allison deserved so much better

Tether – an Allydia Fanmix 

In which Lydia breaks the world apart to bring Allison back.

i. Together – the XX – my premonition of the world comes to me // ii. Tether – CHVRCHES – trade our places, take no chances, bind me ‘til my lips are silent // iii. Howling at the Moon – Phantogram – at night I cry and howl at the moon // iv. Hardest of Hearts – Florence + the Machine – darling heart, I loved you from the start // v. Spanish Sahara – Foals – forget the horror here // vi. Running Up That Hill – Placebo – if I only could make a deal with God // vii. No Trace – MS MR – my whole world split in two // viii. The Draw – Bastille – I can feel the draw, I can feel it pulling me back // ix. Werewolf Heart – Dead Man’s Bones – but together, forever, we’ll live //