“My work features illustrations on hand-stitched and manipulated fabric. The work presents real and imagined characters through embroidered narratives, often connected to my childhood in Arizona. Threading humor throughout, I stitch drawings and text onto old linens that are often flawed or adorned with preexisting machine-embroidered imagery. I am interested in the permeable boundary that separates actual events in life from the collective mythologies of family stories, literature, and cultural history.”

Allison Manch

Embroidered works, multiple years


Photos from the Smoke Farm Lo-Fi Fest from last weekend. I installed a large loom between two trees with collaborating artists Lyndsey Baldwin, Allison Manch, and Rachel Ravitch. Andrew Waits was very kind to photograph it for us. Thank you Andrew and thanks ladies for making this happen! And a thank you to Jesse Lortz for moral support!