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As I have been wanting to make this blog more fandom diverse, I thought I should make a list of fandoms I am willing to write for. If you don’t see a fandom on here that you like then just shoot me an ask and I’ll see what I can do for you!


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Everything I learned about “groove dancing” I learned from Allison Dean (Patrice from Coming To America).

Let’s not talk about how she was a glorious sister to Shari Headley with no character development and a stupid as fuck twist because she was dark skinned and thus considered by the script and/or producers to be undesirable.

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Number 117 for Tree Bros Please! "She's 6, how can she scare you?"

Connor usually avoided his extended family. He was the gay AND ‘emo’ cousin, so when his dad’s siblings and their children came over it was rather uncomfortable. 

This time was different. His dad’s brother had come in for a visit with his wife and brought their six year old daughter, Allison. Somehow he’d been forced, despite having plans with Evan, to babysit.

But he was making thirty bucks off of babysitting this child so sometimes you had to make sacrifices. Evan would still be coming over anyways so it wasn’t too bad. 

Connor knew his cousin was a bit much. She talked loud, loved to run around and scream. Connor liked none of those things. Plus from Zoe’s previous babysitting stories he heard that Allison was rather vicious. 

So one hour into babysitting the six year old girl had already wreaked havoc and bit Connor. Twice. So here he was watching her from the couch and she slowly ate the strawberries he so nicely took out for her.

“Evan please get your ass over here.” Connor whispered as he stood up and made his way into the kitchen.

“Connor what’s wrong? Why are you whispering? Is something bad happening?” Evan questioned. The hushed tone of his boyfriend’s voice was enough to cause several horrible scenarios to run in Evan’s mind.

“I’m babysitting my cousin, she’s the devil incarnate and I’m terrified. The house is a mess, Evan please save me.” Connor muttered.

Evan let out a small laugh. “Connor she’s six, how can she scare you? And I’m sure she isn’t that bad.” 

“Come over and see.”

Evan did in fact go over and see what Connor’s fuss was about and he regretted. Allison Murphy was in fact the devil incarnate. She was snappy, hyper and liked to destroy things.

“I am so sorry, she’s terrifying.” Evan whispered. The two were hiding behind the couch and the little girl ran through the house.

“Fucking told you.” Connor grumbled. “I’m never babysitting ever again.”

let me just say this….
















NOT ONLY did they include a lesbian in the film bUT maybe 1 minute of her entire screentime was about her sexuality. There was a decent amount of HILARIOUS unoffensive gay jokes but no one cared she was gay and it had nothing to do with her storyline.

you nailed it camp takota god damn i am impressed