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You know what I find so interesting on this second read through? How Andrew has this established pecking order and the others just…. Automatically know it??

Like I’m only on chapter 4 of t*k and Neil is pointing out how strange it is that he has become A Part Of Them. How he tries to NOT let them drag him into their little make shift family.

And it’s always the same order: Andrew, Kevin, Neil, Nicky and Aaron. Like why does Neil get such a high rank? Is it because he has a deal with Andrew? But if it’s based on deals would Aaron be at least second place?

Like it’s just so interesting that once Neil is accepts Andrew’s offer they all just rework the order. Like when they moved the furniture at the court so they stayed together. When Neil tried to sit alone, Aaron was like?? Ha no. You sit next to Andrew. Or how they leave a space empty for him on the bus in their exact order.

And I’m just thinking about how it SHIFTS in the next book because of blatant favoritism. Or more like increase in loyalty. The point being Kevin gets bumped to third place and I find it endlessly hilarious and also think it’s sweet that Andrew is so gone on this kid.

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hello! i was wondering if you knew any good resources about settler colonialism and antiblackness in the U.S and how these things relate to each other?

  Yup, so here’s a list of a few with a summary of the topic addressed (Links to the articles/books are provided if I have them)

Fanon, Frantz – Black Skin, White Masks - Addresses the effects of (settler) colonialism on Native Africans in Algeria. Also a ur-text for a lot of contemporary Black Studies literature.

Fanon, Frantz – The Wretched of the Earth - Addresses the effects and processes of colonialism and its intersection with anti-Blackness/White Supremacy.

King, Tiffany – “Labor’s Aphasia: Toward Antiblackness as Constitutive to Settler Colonialism”  - Amazing article discussing how the metaphysics of labor are disarticulated by Blackness and how anti-Blackness was a necessary part of settler colonialism.

King, Tiffany – “In the Clearing: Black Female Bodies, Space and Settler Colonial Landscapes” - Probably the best work in this list. King addresses how anti-Blackness shapes settler colonialism and how settler colonialism shapes anti-Blackness. It’s one of the better intersections of Black Studies and Native American Studies, in my opinion.

Sexton, Jared – “The Vel of Slavery: Tracking the Figure of the Unsovereign - Addresses the flaws in Native American Studies attempt to understand settler colonialism and how Blackness makes settler decolonization problematic. 

Wilderson, Frank B., III – Red, White, and Black: Cinema and the Structure of U.S. Antagonisms - Not all about the intersection, but the first three parts do address, to some degree, the intersections between Blackness and Redness.

Tuck, Eve, Allison Guess, and Hannah Sulton – “Not Nowhere: Collaborating on Selfsame Land”  - Interesting work on how Blackness can create a place of meaning. A work on the Black/Land Project.

Jackson, Shona N. - “Humanity Beyond the Regime of Labor: Antiblackness, Indigeneity, and the Legacies of Colonialism in the Caribbean” - Discusses how Black people can participate in anti-Red/Settler colonial systems and the problems of working through a labor discourse.

Grenfell Tower fire: London council to install sprinklers in 25 tower blocks in move to increase resident safety

The most populous London council has announced it will install sprinklers in all tower blocks of 10 storeys or above after the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Croydon councillor Alison Butler announced the measure, which will apply to 25 high-rises in the borough, following the north Kensington blaze that killed at least 79 people.

“This evening I have announced that we will install sprinklers in all our @yourcroydon council blocks of 10 storeys and above,” she wrote on Twitter.

The measure is the “first phase of the review”, said Ms Butler. It is expected to cost around £10 million and will not start until after the council submits a report on the project in September.

A council spokesman said they would be fitted as soon as possible and they hoped the work would be complete within months.

There are 39 high-rises over six storeys in Croydon.

Authorities said the Grenfell Tower death toll was likely to rise over the coming weeks, warning some people would never be identified due to the intensity of the blaze. The 67m-high building housed immigrants, refugees and elderly people, some of whom had physical issues yet lived on the top floors.

Angry protesters, councillors and residents have questioned why Kensington and Chelsea Council did not provide fireproof cladding on the building during refurbishment in 2016, why the alarms did not work and why there were no sprinklers installed.

English law requires only buildings constructed since 2007 and which are taller than 30m to have sprinklers fitted, and the law was not applied retroactively. Grenfell Tower was built in 1974.

Sprinklers must be fitted to older buildings, however, if a fundamental change is made to the structure or use of the building. The same law applies in Northern Ireland.

Tory councillor Eve Allison warned of a “summer of unrest” and said the disaster, which mostly affected low-income residents and people of colour, “should not have happened in a first-world country”. She voiced concern for three nearby high-rises built in the same period: Markland House, Frinstead House and Whitstable House.

The council was found to have run up a surplus of £274m and offered rebates to residents paying the top rates of council tax, which Labour councillors claimed was an effort to bribe voters close to the election.

According to the British Automatic Fire Sprinklers Association, there are more than 3,800 residential housing blocks in the UK that are not fitted with sprinklers, because it is not required by law.

Asked whether there could be another fire like Grenfell, Bafsa’s communications adviser, Wendy Otway, told The Independent, “As so many blocks don’t have a robust fire protection system, even though most of them have a legally protected system, so, yes, we’ve been saying that for 20 years.”

Many councils around the UK have indicated they will take action after the disaster, but Croydon Council has been the among first to report a definite plan.

London’s Southwark Council, referencing the Lakanal fire in 2009 which killed six people, emailed residents to say it was fitting new smoke alarms in all council blocks, adding that “all fire risk works to all high rise and lower/more complex housing were complete” as of February 2015.

Cardiff Council said it would review all safety procedures and “discuss the need for sprinklers” in its nine high rises.

The Welsh Government said sprinklers would be compulsory for all new-builds from 2016 but this would not require older buildings to be refurbished.

In Scotland, a law in 2005 was introduced to fit sprinklers in new high-rise flats, care homes and sheltered housing. In Edinburgh, none of the 44 tower blocks built before then have sprinklers and residents have called for urgent action. Fitting sprinklers has been estimated to cost around £8m.

Allison- She’s Not Your Type

Request-  An Allison imagine? Where the reader gets injured, just a scratch, but Allison starts to doubt herself about protecting you. She feels weak and unable to handle it. But the reader assures her that it’s not her fault and stuff. That the reader loves her no matter what. Thank you!

A/N- So quite a few people messaged me asking for a part two to that Allison New Year’s imagine and I ended up tying that in with this request. You guys must really miss Allison. Next up is either a Derek or a Stiles imagine.

You leaned against the counter top in the kitchen of Allison’s apartment, listening intently to Scott as he formulated a plan. Allison stood next to you, running her thumb over the back of your hand as she tried to focus on what Scott was saying about the alphas. It was a little hard for her though, because she couldn’t stop focusing on you.
Ever since that night at Lydia’s New Years Eve party, Allison had completely fallen for you. You had walked right up to her and kissed her as the ball dropped, thanks to a bet from your cousin Stiles. No relationship had ever just sprang up on her like that, but she was glad this one did.
It was several months and half a school year after that night, and Allison had fallen even more in love with you than she had ever thought possible. Now you were facing the start of junior year together, and not only were you struggling with homework and responsibility, but also a new pack moving through Beacon Hills.
That’s what you and the rest of your friends were gathered in Allison’s apartment for, to figure out how to beat the alphas. But seeing as how one of them was faster and stronger than all of you combined, that seemed to be impossible.
“We need to get one of them alone,” Isaac suggested from the couch. “I know they’re all alphas, but they’re not as strong by themselves.”
“True,” Scott said thoughtfully. “But how are we going to catch one of them? And who would it be?”
“The twins would probably be the easiest,” Stiles told him. “Seperately, though. We don’t want them trying to form superwolf and kill us all.”
“I’m pretty sure they could kill us all separately too,” Isaac remarked.
“Wow, thanks Isaac,” Stiles told him. “Helpful as always.”
“Stilinski,” Isaac said. “Shut up before I-”
“So a trap then,” Allison interrupted, her eyes flicking from Isaac to Stiles. “We can lure one of them to a secluded area and I can probably knock him out with one of my dad’s tasers.”
“Please have it be Aiden,” Stiles begged.
“Stiles,” Scott said as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Are you saying that for an actual reason, or just because you don’t like him?”
“Scott,” Stiles said. “Aiden is a violent asshole and he needs to get his ass kicked for once…he also won’t stop making eyes at my cousin.”
You frowned, but you couldn’t deny that Stiles was right. Ever since Aiden had arrived in Beacon Hills, he had done nothing but flirt with you constantly. He seemed to be around every corner, and you honestly couldn’t decide if he was actually interested or if he just wanted a way to get close to the pack.
Allison didn’t like it one bit, and one day after she found him leaning against your locker, she had threatened to break his fingers. Granted that was before she knew he was an alpha, but the murderous look in her eyes told you she didn’t care either way.
“That’s it,” Lydia said, snapping her fingers suddenly. She jumped off Allison’s couch, her skirt swinging wildly as she stood up. “Aiden’s totally into Y/n. He’ll definitely ditch Ethan and the others if he thinks he’s gonna score with her. All you have to do is get him to follow you and then the rest of you can take him by surprise.”
The whole pack looked back at you, and an uneasy feeling settled in the pit of your stomach. “Me?”
“No,” Allison snapped, her back straightening up as she shot down Lydia’s idea. “You’re not using my girlfriend as bait for an alpha.”
“Oh come on, Allison,” Lydia said. “You know he wouldn’t hurt her.”
“You don’t know that,” she said firmly. “And that’s not even what I’m worried about. You’re crazy-no you’re insane if-”
Allison blinked as she realized the whole room was looking at her and an awkward silence filled the air. You saw the way Allison was bristling and you immediately knew what this was about. She wasn’t just worried about your safety, she was also incredibly jealous. You reached out to place your hand on your arm, giving her a reassuring smile.
“Allison,” you told her. “You’re going to be right there. I mean, you guys are going to be there, right?”
“Of course,” Scott told you, looking from you to Allison.
“Then it’s fine,” you insisted. “And, besides, Aiden’s not exactly my type.”
Allison blushed slightly, but you could tell she still didn’t like this plan. She couldn’t stop thinking about you letting yourself be alone with some monster when you were in a skintight dress and couldn’t defend yourself. But then she realized that it was probably the best plan everyone could come up with.
It took her a few moments, but then she simply sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. “Fine. But I’m going to be right there.”
“Great,” Scott said. “Then we’ll do it tomorrow night. I know that new club is going to be opening downtown. The twins will probably be there.”
“Perfect,” Lydia said as she clapped her hands excitedly. “Y/n, you’ll come over early, and then we can get you ready. And that reminds me, we have to find you an outfit that’s…not that.”
She gestured weakly to your clothes and you looked down at yourself. “What’s wrong with my clothes?”
“Mm…nothing,” she lied.
You sighed and rolled your eyes as Allison gently rubbed your shoulders. You leaned into her arms, knowing that tomorrow was going to be a long day.

You huffed as someone shouldered past you in the club, getting way too close for comfort. You knew it wasn’t done on purpose, there just simply wasn’t enough room. Because it was one of the only clubs in Beacon Hills and since it was opening night, the place was packed full of sweaty, dancing teenagers.
It wasn’t exactly your scene, and the concept of a personal bubble seemed like a distant dream at this point. You had broken away from Lydia and, reluctantly, Allison a while ago, hoping you would see Aiden somewhere. It had been half an hour since then, and you were beginning to think Scott’s plan wouldn’t work when you suddenly spotted him.
Aiden was dancing with some random girl in a spaghetti strap top, but the minute he felt his eyes on you, he froze. He shot you a lopsided grin and you quickly dropped your gaze, heading towards the back of the club. You were afraid he wouldn’t follow at first, but from the corner of your eye you could see him quickly shoving the girl away from him.
You kept up your slow crawl to the back of the club, hating having Lydia’s towering heels on your feet for so long. You finally made it out the back door and into the alley like you had planned, reveling in the fresh air. The club had been humid and hot, with air filled with the scent of perfume and sweat.
Outside, the night air was cool on your skin. You closed your eyes for a little, but you only had seconds before you heard the door to the club creaking open. You looked over and saw Aiden heading your way, a sly grin on his face. You leaned against the brick wall, fighting the urge to turn your back and walk away.
“I thought I’d find you out here,” Aiden told you as he walked over and leaned next to you.
“Because you followed me?” you asked pointedly.
“Maybe,” he told you. “So why’d you leave? You like hanging out in dark alleys or was I just too hot to handle?”
“Neither,” you said as you made a face. “I just needed some air.”
“Ah, okay,” he told you as he leaned closer. “It’s the girlfriend, huh?”
“What?” you asked. “No-”
“She seems pretty controlling,” he continued. “I don’t blame you for wanting some space.”
“I don’t want space,” you told him. “At least not from her.”
“Oh come on,” Aiden said, holding a hand to his heart as if you had wounded him. “I’m not that bad. Definitely not bad enough to have Allison threatening to break my fingers.”
He took another step closer to you, and you vaguely wondered where your friends were. They were supposed to have been there by now, but neither Scott, Isaac or Allison appeared to be on time. You took an uneasy step back, but Aiden simply came closer.
“You know, I don’t know why you keep turning me down, Y/n,” he said as his dark brown eyes followed your every move.
“Maybe I don’t like you,” you told him icily. “You know, this was a good talk but I really have to get back.”
You knew you were totally sabotaging the plan at this point, but you didn’t like the way Aiden was looking at you. Lydia had assured you he wouldn’t hurt you, but you realized she probably hadn’t known what she was talking about. You quickly turned and headed for the door, your borrowed heels clicking on the cement.
Before you could even make it halfway, Aiden was snagging your wrist from behind and whisking you back towards him. You made a shocked noise as he yanked you closer to him, gripping your wrist tightly. His claws dug into your wrist, and you could feel blood welling up from the cuts.
“You know I’ve turned plenty of girls before,” he informed you bitterly. “And I know you play hard to get but I think we both know how you feel about me, Y/n.”
You knew it was probably dangerous to lose your temper at a werewolf, but you bristled at the audacity of his words. He was grabbing your wrist so hard that it felt like it would break, but you weren’t scared. You slammed the point of your heel onto his shoe, causing him to yelp and let go of you.
You stumbled back as he let out a loud growl, his eyes flashing a bright red. You swallowed as he flicked out his claws, but before he could even make a move towards you, the alley was being lit up with the light of a taser.
Your eyes widened as Aiden crashed to the ground with the sound of electricity echoing in the night air. Allison was standing over him, a look of calm anger on her face as she leaned closer to him. Aftershocks were running through his body as he looked up at her with murderous rage.
“Sorry,” Allison told him. “She’s not your type.”
With another swift motion, Allison was tasing him again and knocking him out cold. Suddenly there was loud creak from behind you, and you saw Scott and Isaac tumbling out of the club.
“Sorry!” Scott cried. “There was fight and we kind of got caught up.”
“Holy shit,” Isaac remarked as he looked down at Aiden on the ground.
Allison walked around Aiden’s immobile body and flicked off her taser, tossing it to Scott. “You can handle this right?”
Scott and Isaac nodded, still stunned at the fact that Allison had taken down Aiden all by herself. Allison walked over to you, her eyes immediately filling with concern as she looked at your bloody wrist.
“Oh my god,” she breathed.
She reached out to gently pick up your wrist, examining it with careful eyes. “I never should have left you alone. I let you get hurt. I’m your girlfriend and I-I can’t even protect you.”
“You just did. You saved me.”
“I was late,” she told you firmly. “He could have hurt you because I wasn’t fast enough. Y/n-”
“Allison,” you cut her off. “This wasn’t your fault.”
You reached forward to stop her shaking hands, seeing that she was on the verge of hysterics. You reached out to pull her into a tight hug, breathing encouraging words in her ear.
“You saved me,” you stated. “Allison, you’re a strong, badass hunter and I couldn’t be more in love with you. You’re my hero. Don’t doubt yourself.”
She pulled away, pushing a short strand of hair behind her ear. “Really? I’m your hero?”
“Yeah,” you told her, blushing a little bit.
Allison broke into a smile, reaching out to gently grab your face in her hands. She ran her fingers across her cheeks, admiring the job Lydia had done on your makeup. She leaned forward, pressing her lips against yours. You smiled into the kiss, tasting the vanilla chapstick she always wore as you wrapped one arm around her.
She reveled in the kiss for a moment, but then she quickly pulled away, realizing you were still hurt. “We need to wrap that.”
“It can wait,” you murmured, pulling her lips back onto yours.
Allison smiled against your lips, thinking back to that night at Lydia’s party. When she kissed you, she had predicted that you would have a great year together. Judging by this kiss, it looked like she had been right.

silent night

So, I’ve been reading a lot of very fluffy Christmas fics and thought to myself- Gee, these are so cute! I’d like to write one!

This is my attempt. It’s not that fluffy. Seriously, it’s a bit sad. So be warned! TW for grief and dealing with the loss of loved ones around the holidays.

(I do see it as Sterek pre-relationship though. So some fluff)

I hope you enjoy it even though it’s not very happy!


            Despite the preconceived notions circling the pack, Derek didn’t actually hate Christmas.

            In fact, he loved Christmas.

            He had loved it as a kid, when the whole family would spend an entire weekend decorating every inch of the house, when their dad would drag home the biggest tree he could find and the amount of presents still wouldn’t fit underneath it, when the whole day was spent together. He had even loved it after the fire, when it was just him and Laura in New York City. It wasn’t the same, but they hadn’t ignored it. They’d built it back up slowly, made a little more of an effort each year and he’d loved it.

            He even loved it now. He secretly loved that Stiles and Scott had somehow managed to decorate his entire loft when he was away one day. He loved that Allison had bought them all Christmas sweaters and that her mixture of sweetness and deadliness was so great that no one thought of not wearing them. He loved that Isaac had brought home a tree, that Lydia had procured ornaments from somewhere, that Scott constantly had Christmas music playing over the radio.

            Togetherness was key for a pack and this Christmas – the first Christmas they had where they were all together and there was no current supernatural threats looming over their heads – this Christmas seemed like the start of a new era.

            At least, that’s what Scott had declared often enough that the pack had taken to rolling their eyes whenever he said it.

            So, yes, Derek loved Christmas. And he was happy that the entire pack could be at his loft for Christmas Eve since Allison and Lydia would be with their own families tomorrow and even Scott had his own tradition of attending Mass with his mother on their own before meeting up with the Stilinskis for diner.

             He loved Christmas. He did. He just-

            Needed a moment.

            Because the loft was glittering with lights and Christmas music had been playing for three hours and everyone was smiling and laughing and he didn’t want to bring the others down.

            So, quietly, softly, when he knew that everyone had been distracted by the fresh batch of cookies Isaac pulled from the oven, he stepped out.

            The balcony that wrapped around almost his entire apartment had honestly never been his favorite spot, probably because he was never that comfortable with heights. (And almost dying due to a fall from the third floor of an abandoned mall certainly hadn’t helped matters.). But, at the moment, it was just what he needed.

            It was quiet and he could put his back to the windows and gaze out into the darkness and let the sadness which had been creeping up all night take over for just a moment.

            Because Derek could love Christmas as much as he wanted and he could love his new pack and he could be truly and honestly happy but-

            But it wasn’t the same.


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