Imma change your life. (part 2)

Summary: You are Stiles’ sister, and Laura Hale’s friend. When she disappears, her brother Derek back to Beacon Hills. Things will never be the same again.

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Characters: Reader, Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall

Words Count: 3706

Author’s Note: So, this is part 2, I hope you like it!

Part 1

It is a few days now that we know: Peter Hale is the Alpha. After Derek told me to run, I haven’t seen him. I was afraid that Peter had killed him, and instead he is.. his side.
I don’t understand; I thought that he wanted to find the Alpha, and kill him. But he lied to all of us. Now is the shoulder of his uncle. The latter also had the courage to go to Scott, to convince him to join his pack. He told him about how he would become stronger, and how he would help with self-control. Obviously, Scott replied that he would never have joined a murderess, and Peter explained to him the reason for the deaths. Every person who killed, were involved in the fire that occurred in his family home. Now his ultimate goal is to kill the one who set fire. And Derek? How you can follow him like a dog? He killed Laura, for god’s sake! What shall say Peter, to convince him otherwise?
I tried in every way to contact him, I called him on his cell phone, I sent several messages. But nothing. For days I haven’t heard from him, and despite everything, I’m afraid she’s in trouble. Perhaps Peter didn’t believe him, but it is threatening in some way, perhaps she caused him hurt.
Cast away these horrible thoughts. Derek is fine, and soon I will be able to find him.
Stiles and Scott, trying to stay as ‘normal’ as possible; They are just kids, and have to go on with their lives. Tonight there will be prom, and they are determined to go there, even if I have a bad feeling. Scott obviously go with Allison, while Style managed to invite Lydia, the most popular girl, and of which it’s in love for years.
I, despite not being a student, I decided that I also attend the prom, to keep the situation under control.
After buying something to wear to the dance, I come home to prepare. When we are all ready, me and Stiles go up on Jeep, and we go to school.
The gym is completely full, students dancing to the rhythm of music, and other joking.
I look around, when I see Scott, together with Allison. I go to them, and greet them.
“Allison, everything is alright?” I ask the girl. She looks deep in thought, worried look. Scott moves away from us and goes to the table of drinks, to get something to drink.
“It doesn’t seem. Tell me, what’s wrong?”
Allison looks around, as if afraid that someone is watching, then grabs my arm and pulls me away from the crowd.
“What I’m about to tell you must not tell anyone. Even I still believe..”
I nod, and I expect her to tell me what scares her so much.
“My aunt Kate.. told me strange things. And..”
Allison takes a deep breath, and began to walk back and forth. I am supporting my hands on his shoulders, and stopped in front of me, asking her to tell me everything he knows.
“My aunt.. has tied Derek Hale, in a secret place.. in the woods.”
I remain speechless after listening to what she said Allison. In all this time I thought Derek was with Peter, and instead.. Kate Argent kidnapped him.
That’s why I couldn’t track him, why he didn’t answer my calls. I ask quickly Allison where exactly is Derek, and although reluctant, she tells me. I ask her to say anything to anyone, then I go out quickly from the gym, heading in the school parking lot. I walk over to the Stiles’ Jeep, when not far away, near the other cars, I see a black Camaro: Derek’s car. It must have been there for days, and no one noticed anything.
Until now. I enter quickly into Derek’s car, and when I find the keys, I put in motion, and I zip away, to the place that pointed me Allison.
I put about ten minutes to arrive. I stop the car in the middle of nowhere, and after finding the secret passage has mentioned me Allison, I enter in a corridor almost completely dark, until I find myself in front of a huge metal door, I immediately widened .
I enter into a semi-dark room, lit by a few lighthouses in the corners. Then I see him; in front of me, Derek, tied to a machine to electroshock without forces. Kate must have tortured him until he fainted.
I approach slowly to her helpless body, I will overflow your face gently, and I begin to remove from his chest the machine wire.
I look up, and my eyes meet those tired of Derek; I untied his hands from the chains, and wrap his arm around my shoulder, to make sure he doesn’t fall. We drag both out of that horrible place, and we get to the car.
One of the abilities of the werewolves is the instantaneous healing, and fortunately for Derek works great. In a few minutes, he gets up from the seat of the car and looks at me, completely healed.
“Are you okay?” he asks.
I smile.
“It’s the second time you ask me if I’m all right, when you were injured until a few minutes ago.”
Derek smiles back, and then pulls me into his arms. I was so worried about him these days, and now he’s here with me. Safe and sound. Half naked.
Our eyes meet again, and slowly approach our lips, but something stops us. A noise in the trees attracts our attention, and suddenly we see tick two people from the darkness of the woods.
Kate Argent, and Allison. When Kate sees us, pointing us the shotgun from his hands, and instinctively, Derek is positioned in front of me, using his body as a shield. A few seconds, and I find the Derek hand squeezing mine, running away from Kate, until we quickly at the Hale home. We enter, and hide in one of the rooms on the upper floor.
I get close to a window, and I see Kate look forward to the arrival of someone; or something.
I remain surprised when I check out from behind the trees Scott and my brother Stiles.. with the Alpha after them. The fear invades my body and without thinking twice, I headed out of the room; Derek comes over to me and stops me.
“Derek, let me.”
“It’s dangerous out there; I want you to stay here. ”
“Out there there’s my brother!” I scream against Derek, pushing him away.
I head quickly downstairs, and I go out running toward Stiles. I scream his name to get his attention, and when I’m around him, push him behind a tree.
“What the hell are you doing here? It’s dangerous!”
“Y/n! Peter.. he has bitten Lydia! He forced me to find out where he was Derek.”
In the distance I hear the roars; I turn and see Scott fight against Peter; after seriously wounded Scott, the Alpha laying attention on Kate Argent; he goes over to her, and clasps his hands to neck.
“You.. it was you, started the fire that night! And now you will pay!” yells Peter to Kate gripped by fear. After that, he rips the throat of her, killing her instantly. Peter turns to Allison this time, and I instinctively throwing in her direction, and I position it in front of Allison. Peter sling on me, and I fall to the ground, with him trying to hit him.
“I killed my own niece to become an Alpha. I don’t let anyone take it away! ”
I feel a sudden pain on my shoulder, and then Peter lifts me up, and throw me away from him. The pain is so strong, that I can’t stay awake. The eyelids close, and I faint.

When I wake up, I’m lying on my bed, in my room. I look around, trying to remember what happened. I was in the woods, Peter was attacking me, and Stiles..
“He is fine.” Whispered a familiar voice. In the darkness of my room, I see two eyes shine bright red. The eyes of an Alpha. I get up quickly from the bed, gripped by fear, but when the person approaches me in the darkness, the moonlight reflected on his face, and I recognize him.
Derek comes close to me and touches my face with his fingers. I look at him in the eye. Peter Hale is dead, and it was Derek to kill him. Why did he kill him? I thought I should do it Scott. Derek had told him that if he killed who had bitten him, he would come back human.
“Because Peter was not killed by Scott? You promised. "I say I left a step away from him. He lied all this time; Scott trusted him, and even I trusted him. And instead..
“Go away, Derek.”
I turn back and I approach the window, I open it, and I expect Derek goes away.
“What have you on the shoulder?” Asks me taking me by the arm. A sharp pain invades my arm, up to the shoulder. I pull my arm away from the grasp of Derek, and I look at him again.
“Go away!” I scream at him.
Without another word, in the blink of an eye, Derek has disappeared, leaving me all alone in my room.
I feel strange. Confused. I go out of my room, and I’m closer to that of my brother. Peek inside without making too much noise, and he is there. My Stiles, sleeping blessed in his bed.
I close the door, and returned to my room, on my way to the bathroom, to take a hot shower.
The warmth of the water invades my body just touches it, and while I wash, I think about all that has happened in recent weeks. Beacon Hills seemed a safe place, no 'supernatural problems’. And now the best friend of my brother’s a werewolf. The hunters, the Argent, hunt any wolf in the city; including Derek.
I think of him, to all that we spent together; He saved me more than once, and I have saved him. I remember that time in my room, before discovering that Peter was the Alpha; our mouths moving in unison. Her body close to mine..
I trusted him; I was convinced that he wanted to help us, he wanted to help Scott. But selfishly thought only of himself, he killed Peter only to become the Alpha. I close my eyes, trying to overcome the final months of my mind, for at least five minutes, when the shoulder pain again makes itself felt. Getting stronger, almost like can not breathe. I get out of the shower, and I approach the mirror to check the point that it hurts, and I stop breathing. On the shoulder, small holes covering my skin, to form a clear sign.
A bite.

“Hey y/n.. y/n!”
Stiles’ voice brings me back to reality; I was absorbed in my thoughts for so long that I don’t make me almost realize how much time has passed.
It spent about a week since everything is back to 'normal’. And to normalcy it means that no Peter Hale is killing someone. Scott is still a werewolf who tries to keep everything under control, and comes up with Allison Argent .. secretly to her father. Well, some at least they try.
And me? I’m a werewolf. When others have discovered.. Well, I have 'accepted’. Peter Hale has bitten me the night of his death, before Derek kill him. And things can’t change. It’s not easy, not at all. Now I understand exactly what Scott meant about the control. I feel so constantly.. angry. With the entire world. I try to stay calm, but anything bother me, I feel like.. I wanted to hurt someone.
In a few days the moon is full, my first full moon, and I’m afraid. Afraid that if I lose control, I will hurt somebody. Maybe someone I know, maybe my brother. I cast away this thought out of my head; think about this kind of thing doesn’t help.
“Stiles.. what do you need?”
“We have a problem.”
Problem. Only one?
“What happens?”
Behind my brother, there’s Scott, exchanging a look of concern with Stiles.
Troubles coming.
“You have to talk.. to Derek.”
Only to hear his name, I feel the throb angrily in my veins.
“No” I say, getting up from my chair near the desk. I head to the door, and I open, inviting the boys to come out.
“Y/n, please!.. He’s turning boys. And maybe if you talk to him.. he’ll listen to you. ”
Derek is forming a pack all its own; I should have known. He once told me that the Alpha to be even stronger, should have some Beta to his 'control’. At least three.
I don’t see Derek since that evening, when I sent him away. He doesn’t know that I’m a.. or maybe he knows, but he doesn’t care.
I’m mad.. at myself. I should listen to him, maybe. Instead I kicked it without thinking twice. He could help me after my transformation, but I was afraid to go to him, after having treated that way. I don’t know if I’m still angry with him; and he is angry with me for how I acted with him?
“Y/n, you can get him to stop. He has already turned two guys, for now. Just one more.”
I take a deep breath. Review after all this time Derek. It will need a good dose of calm.. if I could find it somewhere inside me.

After a long shower, I get dressed, and go into the woods. Scott warned me that Derek is no longer located in his old home, but in a sort of abandoned railway station. More I approach it the more I feel my legs shaking from.. fear? Anger? I don’t know even more what I really feel. Since I turned, the sounds, the view, the touch.. all amplified. And the emotions are so strong that blend with each other, and I feel so confused sometimes.
When I enter the tunnel of the station, I go down the stairs, and I see some of the train cars still on the rails. Sharp ears, and I hear a beat, calm, rested. I hear footsteps coming towards me, and I see him. Derek, who comes from one of the wagons, surprised to see me.
He takes a few steps towards me, while I step back.
"What are you doing here?” He asks me, a few meters away from me.
“I heard that you go around biting people.” I say, looking him straight in the eye.
Derek takes a deep breath, and makes another step toward me. This time I don’t move.
“It’s not me that I transform them; they ask me. ”
“Sure, I guess what you tell them to convince them. The bite is a gift, makes you stronger, not weaker, and all that shit; but you also said that there are hunters scattered around the city ready to kill them? They may lose control and get angry so much.. to kill someone?”
I give her back to Derek, and I breathe deeply; I’m losing control, and I must calm down. I do not want Derek thinks it is weak. I still feel closer and closer to me, until I feel his body touching mine. I close my eyes; despite everything, I missed him by my side.
“’re different.”
You don’t know how much.
“Don’t change topic.”
Derek is even closer, and a chill goes through my spine when I hear his lips touching my ear.
“I smell a new wolf from a distance. Did you think I had not noticed?” he whispers in my ear, and I feel his fingers form small imaginary circles on my arm.
“Don’t turn nobody else..” I say in that moment of ecstasy. I try not to forget why I went to him, but more holds me to him, and I feel the need to lure him to me, feel his lips on mine.
“Join the pack.”
I hear again emerge anger, and turning around, I look at him straight in the eye.
“I may be a wolf, but I will not be your doggie.”
I push him away from me, but when I try to leave, him appears before me, clasping his hands around her waist.
“Derek, let me.”
“The last time I let you go, my uncle jumped on top of you. And now see what you are. ”
I try to find the words to reply, but I don’t find. He’s right; if I had listened to him and I would have stayed in the house, now I’d still be human. But what could I do? There was my brother out there in danger, and I couldn’t leave him alone.
“I can help you, y/n.”
I do some deep breaths, and I walk away from Derek. I hate the fact that I can not control myself, and I hate that Derek knows. And even more, I hate the fact that the only thing, the only person to I think to calm.. is Derek. I should be furious with him, and instead.. I just want to kiss him.
And that’s what I do. Our mouths collided and begin to move passionately.
What a stupid, even frigate from that pretty face. But how can I do if I can’t resist?
Derek attracts me more and more to him, up to shake my hips in his strong arms. But again we are interrupted by voices behind us.
This time doesn’t push him away, contrary, I hope it is only imagined me that a female voice has called him, but it’s not so. Slowly I walk away, and still clinging to him, we look into the eyes.
“Always to interrupt us at the wrong time, huh?”
Smiling shyly; I feel all the anger, the fear of the full moon .. it’s all disappeared as soon as I touched her lips with mine.
We both turn toward the voice that made Derek’s name, and at the entrance of the railway, I see two guys, they will have the age of my brother. Must be the guys who has transformed Derek. After a few seconds the stairs before I fell, goes down another guy. I look at him first, and then I look at Derek. It was useless to ask him not to turn any more; He had already done so.
Now, the Alpha has its own pack.

Still I don’t know whether to go to Derek it was good or bad. Ask him to stop biting people has been somewhat pointless, and that kiss.. I can’t not think about it. I wanted to never leave it. I was at peace with myself at that moment, I couldn’t feel anger, and fear.
Right now the concern rises again; in a few hours the moon is full, and I don’t know literally what to do. I look at the bag that my brother has hidden under my bed: it’s full of chains, the same as Stiles wanted to use with Scott. But chains can keep me locked long enough? Without thinking too much, I take the bag, and go down to the floor below, where there are Scott and Stiles, waiting for me.
“There is a boathouse, in the woods. There, no one will find.” says Scott looked at me with a look of 'I understand how you feel’.
We put about a quarter of an hour to arrive. Missing just over an hour to the full moon, and in the meantime I and the guys prepare the chains, for me and for Scott.
"Stiles, if something happens, if I or Scott we can take off our chains.. I want you to run away.” I say to my brother. I hate the fact that he wants to remain to help us, but it’s still human, and I don’t want that my biggest fear, to hurt him, happens.
When everything is ready, Stiles binds before Scott, and then me. The chains seem resistant. They must be.
More minutes pass, more I feel I’m losing control. The canines are beginning to leak out from my lips, and eyes change color; even if it’s completely dark room where we are, I can see Scott feel the same pain that I feel, trying to remain calm. My brother, however, perched in a corner of the room.
“Stiles.. go away.”
“Stiles, I told you to leave!” I scream against my brother. I can’t help myself, and I start to scream. Strong growls rise from my throat, and out of my lips. Out of control, I try to break the chains with which they are linked; suddenly, I see Scott free from the chains, and go to Stiles.
“Stiles, run!”
Not have it be told twice, Stiles gets up and comes out of the shed, running away into the woods. I pull on the chains as hard as possible to free myself, to go to Scott and away from my brother; I feel that my priority now is to save Stiles.
The chains are too strong, and I can’t break them, but suddenly I hear the verses of fighting in the distance. A loud roar to a few meters of the shed attracts my attention.
Please, not Stiles. Not my brother. I pray to myself that Scott didn’t hurt Stiles, when I see the shadow of someone coming towards me, with Scott unconscious on his shoulders.
“Y/n?” A familiar voice calling me. Derek poses Scott in the corner, and comes toward me. I draw to me and hug him. That small gesture is enough for me to calm me.
“Stiles is..”
“He’s fine, hidden in his Jeep.”
I smile.. Derek approaches his hand to my cheek, and my eyes meet his.
“Everything will be fine. Now I’m here with you.”

Hunger - chapter 20

Hunger master post

Kate Argent’s blonde hair is spread around her like a blood-soaked halo. Her dead, glassy eyes stare at Stiles. It’s not pleasure that spreads through him warmly, but it’s something close enough that it frightens him. Because there should be a line, right? She was going to put a bullet in his head, but there should still be a line. Stiles is afraid that if he crosses it, it he takes delight in this moment, then he’ll be no better than her.

Then again, maybe it’s okay to be happy about it, just for now. Maybe it’s okay to be pleased that the bitch is dead. She wouldn’t have spared a thought for him, would she?

Maybe it’s okay to feel whatever he feels now, and to worry about his conscience tomorrow.

If there’s a tomorrow.

The hunters are still banging on the door.

This isn’t over yet.

And right on cue, Peter Hale slides down onto the floor, black blood pumping out of his chest.

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So if Stiles being erased from reality means that Claudia is still alive, does that mean that slowly everything he changed will be undone? Scott would have never been bitten, Lydia wouldn’t have been attacked, so her banshee powers would still be blocked. Malia would still be a coyote. None of the deaths due to the Nogitsune would have happened. Allison would still be alive. If Scott wasn’t a werewolf, then Allison’s mom would still be alive too. Not to mention everything that would change since Peter was erased too. He wouldn’t have existed to bite Scott. He wouldn’t have killed Laura or Kate. Even before then, he’s the one who convinced Ennis, a member of the alpha pack, to bite Paige, then she wouldn’t have been dead. She and Derek would still be together, and Kate wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of him. The entire Hale family would still be alive. Derek would never become an alpha, Erica, Boyd, and Isaac would never become werewolves. Erica and Boyd would have lived. The alpha pack wouldn’t have targeted Derek, so the Darach never would have come, so all of the threefold deaths never would have happened. Jackson would still be here, because he never would have been bitten. Theo never woukf have come back, bringing the Dread Doctors. None of the Chimeras would have been created. Malia wouldn’t have even existed in the first place. The main character may be Scott, but Stiles and Peter are the whole reason that the show exists in the capacity that it does.

Teen Wolf x Supernatural Crossover Things I Need RiGHT NOw
(where the boys arrive at Beacon Hills and “join the pack”)
  1. Stiles and Sam parallels
  2. Stiles and Dean parallels
  4. Lowkey Derek x Dean fling thing
  5. Scott and Sam are friends af bc they’re so similar in certain ways
  6. (the Winchester boys and Cas would be a bit younger ideally like Sam would be 20 and Dean would be 24)
  7. Dean and Stiles working with Lydia on cases/to gain control of her powers
  8. Dean and Sam learning there’s different types of were-creatures
  9. Lydia finding out about demon deals and makes one to bring Allison back, but Crowley is a nice little child and gives her soul back, as well as bringing Erica and Jo back too.
  10. Cora, Allison and Jo all being alive and well and joining the girl squad
  11. Everyone sensing Destiel after a while
  13. Crowley killing Gerard bc Crowley is literally so sick of his bullshit
  14. Crowley and Peter conversations (how interesting would that be omg)
  15. Isaac never leaving and sassing the shit out of Dean for fun and Sam and Stiles just pISS themselves laughing
  16. Dean helping Malia find the desert wolf
  17. Stiles being very suspicious of Dean bc he’s a bit rough and ruthless but then unknowingly Dean proving himself somehow (maybe by saving someone??) and and eventual frIENDSHIP FORminG
  18. Sam helping Kira learn more about the legend behind Kitsunes
  19. Bobby and Sheriff Stilinski working together by the Sheriff bringing Bobby to crime scenes as a FED or criminologist and assessing the situation together
  20. Ellen and Melissa bffs (i neED THIS ONE)
  21. Ellen telling the Sheriff to jusT GO FOR MELISSA BC ITS OBVIOUS AF
  22. The sheriff saying “only if you tell Bobby” and then BOTH COUPLES GET TOGETHER and I die
  23. Dean telling Parrish to leAVE LYDIA ALonE bc she’s underage and he’s creepy (sorry marrish shippers)
  24. Stiles and Sam talking about Sam’s soulless period and Stiles’ nogitsune times
  25. KIRA AND CAS FRIENDSHIP i need this so bad
  26. DEAN KILLING KAte and then Derek hUGS him
  27. Dean and Derek parallels (losing family, staying strong for “little brother” figures, etc)
  28. Isaac and Dean lisTENING TO STILES abt Theo and they kill him eventually
  29. Sam realising that if Parrish is a hellhound the pack should be worried about heaven/hell elements (and Parrish answering to Crowley)
  30. Sam helping out Liam with his control
  31. Sam, Scott and Liam fighting the dread doctors
  32. Gentle stalia break up (sorry Stalia shippers) bc it’s not working and their feelings aren’t the same as they used to be (bc Stiles still loves Lydia)
  33. DEAN AND SAM TELLING STILES TO GO FOR LYDIA AND HE DOES AND EVERYTHING IS HAPPY AND GOOD bc srsly both shows need some GODDAMN LIGHTENING UP (after Lydia tells Dean how she feels about Stiles)
  34. Malia x Isaac????????? maybe idk
  35. Lydia being AWESOME at research because she can read Latin and Archaic Latin and she translates lots of Bobby’s documents for the boys
  36. Hayden, Stiles and Dean all having the same appreciation for classic rock
  38. Scott having Sam as an older brother figure and Melissa loVING HIM and he comes over for dinner all the time
  39. Dean and the Sheriff making crap jokes all the time and embarrassing Stiles in front of Lydia
  40. Cas loving how nice all the girls are to him (but they’re really just returning the kindness he shows them) and he always watches movies with them etc. bc they insist he has to watch it
  41. The boys making everyone carry around salt and holy water just in case
  42. Allison being fASCINATED BY THE WEAPONS the boys have and they and Jo train her
  43. I’m rly feeling the whole Jo x Allison thing idk why (maybe a relationship???????????)
  44. Cora and Jo also getting along rly well
  45. I love the Malia and Kira friendship and I need more of it
  46. The pack finally having some people who know their shit (apart from Deaton) and being able to help even more people i just love this dynamic so much
hunger - chapter 18

Hunger master post. 

Six years ago

Everything burns. Peter Hale has no idea how he got out of the house. He was running on panic and instinct, and it pushed him far enough to make it to the creek that winds through the Preserve a little way from the house. The water is ice cold, but Peter still burns.

He lies there and waits to die.

It is night, and then day, and then night again.

Rescue doesn’t come. Neither does death.

He lies there, clothes and hair and skin burned from him. The cold water laps around him, and still he burns.

Maybe that’s why he doesn’t feel it at first: the alpha spark. It burns too, in a different way. It burns like a flame deep inside his core.

Laura, he thinks, because he saw Talia die, and the spark should have gone to Laura then. And now? Is there anyone left at all if it’s come to Peter? He can’t feel his pack, but how much of that is because he is in agony, unable to reach beyond his own pain?

He’s burning.

It’s the hunters who find him. The Argents. When Kate raises her gun to shoot him, Peter can’t even flinch.

His eyes flash red.


A mistake.

“Wait,” Gerard says, and puts his hand out to push Kate’s firearm down. His mouth twists into a grotesque smile. “An alpha.”

Peter very much wishes he died in that creek.


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