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People only mention Stiles and his ADD/ADHD as a one liner to describe him or a quirky character trait that makes him ~different~

Coming from someone who actually has ADHD, the way the misinformation is spread makes me sad (and a little angry). But if you know, you can write Stiles and his ADHD way better, so:

  1. ADD isn’t a term anymore, it was officially stamped as outdated three years ago. There’s now only ADHD, with three subcategories: innatentive type, hyperactive-impulsive type, and combination type
  2. Realistically, Stiles wouldn’t be on Adderall. Adderall is a drug that lasts four, five hours tops before it wears off. This makes it one of the easiest drugs to get addicted to. He’d most likely be on something time released that lasts for hours, like Vyvanse or Ritalin. If he does have Adderall, it could be for when the other medication has worn off and he needs something to focus, like for homework (that’s what I have)
  3. The importance of Stiles and his meds is never talked about except for in a few fics. Sure, they’re instant working drugs, but they still need to be taken everyday. We never read about how Stiles takes his medicine in the morning before going to school
  4. All his quirky pencil tapping or knee bouncing? Or some other random action that makes him look like he’s about to vibrate out of his skin? Unrealistic. He might still be a little twitchy, but most of that should be taken care of by the meds. This is, however, very realistic if he hasn’t taken his meds
  5. And most notably, we never see the side effects of the meds. It’s different for everyone. I take mine at the same time every morning, and at three in the afternoon exactly I get exhausted. I pass out and wake up around eight or nine. A friend of mine doesn’t eat the entire day because the pills suppress his appetite, but around eight at night he gorges when all that pent up hunger hits him. And we both take the same time released drug. So if Stiles IS taking just Adderall, he’ll experience side effects every four or so hours. Besides that, you often suffer from insomnia, irritability, increased metabolism, and you’re garunteed to lose weight. I’ve dropped maybe ten, fifteen pounds? Went from a size ten to a size six in four months.

My point is, Stiles is supposed to have ADHD. And maybe it’s just me, idk, but I’d really love to see him written as if he has actual ADHD

Never Enough

Summary: Stiles is bummed about Lydia not liking him. You’re hurt inside because you’ve always loved him. After Stiles gets back from being beaten up, Lydia leaves to find Jackson. (This was when he was a Kanima). His dad sits down to talk with him.

Ship: Stiles x Fem!Reader, Isaac x Fem!Reader

Warnings: sadness, fluff, angst, heartbreak.

Your P.O.V

I lean against my locker, forcing my gaze away from Stiles. He trailed after Lydia, who hadn’t a care in the world. In fact, she looked like she didn’t think Stiles existed. It was as if he was a fly on a wall. I watch the interaction, a pang in my chest began to grow. I have to admit, I’d always loved him. Stiles, I mean. But, to him, I was never enough. Even when we were younger, I was never beautiful in his eyes. It was excruciatingly obnoxious. I glance at Scott, who stood not far from Stiles. He gave me a pitiful smile. Even before he got his powers he knew I loved Stiles. He knew the interaction broke my heart. 

I sent him a smile he knew was fake before walking off. I couldn’t stand to watch it happen again. I am so tired of doing the same thing over and over again. I shake my head to distract myself. The game was tonight so I had to focus. Instead of meeting the pack for lunch in the cafeteria, I made my way to the lacrosse field to practice. I slip on my headphones, blasting them as loud as I possibly could. The more I hit the net, the angrier I got. When I missed the last shot, tears started to corrode in the crooks of my eyes. Not now.. not here.. I pack up my stuff and head home, not bothering to finish my last class. I was never enough… No matter how hard I tried- I would never be enough in his eyes..

Later That Night..

I sat down next to Scott, watching the game begin. I was a little late so I wasn’t able to be there for Coach to pick me. When he saw me though, he lit up. “(Y/n)! We were looking for you everywhere! You’re up to change next!” I nodded, putting on a forceful smile. A few seconds later, a person I didn’t expect to see sat down next to Scott. “Isaac??” I asked, perplexed. “What’re you doing here??” He smirked. A random sensation making its way into my body. A flutter.. of warmth? “I’m here to win. So-” he said looking at Scott. “What’s the plan?” Scott glanced between the two of us, smiling genuinely.

“(Y/n), Issac and you will be up soon. You’ve gotta knock enough people out so I can be on.” We nod in agreement before I made my way into the field. I glance back at Stiles, his eyes on Lydia, who was sitting next to Melisa. She wasn’t even looking back at him. She was watching Jackson. I roll my eyes huffing. Moments like these made me happy that I joined lacrosse. I noticed as soon as I made my way onto the field, the players seemed to tense up. I was the most aggressive player. People from other teams called me merciless. Which I was.

Isaac’s goal was to get as many of our players out so that Scott could get in. My goal was to destroy the other team and stall the game as long as I could. The mere thought of being Scott’s primary weapon made me feel powerful. I was fast. Too fast for any of them to catch. My adrenaline level had sky rocketed. And with this new found anger, I was ready for anything. I squat down low, eyeing each of the boys like they were my prey. My gaze halted when I found a large one. He was tall, really tall. But he was buff with a lot of weight. Ya know what they say, the bigger they are the harder they fall. 

My breathing began to pick up as I stalked back and forth. I could tell there was a massive uneasiness between the boys on the other team. I guess my reputation proceeded me. The second they blew the whistle, I bolted across the field, faster than anyone of them could have predicted. Before the burly boy knew it, I dug my body weight from under his feet and through him over my shoulders. His face smacked the dirt like a sack of pudding hit a brick. The crowd ‘oohed’ at my harsh actions. One our players peered over at me, tossing over the ball as soon as I got up from drilling the boy. I ran across the field, dodging every move that came my way.

Finally there stood a boy a few feet in front of me. I smirk, barreling towards him, I push him out of the way before making the goal. However, Coach screamed louder than the rest. They called the point and we started again. Isaac was finally able to get Scott in, however he had to sit out due to an injury. I nod at him, saying with my eyes that it would be okay. Even after though, I felt his gaze harden on me. Something was different with him. I shake my head, pulling my focus back on the game. I paced back and forth, picking my next prey. The whole time though, I felt a pair of eyes watching me. Scott… It was a look of worry, something I was use to seeing from him. 

But the look he wore seemed a little different. Not worry for me. Confusion and worry. Confused as to how I was able to do what I did and worried for how heartbroken I actually was. I tore my gaze away, focusing on the game. Stiles scored the last few shots, winning the game for us. I was about to hug him when I realize his gaze was on her. It always was. And then, the lights went out. Screams and shouting echoed the field. I remove my helmet, trying to adjust to my surroundings. And then, the lights came on. People surrounded Jackson, who was apparently dead. 

Scott, Isaac and I exchanged confused glances. Mr. Stilinski broke through, shouting. “STILES?! WHERE IS MY SON?!” Oh my god.. They had him.. The rest of the night, I never left the Sheriffs side. I helped put out missing reports and slept in the police station, refusing to leave until he was found. Mr. Stilinski sat down next to me, two cups of coffee in his palms, handing one over to me, I smile as my inaudible thank you. He leans into me, whispering in a fatherly tone. “Why don’t you go home? Get some sleep, sport.” He only called Stiles and I that. I shake my head. “I won’t leave him. I won’t sleep tonight anyways..” He sighs, smiling down at me. “C'mon, you can stay at our house till he comes back.” I nod, taking a deep breath.

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Third P.O.V

The moment we get home she sits down on the edge of his bed. (Y/n) didn’t sleep all night and all day. Mr. Stilinski coaxed her into changing into normal clothes. Besides that though, she remained in his room, at the foot of his bed. Despite her harsh and unhealthy attempts, (Y/n) finally fell asleep, teary eyed with dark circles, she was wrapped in a ball at the edge of his bed. Little did she know, Mr. Stilinski came in, pulling a blanket over her before sitting down at Stiles’ desk. He glanced down at her, sighing. “Where is my son..” A voice croaked from the door. “Right here..” It was.. Stiles. Mr. Stilinski stood up, crying as he hugged his son for dear life.

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After a few seconds though, he noticed the dark bruises and marks that cascaded across his face. “Who did this to you?!” He asked with quiet anger, remembering that (Y/n) was still well asleep. Stiles shook his head. “Dad- it was no one- just some kids at the other school who weren’t too happy that we beat them-” He interjected, angry. “I’m gonna have a word with that school-” Stiles shook his head. “No- dad- I’m fine-” Mr. Stilinski pulled him into a hug once more before letting him wake up (Y/n), who laid sleeping peacefully for the first time in god knows how long.

Your P.O.V

I curled myself deeper into his blankets, breathing in his comforting scent. Seconds later, I hear a mermir of two voices. It stirs me slightly, but doesn’t wake me. Minutes go by before I force and pry my droopy eye lids open there stood on outline of a boy. And then I realized, it was Stiles. Automatic joy rushed through me as i bolted up and off the bed, tackling him onto the floor. I sat on his lap, face burrowed in his neck. I started to shake. “Stiles- I-” He nodded, understandingly wrapping his arms around me. After a few minutes, I let go, eyes wide at his bruises. “Stiles! Oh my god! Who did this to you?!” He takes my wrists, sighing. “I’m fine, (Y/n).” 

With one of his thumbs he wiped away a tear. “I was so worried about you.. I thought-” My voice croaked. He pulls me into another warm hug. After talking for a little longer, he finally coaxes me to head on home. I hug him and Mr. Stilinski again before heading home. However, the whole trip home, I couldn’t help but feel broken. I noticed the endless presents on his desk, all of which were for Lydia. And guess where she was? With Jackson.. Always with Jackson. I hated this empty feeling.. I plug my headphones in, blasting the music. I needed to move on.. 

The minute I walked in the door, my phone buzzed. I glanced down to see that it was from Isaac. We need your help. Meet us at the abandoned warehouse down the street. I look up from my phone, with a determined look. I drop my bag and sprint upstairs, shuffling through my belongings to open up my weapons. After grabbing them, I got in my mustang and headed over to the warehouse. 

Third P.O.V

Mr. Stilinski let Lydia in. She headed upstairs, knocking on his door. “I’m fine, Dad.” The knock came again, Stiles huffed, whipping open the door. “I said I’m fine-” He stopped when his eyes fell on Lydia. “Your dad let me in.” She muttered quietly. A heavy blush rushed through his cheeks. “Uhh- come in.” Cautiously, she did. “What happened to your face?” He shrugged, trying to play it cool. “Pff- it’s nothing-” Lydia didn’t bother to press on. Stiles couldn’t help but feel an empty whole in his heart. He wanted her to love him. After a few seconds of silence, he walked over to see her teary. 

“They won’t let me see him..” Jackson. He didn’t say anything. He couldn’t.. What could he possibly say that would ease her? They sit at the edge of his bed. Lydia stands to pace, something that bought her strange comfort. Her eyes soon fell upon a massive pile of presents, mostly unwrapped. “Stiles, why do you have feminine products?” His eyes went wide as he scratched the back of his neck, cheeks flushed. “I wasn’t sure what to get you for your birthday, so I just bought a bunch of stuff. Most of which, I’m gonna return.” She pointed at the TV, with a confused expression. 

“That, I’m definitely returning.” All of a sudden, she got a text. “You’re gonna wanna see this.” Jackson’s gone. “I have to find him.” Stiles stopped in front of her. “Lydia- it’s not safe- you have no care in the world about your life- but if you die- I’ll go out of the fricken mind!” She rolled her eyes, pushing past him. “Fine. I’ll find him myself.” Stiles called after her, huffing. “Lydia!” She walked out, her strawberry blonde hair bounced up and down as she slammed the door. Stiles didn’t bother following her. He rested his head on the palm of his hand, moving his feet around in the spiny chair. 

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A few seconds later, Mr. Stilinski leaned against the doorway. “So, you and her? Is there a thing there?” Stiles shakes his head, a sad expression plastered on his face. “No, she’s in love with someone else.” His dad chuckled slightly. Stiles asked puzzled. “What’s so funny?!” Mr. Stilinski shook his head, sitting down next to his oblivious son. “Son, if you haven’t noticed by now- I don’t think you ever will. I know this is not my business but a girl we’ve both known our whole lives has liked you just as long, if not longer, than the girl you were just with. Get some sleep, sport.” And with that, he left stiles to ponder his thought. However, no matter how hard he tried to think, he couldn’t think of anyone.

Your P.O.V

I pull into the warehouse parking lot. Scott and Isaac stood before me. “I told you not to call her!!” Scott hissed at him. I shake my head, smirking. “With what may or may not go down tonight, you’re gonna need all the help you can get.” I could have sworn Isaac’s eyes raked up and down my body before glancing back at Scott. “She’s right-” He said, biting his lip. “We need her.” Scott rolled his eyes before reluctantly heading in. Deep down, I was like a sister to him and a daughter to Melisa. I understood that he didn’t want to see me get hurt. I mean, I was human after all. To him, I was precious cargo. When we walk, I look over to see Mr. Argent. I was close with Allison so that brought me even closer to Chris. We respected each other. He shakes my hand, a small smile on his face.

“It’s good to see you, (Y/n).” I grinned. “You too, Mr. Argent.” All of a sudden, he tenses up. I run over my shoulder to see Derek walking out dramatically from the darkness. I can’t help but roll my eyes. He looks at all of us before stalking towards Jackson’s body. Scott questioned his motives, looking for something- someone else. “Wait! Where’s Lydia and Peter?!-” Derek mutters, unzipping the body bag. “There’s no time-” He interjected, roughly. “Think about it Scott! Gerard is just going to keep using Jackson- killing more people who dare to get in his way!” Mr. Argent took a few steps forward, shaking his head in denial. “No, no- that’s not true! Gerard wouldn’t let a wild animal let loose!” All of a sudden, another voice interrupted the argument. “You’re right, I wouldn’t.”

I turn over my shoulder to see.. Gerard. And in a matter of seconds, everything went to shit. An arrow shot out from behind Gerard. Scott and I croak at the same time. “Allison?” He had her too. I turn over my shoulder to see Isaac fall down. The arrow. Scott and I run over to him, Derek on the other hand, was thrown into the other room. Mr. Argent shot at the Kanima, Jackson, before running from him. “I’ll make sure he’s okay- GO! Help Chris!” I say towards Scott. Isaac nods, reassuringly. Scott looked between the two of us before running to the other room. I turn my attention back to Isaac. He laughs, despite the pain. “Ya know, (Y/n). Of all the ways to steal my heart- this has to be the worst.” I can’t help but smile. “Isaac, if I was gonna steal your heart- this wouldn’t be my first choice.”

I wrap my hands around the arrow, pulling it out. He groans, his head falling back. My heart picks up slightly at how attractive he looked in this moment. “How would you steal my heart then, (Y/n)?” Automatically, I blush. “I have a few ideas-” I say, winking at him before pulling him up and off the floor. I touch his chest with my hand. The interaction was sweet. “You okay?” He nods, stuttering slightly. I could have sworn his face flushed. “Uhh-yeah- I’m good. Let’s go.” We enter seconds before Derek is thrown to the ground. He gets up and we surround the Kanima. It was as if a whistle blew because in no time, we were fighting in unison. The Kanima, Jackson, threw Scott and Derek to the side. Isaac laid on the floor, not too far from me.

Jackson made his way towards him. And in that moment, it was as if all my pain washed away and the only thing that mattered, was Isaac. I push myself up and run at Jackson with full force. I drop kick him in the stomach before jumping up to punch him. He falls to the ground with a loud thud. “DON’T!-” I punch. “EVER!-” I punch again. “TOUCH!-” And again. “HIM!-” I wrap my hands around his scaly collar, using all my strength and adrenaline to throw him against the concrete wall. It snapped in half. I was fuming, pulsating with energy and rage. It was a new found feeling. And I liked it. I could have sworn I saw a look shared between Isaac, Scott, Derek and Mr. Argent. And then, the adrenaline left. I fall to one knee, looking up to see Isaac holding his side, a smile on his face. However, it quickly fades when knife shards slice through him.

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He spits out blood, falling to the floor. “NOO!!” I exclaimed. Allison snickered over his body, her daggers at the ready. Desperately, I begin to crawl over to her. However, before she could make any moves, her weapons fell to the ground with a loud clank. Jackson wrapped his scaly claws around her neck, choking her slightly. She gasps, looking over to Gerard with confusion. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” He comes out from the shadows, smirking. Scott watched the interaction with fear. “He’s doing exactly what he came here to do.” Gerard smiled at him. “You knew.. You smelled it on me- at the station.” Isaac croaked, sitting up. “He’s dying..” He nodded. “Sadly, science doesn’t have a cure for cancer- but the supernatural does.” Mr. Argent barked at him, watching his daughter cautiously.

“You monster!! You took away my sister, my wife and now, now you threaten my daughter-!!” Gerard growled back at him. “I WOULD KILL MY OWN SON TO SURVIVE!” He turned his attention back towards Scott. “You know what you have to do Scott.” He looks down, ashamed before lifting Derek up. I push myself up, watching the interaction closely. Gerard lifted his hand up to the sky, letting out a victory cry. However, it was no victory. Seconds later, black goo dropped down his arm. He cried out in pain, glaring daggers at Scott. “MOUNTAIN ASH!!!” Scott glanced back and Derek and I, smiling. “I had a plan.” I couldn’t help but grin. Gerard crumpled to the ground, groaning. Jackson let go of Allison, puzzled now that his master was dead.

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Allison turned over her shoulder to kick him away. The minute she did so, a car ran through the door, running Jackson over. I force myself up despite the pain that emulated in my side. Isaac ran over to me, wrapping his hands in my face. “Are you okay?” I nod, looking over to see Rosco. Stiles shrieked as Jackson jumped on top of the car. Lydia hopped out. An empty feeling in the pit of my stomach. He stuck to her, not even bothering to check on anyone else. She stood in front of Jackson, almost weeping. She croaked, holding up the key that he had given her. “Jackson?” The moment he saw it, he shifted back to a human. He hugged her as if his life deepened upon it. The minute they pulled away from each other, Derek and Peter came in for the kill. Lydia gasped, cradling his now lifeless body.

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She reluctantly pulled herself away from him. Stiles took a step forward to comfort her. It made my heart break to watch him throw himself at her. However, he paused. We all looked down at him. He rose up, howling before he let out a growl and turned back to normal. Holy shit.. Lydia lunged forward, clinging to him. I glanced back at Stiles. His eyes were wet from heartbroken tears. I was so mad- how could someone as selfish as Lydia do that to someone like Stiles. He gave her everything. And she continued to treat him like dirt.. I turned over my shoulder. Not even daring to say goodbye. But as soon as I started walking, I felt dizzy and disoriented. And then, everything went black.

Third P.O.V

Isaac watched (Y/n) fall to the ground. Before she hit the concrete though, he caught her, concern washing over his feature. “(Y/n)!?! Scott! I need help! I think she’s lost too much blood!” He ran over to her. As did Allison, Mr. Argent, Derek and Stiles. Isaac lifts her up, cradling her now cold body. “SCOTT-!” He exclaims, petrified. “-SHE’S FREEZING!” Scott glanced at Stiles in fear, (Y/n) meant everything to them. “OKAY- C’MON! Deaton will know what to do!!” They hop in the Stiles’ jeep. Isaac held (Y/n) close to him. He couldn’t help but begin to feel something for her. Little did he know, he was falling for her. He brushed a lock of hair out of her face with his thumb. The interaction was so small yet so intricate. 

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Stiles drove fast, desperate to help his friend. But deep down, a strange feeling began to bubble inside. It began when he first noticed the intimacy between his dear friend, (Y/n), and the fairly new werewolf, Isaac. The soft touches and lingering looks bothered him to no end. But why would it? Finally, they pulled up to Deaton’s office, shuffling in. An hour pasted before Deaton came out from examining (Y/n). “So, how is she?” Isaac asked, his tone full of genuine concern. He glanced back at her body before eyeing the boys. The rest of them arrive seconds later before the doctor spoke again. “How’s (Y/n)?” Mr. Argent asked, his daughter at his side. Deaton sighed, rubbing his temples. “I was just about to tell the boys before you burst in. Did anything happen to (Y/n) when you fought? Like, did you notice anything out of the ordinary?” 

Scott nodded, glancing between Derek, Isaac and Mr. Argent, who saw the events transpire. “Yeah, she threw Jackson, in Kanima form, across the room and broke the concrete wall in half. She’s human-” Stiles interrupted, wide eyed. “Wait- she THREW Jackson?!?! In KANIMA form?!?!” Derek nodded, jaw tight. “I’ve never seen that kind of power before..” And in that moment, they all looked back at her. Her body was motionless. Stiles looked at his best friend memories of their childhood flouded in his head. “What’s wrong with her..?” His voice croaked. Deaton sighed again. “I was looking through some old supernatural books and there is a story that’s said to revolve around the birth of supernatural creatures. And sometimes, there are true creatures. Creatures that are born with a legacy. Rarely, however, the supernatural can create something- new. It can evolve-” Stiles rudely buds in. 

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“So, what’s this go to do with, (Y/n)?!” They looked back at her before glancing back at Deaton. “She’s an evolution. A new creation. Completely natural too. Nothing in her system’s out of the ordinary.-” Scott asks, with pure curiouscity. “So, what is she?” He sighs. “She’s human but I believe she’s two other creatures-” He pauses, Stiles shouts. “WHAT IS SHE?!” He looks up at them. “I’m not totally sure-” Stiles barks back at him again. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE NOT SURE?!” Scott pushes him back. “Stiles-” He looked back at Scott and then back at Deaton, breathing heavily through his nose. “Isaac walked forward.

 “So, what do you think she is?” The doctor shrugs, shaking his head. “I’m not one-hundred percent sure. There are hundreds of creatures she could be..” Derek nodded. “So what are we gonna do about it?” The vet doctor glanced at the young motionless body. “You keep an eye on her. Her real abilities should finally awaken during the blue moon.” Isaac and Stiles spoke in unison. “That’s tomorrow!” Deaton shrugged. “You boys have a lot of work to do.” 

(I hope to turn this into a series. MESSAGE ME or INBOX ME if you want me to continue it. I was thinking succubus and vampire reader??)

Fixed - Part 1

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Last Part | Masterlist |

“You’re all done.” The tattoo artist said as he placed the bandage over my fresh tattoo on the right side of my collar bone, directly opposite to my newly formed scar.

Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world like I’m the only one that you’ll ever love like I’m the only one who knows your heart, only girl in the world.

My phone blared from inside of my bag that sat beside Stiles, I stood up from the leather chair and dug around in my bag until I found the noisy object.

“Hey, Lyds.” I answered.

“Where are you?” She snapped back.

“What do you mean where am I?” I asked, confused.

“I mean where are you because you’re not at your house.” Lydia sassed and I rolled my eyes.

“I’m at the tattoo parlor in town, why?” I said, still confused.

“Are you around werewolf ears?” She asked.

“Yeah, what does that have to do with anything?” I was still extremely confused.

“Then I’ll tell you when I pick you up in twenty minutes.” She promptly stated before hanging up, causing me to sigh.

“I will never understand her.” I muttered to myself as I turned to see that Scott had taken my place in the leather chair, his left shirt sleeve rolled up and Stiles looked through a book of tattoo ideas.

“Hey, Scott, you sure you don’t want something like this?” Stiles asked as he flipped around the book so that Scott and I could see a picture of a creature that looked very similar to how they had described the kanima. Scott and I both gave him a look, so he did an awkward nod, smile thing that I found absolutely adorable. “Too soon? Yeah.”

“I don’t know, man, you sure about this? I mean these things are pretty permanent.” Stiles said as he flipped through the book a few more times before setting it down.

“I’m not changing my mind.” Scott said with a stupid grin and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Okay, but why two bands?” Stiles asked, not understanding the point of tattoos.

“I just like it.” Scott shrugged as the tattooist prepared his equipment for him.

“But don’t you think that your first tattoo should have some sort of meaning, you know, or something, like Liv’s.” Stiles questioned, waving his hands around.

“Stiles, getting a tattoo means something.” I deadpanned and Stiles went to say something but was cut off by the tattooist.

“She’s right, tattooing goes back thousands of years. The Tahitian word that means ‘to leave a mark’, like a rite of passage.” Stiles crossed his arms, still not on board with Scott’s tattoo.

“You see, they get it.” Scott said with raised eyebrows.

“He’s covered in tattoos, Scott, literally!” Stiles exclaimed as he gestured to the tattooist.

“What about me?” I asked, waving my hands and Stiles rolled his eyes.

“You don’t count. You and Scott have this whole unspoken understanding about this.”

“Okay, you ready?” The tattooist asked Scott and he nodded. “You ain’t got any problems with needles, do you?”

“Nope.” Scott said simply as he shook his head and the tattooist began.

“I tend to get a little squeamish though, so…” Stiles trailed off as he scratched his chin, leaning around so that he could see.

“Oh man.” Scott groaned and at the same time, I heard something heavy hit the floor. I looked over to find my crush laying on the floor in a heap, passed out.

“Stiles!” I squeaked as I ran over to make sure he was okay.

“So are you going to tell me why you’re being so secretive about?” I asked as Lydia drove through town.

“We’re picking up Allison from the airport.” She said simply and my eyes went wide as I whipped my head towards my strawberry blonde friend.

“I thought that she was staying in France for a whole year!” I exclaimed.

“That’s what I thought too, but she texted me a few days ago and told me that she was coming home and demanded that I keep it a secret.”

“And I guess you’re just so good at keeping secrets, right?” I asked, with a raised eyebrow and Lydia gave me a look.

“She meant from Scott and Stiles, which is why I only told you when you couldn’t let it slip to them.” She said and I rolled my eyes. “So what were you doing at a tattoo parlor with them?”

“I was getting a tattoo.” I shrugged as Lydia’s eyes bulged.

“It’s not a triple date. It’s a group thing.” Lydia insisted and Allison and I gave her a look.

“Do they know that it’s a group thing? ‘Cause I told you, I’m not ready to get back out there.” Allison said with a hint of a sarcastic smile.

“You were in France and didn’t do any dating for four months?” Lydia asked as she raised a perfectly groomed eyebrow.

“Did you?” Allison asked and I laughed, causing Lydia to shoot me a glare through the rearview mirror. “I mean after Ja-”

“Do not say his name!” Lydia exclaimed, cutting Allison off before she dared to speak Jackson’s name.

“Is he okay? Like, did everything work out? No one really filled me in on that bit.” I asked and my friends glanced back at me.

“Well, the doctors looked like total idiots when he turned up alive, but everyone got over it. And yes, Derek taught him the werewolf 101, like how not to randomly kill people during a full moon.” Lydia mused and Allison smiled.

“So then you’ve talked to him?” Allison questioned and Lydia went silent.

“Uh, not since he left for London.” She muttered.

“You mean since his dad moved him to London.” Allison corrected, letting her head loll towards Lydia.

“Whatever, he left.” She snapped. “And seriously, an American werewolf in London? Like that’s not gonna be a disaster.”

“So you’re totally over him?” Allison asked, setting Lydia up to admit her scheme and said friend rolled her eyes.

“Would I be going on a triple date if I wasn’t?” Lydia snapped and Allison and I laughed. “Yes, it is a triple date. It’s not an orgy, you’ll both live.”

“You know what? This could be good for me.” I mused as we sat at a red light, causing Allison and Lydia to whip around. “What, you think because I’m, like, the only virgin left that I’m a total prude?”

“Yeah, kinda.” Lydia said, her eyes still wide.

“It’s not my fault that I’ve never been asked out. Believe it or not, I actually do want to get out there.” I said and my friends shrugged before turning back around.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, ‘But Liv, what about the adorable spaz that you’re always fawning over?’, well, my theory is that if I get out there, start dating some random jock that Lydia sets me up with, it’ll help me get over Stiles.

Lydia, Allison and I were laughing at a story that Allison told about some American tourist hitting on her obnoxiously, but she pretended that she was French and didn’t understand English. Suddenly Allison started freaking out.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I can’t see him, not now.” Allison exclaimed as she sank down into her seat. Lydia and I glanced left to find Roscoe sitting beside us at the light. Stiles waved and Lydia awkwardly pretended that she didn’t see.

“Lydia go! Just go!” Allison shouted.

“But the light.” Lydia said as she gestured to the longest red light that I’ve ever seen.

“Hi! Heeeyyy!” Stiles shouted as he leaned over Scott and rolled down his window. Lydia didn’t even give anyone a chance to speak anymore, ignoring the red light, speeding down the road and Allison let out a huge sigh of relief.

“You alright?” Lydia asked and Allison nodded.

“Lydia, stop. We need to go back and talk to them.” Allison said after a few silent seconds. I turned around in my seat as Lydia slowed to a stop and saw the Jeep stopped in the middle of the road.

“They stopped. Why would they stop?” Allison questioned. 

“It’s Scott and Stiles, logic doesn’t apply to them.” I muttered as I stared at Roscoe.

“Maybe we should go ba-” Allison began but cut herself off with and began to scream along with Lydia and I as a deer ran straight through the windshield. We scrambled out of the car as fast as we could, staring at the dead animal sprawled across the hood of Lydia’s car.

Jealousy managed to set itself in my gut as Stiles ran straight for Lydia and Scott ran for Allison.

“Are you okay?” Scott asked Allison, but I didn’t pay attention to her answer, I was too focused on the deer’s body.

“Are you hurt?” Stiles asked Lydia and my heart clenched.

“Are you okay?” Scott asked Allison once more.

“I’m okay.” She assured him breathlessly.

“Well, I’m not okay!” I shrieked as I ripped my eyes away from the body and turned to my friends, Scott made his way to the front of the car while Stiles came over and began to check me for injuries, gently pulling a piece of glass off of my cheek. “I am totally freaking out right now! We were parked, how the hell did it just run into us!”

“I saw its eyes right before it hit us, it was like it, it was like it was crazy.” Lydia said.

“No, it was scared.” Scott corrected, raising his hand and laying it on the body. “Actually, it was terrified.”

“Isn’t Stiles picking you up soon?” My mom asked as she walked into my room to find me blankly staring at my closet.

“Allison’s picking me up, so I should have a little more time to figure out what to wear.” I muttered as I began to rummage through my closet, an idea finally coming to mind. I dug out a pair of tan ankle boots, a pair of cut off jean shorts and a white crop top. 

“Well, I’m headed off to work. Have a great first day back.” My mom said with a smile, making a kissy face at me.

I blew her a kiss as I sat at my vanity, recurring pieces of hair that had gone flat in the night and doing my make up. I’m not quite sure how much time passed before my phone rang, but I picked up, not bothering to look at the name before I answered.

“Hello?” I answered as I took off the lid of my lipstick.

“You know how many vehicle collisions last year involved deer? Two hundred forty-seven thousand.” Stiles stressed through the phone and I rolled my eyes as I applied the red coating to my lips.

“And you’re telling me this, why?”  I asked, putting the cap back on and started messing with my hair a little more.

“Because a freaking deer ran right down the middle of the road and hit you head on last night!” He shouted and I could practically see his spastic hand gestures. I laughed at his adorable antics as I nodded at myself, finally satisfied with my appearance, I made my way downstairs to get some coffee. “What’s so funny?”

“You are, Stiles. It was one deer acting weird, do you remember Scott telling us about the night that he got bit? A whole herd of deer almost trampled him, now that’s weird.” I said as I began to search for my k cups that seemed to have vanished.

“Yeah, but-” 

“You have got to be kidding me!” I shouted, cutting Stiles off.

“What? What’s wrong?!” Stiles rushed and I thought it was so sweet that he was instantly worried.

“I’m out of coffee.” I pouted and the line was silent for a few minutes.

“You, you’re joking, right?” He asked in a flat tone.

“I wish I was.” I whined.

“I thought something happened!” He shouted as a horn honked outside, causing me to perk up.

“Gotta go, Allison’s here!” I exclaimed, about to pull the phone away, but then Stiles spoke up.

“I thought I was picking you up?” 

“Nope, Allison is, like, right now.” I said as I grabbed my sand colored knapsack with tan seashells and walked out the door, pausing for a moment to lock it.

“But we always ride together on the first day.” Stiles protested as I slid into Allison’s back seat.

“I literally spent all summer with you and Scott, I need a little time away from the testosterone.” I said causing Allison and Lydia to laugh as we pulled away from the curb.

“Fine, I’ll see you at school.” He muttered.

“Bye, Stiles.” I said in a playful tone to which he grumbled and hung up. I laughed as I stuck my phone in my back pocket before turning my attention to Lydia and Allison. “Hey, can we stop by Starbucks? I think my dad took my coffee.”

Lydia and I stood with Allison as she organized her locker.

“Freshmen.” Lydia mused, waving her finger around. “Tons and tons of freshmen.”

“You mean boys, their fourteen, Lydia. I know I want a senior.” I said as I bit the straw of my coffee and sent a flirty wink to a particularly hot passing senior who smiled in return. 

“You know, it’s okay to be single. Focus on yourself for a little while, work on becoming a better person.” Allison said as she stared off into space and I scoffed.

“Honey, I’ve been focusing on myself for seventeen years.” Lydia laughed at my comment before turning to face Allison

“Allison, I love you. So if you need to do that thing where we talk about me and pretend like we’re not actually talking about you, it’s totally fine. But I don’t want a boyfriend. I want a distraction.” Lydia said and she suddenly zeroed in on two guys in leather jackets practically strutting down the hallway holding helmets.

“Brothers?” I asked not being able to see their faces from the angle that I was at

“Twins.” Lydia mused, looking ready to pounce.

Allison, Lydia and I walked into English, there were only three seats left, Lydia took the one to Stiles’ right, I took the one behind him, not realizing that the only seat left for Allison was in front of Scott.

“Is someone sitting here?” Allison asked nervously and Scott shook his head vigorously.

“No, no, no, no. No, it’s all you, all yours. Uh, it’s totally vacant.” He rushed, and I smiled at him before gathering my things for class from my bag. As soon as I sat up, I felt my phone start to vibrate in my back pocket. I furrowed my eyebrows as I reached back and grabbed it, not having a chance to read the text before a feminine voice spoke.

“‘An overcast sky, seemed to lead into the heart of an immense darkness.’ This is the last line of the first book we are going to read. It is also the last text you will receive in this class. Phones off, everyone.” A woman, who I guessed was Miss. Blake said, holding up her phone as she walked into the classroom. I raised my eyebrows and shut my phone off, that’s one hell of a first impression, although it is kind of creepy that she somehow got all of our numbers.

I zoned out on my surroundings as I concentrated on our worksheet, that is of course until jealousy made me pay attention to Stiles and Lydia’s conversation.

“Hey, Lydia.” Stiles whispered loudly causing both her and me to look at him and he pointed at Lydia’s bandaged ankle. “What is that? Is that from the accident?”

“No, Prada bit me.” She said, looking slightly uncomfortable.

“He bit you? But he’s always so good.” I said and Lydia just gave me a sad look.

“The dog?” Stiles asked confused.

“No, her designer handbag.” I said and Stiles gave me a look, “Yes, her dog. And it’s really weird because he’s, like, the most well-behaved dog ever.”

“Okay. What if it’s, like, the same thing as the deer? You know, like, how animals start acting weird right before an earthquake or something?” Stiles suggested and I gave him an odd look, but of course, he was focused on Lydia.

“Meaning what? There’s gonna be an earthquake?” Lydia asked raising her eyebrow.

“Or something. I just, maybe it means something’s coming. Something bad.” Stiles said, leaning closer to Lydia.

“Stiles, it was a deer and a dog.” I said, but he still had his tunnel vision focused on Lydia.

“What’s that thing you say about threes? Once, twice-.” Suddenly a bird collided with the window, leaving a large blood spot in its wake. 

Miss. Blake set down her chalk and slowly walked over to the window and looked out with her mouth agape. I followed her eyes and my mouth copied hers when I saw the cloud of crows flying straight for the school. We all were silent for a few minutes, jumping each time a bird hit the window, that is until they finally broke through the glass and everyone began to scream as they were attacked.

“Get down, everyone! Get down, down! Get down! Get down!” Miss. Blake shouted and I gladly complied, diving out of my chair and under my desk, where Allison quickly joined me. We wrapped our arms around each other as we huddled together until everything was suddenly still.

Allison and I slowly let go of each other, hesitantly standing up and looking at the feathery carnage around us. As I looked around I noticed Stiles removing himself from Lydia and instantly fear and confusion were replaced with a white-hot rage.

I’m not quite sure how much time had passed, but the paramedics and the police had shown up, along with Allison’s dad. Allison and I sat together on a desk while her dad examined her scratched up hand.

“Next time you’re feeling like you want to stay home, you stay home.” Argent told Allison before looking at me. “You too, I know about your condition.”

“I’m okay, thank you.” I smiled. It was oddly comforting to have Argent act like another father to me.

“I’m fine. But, Dad, the deer and now this?” Allison said, looking at her dad with a worried expression. Anyone who knew about the supernatural knew that this was a very, very bad sign.

“I know, I know.” Argent whispered as he shifted his weight around.

“This can’t be a coincidence.” I whispered as I noticed sheriff walking over.

“Mr. Argent, you wouldn’t have any insight on this would you?” Sheriff asked and three pairs of eyes grew wide of a second before Argent put on his poker face.


“Yeah. All this bizarre animal behavior, it’s… you must have seen something like this before, right?” Sheriff asked with a hopeful expression.

“I’m not sure why I would or why would think I would.” Argent said with a confused smile.

“I’m sorry. I-I could’ve sworn I overheard my son talking about how you were an experienced hunter.” Sheriff said, now also confused.

“Ah, right. Well, not anymore.” Argent said glancing at Allison before looking back to Sheriff who nodded awkwardly before turning to Allison and me.

“You two alright?” He asked and Allison and I nodded, muttering a simple ‘yeah’. That seemed so satisfy Sheriff and he walked away.

Suddenly Stiles had ahold of my wrist and started to drag me outside. Typically I would follow happily, but I was so pissed, I didn’t even want to talk to him. He managed to drag me out of the doors before I was finally able to plant my feet to the ground causing him to look at me with a ‘wtf’ face.

“Stiles, what the hell are you doing,” I said as I practically ripped my arm from his grasp.

“Come on, Liv, we need to get to Derek’s house.” He insisted, taking a few steps towards the Jeep, only stopping when he realized that I was still firmly planted on the sidewalk. “Liv!” 

We don’t need to go anywhere.” I snapped, venom lacing my words. I could tell that I had instantly frustrated him because he swiped his hand over his face before stomping back over to me.

“Why are you mad?” Stiles groaned and I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms.

“I don’t know, Stiles, I just think it’s kinda fucked up that you would go through hell and high water to protect Lydia and not the girl that you have literally known since birth.” I sneered.

“Liv-” Stiles began, but I cut him off.

“I get that you have some weird obsession with her, I mean she’s gorgeous, but face it, Stiles! You don’t even have the possibility of a chance of being with her! The sad thing is, you know that she basically couldn’t care less about you and you still try. In the end, you’re just gonna end up all alone with a broken heart and I won’t be there to pick up the pieces of your mistake.” I shook my head with disgust before whipping around and storming back inside.

It killed me to say all of those things, but what killed me more was the look of betrayal and pain that he wore, like the venom in my words was actually killing him. I broke into a run to the girl’s bathroom, locking myself in a stall as the tears began to fall. I hadn’t meant to say those things, but I was just so angry and jealous that I couldn’t have stopped them from falling out of my mouth, even if I tried.

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Winter/Holiday prompts

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It’s that time of year so send me your winter/holiday requests :)

main prompt list

  1. “It’s almost midnight!”
  2. “Yeah, uh, alcohol doesn’t go in hot chocolate.”
  3. “FINE. You can put the topper on the tree.”
  4. “It’s snowing!”
  5. “That’s not how Santa Claus works…”
  6. “Christmas doesn’t have to be about family, ya know?”
  7. “Awwww look at my little elf.”
  8. “You can be Santa’s helper.”
  9. “How did you manage to the burn the cookies?”
  10. “Why does the house smell like a cinnamon roll threw up?”
  11. “Okay, but hear me out, these ornaments are way better.” -“They don’t even match.”
  12. “You’re covered in flour.”
  13. “Ho ho ho, bitch.”
  14. “My gingerbread house is prettier than yours.”
  15. “If you throw a snowball at my face so help me.”
  16. “Christmas is lame.” -“You’re lame! You, you, you grinch!” -“Oh. Ow.”
  17. “Open your present!”
  18. “Wanna get shit-faced instead?”
  19. “Why is there mistletoe everywhere?”
  20. “So, I didn’t actually get you anything.”
  21. “I’m still sad you won’t be home for Christmas.”
  22. “Holy shit, you know Santa!”
  23. “Aren’t you afraid of setting the house on fire with all the lights?”
  24. “I hope you break your ass on that ice.”
  25. “Wait, no one got you anything?”
  26. “Oh, were those cookies for Santa?” -“Yes!” -“Well, what’re you gonna do about it?”
  27. “Are you trying to find your present?”
  28. “Oh my gosh, actual reindeer!”
  29. “Not on Christmas.”
  30. “We’re kind of tangled in lights.”
  31. “So, we’re kind of snowed in.”
  32. “I thought candy canes were supposed to be hung on trees? Not popcorn…”
  33. “Don’t make me pour my hot chocolate over your head.”
  34. “How much tape did you use?!”
  35. “It looks like the North Pole threw up.”
  36. “Are you sure it’s illegal to kill carolers?”
  37. “You didn’t think I’d let you spend Christmas alone, did you?”
  38. “Why is the floor covered in tinsel?”
  39. “Wait. We’re really doing Secret Santa?”
  40. “I told you you were going to get sick if you stayed in the snow all day.”
  41. “Does that stocking have my name on it?”
  42. “And now the power’s out.”
  43. “Hey, um, why is the bottom of the tree decorated and not the top?”
  44. “You’ve never had a New Year’s kiss?”
  45. “You’re kind of cute when you look like Rudolph.” -“The reindeer?” -“No, my dentist. Yes, the reindeer.”
Mommies - Allison Argent

You walked through the kindergarten hall, admiring the cute finger paintings and drawings of animals (mostly puppies, but you did see a very elaborate scribble of a dragon) on the walls.  You smiled here and there, recognizing a few names.  Your daughter, Maria, and a few of her friends names.  The twins, Claudia and Annakin Stilinski, Jonathan McCall, Abigail Raeken, and Danny Dunbar.  Why Liam and Hayden chose Danny, was purely because Liam thought it was funny to say ‘Danny Dunbar’.  

But you weren’t here to inspect the amateur artwork, you were here to pick up your little girl.  School would be over in a few minutes, and usually your wife was the one to get her, but you got off work early and saw an opportunity to surprise Maria.  As you neared her classroom, the duckling class, the bell rang.  You smiled watching all the five and six year olds putting on their backpacks with a little struggle, and you stepped aside as they came out the door.  Then you went in.

“Mommy!” Maria looked up from where she was sprinkling a mountain of glitter, and ran over to you.  You smiled wide, and lifted her up in the air, spinning her around.

“How was class today munchkin?” You asked, and peppered her cheeks with kisses, making her giggle.

“It was fun! The eggs are going to hatch soon!” You looked over to where she pointed at the chicken eggs, and smiled back at her.

“That’s great kiddo!” You said, and set her down so she could go collect her things.  You watched her put on her jacket, all by herself, and even zipped it up.

“Hello” You turned upon hearing a female voice, and turned to see who must be her teacher.

“Oh hello, you must be Ms Louise” You said kindly, and held out your hand, she shook it with a smile.

“Hello, I just wanted to come say, if the parent or guardian isn’t picking her up, that there needs to be a signed form from the parent or guardian saying that it is alright to take her” The older woman said, and you furrowed your brow for a moment, then let out a quiet laugh.

“Oh my apologies, usually Allison picks her up, but I’m Mrs Argent” You introduced.

Mrs Argent?” You nodded.

“That’s me, it’s a pleasure to meet you, we hear all about you at home” You said sweetly, and the woman just nodded.

“I see…”

“Mommy I’m ready” Maria said, toddling back over to you and her teacher.

“Well how lucky are you dear… to have… two….mommies” Maria just shrugged her shoulders.

“Honey, why don’t you wait in the hallway, I’ll be right there” You said, and Maria nodded, going out to the hall.

“Ms…Mrs… Argent, I’m slightly concerned for Maria’s…um.. well being, I suppose”

“And what sparked this concern?” You asked, defensively crossing your arms.

“Well, try and see it from her point of view.  A child with two mommies, in a classroom of children who learn to play house with a mommy and a daddy” Ms Louise said, putting her palms together and moving her hands about as she spoke.

“Forgive me if I’m wrong, ma’am, but this ahem, concern, you show for my daughter, has nothing to do with Allison and I’s marriage, does it?” You asked, raising a suspicious eyebrow.  “Because it would be highly inappropriate if my five year old’s teacher is telling me that the relationship I have is wrong.  I don’t believe that’s your place” You said.

Ms Louise said nothing, as expected, and you pulled a tight smile, raising both of your eyebrows.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me.  I have a daughter and a wife at home to attend to” You said, nodding curtly and heading out of the room.

“Mommy was I in trouble?” Maria asked, and you took her hand, and her My Little Pony backpack.

“On the contrary, you are not.  In fact.  We are going to go get ice cream, and bring some home to mama too alright? How does that sound?” Maria squealed with excitement, which made you smile.  “Come on munchkin” You tugged on her arm, and lifted her up, swinging the backpack onto your shoulder.  “You know I love you so much, right?”

“Of course mommy we’re getting ice cream” Maria giggled back.

“Your mother and I care about you so, so much.  Just as much as a mommy and daddy would” You said, and she smiled at you.

“I know mommy” She said in a soft, sweet voice.  “I don’t need a daddy” You were stunned too much to say anything.  “I know most of the other people have a mommy and a daddy, but I think having two mommies is more fun” You were tearing up, and hid it by kissing her hair.

“Don’t tell Uncle Scott and Uncle Stiles, but two mommies is way more fun” You said, holding a finger to your lips.

“Surprise mama!” Maria yelled excitedly upon handing Allison a hot fudge sundae.

“Ooh, and what is the special occasion?” Allison asked, pecking your lips and taking the treat.


“Hush munchkin” You laughed, ruffling Maria’s hair.  “Now, eat at the table so there’s not a mess” You said, and she scurried off to the kitchen.

“How was your day?” Allison asked.

“Pretty slow actually.  Scott and I spent a lot of the time playing poker” You chuckled, and Allison rolled her eyes.

“I love that you guys get to work together and hang out, but I feel like you get nothing done” She laughed, and you shrugged.

“Well, I met Maria’s teacher” Allison’s eyes widened slightly, but enough that you noticed.  “Five minutes with the woman, yikes.  I don’t know how you keep calm”

“I’ve learned a great amount of control” Allison said, sitting down across from your daughter, and diving into her sundae.  “You know my mother was never on the gay boat with me” Allison said.  “I’ve learned to keep other people’s opinions away from my own”

“That sounds no-know-noble” Maria said, testing out her newly learned word.  Allison giggled.

“She is my knight in shining armor” You winked at the huntress, and Allison winked back.

“So you’re like.. the princess” Maria lit up upon calling you so.  But you snorted.

“Girly, I’m the freaking queen”

Language” Allison scolded you.

“I’m sorry, I don’t recall saying a curse word” You teased.

“Yeah mama, mommy’s the freaking queen!” Maria burst into a fit of giggles.

“Hey, you watch your mouth young lady” You said, pointing an accusatory finger at the girl.  “We don’t use that kind of foul language in this house” Allison sighed loudly, and shook her head.

“My girls are crazy.  I don’t know how I put up with you two” You smiled, and leaned over to kiss the top of her head.

“Because you love us” Allison waved a dismissive hand.

“Yeah yeah” 

You were all ready for bed, in sleep shorts and a tee shirt, while Allison was in the bathroom brushing her teeth.

“So” She said with a mouthful of toothpaste.  “How bad was Ms Louise?” You shrugged, pulling back the covers to your bed.

“She could’ve been worse” you said.  “I kinda put her in her place.  Reminded her where our hard earned taxes go” Allison chuckled, and washed her mouth out.

“Well at least you didn’t rip out her hair extensions” She said, and you smirked.

“Hey, if Maria wasn’t there, a lot more would’ve went down” You said.  “Oh takes me back, you and me, the pack, fighting the bad guys” You sighed.  “You were so sexy with those leather jackets” Allison chuckled.  “Don’t worry babe, you still are” You pecked her lips sweetly, and Allison sighed in content as you both climbed into bed.

“Who knew our monsters would turn into homophobic kindergarten teachers?” She asked, and you took one of her hands, intertwining your fingers together above the blankets.

“I love you” You told her softly, and Allison smiled her angelic smile.

“I love you too” She said, before leaning forward and placing a long kiss on your lips.  “And I love what we have here, this family of ours” You nodded in agreement.

“Mm me too” You hummed, and pulled her closer, until she laid her head on your chest, you lying on your back.  Allison’s arm encircled over your stomach, and she hummed into your chest.

“I do sort of miss the old days.  Fighting the bad guys, saving the town” You smiled, running a hand through her short locks of chocolate brown ringlets.

“Yeah… those were good times.  High schoolers by day, badass team by night” Your smile grew a little.  “Werewolves and banshees and hunters oh my” Allison shook her head.  “Oh.., but you know the worst one?”


“Hell no, Stiles was never hotter” Allison burst out laughing.  “Jesus I swear he made me straight for a good three days”

“Tell that to Lydia” You shook your head.  “Yeah well some day you’ll be drunk and that little confession will come out, and you’ll never be able to take it back” 

“Ha.  My lips are sealed”

“Sure, you say that now.  But twenty bucks that Stiles won’t let you live it down” You just rolled your eyes.  “Anyways, what was the worst one?” 

“That stalker kid that was obsessed with you”


“Don’t say the twerp’s name” You growled, and Allison chuckled.  “I remember beating the living shit out of him” Allison rolled her eyes.

“Yeah yeah, you just loved bragging about that, only all of sophomore year”

“Hey, the only reason my senior quote wasn’t ‘I beat the shit out of Matt Daeheler’ was because he died, and I didn’t want to be suspended”

“Yeah well my grandfather drowned him.  He’s gone now”

“God I just wish I’d been there” You sighed.

“You’re sick”

“I’m a dreamer” You said with a giggle to childlike giggle that just didn’t fit the conversation.

“Well maybe someday, something bad will happen and we can pull out your crossbow again” Your eyes lit up and you looked down at her.

“You mean it?” You asked hopefully, and Allison smiled beautifully with a nod.

“For your pent up anger, I do hope something attacks this town”

You both laughed, and you held her tightly and closer, as you both grew more tired.

“Goodnight” You hummed, watching her eyes flutter shut.

“Goodnight love” Allison whispered back.  It was quiet for a few moments, and your next murmur was barely heard.  But Allison caught it, as your lips moved against her forehead.

“That Matt kid was a little fucker though”

And you fell asleep with smiles plastered on your faces.

i could use a request, if anyone has any ideas?
xoxo ~ jordie

It’s Just A Word (Soulmate AU-Chapter 1)

Author: sumcp

Title: The Locker Incident

Characters: Stiles Stilinski x Y/N

Word Count: 7167

Warnings: swearing (this is a given by now. Like expect it 100% of the time), mentions of breakup, minor injury

Note: I’m sorry this took so long. Seriously. Also a huge thank you to Hannah ( @honeymoonmuke) without her this fic would be non-existent, because she gave me the push I needed.

Setting: So this is set at the beginning of 5a, but no dread doctors. Theo is around, but not evil (well…) and things still go bump in the night in BH. Also, Allison is alive because she should be damnit.

Summary: Y/N gets to start her senior year at a new school, halfway around the country, since her dad decided to move back to his hometown and accept an opening at the Sheriff’s office. Although he assured her the move was going to be good for them, Y/N isn’t so sure. Meanwhile, Stiles is still sulking about his breakup with Malia, although he can’t really be mad. It wasn’t her fault she met her soulmate, but it just made Stiles hate the idea even more. On the first day of Senior Year at Beacon Hills High Y/N has an interesting story to tell her dad when she gets the pleasure of meeting his boss’s son first hand.

Chapters: Prologue – 2

Originally posted by unconditionalloveandunicornspawn

Stiles groaned up against the locker as his eyes darted down the hallway to Malia and her new boyfriend. He wasn’t jealous, well, maybe he was. Actually he was more angry than anything, not at her, but at the universe. Deep down he knew Malia wasn’t the one, after all he couldn’t see her soul mark, but the break up stung regardless. He knew he should be happy, it wasn’t like they were very serious anyway, but seeing her smiling at the blonde next to her made his stomach churn.

“Dude stop moping. You reak.” Scott huffed beside him, and Stiles gave his best friend a glare.

“I’m not moping.” He defended as he turned his attention back to placing his books in his locker. He ignored Scott’s stare, solely focused on organizing his locker.

“You have been moping for weeks. I know it sucks, but come on. Danny’s having a party this weekend, let’s go. I’ll get you drunk, and laid. It will be fun.”

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What if Stiles’ jeep a representation of his and Scott’s friendship?

I mean, the jeep has been in the show since season 1, where Scott and Stiles’ friendship was really strong, like the jeep. Then over the course of the series, the jeep slowly starts to break down in multiple occasions representing their problems. But no matter what happens, the jeep always survives. Like they always have each other through thick and thin. That they’ll be able to fix whatever problems is in front of them.

Then if you remember if you remember in season 5, when Theo told Scott that Stiles killed Donovan but not truthfully and Scott confronted Stiles about it, the jeep broke down. But, as we see, it got fixed. Like their friendship. The jeep wasn’t fully fixed, the gas (or whatever it is) was still leaking from the bottom because like every friendship/relationship, you are bound to have problems.

Little cousin |Theo x reader + Allison

Requested by @thatdamselinsolace :

“Can you do an imagine where the reader is a hunter, who has been around Beacon Hills , being an acquaintance of Chris Argent and both Derek and Theo are attracted to her and although she finds Derek attractive, she’s secretly crushing on Theo but can’t do anything about it because she’s older to that kid? Maybe it could be a small series? Thank you. 🙈” +“Alright. Let’s change it to the reader being a close cousin of Allison and the rest remains the same? Same age, same classes. But still a hunter”

I know you just want to read the imagine but I really feel the need to say to somebosy how I am so hope you don’t mind also I wanted to explain why I’ll be inactive.I don’t feel good, I feel really bad. I feel unwanted. I feel lonely. I feel unloved. I feel like I’m not a good friend. I feel like I’m failing at everything I’m doing in my life. I feel like an outcast, which I don’t like. I feel empty. I feel ugly, I am ugly. I feel useless. Maybe I am, I am useless.


Feedbacks? Pls?

Originally posted by fuckthiam

You sighed as the teacher began the lesson. Everything was particularly boring for you, normal life was boring. You wanted to be a hunter like your aunt or your uncle but you still had to graduate.

“Allison, psst,” you whispered as you threw a piece of paper at her.


“Let’s sneak out.”

A sparkle shined in her eyes as you two grabbed your stuff and managed to sneak out of the classroom thanks to Chris’ training.

Once you were out of the building you began to walk slowly and eventually you sat down on a bench.

“Can you believe I just moved here and I am already bored of this town?”

“I actually can,” answered Allison chuckling, she knew you too well.

“I don’t understand you Allison, don’t you wanna quit? Don’t you want to feel the thrill of the hunt?”

She put her hand above the scar on her stomach, where she was once stabbed.

“No I don’t.”

“I’m sorry, Alli, I shouldn’t have said that,” you wrapped your arms around her and squeezed her affectionately in your arms.

“There is something good, tho.”

“Really?” She looked more than surprised at your sudden excitement.

“Two words: hot guys.”

You smirked at her and wiggled your eyebrows, causing a laugh to escape her lips.

“But I’m torn between two, I mean Theo is hot and he has the ‘once a bad guy’ charm, but Derek is so alpha.”

“Derek is way older than you dumbass,” She faked a disgusted gasp and hit your arm playfully.

“Guess I’m sticking with Theo,” you shrugged.

Your phone beeped and the screen lit up with a notification.


Hey Baby girl ;)

Allison looked at you with raised eyebrows.

“Okay, we might have started talking but nothing happened,” you tried to justify yourself.

“And you didn’t tell me, you bitch,” she hit your arm once again.

“Sorry,” you laughed.

Your phone buzzed again but this time you grabbed it from Allison’s grip. As you read the message confusion showed up in your face.

“What does it say?”

“It says-”

“Turn around.”

You both turned around rather quickly scared by his sudden appearance. Theo smirked at your reaction and then smashed his lips on yours.

You tangled your hands in his hair and bit hit lip so that you could deepen the kiss. Your tongues fought for dominance until you won and Theo grunted in annoyance.

His hands were slowly slipping down to your butt but someone clearing their throat interrupted you.

“You call this nothing?”

“Oops,” you giggled as Theo squeezed your hips.

“Do you mind if I take her for a second?” asked Theo.

“She is all yours but treat her right or  your fur will be my new carpet.”

Theo chuckled and shook his head.

“She is not kidding,” you said amused.

Theo sneaked his arm around your waist and gently pushed you to his truck.

“I hate you,” screamed Allison from the bench.

“I love you too, little cousin.”


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Originally posted by badbloodbitchx

Requested: hey can u make something like liam and hayden are dating and the reader is his best friend and everyone is trying to protect hayden from the dreddoctors but when the dreddoctors appear they all protect hayden but they take he reader instead cuz that who they wanted and liam tries to stop them but they still take her and during the time shes gone he realizes his feelings for her and he saves her or something like tht

Pairings: Liam Dunbar x Hayden Romero (ew), Liam Dunbar x Reader

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Photograph 🕊🌿 (7/?) “Theo Raeken is a popular model on social media and Liam Dunbar is a simple photographer with a lot of hidden talent. Liam is an absolute fan of Theo and meets him one morning at a cafe, asking for an autograph. What will happen when he realizes that Theo gave him more than just an autograph?”


Author: @huntersanonymous

Title: Wanted

Characters: Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count: 12k

Warnings: swearing, jealousy, mild violence, mentions of blood, mention of sex, typical Derek threats

A/N: Derek is an alpha, his whole pack is alive and well because they deserved better damn it. Scott is also an alpha with his pack. All live in Beacon Hills in harmony. So yes, this is an AU, and I like to live in it as canon. <3

Summary: When you’re human, having a semi-relationship with an older alpha werewolf is hard. Having a semi-relationship with said older alpha who turns out to be de-aged by a random witch, is even harder.

Originally posted by aubamevang

You couldn’t stop pacing. You were already on your 10th lap around the McCall living room, clutching your phone in your hand as you waited for a call from your best friends. You knew you should have went with them, you knew it deep down in your bones something bad was going to happen.

“It was just a simple check around the nemeton, I should have fought harder to go.” You grumbled, kicking the edge of the carpet in annoyance.

“Derek forbade it.” Lydia mused, cackling as she ignored your glares and continued to paint her nails.

“Derek, isn’t the boss of me.” You huffed, sitting in the chair across from her.

“Says the girl that is sitting down. In the house. Where Derek told her to say.” Lydia raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow at you, and you narrowed your eyes.

“I stayed behind because– well because–”

“Because Derek said, and I quote, ‘I just want you to be safe Y/N, please.’ End quote.” Lydia’s taunting smile seemed to grow and threw your best Derek inspired scowl in her direction.”Besides, everything’s fine. I would feel it if anyone was dying.”

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“Believe It or Not” MASTERLIST


Part One

Part Two

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Part Eight

Part Nine

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Part Eleven

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Part Thirteen

Part Fourteen

Part Fifteen

Part Sixteen

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Part Nineteen

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Part Twenty-One

Part Twenty-Two

Teen Wolf Imagine- What Happened to Y/N? (Part3)

Part1   Part2   Part4

Author’s Note- Guess What’s coming back after pretty much a year, I know I suck. The Third part to this series, HIGHLY SUGGEST reading part 1 and 2 if you already have because I’ve made slight alterations and it’s going to get complicated, enjoy x

Lydia’s Pov

“Look, I’m sorry for not telling you guys sooner. I just didn’t want to break Y/n’s trust” Lydia spoke quietly. “Lyd, you did nothing wrong, she asked you to keep a secret and you stuck to your word” Allison reassured, rubbing her arm for comfort. “How long was it going on for?” Scott asked, pacing back and forth his livingroom.”Not very long, a few months maybe” she answered truthfully. “Are you sure you want to hear about this?” Stiles asked, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. “No, but if it means finding my sister I’ll do anything” he stated. “She didn’t mean to tell me- it just kind of slipped out one day” she began. Scott let out a small sigh, and flashed her a sympathetic smile. “I’m not angry at you, and I don’t think it’s your fault in the slightest. I just need to know all the possible facts to try and find her” Scott crouched beside her, sensing the guilt and upset radiating from her. She nod her head slowly and gave a weak smile back, as tears began to well in her eyes. She had been holding onto them for so long that they chose that exact moment to make an appearance. Scott reached to hold her hand for added comfort, as she began to tell her side of the story.

It was a few weeks ago, at the seasonal party the sports players would throw to celebrate all of their achievements. Your brother and friends being on the Lacrosse team earned you an automatic invite each time. It was basically just another excuse for the Beacon Hills High jocks and friends to get wasted. You decided to go over to Lydia’s to finish getting ready, because you two are both usually an hour late and the rest of the pack end up having to wait around for you. “Heyy” you beamed, as she opened the front door. “Someone seems very happy” She laughed, as you walked in. “That is becauseee” you anticipated, before showing her the bottle of alcohol in your hand. “Y/n, are you encouraging the participation of underage drinking?” Lydia faked a gasp. “It appears I am” you laughed, as you headed up to her room. “How much have you already had?” she asked, shaking her head with a smile. “A few shots, maybe more” you shrugged, flopping onto her bed. “We’re going to be wasted before we even get there” she claimed, taking the bottle and taking a large drink of it. “That’s the point, we get there an hour later but we don’t need to catch up with everyone else’s drinking” you educated. “Y/n most of our friends are supernatural and cant even get drunk, your brother being one of them” she laughed. “Oh yeah” you giggled. “I’m almost ready, so I’ll do your makeup for you to save time” she said, fixing her neckless in the mirror. It took her about 45 minutes or so, giving you time to sober up a bit more. “Why do you keep smiling like that?” she asked, while applying the finishing touches. You smiled and looked up at her, “Guess who I’m hooking up with” you slurred slightly, with a mischievous grin.

“Wait, so were they just hooking up, or were they dating?” Allison asked, edging forward. “She never said” Lydia shrugged, shaking her head. “Did you ever ask her?” Stiles questioned. “No, she didn’t really like to talk about it that much, so I didn’t ask questions” she answered. “I cant believe he still hasn’t come forward” Allison mumbled. “It’s the first thing he should have done” Lydia agreed. Scott stood staring at the ground in thought, he didn’t really know how to feel right now. “I need to talk to him” Scott eventually spoke. “I think you should wait a bit, give yourself time to take it in” Stiles suggested rationally. “Do you know anything else, anything at all?” Allison quickly asked. “Ermm- the pep rally. He was the last one of us to see her” she suddenly remembered, widening her eyes. “Wait- what?” Stiles asked. “We were dancing with her, and then she disappeared” Allison said, looking at her quizzically. “I saw him staring at her from over the crowd, the next time I looked he was walking off with her following” the image was a little fuzzy due to her being slightly intoxicated back then. “Are you sure?” Allison asked. “I’m sure” she claimed. “We need to find him, now!” Scott said firmly. Everyone stood up, as he grabbed his jacket. “Scott wait, you need time to cool down” Stiles tried to diffuse. “We need to talk about it, before we make any decisions” Allison added. Scott swung the door open, almost crashing into someone on the way out.

“Woah” Isaac said, by the sudden movement. “Scott are you okay?” he asked, as the other three made their way over to the door. “My sister” Scott growled. “You know don’t you” he said, looking down. “Yeah I know” he said between gritted teeth, eyes glowing red. “Let him explain” Allison said, pushing past and standing in-between them both. Scott’s rage came second, to the grounding of his anchor, as his eyes faded back to brown. They all walked back inside the house, taking a seat on the sofas. Isaac put his head in his hands, slightly tugging on his curls in frustration. “Why?” was all Scott managed to say. “It wasn’t planned, we just started kissing one day and one thing led to another and it became a regular arrangement” he justified. “Oh god” Stiles murmured, sensing the awkwardness himself. “You like her don’t you” Lydia pointed out. Isaac glanced at Scott, before gently nodding his head. “Do you know how she feels about you?” Allison asked. “No, I couldn’t tell if she liked me or if it was just for-” He began, but cut himself off. “Look I don’t know where Y/n is, I know just as much as you do” he claimed. “You were the last one to see her” Stiles stated, folding his arms. “I was also the only one to notice she was gone” he quickly fired back. “If I hadn’t texted her, then you wouldn’t have known that she went missing at the rally” he explained. He then proceeded to pull out his phone and pull up the texts. He handed his phone to Scott, who began to read them and conclude that the date and time matched up. “Why are you apologising, what did you do to her?” Scott asked, looking up at him. “We had an argument earlier on, when Lydia saw us” he stated. “Explain” Stiles imputed.

You followed Isaac into the men’s bathroom, which was empty luckily enough, before pushing the trashcan in front of it so no one else could get in. “What is the matter with you?” you asked him. “Nothing” he shrugged, not looking at you. “You have been avoiding me all day, I didn’t even know you were coming tonight until Scott told me” you complained. “I’m sorry, next time I’ll ensure to be on my phone for all hours of the day” he commented. “No Isaac, don’t make me sound petty when you know yourself that you’re being off with me” you stated. He was about to speak before there were loud knocks on the door. “Are you going to let them in? Considering it is a public bathroom and all” he asked, clearly so he didn’t have to continue with the conversation. “Not until you tell me what’s wrong” you crossed your arms. “I needdd a weee” a deep voice called from outside the door, followed by laughs. “I’ll tell you what’s wrong” he said, walking over to you. “I love you Y/n, and you don’t love me back and it is fucking killing me” he blurted out. You just sort of stood there staring at him, not sure what to do. “Isaac” was all you managed to murmur. “I’m sorry- just forget I said anything-” he suddenly said, brushing past you and out of the door. Everything seemed to feel hot, suffocating even. You then shortly walked out, pushing past the drunken boys who had chosen to fall asleep outside the toilets instead. That’s where you felt the clarity of the air.

“So you told her how you felt and she freaked out?” Lydia asked. Isaac simply dropped his head. “I’m so sorry-” Allison said, knowing how shit he must currently be feeling. Scott locked his phone and past it back to him. “I’m mad at you for doing it behind my back, but I know you wouldn’t hurt her” Scott spoke. Isaac looked up, as Scott pulled him into a man hug. He had to remember that he wasn’t the only person to lose you, when you disappeared that day. “Do you know anything else?” Stiles asked. “Well there is something, she’d lie about it every time I would ask” Isaac began. “When I’d see her she’d be covered in bruises and cuts, and sometimes she’d be hurt pretty badly” he told. “Just like when she came home that day” Scott mumbled to himself. “She’d say it was from pack training or gym class, she would always have tons of excuses lined up” Isaac furthered. “We need to find out why she kept getting injured” Stiles suggested. “And who by” Scott finished.

Hope you guys enjoyed, it Is back at last. Let me know if you enjoyed this part or are enjoying it so far. Already started on the next part, I promise you wont have to wait another year for this one x

Tattooed - Allison Argent

requested! by anon
word count: 1468
one of Allison’s little doodles on you turns into something a little more permanent
a/n: basically the drawing is this heart with A.A initialed inside of it

You were sitting in class, writing down the notes that the teacher was putting on the board.  Your girlfriend, Allison, was sat right next to you, but you guessed she didn’t feel like taking the notes anymore, seeing that she was busy inking your wrist with her pen.

After a few minutes of feeling her drag her ballpoint pen over your skin, you looked over to see what she was doing.  You smiled at her concentrated state, thinking she looked absolutely beautiful when she was focusing.  Her lip was curled, her eyelashes downcast to her steady hand as she intricately thickened whatever it was she was drawing on you.

“Babe” You spoke quietly as not to draw attention to yourself.  She looked up at you briefly, giving you a sweet smile before going back to her artwork.  “Whatcha doing?”

“I’m giving you a tattoo” She said.  You tried to look at it, but she had positioned her body so you wouldn’t see.  “It’s a surprise” She told you, making you giggle

“It’s not a dick is it?” You sighed, and Allison shook her head.

“Nope” She replied, popping her lips on the ‘p’.

“Something hunter-y? Like an arrow? A knife? A wolf with it’s intestines spilled out?” Allison gave you a blank stare.

“Well I contemplated that last one.  But I didn’t think my werewolf girlfriend would really appreciate it” She said, and you chuckled.

Your relationship with the Argent girl had quite the rocky start.  When you’d first met her, you hadn’t known she was an Argent.  Being a Hale, if you’d known before you’d asked her out, you probably wouldn’t have done it at all.  Only out of fear of the horror stories your brother Derek, and Uncle Peter had told you about her family.  But to your surprise, she hadn’t even known about the supernatural at the time you’d first started dating.

She found out though, and it scared you to the core when her Aunt Kate had revealed the Hale’s history to her.  You’d ignored her for three days, you didn’t go to school, you stayed clear of anywhere that she could be in town.  You were worried that she’d hate you for lying to her, or worse.  That she’d follow in the footsteps of her family, and hunt you down.

But everything changed the night of winter formal.  You had planned on staying in the loft, seeing that you hadn’t been to school, and she’d likely be at the dance.  However, she had showed up at the loft, and when you answered the door to see her, all of your fears went away.

She was dressed so beautifully, and by the way she was looking at you, you knew that she still cared about you.

And now, a year later, you were very much together, and very much in love.  Anyone with eyes could see that.

“I’ll show you when I’m finished” Allison told you, and you smiled and nodded at her.

“Alright” You replied simply, putting all of your trust in her drawing,

By the end of class, when the bell rang, Allison grinned giddily and moved herself away so you could look at what she’d done.

“I’m finished!” She said, and you looked down to see the adorable, small but intricate heart, with two little loops for maximum cuteness.  She must’ve put on multiple layers because it was small for all the time she took on it.

“I love it, but,” You started, and took the pen from her fingers.  “It’s missing something” You laid your arm back on the desk, and wrote two letters in the middle of the heart.  Allison’s own heart swelled when she saw that you’d neatly written an A.A in it’s center.  You smiled at her when you returned her pen.  “Now everyone will know you’re mine” You said, making her blush.

“Trust me love, everyone knows” Allison replied, putting her things away and taking your hand before you left for your next class.

You looked down at your wrist once more, enjoying the way it looked against you.  It was like having her with you.

“UNCLE PETER!” You yelled as you sprinted into the loft after school.  Sadly, he was your second choice to go to, seeing that Derek was still in South America with Cora.

“Yes young one?” The man asked, standing from where he was reading at the table.

“I need your help with something” You told him, and explained to him your entire idea.

Your uncle stared at you in surprise, but nodded in agreement to your thoughts.

“You’re sure though? This’ll probably be the most painful thing you’ll ever experience” He said, but you nodded your head as you held your wrist out to him.

“I’m sure” You said, biting down on a leather strap that was once your restraints on full moons.  Now it was to keep you from biting your own teeth off.

Peter flicked on the lighter.

The next morning, you were no longer in pain.  But the events from the night before would forever be etched into your memory under nightmares.  On the other hand, you’d never be afraid of getting hurt in battles again. 

You waited at Allison’s locker, two coffees in your hand, and your eyes searching the halls for her head of short curly hair.  Eventually, you found her, and she took your breath away.  Just like every morning.

She was dressed in a light denim blue button up, tied up shorter at the waist, over top of a floral dress that reached just above her knees, paired with tall brown boots.  When her eyes found yours, she grinned, and walked happily over to you.

“Morning love” She said, stealing a quick kiss from you before you handed her her coffee.

“Got you your morning wake up drink” You said, and she smiled again.

“Awe, thanks, how much was it I’ll pay you ba-”

“Nope, my gift for you” You declined her offer, and she made a pout.  You kissed her lips and it was like her frown was washed away instantly.

“But I don’t have anything for you” Allison sighed.  You shook your head, a wide grin growing on your lips, reaching your eyes, and she suddenly wondered what you were up to.  “What? What’s that smile for?” She asked.

“You already gave me something, the best something of all” You told her, and she raised her brow.

“My love?” She asked.  “That’s real cheesy y/n” You laughed and shrugged.

“Well yeah, that too” You said.  “But, you gave me this” You held out your arm to her, revealing the design she’d put there yesterday.  Allison’s brows raised in surprise.

“Wow… I can’t believe that’s still there- did you shower?” You laughed and nodded.

“Yes of course I did” You said, and she still looked at you confusedly.  Then took your wrsit in her hand and wiped her finger over the ink.

She was shocked again when none of the cheap pen ink came off on her fingertip.  She rubbed harder, but still nothing.

“That’s weird it’s like it’s a-” She gasped, staring at you with wide eyes and a dropped open jaw.  “Oh my God this is a tattoo!” She practically yelled, and you giggled sheepishly before nodding.

“That’s cause it is” You replied, and she examined your inked skin again.

“Oh my God… was Scott right? Did it hurt?”

“Like a bitch” You said honestly.

“Then why’d you do it? Oh my God there was fire on your skin!” She hissed the last part quietly so no one would think suspiciously of your conversation.

“Because, you’re my anchor Allison, and this way I can… I can always have you with me, even if we’re apart” You told her.  “You keep my grounded, nobody else does that” Her lips turned up in a watery smile.  “I love you” You told her, and it wasn’t the first time you’d said this, but from the way your tone changed to something more serious, made Allison’s heart pound crazily in her chest.

“I love you too” She said, handing you her coffee so she could cup her hands around your cheeks and pull you down to her for a soft and passionate kiss.  “So much, you’re my everything” She said before pecking your lips once more and wrapping her arms around your neck.  You awkwardly put yours around her back, still holding your drinks.

“And you’re mine” You said, looking down behind her shoulder at the ink on your wrist.

It wasn’t there so everyone knew she was yours, it was there so everyone knew you were hers.  And you were certain that if someone were to cut open your chest, your beating heart would have an A.A on it as well.

tbh i would get that tattoo

xoxo ~ jordie