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Under the cut you will find 127 gifs icons of CRYSTAL REED. Most of the gifs are from the character ALISSON ARGENT in CW’s TEEN WOLF. All of the gifs are 100x100.Every single gif was made by me, but you’re more than welcome to use them, all I ask is for you to talk to me first. Please like or reblog if you’re using, thank you and enjoy!

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part i

For a list of demonic commands, the things Renee wants Allison to do are pretty…tame.

To be honest, Allison has done worse of her own accord entirely. Also, for a demon, Renee is pretty nice about it all. There’s no timeframe, and the things Allison does don’t seem to be hurting anyone beyond minor inconvenience. 

Renee isn’t around all the time. After the third time, Allison stopped jumping when she randomly materialises in her apartment, too. Now, the visits don’t even seem to be entirely work-related. 

Also, Allison has stopped Googling ‘how to un-summon a demon’. She’s not entirely sure why.

“Were you always a demon?” Allison asks one day. Renee is prowling by her window, caught in the sun streaming through the glass. The question makes her pause.

“I used to be human,” she replies eventually, without turning around.

“And what, it didn’t work out?”

That earns Allison a quietly amused look. “No. I died.”

“What did you do in your past life to earn an eternity of demonic servitude?” Allison jokes. She really can’t imagine -

“I killed a man,” Renee replies evenly.

Allison thinks about that. “Did he deserve it?”

“Does it matter?”

“Uh, yeah? I mean, if you randomly shot up a convenience store, that’s not okay.”

“He raped me, and some other girls. I knew he wouldn’t stop unless I killed him,” Renee replies. She’s awfully matter-of-fact as she says it. Something shrivels inside of Allison, and she bites the inside of her cheek a little to conceal that.

“Then he deserved it,” she says.

“That’s not how it works, Allison. I was not a good person. Trust me, I deserved this.” 

Allison looks at her, bathed in the light. She’s awfully angelic for the precise opposite of that. “I don’t know. You seem alright to me.”

“And you think that you are qualified to judge me as innocent?” Renee asks, turning to look Allison in the face. Her dark eyes are very intense. The cross-shaped scar at the base of her throat is white against her skin.

“I don’t believe in that stuff,” Allison tells the walking, talking proof of ‘that stuff’. “Yeah, there might be some kind of all-powerful being sorting dead people into the ‘good’ camp and the ‘bad’ camp, but that shit is subjective. Morality is a reflection of humanity, as it were.”

Renee looks at her like she’s grown another head.

“I might be blonde, but I’m not as dumb as I look,” Allison tells her co-conspiratorially. 

“No, it’s,” Renee replies. Apparently she’s lost for words. “It isn’t subjective.”

“Maybe not for the all-powerful being in the sky,” Allison says, and then frowns. “Ground? Parallel universe? Ugh, doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, we’re human. There’s no black and white in us.”

The words are barely out of her mouth before she’s slammed back into the couch by an unseen force. Renee is suddenly right there, and she isn’t touching Allison but the power in her is entirely apparent.

“You’ve gotten incautious,” she tells Allison. She isn’t smiling, her eyes flat and dark.

“Have I?” Allison asks. Her body might be immobile, but her voice is working just fine.

“You offered up your whole self to me in that pentagram, pretty girl,” Renee says. She taps a finger against Allison’s lower lip. “I’ve been nice to you so far. Don’t test me.”

“I’m not afraid of you,” Allison says, because Renee is trying to threaten her with something every girl is afraid of, and because she also clearly does think Allison is a dumb blonde who didn’t listen to the story she just told.

Renee leans down so they’re face to face, and very nearly mouth to mouth. She whispers, “You should be.”

“You should try harder,” Allison says. Renee might not be smiling, but she is.

She’s pretty sure she doesn’t imagine the huff of frustration when Renee melts into thin air a moment later.

The Foxhole Court as McCree Voice Lines
  • Dan: *chuckles* Watch and learn
  • Kevin: I don't much like losing
  • Aaron: You done?
  • Nicky: I'm your huckleberry
  • Matt: Happens to the best of us
  • Andrew: It's your funeral
  • Neil: I tried being reasonable, didn't take to it
  • Renee: Reach for the sky
  • Allison: I'm not good, not bad, but I sure as hell ain't ugly
  • *Bonus*
  • Riko: You seem familiar, ain't I killed you before?
She’s got a bad reputation (Part 3)

So, this is the third and final part of Bad Reputation! Hope you guys like it! This is from Shawn’s POV just because I wanted to try this! Shoutout to @littlew0nders for requesting to go on with Bad Rep! I kinda love Shawn and Allie ❤ Warning: Smut ahead! 

I was driving through the night. Knuckles white around the steering wheel. I had texted her to meet me at the playground near our old school and when I had read her name on my phone screen, I swear, my heart skipped a beat.

“I’ll be there. X”

Her text was all I needed to feel emotions I didn’t know I could feel.
Driving faster through the dark night, I was approaching the playground, parking my Jeep nearby. p>

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SIDE A // { 8tracks } / { playmoss }

my best friend is you / kate nash
and darling / tegan and sara
i think i like you / sirenxx
soft shock (acoustic) / yeah yeah yeahs
la familia / mirah
tell her you love her (acoustic) / echosmith
peace sign (acoustic) / lights
falling / haim

SIDE B // { 8tracks } / { playmoss }

when i’m with you / best coast
she’s so lovely / the butchies
suck buddies / speedy ortiz
i was an island / allison weiss
my molly / sky ferreira
crimson and clover / joan jett & the blackhearts
rollercoaster / charli xcx
i think she knows (love stoned) / kaki king

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"the one with the videotape"

“This is so cute,” Scott sighs happily, watching as he and Allison wave at the camera as they sit on the sand. “When’s it from?”

Stiles squints at the list of movies on the memory stick, scrawled in Derek’s tiny handwriting. 

Stiles & Derek go to Disneyworld (Bribery necessary), 2015

Beach, 2015.

Scott & Allison’s first wedding, 2015.

Experimenting with lighting, 2016.

Wedding messages, 2016.

“I dunno, it’s from a bunch.”

Scott winces as the video changes, and he’s drunkenly throwing confetti at the camera. 

“Mrs Scott! Mrs Scott, come say helloooooo.”

Allison manages to look half graceful as she staggers towards the camera, smiles shyly, “Hi Stiles. Derek, don’t— don’t look s’mad.”

“Why you got,” Scott slings an arm around Allison’s shoulders, shuts one eye as he pokes his other hand towards Derek. “Why you wearin’ that hotel sweater.”

“It’s blue,” Derek’s voice says flatly. “We needed something blue.”

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Not gunna lie I actually like this feature