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1. A bludger to the heart. (Renison and kandreil).

To the rest of the school, it was a relationship that came out of nowhere. You were in Slytherin (cunning and ambitious, resourceful and isolated, the house of dark wizards), she was in Gryffindor (brave and daring, chivalrous and kind, the house of heroes). She had more friends than she had fingers (bright and warm, drawing people to her with smiles like she was an angel), whilst you were one of the treacherous trio. She was kind (always patient, always warm. Not a bad word said about her beyond a jealous few) whilst you were cruel (snide and spiteful, a pure bitch who used honesty like a knife). She was muggleborn (an unknown family, an unknown world) whilst you were pureblood (the cast-off heir of a death-eater).

2. A phone call. (Andreil and Renison).

It had been a good day, when it happened. You and Andrew had been relaxing with the cats, all of you curled around each other on the couch with the TV blaring in the background as you soaked up the peace and casual intimacy that left you feeling warm inside. Neither of you had been plagued by nightmares that caused you to lock yourself away, a knife in your hands and smoke in your lungs until shadows stopped hunting you. A good day.

(One you’d hoped would last).

3. Forever is but a dream.

Sky burning, earth crumbling. Screams and cries ringing louder among the death and devastation that was happening, happiness little more than a distant memory. Everywhere there are people trying to flee, trying to find somewhere safe, but not us. In the remains of what was once our court (the place where dreams came true), we huddled. Waiting (for death, for the end, for something that shouldn’t be happening to us), the team scattered around us, all of them biding the dread of the inevitable in their own way. 

4. The B word.

“I’m pregnant.”

Choking, Dan dropped the chip that she had been about to eat as she turned to stare at Allison, eyes bulging out of her skull. The person in question was far too nonchalant (she was probably smirking so hard her lips get stuck on the inside), focus entirely upon the movie blaring on the television until Dan managed to get her thoughts coherent enough to blurt:

“Did Renee suddenly grow a dick when I wasn’t looking?”

5. You and I.

You, with the fire that burns in your heart and in your eyes as you claw your way through life, anger a fuel to the blaze as it burns brighter, hotter, louder, drawing all eyes to it; to you. But you care nothing for them, for what they think, for you have only a single goal and that is to live. To survive. To take everyday and shove it in the faces of those who wished you ill and say ‘look at me now.’

Me, with ice in my heart that is only beginning to thaw, eyes that give away nothing below as each day comes by. People look, only to glance away because they can’t figure it out, they can’t see beneath the smile and the rainbows in my hair, because I don’t want them to (I don’t want to). I live each day to repent, to find a purpose and to live, because that is what I have fought for. That is what I don’t want to forget. 

(You are the sun and I am the moon. When our eyes catch, the world will freeze and there is nothing beyond you and me).

6. Picking up the pieces.

“It could be worse, you know.”

When all Allison did was stare at her with eyes that were practically dead (empty and gone, not here with her but in her head where she threatened to tear herself to pieces), Dan worried that she’d finally had too much, that she’d snapped and there was going to be no salvaging her from this wreck.

(There’d be no way she could bounce back a third time. There’s only so much pain a person can take before it’s too much and she’d long since passed that warning sign).

7. The mirrors of our skin.

Every night, after everything is asleep and the world around them is silent, the two of them perform what has become a ritual. At first, it was something they did upon waking from a nightmare, when they needed to feel, to remember so that they know it’s not now, not anymore, but with time it became habitual. It became something they never failed to do (like Renee’s prayers or Allison’s moment of silence for Seth).

(It became a time where they could focus on each other and nothing else).

8. Of Pianists and Dancers.

(Music has always been seen as the language of love, but it is not a natural instinct. It is something you find when you find love).

The first time it came to light they had all been drinking because they felt the need to celebrate (what they were celebrating is anybodies guess, but hey, who turns down a chance to get drunk?) and were all varying levels of intoxicated.

9. Studying works better than a lullaby.

In an attempt to balance exy and studying in a responsible, adult way that would keep Kevin Day from bursting into flames (because he’s the kind of vampire who burns when other people make bad decisions), the girls decided to dedicate one day a week for non stop studying-until-they-dropped. Though it was admittedly not the best plan, it worked (for the most part anyway). 

10. Pizza with a side of ‘Hot damn.‘

When Dan and Matt suddenly turned up at her house demanding movie night and pizza like it was her duty to provide, Allison was rightfully indignant (she loves them, sure, but really? No prior warning? Rude). But she is a gracious person, so she did as they asked and set them up in the living room with a movie that they’d love-

(”Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, again? The first time was bad enough.”

“My house, my rules. You wanted something else, you should have called.”



-and went to order the pizza.

11. Time is against us.

“I can’t do this. I can’t marry someone else when I love you.”

Renee squeezed her eyes shut in an attempt to ward away the tears, to keep her composure because if she broke, then she would only make it harder for Allison when it was something neither of them could control. It wasn’t their fault. All they had done was fall in love, and what was wrong with that? Why couldn’t they love each other like any other couple?

12. The canvas of your skin.

At first, it started because Renee’s art teacher decided that their new project was to be on life studies and that, in order to ensure the ‘authenticity of feeling‘ and to ‘let their true selves show through their art,’ they had to get their own models and produce studies of them with a media of their choice. And this would all be fine and dandy, except they had to be nude and that was a big problem because for some reason people aren’t too keen on the idea of having somebody stare at their naked body so they could paint a picture of it and show it to the world. How surprising is that? You’d think people would be ripping their arms off in their desperation to volunteer.

13. A reward for a loss.

The first it time it happened, Allison had lost a bet (a miracle all bought about by Nicky’s dirty mouth and inability to play fair). The consequence was that Renee could change one thing about her appearance (it was originally going to be Matt, but she swore that if he tried it, she’d make it so that Dan would never be able to mother his child) and she’d chosen hair dye with a smile that was unnervingly mischievous.

(The last time Renee had that smile Coach ended up wearing pink until he could buy new clothes).

14. A museum or a home?

For as long as she can remember, Renee’s always loved museums. She always felt at home in them, able to relax and let her thoughts (her concerns, her fears and her worries. The what ifs and if onlys, the constant feeling that this was only a dream and she’d wake up to find herself back in a ring with a knife in her hands and a body at her feet. The voice at the back of her head that kept telling her to not get complacent because God wouldn’t help her and she’d lose everyone she loved), fade away into a distant memory, because they didn’t matter when she was there. They were unimportant, because she was safe. She could breathe again.

15. On Storms and change.

The first storm happened a few days after Allison had joined the foxes, during that time where tensions were high and, more often than not, when you greeted someone they would spit in your face.

(Quite literally, for some. People had taken to carrying around disposable wipes incase they had the misfortune to met one of them).

16. Thief of my heart (and my underwear).

In the list of things that Allison expected to happen in her life, finding most of her underwear missing was not included. And yet, she found herself standing holding what appeared to be her only remaining bra as she stared at the last 3 pairs of knickers lying on her bed. It was very confusing (had she lost them? Had she given them to charity and not realized? Had she hallucinated them all and this was her only existing underwear?), and she was growing more and more frustrated every passing day.

(It was really nice underwear as well).

17. When home is too much.

After their last year at Palmetto ended, they had been left without anything to occupy all their time and thoughts. None of them had taken it very well, but Allison had been the most affected. She was restless and uncertain, the world suddenly too large and she didn’t know what to do anymore. She had always had people plan things out for her, expectations that she had to fulfill (even after joining the foxes she had had grades and standards she had to meet to stay on the team) and she hadn’t had independence until she clawed it away with her own bare hands.

(And that had gone so well, hadn’t it?)

18. Sometimes, you have to just do it.

When Renee asked Allison out, it was their last year in the University, the winter banquet was fast approaching and for the first time in ages, Renee was without a date. And so was Allison.

(Andrew was going with Neil, because they were attached at the hip, whilst Allison had always gone with Seth, which was no longer an option).

19. On life and tattoos.

The first time Allison decided to get a tattoo was when she was 14 and her rebellion against her parents demands hit full throttle. Her classmates spoke of drugs and alcohol as tools to do so, neither of which seemed like a particularly effective revenge.

(They were both too transient. She needed something permanent, something that would be a true ‘fuck you’ to her parents faces whenever they saw it).

20. A brief peace.

Renee watched the cigarette burn in her hand and let the smoke fill her with a sense of longing. Her eye’s slid shut in an attempt to immerse herself in the memory and the illusion that everything was still fine, mind slipping back into the past.

(To Andrew holding it loosely in his hands on the roof, acting as though all that mattered in the world was that moment, that cigarette. To Neil, standing there with a soft smile as they all gathered round a campfire. To Dan and Matt, hugging each other as they posed in front of the camera, candles on the cake burning brightly. To Aaron and Nicky arguing, one flamboyant and passionate, the other subdued and angry.

To a time before the world broke).

Pattern: There’s alot of renison. Like, alot (I should just rename this 20 extracts of renison). You definitely can’t tell that they are my fave pair. And whoa man, easy on the brackets and not-very-subtle hints at impending doom. (They’re fun to use, not so fun to look back on). There also seems to be a trigger-happy use of connectives (if I had a penny for every time I saw ‘and,’ ‘but,’ ‘because’ and ‘so’ then I’d be rich. Also, I’m not very good at titling and may be suffering an errant cringe attack.

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Dear Mr. Vernon,
       We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. What we did *was* wrong. But we think you’re crazy to make an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us… In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain…
…and an athlete…
…and a basket case…
…a princess…
…and a criminal…
Does that answer your question?…

Sincerely yours,
the Breakfast Club.


poor baby is a little bit overwhelmed.

during his next turn kevin goes with “never have i ever actually kissed neil” and everyone has to try to take the knives away from andrew when nicky reluctantly takes the shot as well.

everyone is at least tipsy at this point which is as good an excuse as any to draw them all flushed.