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Allison heads outside onto one of the penthouse terraces. The night was pleasantly warm for December, and San Myshuno glittered brilliantly under a sapphire night sky. Allison’s thought were buzzing like the endless traffic below. 

What would it take to convince Lala to give Allison and Nico total custody of Nicolas? Nothing but losing Remy. If Allie could get Remy out of Lala’s life…out of the way…then Lala would be more likely to give up her son. 

What could Lala even offer Nicolas? She was too young. Allison had already created a bank and investment accounts for her younger sister…Lala would never want for anything ever again…but still, Lala had a lot of healing to do before she could be a good mother. Maybe in a few years, Lala would meet a nice man and create a loving home for herself and her future children. As for Remy…Allison didn’t even know what would become of him. Remy was a rolling stone like his father. He wasn’t cut out to be a father, Allison doubted he ever would be.  

Lala and Remy would be terrible parents. Nicolas deserved better.

Nico and I can care for Nicolas, raise him as our own. He’d fill the ache Nico has in giving up on his daughter. Everyone would come out winning. But damn it, I need to get Remy out of  Lala’s heart. I wonder if my hunch is right? I think I know exactly where Remy was tonight…

The Foxhole Court as McCree Voice Lines
  • Dan: *chuckles* Watch and learn
  • Kevin: I don't much like losing
  • Aaron: You done?
  • Nicky: I'm your huckleberry
  • Matt: Happens to the best of us
  • Andrew: It's your funeral
  • Neil: I tried being reasonable, didn't take to it
  • Renee: Reach for the sky
  • Allison: I'm not good, not bad, but I sure as hell ain't ugly
  • *Bonus*
  • Riko: You seem familiar, ain't I killed you before?

SIDE A // { 8tracks } / { playmoss }

my best friend is you / kate nash
and darling / tegan and sara
i think i like you / sirenxx
soft shock (acoustic) / yeah yeah yeahs
la familia / mirah
tell her you love her (acoustic) / echosmith
peace sign (acoustic) / lights
falling / haim

SIDE B // { 8tracks } / { playmoss }

when i’m with you / best coast
she’s so lovely / the butchies
suck buddies / speedy ortiz
i was an island / allison weiss
my molly / sky ferreira
crimson and clover / joan jett & the blackhearts
rollercoaster / charli xcx
i think she knows (love stoned) / kaki king

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"the one with the videotape"

“This is so cute,” Scott sighs happily, watching as he and Allison wave at the camera as they sit on the sand. “When’s it from?”

Stiles squints at the list of movies on the memory stick, scrawled in Derek’s tiny handwriting. 

Stiles & Derek go to Disneyworld (Bribery necessary), 2015

Beach, 2015.

Scott & Allison’s first wedding, 2015.

Experimenting with lighting, 2016.

Wedding messages, 2016.

“I dunno, it’s from a bunch.”

Scott winces as the video changes, and he’s drunkenly throwing confetti at the camera. 

“Mrs Scott! Mrs Scott, come say helloooooo.”

Allison manages to look half graceful as she staggers towards the camera, smiles shyly, “Hi Stiles. Derek, don’t— don’t look s’mad.”

“Why you got,” Scott slings an arm around Allison’s shoulders, shuts one eye as he pokes his other hand towards Derek. “Why you wearin’ that hotel sweater.”

“It’s blue,” Derek’s voice says flatly. “We needed something blue.”

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Blindness: Part Five

Submitted by: b0omer

Description: The supernatural issues don’t exist. Everyone is normal. No one is dead, or a wolf, banshee, or coyote. Stiles and Lydia are best friends, and obviously like each other and Lydia is finally realizing her feelings towards Stiles. This is/will be a slow burn of the badass duo Stiles and Lydia.

Rating: T

Genre: AU, Fluff, Comedy, Action

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