allison moyer

Sound Of Music Live/Peter Pan Live comparison

This was so, so similar to last year. NBC totally has a recipe for these now. Check it out:

-Choose a musical that is fondly remembered by most of the World as a classic despite the fact that most people haven’t seen the actual play that will be performed and tbh the play versions aren’t that great and in fact suffer from major pacing issues
-One major Household name who despite being the biggest star ends up giving the worst performance (Carrie Underwood/Christopher Walken)
-One actor from a critically loved hit cable show who gives a decent to good performance (Stephen Moyer/Allison Williams)
-Broadway actors playing supporting roles despite the fact they would be much better playing the leads then the actual leads (Christian Borle and Laura Benanti/Christian Borle and Taylor Louderman)
———–(Side note this one really bothers me because Laura Benanti was playing Maria on Broadway when she was nine freaking teen and Christian Borle won a freaking tony for playing Captain Hook. They’d have been so good!)
-Classic Broadway Diva soprano who shows up for maybe 3 scenes and like 2 songs and completely steals the show (Audra McDonald/Kelli O'Hara)
-at least one moment where there is a genuinely cool scene change/staging moment that gets completely ruined by terrible camera angles (the transition from the house the concert/the transition from the nursery into Neverland)
-An adolescent/young adult girl who acts circles around most of the adults (Liesl last year/Wendy this year)
-Lots of Broadway actors in the ensemble to placate angry bitter musical theater fans like myself (Elena Shaddow! Half the cast of Newsies!)
-Horrible, horrible, horrible sound (honestly this was way worse this year because they should know the rodeo a bit better now)
-CUTE KIDS! (self-explanatory)
-so, so, so much Wal-mart. Why Wal-mart?