allison wyatt

I’ve seen some wacky conspiracy theories, but these two take the cake:

  • Sandy Hook victim Allison Wyatt was Madeleine McCann
  • Natalee Holloway is still alive, she’s related to Brent Spiner, and Joran Van Der Sloot is an agent paid to infiltrate sex kidnapping rings

To whom created those conspiracy theories, your tin foil hat is too tight. It’s cutting off circulation to the brain.

” There were exactly two things Wyatt cared about when seeing movies.The first? Free refills. The second? Special effects. It was for this reason he and Allison were seeing Star Trek: Beyond and smuggling all of their soft drinks in from the fast food joint next door. “Hey, hey Allison,” Wyatt hissed, just above a whisper. His mouth was full.  Little bits of popcorn were getting caught in his facial hair— a shave was long overdue. “What did Spock find in Kirks’ toilet?” @allisonhasbrouck

the night is still young // alli + wyatt.

   – allison was truly disappointed in herself; she’d been getting drunk in public parks and in the privacy of the house when she could have been enjoying the parisian nightlife. after she’d come to the realization, though, she did a quick yelp search and found a collection of clubs she wanted to visit; of course, she’d enlisted wyatt to join her. she, too, had napped for a few hours that afternoon, but as the hours went on, she began to get ready to go out instead of stay in. she styled her hair in soft waves, applied makeup appropriate for the occasion, and got dressed in a black bodycon miniskirt, tall black wedges, and a lace-up white top. allison grabbed her purse as she headed out the door, a small flask of vodka in her hand as she made her way to meet wyatt. upon seeing him, she grinned. “a true sorority girl always pregames.” allison held up the flask and shook it proudly before downing a gulp. “i can’t fucking wait.” ( @wyattrhds )