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1/3 I saw this post again about someone only knowing Teen Wolf from gif sets who thought that Scott wouldn't survive the pilot and it got me thinking: What would've happened if Scott *hadn't* survived the bite? Just in season 1 alone? Would Peter've bitten anyone else (he tried half on s1 to connect with his beta but seeing his beta die would that have encouraged or discouraged him)? Would Stiles've still sided with the wolfs (he would've felt guilty for Scott & maybe looking into hunting (hint,

hint) what attacked his best friend)? Would Allison (without Scott, Kate would’ve brought her into the fold & she wouldn’t have had any evidence that wolfs *are* people)? Would Jackson’ve been tempted (no Scott, no rival Lacrosse Captain, he still would’ve been attacked in the video store but would he’ve sought out Derek)? Would Derek’ve died from wolfsbane (no Scott, no Stiles?, no bullet) or would he’ve hurt Deaton (then again no Scott, no Night School, no one howling for the alpha)? How different would season 1 (& 2 & 3 etc) have been? What are your head cannons?

Oh I love thinking about this –– one single detail changing everything that comes after it. I’m going to preface this theorizing by saying that I don’t remember all the details on s1; it’s been a long time since I watched so I might veer off in the wrong direction at any point. That said, here goes.

Scott’s turning is the trigger for a lot of the early events in the series, and his death would change pretty much everything about the characters’ dynamics, relationships, and alliances. If Scott were dying in a hospital bed after the Wolf Moon, I’ll bet that Stiles would be right by his side that day, meaning that he wouldn’t run into Derek in the woods, in search of his friend’s inhaler. That said, Scott would have an animal bite on his hip, and would probably tell Stiles that a wolf bit him as he lay dying, and that, combined with the full moon and the other animal attacks/dead bodies around town, would probably still lead Stiles toward the truth.

A werewolf bit his friend. A werewolf killed his friend.

And you can be sure that a guilty, bitter, raging Stiles would latch onto that knowledge and decide to do something about it.

Stiles probably wouldn’t run into Allison at this point. Would have no reason to connect to her, no reason to really even notice her. She’s just the new girl in school and he has a hell of a lot bigger things to think about, like his dead friend, like the supernatural threat apparently running through the preserve killing innocent teenagers.

That said, I can absolutely picture Chris Argent visiting Stiles after Scott’s death. Maybe even in the hospital. (I put Scott in the hospital and not dying at home because Melissa.) He slinks up all grim and mysterious and asks Stiles if he’d been out there in the woods too –– what he saw, whether there was anything unusual. And when Stiles snarks back –– and Stiles would inevitably snark back –– he’d probably make some vague comment about bringing the thing that killed Stiles’ friend to justice before slipping away again.

And this might even be what helps Stiles connect those final dots.

So Stiles would take to the woods. Which… maybe not the smartest plan, but something out there fucking killed Scott and Stiles isn’t in the mood for smart right now. He’s in the mood for payback. When he runs into Derek he nearly takes his head off with a baseball bat and then he’s just kind of reeling because Derek Hale, survivor of the Hale fire is randomly hanging around the preserve six years after anyone in town’s seen him.

Hanging around the preserve where Scott (and another person) were killed.

Hanging around the preserve where an actual legit werewolf might be living.

Would those dots take too long to connect?

The thing is, though, grief recognizes grief and I think that a Stiles who’d just lost Scott might not be so quick to dismiss Derek’s bad attitude as he’d been in the show. And Derek, in the state that he’s in throughout s1, would be a lot more likely to open up to someone on a vendetta of revenge and grief than a couple of kids who seem more concerned with sports and dating.

So whether it happens right then or later, it would happen –– Stiles realizing what Derek is. Lashing out or bolting. Derek catching his bat on a desperate swing, chasing him (chasing the secondhand scent of gunpowder and Argent) slamming Stiles back against a tree and and Stiles screaming “My best friend is dead” and Derek snarling back “so’s my sister.”

And then for a few seconds they’d just… stare. Recognizing that grief, that loss, that hopeless rage, in each other’s wrecked expressions. And after a long second Derek would just… fall back. Give up his hold on Stiles, let the ugly weight of the losses settle between them. And Stiles would know… not really knowing how, but he’d know, that Derek wasn’t responsible for Scott.

But would Stiles go back to Argent? Would he approach Allison then, after hearing her last name in class and connecting those dots, would he make friends to try and find out what she knows? Or would he just seek out Chris Argent and demand information, demand weapons, demand whatever the hell it takes to take down this werewolf threat or else he’ll just go public to the Sheriff with what he knows and he’s pretty sure Van Helsing here wouldn’t love that.

So Argent agrees, on these terms: he trains Stiles.

It’s a good compromise, actually. Gerard’s been pushing for the next generation to start getting brought in on the family business and Chris really just wants to keep Allison out of it. Keep her safe, keep her happy in her ignorance. Is it so wrong to want a normal life for his daughter? And Stiles isn’t an Argent, and Chris isn’t sure he’d even want this kid carrying on his family legacy, but if it slows things down, lets Allison get through high school at least without having to face down the horrors he grew up with… he’ll take it. He’ll use this boy who’s already willing to fight and die for the cause and keep his daughter safe.

(Of course, this won’t work for long. Allison’s not oblivious and she’ll notice her family’s strange behavior. Notice Stiles dropping by a strange number of times… and his sudden “internship at Argent Arms International” –– her dad’s never taken on sixteen year old interns before… or any interns –– doesn’t completely explain it. So eventually, despite her dad’s best efforts, Allison will still realize her family business.)

–Jumping off the continuity track for a bit, with Scott gone and Jackson’s place on the lacrosse team assured, he wouldn’t feel any particular need to seek out new skills, strength, or the supernatural at all. So his involvement in the main arc would only come through Lydia (through Allison) or, if you’re with me on this one, once Peter takes interest in him, recognizing him as his son.

I also (and this is where my not having watched the season in so long might come into play) don’t particularly think Peter would bite anyone else if Scott died, because I generally feel like Peter biting Scott was just a case of Scott being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He saw a kid wandering through the woods –– the moon was full, his wolf was howling, those wacky CGI deer had sprinted away, and he figured why not? Peter wasn’t really focused on building a pack in s1. He had a lot of opportunities to bite other people, to make a whole pack, and he didn’t take them. He liked the idea of Scott being his beta, and having help getting his revenge, once he already had him, but I think his priority was really just killing the people involved in the Hale arson and Scott was just a bonus. If Scott didn’t take –– or if Scott hadn’t been in the woods that night –– I don’t think Peter would have gone for anyone else.

Back onto the main plot, though, with Stiles on the hunter track, his tentative truce with Derek would become very interesting. He wouldn’t tell Argent about knowing Derek, but the next time he runs into Derek –– fucking bleeding out in the school parking lot in front of his Jeep because Stiles and that few-second bond of loss is still the only connection Derek has in this town –– I think Stiles’ secrets would come out to him. He’d mention the wolfsbane and of course Stiles knows what wolfsbane is, how it works, where to get some, and he’d leave Derek in the safety of his bedroom probably while he flits to the Argents’ and gets himself a bullet to help bring him back. He figures Kate probably thought what Stiles did at first –– a local werewolf, must be the feral Alpha –– stupid mistake but it’s not like Derek exactly gives off the warm, cuddly vibes… but once Derek’s recovered enough to realize what had happened, where Stiles had gone and how he’d gotten that bullet, what would he do? Grit teeth, clam up? Push Stiles into the nearest shadowed space and snarl that the Argents can’t be trusted, they’re killers until Stiles snorts, snaps back a blithe “Oh yeah, and what are you?”

And Derek would pull back, looking wounded for a heartbeat before walling off, and Stiles would almost want to take the words back but he’d lift his chin stubbornly instead because these guys are helping him learn to fight, ok? They’re helping him learn how to take down Scott’s killer and yeah it sucks that Derek caught a bullet but everyone’s on red alert right now and it was a fucking shitty mistake.

And Derek would hold his gaze, steady and cold, say “your father’s Sheriff Stilinski, right? Look into the Hale fire. Visit the hospital’s long term care center. See what your new friends call justice.”

And of course Stiles does. He looks into the records. He sees that everything in the police files scream arson. And he can’t connect Chris Argent and his stern code with the mentions of children’s corpses, but the more he gets to know Kate the more he can see that in her. And I think he would start to question the Argents at that point, start questioning his alliances and everything he thinks he knows.

And that’s as far as I’m going to go with this headcanon for the moment, because it’s getting incredibly long already. But I really adore this canon divergent concept, with it starting as a tragedy/revenge story and Stiles being pulled in on the hunters’ side of things at first, and I think so much could be done with it.

regret nothing

This was technically written for Day Four of the @laurahale-appreciation week, that is Bickering Besties. But because I felt bad about not managing to write anything for the first three days, this not only has Stiles and Laura as besties, but also Alpha Laura, Hale Twins, AND Laura didn’t die, all squeezed into one 2k ficlet. And there’s Sterek of course, too! I hope you enjoy it! And go check out all the other fics written for this great new fest!

Derek regrets nothing as much as letting Laura go back to Beacon Hills alone.

Unfortunately she’s his elder - “By twelve minutes and don’t you forget that, Der!” - and his Alpha to boot, so Derek had had to remain alone in New York City while Laura went back to their old territory to look into the strange animal killings reported from there.

And now Derek has to suffer for his twin’s stubbornness. Because Laura? Befriended a pair of high schoolers the very first night she was back in Beacon Hills. And ever since, it’s been nothing but “Stiles this, Stiles that” with the occasional “Scott this” thrown in to mix things up.

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