Warioburger by Allison Bamcat

Finished this today for the “…LOADING” show in London at the Resistance Gallery next month. I bought a new printer and it looks beautiful and I spray painted a bright purple frame for it to go in.

Shipping it off tomorrow - hope the framed print has a safe trip!

If you’re on that side of the Atlantic, check it out! Facebook Event Link


Are you ready for the Rapture … issue? The Phoenix has some Rapt-astic articles in this week’s paper — our last issue ever!*

Cover was carefully adapted from the defunct Weekly World News’ December 28, 1999 (Y2K!) issue.

Ride the Rapture Bus

Post-Rapture Bliss

Rapture FAQ

Oprah - All Good Things Must Come to an End (Fiction)

Comic: Meet the Rapture Pets!

Larry Flynt on the End of Days

*May not actually be last issue ever.


Hey friends, I recently completed this deck for a Kickstarter called Shove It! My deck is available as one of the prizes for contributing.

The fundraiser will help to open a skate park in Des Moines, Iowa. I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute artwork aside amazings artists such as Hydro74, Uuberkraft and collective Phidias Gold. I also worked to create a paper toy for the opening exhibition as well as the Kickstarter, but I’ll have to assemble one before I can show you! 

The board was rendered 100% by hand using Holbein Acryla gouache and rulers and stuff. 

Please take a moment to check out the Shove It! Kickstarter. While donations are appreciated, sharing is just as valuable! Thanks for looking, guys. 

Why my life is good:

I finished my children’s book tonight, a massive undertaking that’s taken most of a year in collaboration with a hospital.

Other than that, I’m going to have artwork in a local magazine next week. I feel like I finally understand my job and have the opportunity to succeed there. I feel like I really have friends at work now too, so it’s nice to be my silly self sometimes. My boyfriend is fantastic and treats me like a princess. I’ve lost 10 pounds. My best friend had a baby this year. One of my best friends is starting at Converse next week. I have a car. I have my own apartment. I make enough money to live off of. My medical problems have been very manageable lately. I have second, third, and fourth families who I can depend on.

I’m so happy today, and every day. <3

Above: Siegfried the dinosaur from my children’s book.