allison dilaurentis

Where does Spencer Hastings learn to do the things she does, like who taught that girl to diffuse a bomb? Or when they were in the dolls house and she made Charles give them the exact components to make a remote device that would turn off the electricity. Like what the frick Spencer Hastings? Girls taking AP classes, being emotionally and physically tortured by some anonymous asshole but still finds time to read up on explosive devices just in case? 

A round of applause for Spencer Hastings please.

Complicated 7B theory

I tried making a big family tree but it got a little complicated so im just going to bullet point my family tree theory

-Spencers Mum is Mary Drake and Her Father is Peter Hastings.
-Peter thought that Mary was Jessica when he slept with her.
-Peter and Jessica already Have a Son, Jason.
-Peter also has another Biological Daughter with Veronica, that’s Melissa.
-Mary has another child, Charlotte/Cece/Charles.
-I think Charlotte is a Twin and her Twin is Bethany.
-Bethany and Charlottes Father is Scott Montgomery.
-We Know Scott was mentally ill and he could have easily been Father to these girls.
-Bethany hated Jessica because she thought she was going to steel her like she did Charlotte.
-Scott also has a Son with another Woman, This son is Wren.
-Wren was sent to England to live with his Mother who also had another Son called Archer Dunhill (Rollins).
-Wren and Archer moved to Rosewood to be closer with their Father when they met Charlotte.
-Scott Montgomery is secretly Harold Crane, the inkeeper at the Lost Woods
-Bethany is also really alive and is posing as Sabrina.
-The bones in Ali’s grave aren’t anyone importants. Maya planted them when she moved in and Wilden covered it all up.
-Scott is Byrons Biological Brother making Wren and Aria cousins.
-I think Mike worked all of this out and is now helping Wren.
-There is clearly a reason Bethany’s face was never seen as an adult, Thats why I think she’s still alive and posing as someone else.

-Jenna, Noel, Maya, Melissa, Holden, Lucas and probably others are all involved in their own way, mainly through various blackmail no doubt.