allison fletcher

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  • NAME: allison rosa shepard/ allison rosa fletcher 
  • AGE : thirty. ish
  • SPECIES: human
  • GENDER:  cis female
  • RELIGION: catholic 
  • ORIENTATION: heterosexual demiromantic 
  • PROFESSION: mercenary /  assassin  /  SHIELD agent
  • BODY TYPE: soft & curvy, but well taken care of 
  • EYES:  green
  • HAIR:  brown
  • SKIN:  fair
  • HEIGHT:  5′0″
  • WEIGHT:  145lbs
  • SIBLINGS: cameron shepard, benjamin shepard, thomas shepard ( deceased )
  • PARENTS: thomas and alana shepard ( deceased )
  • ANY PETS?: yes [ ]  ||  no [ x ] 
  • COLOURS: red, black, pink, yellow 
  • SMELLS:  coffee, italian food, fresh cut flowers, strawberries, vanilla  ( ryan’s cologne ) 
  • FOOD: anything and everything pretty much, but sushi, italian, cajun
  • FRUITS:  strawberries, apples, peaches, pears
  • DRINKS:  coffee, tea, whiskey
  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES? yes [ x ] ||  no [  ]
  • FAVORITES:   warm, sunny days on the beach, thunderstorms, the first snow of the season, the smell of coffee in the morning, curling up to someone on a cold morning when she gets to sleep in, cleaning her guns, fantasy novels/tv shows, science fiction novels/tv shows
  • SMOKES? yes [  ]  ||  no [ ]  ||  Occasionally [ x
  • DRINKS? yes [ x ]  ||  no [ ]  ||  Occasionally [  ]
  • DRUGS?: yes [   ]  ||  no [  ] ||  Occasionally [ x ]
  • DRIVER LICENSE?: yes [ x ]  ||  no [   ]

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The Great Hall | Open

It was with a pounding head that Allie rose the next morning and dressed. Fumbling her way through a routine that she would have to readjust to, she’d thrown her hair up into a messy collection and wrapped a band around it before double checking that she had all of her things for classes today.

She made her way into the Great Hall and the Slytherin table, sitting down in a spot randomly once a quick glance confirmed that Jace wasn’t there yet. Checking her pocketwatch she noted that she was there slightly early. She’d give him a half hour to get his ass down here himself before going to wake him. She grimaced slightly as she reached over for bread and butter, and began preparing breakfast.