things about Tony, he was stubborn, rich and a deep sleeper. And the fact that he was a deep sleeper, gave you two the advantage for your next prank. You spoke for a while, but when you heard the whole tower fall silent, an idea popped into your mind.

‘’Steve, do we have itching powder?’’ you ask, smirking.

‘’Actually.. I do.’’ steve says, rushing to his room.

You waited there for about three minutes, when he returned he had a packet of itching powder in his hand. Steve smiled at you, it seemed that he read right through you. Your next prank was towards Tony, and it was going to be quite interesting.

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The PodSquad: A Short Story

Once upon a time, in a land called Tumblr, there was a village called Riverdale. In this once peaceful village, a war broke out between the North side and the South side. A brave, dashing young knight of the South side, Sir Sweet Pea, caught the attention of many of the women throughout the village. These Ladies of Tumblr found themselves drawn together by their love and admiration for Sweet Pea. In their mutual appreciation, they decided to band together to support him. Thus, Sweet Peas Pod Squad was born. 

The Pod Squad started last November as a way for the women to talk about their love for Sweet Pea. They discussed their favorite stories about him. They discussed theories about what would happen in Riverdale. They discussed how attractive he looked in his leather armor. But over time, the Pod Squad changed. It wasn’t just a group chat to discuss a man. It became a family, a group of women supporting each other above anything else.

The Pod Squad became a safe place for the women to talk about any and everything. The women talked about their plans for their futures, as well as the struggles of their pasts. The Pod Squad went from a group that loved Sir Sweet Pea to a family that looks out for one another. When one member lost a family member, the other members were there for her. When one members boyfriend broke up with her, the other members were there to help put a smile on her face. When one member is having a bad day, they are always there with a picture or a joke or something to make their day better. 

What started out of mutual love of Sweet Pea evolved into something so much greater: a family. And they lived happily ever after.

The End

The moral of my little fairy tale is that the Pod Squad was started (over two months ago) as a group chat devoted to a shared love of a fictional character, as well as the actor that plays him. Through our chat, we evolved from a fan club into a close group of friends, a family even. We discuss everything from politics, race, and religion to Star Wars, exams, and yes, how good Sebastian Stan looks in a tux.  I don’t care if you don’t like a character. I don’t care what you post on your blog. What I do care about are the women in the Pod Squad. They are an amazing group of women and I have come to call them my best friends. So if you are attacking one of us, you are attacking us all. We will back each other up 100% and stand hand in hand fighting for each other. 

After all, Rule #1 of the Pod Squad “Pod Squad protects and looks out for each other”

I love you awesome nerds <3 

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The Curse of True Love (Part 9)

Title: The Curse of True Love (Part 9) FINAL CHAPTER.

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Author: Gráinne x

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader


A/n: And here we have it folks… it’s the last chapter! I’m actually really sad to see this finish all the feedback and compliments means so much coming from you guys! And I still have a load of requests involving Harry Hook but none will ever be the same as this series! And none of this series would’ve been possible if it wasn’t for the Anon who requested this…

I know I made it into a nine-part series but I mean Thank you to whoever you are you jump started my writing brain again. 

Much Love Always
G xx 💜💛

Part One/ Part Two/ Part Three/ Part Four/ Part Five/ Part Six/ Part Seven/ Part Eight. 

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Not My Jacket - Part 5 - S.P

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Part I, Part II , Part III , Part IV , Part V , Part VI , Part VII , Part VIII

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“I want you to go to that party. Distract the boy you met with earlier today. He sells J.J. We don’t need that stuff in Northside yet”

You were shocked, “How do you know about th-”

“I was at pops. You didn’t see me?”

You hung up, and tossed the phone across the room.

Now you were a drug dealer?

The shower turned off, you could hear scuffling, before sweet pea emerged from the bathroom.

He looked like an angel. He had a towel wrapped around his waist, his hair was wet, still dripping some water. Steam from the shower was behind him, the light illuminating the mist.

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Prank Wars (3/4)

Chapter 3

|  O N E | T W O |

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: The prank war has begun in The Avengers tower, your partner is Steve Rogers. None of The Avengers are safe, mostly if you and Steve are the ones paired up.

Word Count: 1,529

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Tags: @allison-rosewood-maximoff , @chrisevans-imagines , @jessleighton1512

Warning: Fluff

A/N: Here is part 3! I hope you enjoy ♥

After the two pranks you’ve pulled on Bucky and Tony, the word got around and now every Avenger around the tower was cautiously watching out for you and Steve. But you didn’t stop right there, your next scheme included Natasha, Flour and a blow dryer.

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Just Pretend.

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Warnings: A cuss word maybe?

Requested: Yess! ) Prompts used: ‘Just pretend to be my date!’ ‘I could kiss you right now! ‘You look beauti-Nice.’ From {this} and {this} list.

A/n: This took way longer than expected, And i’m so sorry for that. I hope the wait was worth it!!

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You sat on top of the tallest building in queens, Dangling your legs off the edge. Your head leaned on Spider-Man’s shoulder, Or Peter. You never knew if it was cool to call him by his real name. You had been working together fighting crime in your hometown for more a month, And it had been amazing. You were the best fighting duo out there, And you worked perfectly together. After a night filled with action, It was a habit for you two to talk underneath the stars, And talk about random things. It was the best thing you could have wished for. You started to like him. As more than a friend. Which scared the hell out of you.

“Can i ask you something? A favor, Actually.” Peter nervously asks. He fiddled with his right glove.

“Yeah, Sure. Whatever you need.”

“I need you to pretend to be my date.” He said more than asked. You shot up, Almost falling off the tower from the speed of your movements. “What?!?”

“It’s not that big of a deal if you think about it.” He said, But it almost sounded like he was questioning himself.

“Yes it is! I haven’t even seen your face! And you haven’t seen mine! We’re basically strangers! Couldn’t you have gotten a friend?” You Hated the idea. You even disliked that you had feelings for him, But being his date for who knows how long? What if you caught more feelings!

“i… Don’t really have any friends to ask. Please? My aunt May really wants to meet my ‘Girlfriend’ And i don’t want to let her know i’m a huge loser!” He pleaded. You could hear the desperateness in his voice, Which unfortunately made you cave.

“Fine. I’ll just give you my number and you can tell me when i have to go through this hell.” You sighed. Already you knew it was going to be bad. You grabbed a stray pen on the roof floor, And gestured for you to let you write it on his hand. Scribbling your cell number across his wrist.

“Done!” You threw the pen back where you found it. Turning back to Peter, Who rushed to bear hug you.

“Thank you so much! I could just kiss you right now!” He nuzzled his head in your neck, Hugging you tightly. You were surprised from the sudden affection.

“Um… But you won’t, Cause we’re not a fake couple yet.” You pulled back from the mostly one sided hug. The air felt thick around you. It was almost like you rejected him. You let out a breathy laugh, Trying to make things less weird.

“Oh uh. Right. Sorry.” He coughed.

“No need to be.” You smiled from behind your mask. “I’m off, Spidey boy. I’ll see you later.” You waved at him, Turning around and stepping off the roof.

You knocked on the apartment door, smoothing out the lines in your dress. You rocked back and fourth on your feet, getting even more nervous by the second. The whole situation was crazy. Pretending to be someone’s girlfriend? Someone you had only known as a person you right crime with? Obviously you were out of your mind for saying yes.

The door opened to who you assumed to be his aunt. She was pretty young, which was unexpected. You honestly thought he’d be much much older.

“Oh hello! You must be Peters girlfriend. You know, he’s talked a lot about you.”

“And you must be aunt may. It’s a pleasure to meet you! If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of things does he say?” You smiled softly at her, trying to make a good impression.

“Please, just call me may. And oh I can’t tell you all the things. But the most are about how much he misses you when you leave. Always saying Y/n this and that. It’s so adorable!”

“Oh really? Huh.” You didn’t even try to hide your shock. He was talking about you? And he missed you after the nights together?

“Aunt may! Don’t embarrass me in front of-oh wow.” Peter’s eyes widened, His mouth hanging open a bit, Trying to form words.

“Y-you’re stunning. I mean.. You’re really beauti-nice… You look nice.” Peter awkwardly said. He looked handsome, you couldn’t lie. By the sound of his voice you thought he might’ve been a little younger than you, but it seemed like you were the same age. You bit your lip to keep from blushing as much as he was. Not wanting to look extremely red.

“Thanks sweetie.” You cringed a bit at your words, you hated the whole nick name thing in relationships. Let along calling Peter that when you barely know him. But it made it look convincing.

“Oh you two are just so cute! I’ll get some snacks and we’ll talk more.” You shot a soft smile her way before she disappeared into the small kitchen. She was very sweet. Peter was a very lucky guy to have someone so caring.

“So uh. You have a nice place.” You turned to Peter, who was staring at you. He looked like he might faint. He blinked a few times before realizing you had been talking to him. “What?” He asked, causing you to giggle. Was he really that shocked to see you?

“I said, your place is nice. It’s very cozy.” It looked straight from the IKEA paper, but in a soft way. They really made such a crappy place look pretty good. “And the posters on your door are cool.” You nodded over to the Star Wars and Star Trek posters. They looked a bit old, with some of it being ripped on the edges. He must’ve been a fanboy for a long time.

“Oh.. Um, thank you.”  

“Okay! I’m here with cookies! Now tell me everything.” She sat down the tray of tea of other things on the very small coffee table, Sitting down on the chair across from a small couch.

“You’re going to have to be more pacific.” You joked, causing May to laugh.

“I like this one.” She winked at Peter, Giving him a thumbs up “Ohmygod.

“How did you two meet?” You looked over at Peter, who was struggling to find an answer. “Uh… At school.” He stuttered. You could clearly tell he was lying. But thank god May didn’t notice.

“Well I know that, but like, how?” After a few seconds of awkward silence, it was clear Peter couldn’t make up anything.

“We were teamed up on a project, and he was just so smart and funny that I just fell for him instantly.” You smiled, trying to look somewhat lovey. It wasn’t too far from the truth. You had liked him instantly. And he was the most cleaver geek you knew.

“Oh my that’s so cute!! You know, You two make such a great couple.” May. Clasped her hands together. She was smiling like a mad woman, which made you a bit scared. She liked you two together a little too much than a relative should.

“Really?” Peter asked, Obvious surprise in his voice.

“Yes! I can just tell that you two were meant to be. Now do i have to give you two the talk or are we fine?” You both blushed. Of course she had to make things awkward. You looked over at Peter, who looked like he might even get a bloody nose from the thought of it.

‘We are definitely fine mam!” You quickly replied. You were sure Peter was blushing even harder than you. Which you thought was impossible.

“Okay well i think Y/n and i are going to head off to my room. to Talk.” Peter grabbed your hand. You followed in his steps to his bedroom.

“Don’t take too long! I still have more questions!” She yelled after you.

“Well that was worse than i thought. I’m so sorry i dragged you into this.” He closed his bedroom door, apologizing to you profusely. His face a light pink from pure embarrassment.

“It’s fine. Seeing you as red as red velvet cake was cute. And so worth it.” You laughed. You sat on his bed, and he followed soon after.

“i-i wasn’t blushing!” You playfully nudged him. “Yeah you were! And you even are now.” You smiled. Peter didn’t reply, Which made you worry a bit.

“Do you think aunt May was right?” Peter asked, Nervously playing with the hem of his shirt. You noticed he always did something like that when he was about to say something possibly regrettable.

“About what?” You asked, Confusion in your voice.

“U-us being a cute couple.” Peter stuttered. doubt filling his voice.

“Are you hitting on me, Parker?” You smirked.

“I-uh.. Yes?”

“Then yeah, I think we’d make a pretty hot couple.” You winked. Leaning into his body, So you were almost straddling him.

“Can i kiss you?” He asked. And you swore his voice go a little higher. You traced his jawline, Tilting his head up so you could look into his eyes.

“i’d be disappointed if you didn’t.” You whispered. His lips quickly pressed against yours. It was soft, And a little sloppy, But it sent you over the moon. You could feel him smiling into the long kiss, Which made you bring him closer. His hands went to your hips, And your fingers ended up in his hair. You pulled away before anything more could happen.

“Am i dreaming?” Peter panted, A little out of breath from the make out.

“Funny, I was about to say that.” You pecked his lips, Only for a second this time. “We better get back before May thinks we’re doing anything crazy.” You stepped off the bed, Stretching out a bit.

“But i want to stay here.” Peter took your waist and pulled you in, Making you fall onto the bed with him.

“Fine. But don’t blame me when May forces us to listen about the birds and the bees.” You warned. Knowing that would be the thing to get him out of there.

“Good point.”

Words: 1,642. My longest fic!

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The Room (part 6 of The Concert)

Characters: Rock star! Jensen Ackles, Female!Reader

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word count: 1299

Warnings: Awkwardness, sexual tension. 

Series sumamary: You  finally get to see her favorite singer perform live. In the middle of the show something you never thought would be even possible unexpectedly happens, Jensen Ackles to notices little ol’ you among an ocean of people, resulting in him asking you for a date once the show ends… 

Chapter summary: You’re finally in Jensen’s hotel room, everything’s going great, until he makes a move that might lead into something you’re not sure you want yet…

A/N: Thanks to @nadiandreu7 for the read over. Unbeta’d so yay for mistakes. This part is more like a prelude to a more intense situation that’ll come. Also this is my colaboration for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing Hiatus Writing Challenge Week 17. 

Prompt: “Tell me something I don’t know about you.” 

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The Concert Masterlist

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6) The Room

“I gotta be honest, here…” You turn from the window. Jensen stands by the open suitcase at the end of the bed, looking for a shirt for you to wear.  Your eyes focus on him, the way his black t-shirt tugs around his biceps and his shoulder blades.

“What’s that,” he asks, suddenly facing you forehead wrinkles on show, a grey henley on his hand. You quickly snap out of your trance, a hint of a blush crawls up your face. You cannot see it, but you certainly can feel the heat.

“I thought you’d be the kind of guy with the presidential suite,” you shrug. He smiles a little unsure, a couple of tiny dimples above his mouth let themselves see for a fraction of a second. “You, satin sheets and green gummy bear… yuk!” Your shiver. The room it’s not the most bleak and simple but it isn’t flamboyant and over the top either.

Jensen takes a few steps towards you. “Don’t you like gummy bears?”

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Harry Hook Mini Series -COMPLETE.

So i’ve been getting quite a few messages from people asking for more chapters (after chapter 1 or 2) So this is the master list of the series so you can read it all. I’ve nine Chapters for the series and i’m afraid the series is over now so I can’t tag you in it if it’s finished. Sorry love me anyway. G x

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Chapter 1 - Let’s Blow this Popsicle Stand

Chapter 2 - The Pirate: Esme ‘The Raider’ Blackbeard

Chapter 3  - Best Friend & First Mate

Chapter 4 - Return to the Isle

Chapter 5 - Something Evil this Way Comes

Chapter 6 - Betray the Captain, Love the Friend

Chapter 7 - You Love Me & I Love You

Chapter 8 - What is Freedom Without You?

Chapter 9 - The Curse of True Love

@royalpuglife This is the Complete Series. Enjoy x

Not my Jacket - Part 7 - S.P

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Part I, Part II, Part III , Part IV , Part V , Part VI , Part VII , Part VIII


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Part I, Part II, Part III , Part IV , Part V , Part VI , Part VII


A week after you had been released, news got around quickly. At school, you sat in the bathroom at eat lunch. You hadn’t seen sweet pea since that day, and to be honest you didn’t really want to. Since the run in at the sheriffs office you hadn’t talked. And although it was very difficult not to go to him and apologize over and over, you held back. 

Getting home from school was terrible. Your parents had left a couple of days ago, and that meant that you came to an empty home at night. You were curled up on your couch, in just a t-shirt. A blanket covered your legs, as some romantic movie played that you weren’t really paying attention to. You fiddled with you hands. You didn’t want to sleep yet because you didn’t feel tired.

You curled up, bringing you knees to your chest. You closed your eyes to try to fall asleep, but it wasn’t long until a knock at your door echoed in your house.

You groaned, getting up and shuffling to the door. Pressing your hand to the handle, you opened it. Your eyes widened as you saw who it was.

Standing on your porch was the boy you had been wanting to talk to. His serpent jacket hung on him loosely. His t-shirt was ripped near the collar, some blood stains on it. His neck had scratches. His nose had dried blood on it, One of his eyes had a dark black eye, while the other one looked untouched. All along his face, arms and what you could only imagine stomach were bruises. His hair wasn’t how it normally looked. It looked greasy, like he had been sweating a lot.

He had tears in his eyes, which you had never seen before. He had gotten mad yes, and had stormed out before. But you had never seen him on the verge of crying.

“Pea…”You whispered. “What happened?”


After letting him in, giving him some clothes he had left at your house before, and making you both hot cocoa, you sat on the couch. He hadn’t said anything to you but I small thank you after you had handed him the cocoa. You curled up in your blanket again, feeling the soft fabric on your bare legs. 

“What happened Pea. You have to tell me”

He cast his vision down, taking a sip of the cocoa before sighing.

“You we’re right”

You tilted you head, furrowing your eyebrows, “what?”

“About Penny” He swallowed, “Went to beat up that idiot you kissed..I mean yeah I was pissed of at you, but I’m not going to let some idiot kiss you. So I got there an-”

“Don’t tell me you beat him up” You frowned.

Sweet pea smiled, but it was a small one, “I hit him a couple times, but nothing he can’t manage”

He frowned after. “But as I was biking home, and went to the Whyte wyrm I got jumped. But that..that bitch”

You stared at sweet pea. He was looking at the ground as he spoke, clearly very hurt.

“Brought me out to the alley. Some goons beat me up for her. Said this was the final thing, whatever that meant.”

You knew what it meant, “It’s because of all the tasks I had to do Pea, but it’s over”

“Whats over?”

“I did all that crap at river dale. I had to kiss that idiot Northside boy because penny kept threatening you. I didn’t want you to get hurt. But guess you did anyway.” You reached out to touch his face as he winced.

“That’s not the only place they hit” Sweet Pea set his cocoa on the table, before pulling his shirt off. Two boot prints sat on the sides of his stomach. Your eyes cast down. You set your cocoa down too, before pushing his back so he was lying down. You pressed a kiss to his forehead, before proceeding to kiss every bruise he had. From his neck, to his chest, to his stomach, before peering back up, and lying down beside him.

“I’m Sorry” You mumbled, “If I had just given you back your jacket that day we wouldn’t be in this situation”

Sweet pea smiled, “Yeah Sure it sucks, but you’re done all the tasks. And if it hadn’t been for this shitting turn of events then we wouldn’t have confessed our feelings” Sweet pea played with your fingers, not looking at you.

“But you’re hurt. You have bruises all over you” You reached your hand up and lightly brushed his bruise by his jaw, he winced.

“Yeah” He chuckled, Pressing a kiss to your forehead, “But they’ll heal”


One month later, they were healed.

You and sweet pea where back to Southside high, hand in hand as you strolled through the halls. He pulled your hand up and pressed a kiss to the back of your hand. As you got to the cafeteria, you both sat down where the rest of the serpents were, some serpents smirking at you both. You were power couple around school now. Not because you were scary yourself, though sweet pea was pretty intimidating. Everyone knew not to mss with you, even Reggie, who had eventually given up on you and moved onto Toni. She was still trying to explain that she was definitely not interested.

Although the Northside kids were still here, you actually became friends with some of them. Betty was nice to you. Pretty hung up about the serpents but you’d the rest of the serpents now knew what had happened. Penny hadn’t been heard from. It was oddly quiet.But you were enjoying it.

Sometimes you would go over to betts house and hang out (though not when her mother was there). You became acquaintances with Veronica and Cheryl, nodding to them in the halls. You still weren’t a fan of Archie, nor was he of you, but they partnered you up for. project in biology, and you guys came to terms.

“Hey Y/n. Me and Reg are having a party tomorrow night, you should come”

You looked at Archie, Veronica right by his side. “Yeah my friend will be there, he’s very nice”



“Hey babe” Sweet pea lifted you up and spun you around, kissing you on the cheek.

“hey. We get to go to a party tonight”

“Gross” He groaned. “A northsider party?”

“Yeah” You bit your lip, looking at him,”But you can come along and I’m sure that I’ll be wearing a really tight bla-”

“Fine we’ll go to the party”


Bright lights and music thumped through the house. Hand in hand you both walked up the to house. You wore a black dress with some gold jewelry, sporting one of sweet peas rings.

Walking into the house there were people yelling, laughing and making out. You made your way over to the beer pong table.

“You two up for some pong?”

The teams were you and sweet pea vs Veronica and Archie. You and sweet pea were pulling ahead, and only had one cup left to sink, where as they had seven more. Taking a break, sweet pea pressed a kiss to your ear, “I’m going to go get a drink babe, be back in a little”

He was whisked off by the crowd. You wandered off not long after. The beer pong game was slow, and you were thirsty. You didn’t have enough buzz.

Getting to the drink table, you didn’t see sweet pea around. You shrugged your shoulder, he probably just went back to the table.

You looked around for some beer, before you felt a tap on your shoulder.

A boy in a suite like outfit stood in front of you.

“Hi there” He looked at you up and down, “Nick St Clair”

You looked at him with dull eyes, “You must be from out of town. No one wears a tie here”

He scoffed, “Well you do’t look to bad either. Care for a drink?”

He brought his hand from his back with an open beer. Nothing looked wrong.

“Sure, you faintly smiled, “Thanks”

you took a couple of steps to get back to the table, but as you got father through the house your steps became harder to take.

“You okay there?”

You could hear the boy who had given you the drink. He held your wrist.

“Yeah I just need some air…”

“Okay. ill help you”

You let him lead you around, but you realized that you had been walking upstairs instead of own the stairs to the porch. 

“Where are we going?” You slurred.

“Were having fun”

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laaaaaaaaammmmmeee those thugs need arrested or better yet shot! riverdale needs cleansed of the shit that drags them down period and as for you and that stupid podsquad y'all are sluts

Bitch I will slap that attitude right out of you. 

You do realise you sound like the Black Hood from the TV SHOW Riverdale… This talk about cleansing. Bitch please if i need cleansed i’ll go to the spa or better yet i’ll take a shower!

You can insult me,  you can call me names, you can berate me all you like but by fuck if you think you can insult the podsquad! You don’t know any of us so because you clearly cannot read… WHAT FUCKING RIGHT DO YOU HAVE!!!

Oh by the way because your one of those NORTHSIDE entitles you can take your supremacist bullshit that your sprouting because it’s LIES… Northsiders have been dragging Riverdale down not Southsiders… at least they give back to the community what does Northside do???

BTW you have fair warning the last time…. GAME ON BITCH

Peace out Bitch 

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We We’re ‘Studying’

Title: We were ‘Studying’

Originally posted by evieshook

Author: Gráinne x

Pairing: Harry Hook x Evie

Request: Harry and Evie studying but not really.

A/N: Honestly I had no idea where this was going to go… I don’t even know what to classify it as… half fluff half almost smut. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy. This was a fave to write. Thank you Anon. Let me know what you guys think?

Much Love G xx ❤️

Evie gasped at the cold sensation of Harry’s hook caressing her neck.
“Yes love?” Harry smirked
“Stop it you asked me to help you and I’m trying to but…”

Evie rolled over off her bed and onto her feet. Hands on her hips trying and failing miserably to give Harry the death glare.
“Not gunna work on me love”
“Practically invented tha ma self” Harry grinned cheekily at her.

Evie grabbed the books off the bed and placed them on her desk.
“Well that’s enough for today. Can you close the door on the way out please” Evie pressed as she made herself look busy.

Harry’s eyebrows knitted in confusion, he didn’t mean to upset Evie but it would appear he did.
“Don’t Harry I’m not playing this game with you anymore”

Rolling off the bed Harry stood up leaving his hook on the bed and walked carefully towards Evie, when he reached her he grasped her shoulder and turned her to face him. Evie felt his presence the moment he reached her, it was like she was drawn to it because no matter where he was she can always sense roughly how close he was.

Evie tried to stop Harry from turning her round, fearing he’d see the blush that spread across her cheeks from the moment not too long ago on the bed. However, Harry was stronger than Evie and managed to get her to face him.

“Love? I didn’t mean ta upset ya?”
“You didn’t I’m fine” Evie whispered trying to conceal her red face
“Are you embarrassed?” Harry teased gripping her chin and urging her to look at him.
“No I just can’t play this game with you anymore. It hurts”
“What game? I’m not playin a game?” Harry murmured confused.

Evie groaned pushing Harry back to gain some space, the smell of him was intoxicating, he smelt of sea, sand and woodchips.
“This thing you do every time we’re together in public or alone, you’re playing with something that means a lot to me.”

Harry growled frustrated she wasn’t getting it.
“This thing is nat a game Evie, ya talking about your heart well guess what ye have had mine since ye brought me here.”

Evie stood still, mouth open and closing as Harry just spilled everything.
Having enough of her staring at him like a silly fish Harry grasped her face in his hands and kissed her.

Taken back by what was happening it took Evie a good few seconds to catch up not that she’d admit it. It started off a small kiss but grew more intense. Harry lead Evie backwards not once breaking the kiss as she bumped into the desk. Reaching down Harry hoisted Evie up and placed her down on the desk, spreading her legs to stand in between. Their kiss slowing down as they broke apart to breathe, albite heavy from the intensity of the kiss.

Harry held Evie’s face in his hands, caressing the fallen stray hair from her face. This gave Evie a better angle to start taking off Harry’s clothes. Jacket first she slowly reached up sliding the jacket over his taught muscles and off completely dropping it to the floor with a slight thud. She reached up to tug at his shirt but his hands grasped hers, glancing up Evie noticed a pink blush formed across Harry’s neck and cheeks.
“I want ta make sure you want this too?”

Evie smiled and lead his hands to the back of her dress letting him make the decision to pull the zipper or not. Harry grinned and pulled the zipper down, bringing his lips back to meet hers again, softly at first and then more intensely as he parted her sweet cherry lips with his own sending wild tremors coursing through her veins as he began to remove her dress.


The loud bang broke Harry and Evie from each other as they looked towards the sound of interruption. Harry noticed them first because Evie was still sat on the desk back facing the door.
Mal, Carlos, Ben and Jay all stood mouths open wide gawping at the half naked pair in Evie’s room. 
Evie blushed profusely at being caught half naked, Harry noticed her discomfort and went round the table to block the others from her view.

“Well this is a sudden change” Mal snickered
“We were studying” Evie protested as she got her dress on and came back into view.
“Yea each other’s mouths” Carlos mocked
“Careful lad I’ll hook ye” Harry warned, gripping the zipper on Evie’s dress and pulling it back up again for her.

Evie shivered at Harry’s touch as he pulled the zipper back up on her dress. A pink blush spread across her cheeks as she realised he was trying to protect her from the discomfort of being seen and caught naked… half naked still all the same.

“Well if you two are done studying each other’s anatomy mind helping us with a problem?” Mal teased.

Harry glanced down at Evie and nodded grabbing his jacket from the floor and hook from the bed.
“Wha are we waitin for?” he hollered.

Evie grinned as she followed after the group, grasping Mal’s open hand and walking out together.
“Studying my ass” she winked.

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