Getting ready for the DCP:

Hey guys! I’ve been soooo busy preparing for Disney. It’s so weird deciding on what to bring and what not to bring. I’ve asked some alumni friends about what to pack and I figured I’d share it with you!

  • If you’re taking classes, bring about 4 casual business outfits, 5 if you really feel like it.
  • Bring up to 5-6 weeks worth of outfits for the entire program (I asked about Spring Advantage, so maybe bring a bit less for just Spring or Quarter?)
  • Prepare for all types of weather. Florida weather is unpredictable, it’ll get super cold one day and the next day it could be boiling.
  • Rain gear!! If you have a rain jacket or boots, bring them.
  • Bring enough underwear to last you 3 weeks.
  • When packing, it is highly recommended you invest in SPACE BAGS, especially if you’re flying. You’ll want to save some room in your suitcase for souvenirs to bring home.
  • If you are flying, put a couple of extra outfits in your carry on. When you arrive you don’t want to unpack everything until you’re settled in your apartment.
  • Don’t worry about the work shoes until you start training. You don’t know your location or costume requirements yet, and they give you a couple of days to go get what you need. Someone told me that the outlet mall by the complexes has a store with Cast Member shoes.

Other things to think about:

  • When you and your roommates settle in to the apartment, establish some ground rules. Just talk about pet peeves and stuff and make sure you understand where everyone is coming from. It’ll save you from drama in the future.
  • Although it is exciting, don’t go crazy your first few weeks in Disney with the buying. You’ll be surrounded by that stuff all the time and can always think about it and then get it. We don’t get paid a lot for the first couple of weeks while we train, so it’s best to hold onto your money for groceries and stuff.
  • Cute roomie gifts are a great idea to break the ice. Ask them before hand who their favorite Disney character is and then think of something creative to give that has to do with that character. They’ll love the effort you put into it. Just make it something sensible and not so big.
  • Work hard and have fun! It is possible to do both :)

-Allison Kate