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(1/11) “Boyd and Erica get a better deal in fandom than they ever did in the show.” Lets see what I can do. When Stiles cleans up the belongings of the nazi-werewolf he finds a ritual that purports to return people from the underworld. It is rather complicated but fortunately some key “ingredients” such as a banshee to open the gates and a hellhound to guide the way are already available.

(2/11) The tricky part is that someone who is connected to the to-be-resurrected person must be sent to the underworld find them and return with them. There is no strict time limit per se but if the sorcerer casting the spell is exhausted completely he’ll die and everyone still in the underworld is trapped there. The ritual warns that the dead “move on” so it will be more difficult to get back people who have been dead for longer. (3/11) Stiles thinks that this is finally a chance to make amends for all the death he caused when possessed by the nogitsune. He tells Scott and Lydia and Parrish and they start to prepare the ritual, and look for people guiding the dead back. Scott will look for Allison, Danny and Ethan come back to look for his brother while Derek and Isaac will try to find their packmates.

(4/11) Stiles casts the spell and stays behind to keep the gate open (which means that O’brien has only few scenes fitting his tight schedule). Aiden’s spirit still lingers close to the edges of the underworld and Ethan finds him soon and leads him back to the world of the living (which means that the carver brothers also don’t need to spend too much time for TW).

(5/11) In the meantime, Scott keeps looking for Allison. He finds her chained in a cellar full of torture instruments, courtesy of Gerard and Kate who both blame Allisons “treason” for their deaths. Scott frees her and they try to go back, but Kate and Gerard attack them trying to keep Scott trapped until Stiles is exhausted. And being already dead they cannot be killed and it looks like they’re succeeding, until Victoria shows up.(6/11) Due to the nature of Gerards deaths he has learned of his plan and well betrayal and homicidal rage just about covers her feelings for him. While she still dislikes Scott she is willing to entrust Allison to him if he gets her back to the land of the living. She says Allison goodbye and fights off Gerard and Kate while Scott and Allison escape.

(7/11) In the meantime Isaac and Derek keep looking for Boyd and Erica but don’t find them anywhere and go deeper and deeper into the underworld despite the risks. Upon his death Boyd immediately went looking for his little sister who had already been dead for years which means that he is already much further than a normal ghost of his age. Nonetheless they eventually hear Dereks howl and answer.(8/11) Derek and Isaac find them in a makeshift house Erica and Boyd made for his sister to offer her some comfort and protection. They start to make their way back but are confronted by a new hellhound who demands that Boyd’s sister must stay here as neither Derek or Isaac have any connection to her and both Boyd and Erica are dead and thus don’t count.

(9/11) Derek tries to fight him but is defeated while the hellhound reminds them that Stiles strength is nearing its end and they should hurry if they don’t want to be trapped in the underworld. Boyd offers to stay in his sisters stead, to which the hellhound agrees but his sister refuses to leave without him. So Erica offers to stay instead to let both Boyds return to the living.

10/11) The hellhound is surprised and impressed and allows them to leave, and the manage it out just before Stiles and the gate with him collapse. When the sheriff arrives to check on all the howling and lighting in the preserve he finds an exhausted and injured but happy and complete pack of wolves/hellhounds/… curled into each other. All is well except that they have to get themselves declared legally alive again which is a pain.(11/11) Seriously just arriving in court is not sufficient: www(.)nytimes(.)com/2013/10/12/us/declared-legally-dead-as-he-sat-before-the-judge(.)html And they all lived and howled happily ever after.

This ask is epic! I had to wait until I was off mobile to answer it. 

This is incredible. It gave me unexpected Victoria Argent feels even! 

I would read 100K+ of this fic. Not only that, but I’d pitch it as season 7 if the show wasn’t cancelled! 

Sticky Fingers [Stiles Stilinski] [Requested]

Words: 929

Pair: StilesxReader

Requested By: Anonymous

Summary:Can you make an imagine where your dating Stiles and you guys are with the pack at the loft one day and Stiles goes outside to talk to his dad on the phone and you touch something and Derek gets mad at you and starts yelling at you in front of everyone and you start to cry and Stiles comes back inside and see’s you crying and so Scott tells him because you were to embarrassed to, so he sits down on the couch and you sit on his lap and he comforts you and you end up falling asleep in his arms?


I walked around, bored, unsure what to do. The pack had called a meeting to talk about the recent events. There was a murderer loose killing people for some Dark-Druid-Ritual. Deaton’s words not mine

Stiles brought me here, because he didn’t want to leave me alone since I fit in every category of what type of people who was needed for these sacrifices. I insisted on staying at the station with Deputy Parish, and help stamp papers, but he declined. He wants me to by his side all the time, he said he wanted me to be like his ‘shadow’.

What really annoyed me was that they held at Derek’s loft. Derek wasn’t really someone I would hang out. At least not now. He was going through a lot. The twins and Kali had just made him kill Boyd. He isn’t at his highest peak.

“This is getting worse we have this Druid and the Alpha Pack, we need to think of something and fast.” Allison said breaking my chain of thoughts.

“What exactly are we supposed too do. They’re leaving us with no other options.” Stiles said his gaze quickly meeting mine but then back to the pack.

“We’ll think of something we always do.” Scott said “We’ll figure something out.”

They kept talking about multiple plans that were too risk even to think about let alone try. The sound of Stiles phone blared through the loft.

“It’s my dad.” He said answering it walking out the loft.

I tuned them out. There’s not really anything for me to do. I started walking towards this weird urn that had the Spiraled Triskelion on the lid. I picked it and stared at it in fascination. Examining it.

“What are you doing?!” He snaps at me. I whipped around and saw Derek there.

“I-I was just looking at it.” I stuttered my voice coming out small a shaky.

“Then why are you holding it!” His voice got louder. He snatched the urn out of my hand. “Why are you here anyway?”

“Stiles dragged me here.” I frowned my cheeks becoming red.

“Derek relax.” Scott’s voice came from behind us. By now everyone was looking at us.

“You’re useless you have no purpose being here Y/N. That last time I checked you don’t turn into a werewolf or hunt werewolves or seek out the dead.” He said his venomous words bit at me. It hurt. I know I wasn’t anything useful to pack, but I didn’t need the cruel reminder.

“I’m s-sorry.” I said tears welling up in my eyes.

“Derek! Leave her alone she was just looking at the thing, for crying out loud it’s a jar.” Lydia yelled at Derek coming over to pulling me into a hug.

“Whatever.” He puffed in annoyance. Then walked away.

I was crying. I felt so useless hearing it from him. He was right I’m not supernatural. I’m just human. Even Stiles is human but he is usefully to the pack. Lydia pulled my face making me look at her.

“Hey don’t listen to him. Okay don’t cry.” She said trying to calm me back down.

“There was another body found- why is Y/N crying?” Stiles’s voice joined in.

I quickly wiped my tears away. I hated when he saw me cry. Before I knew it he held my arms stopping me from wiping anymore tears.

“Why are you crying?” He asked softly.

“I’m fine Stiles.” I mumbled

“Don’t lie to me you know I hate it when you lie about these things.” He said frowning. I couldn’t tell him. I’m just hoping he’ll let it go. It’s embarrassing. Scott sighed then came over to us.

“Derek kind of yelled at her for touching the urn and called her useless.” Scott said looking at me.

“Thanks Scott, you know when a girl says she’s fine she isn’t and doesn’t want to talk about it.” I rolled my eyes.

“Y/N don’t listen to Derek, he’s just upset. Trust me you help the pack out a lot. You don’t turn into a wolf, or hunt them, or even find dead bodies, but you help. When we are all looking at it supernaturally you looking at it like regular person. You see things we can’t. I’m honored to have you in the pack.” He said giving me a slight smile before going over to the girls.

I was left with Stiles now. He pulled us towards the couch. When sitting down he pulled me down with him. Leaving me sitting on his lap.

“You aren’t useless, you know that right.” He said softly I stared at my fingers. “Derek had no right in saying that to you.”

I was crying again. He pulled my face towards him. He kissed my nose, then my forehead, then the scattered tears all over my face. Earning a small giggle to slip from my lips.

“You know I love you so much, right?” He asked I nodded. A small yawn came from lips. Surprising both me and Stiles. “Get some sleep for a few I’ll wake you up later.”

I wanted to testify, but he gave me that look. The sweet caring look that would make anyone say yes. I laid my head in the crook of his neck. He wrapped his arms around my waist.

“You just wanted cuddles.” I giggled he gave me a squeeze.

“You do give the best cuddles.” He said I shook my head.

“I love you.” I whispered to him.

“I love you too.” He whispered back.

Stiles Stilinski Imagine #1,2,3

Stiles Stilinski # 1,2,3

“You’re not jealous, are you?”

“I hate that I love you!”

“Why did you do it?”

 Y/N was the person that everyone counted on. Everyone thought she was so strong, fierce and fearless. They held her to such a high standard and she struggled to keep up with it. She was human, and humans bleed when they fall, but everyone seemed to forget that. She had a breaking point and no one thought she would ever reach it. If there was one thing that kept her together it was Stiles. Stiles Stilinski, the boy who stole her heart on the first day they met. He held to together in ways no one else could and sometimes it worried her. Growing up in a hunter family meant strength and feeling fearless. It meant power and not letting feelings cloud your judgement. Caring was a weakness, but she loved him anyway and maybe sometimes she regret it.

After Allison died Y/N wasn’t herself. It felt like a gaping hole in her chest after losing her best friend. She couldn’t accept the cold hard reality of it, her boyfriend, the love of her life had been part of the reason.  Allison had always been there for her, she was the one constant in her crazy life and they had done everything together. Every moment of their lives, they had spent together, learning to shoot, learning to fight, going to school and they were together for every heartache. Scott had come over to visit multiple times, he had tried to comfort her, but she could only push him away. She loved Scott to death, since she had moved here with Allison, Scott had become her brother, but being near him made her feel worse. There were all these possibilities running through her head, these what ifs and could have been’s. What if she had been faster? What if she had jumped in front of the sword. What if she had actually followed through with chaining Allison in her bedroom to keep her safe? What if Scott had been able to save her? She couldn’t think anymore. Allison was more than her best friend, Allison was her sister. They may have had different parents, but they had never been separated before and this was tearing her apart. What made it worse? The fact that the one person who could make her okay hadn’t come to see her, hadn’t tried to contact her at all and she felt her heart breaking piece by piece each time she looked at her phone and saw everyone’s name; Lydia, Chris Argent, Melissa, Issac and Scott, even Derek, but not Stiles. It didn’t take a genius to know that he was avoiding her and it killed her. The one time she needed him the most, he wasn’t there.  What even is love? Something that made a huge gaping hole in your chest? Something that kept you completely strung onto someone, no matter what they did or how much they hurt you? When the Nogitsune was still here she was able to forge all of the anger, sadness, guilt and hatred into ending him, but now

she had nothing, but emotions bubbling to the surface.

It had been hours of sitting on her window seat, staring out the window since Scott had left. With his werewolf superpowers he had been sneaking in through the window because the doors were locked in order to keep any guests away. Her parents had left to Mexico a few days prior to meet with a few hunters and wouldn’t be back for another week. The sound of the door opening and closing downstairs captured her attention, but she chose to ignore it. Maybe it was because she knew it had to be Stiles or Lydia as they were the only two who had keys. Or maybe it was because she was finally done with the world and didn’t care if someone had come to kill her. “Y/N” She hated herself when her heart skipped a beat at the sound of his voice. She hated herself for being angry with him and for still caring because he sounded so broken. “Scott sent you I take it?” She didn’t even turn to look at him. She felt like the second she looked at him everything would become real and she couldn’t handle that. “Yeah…. No. Well yes, but no. This is not coming out right.” Stiles sighed rubbing his neck. He didn’t know what to say. He felt like he was walking on egg shells, which he had never felt before when talking to Y/N. They had always been so comfortable together and conversation easily flowed. She was someone who understood him, who didn’t judge him and he had fallen for her quickly. He knew he was a goner from the moment she walked in the door beside Allison on their first day, with her (y/h/c) hair flowing around her face and her bright (y/e/c) eyes shining. She radiated mystery, strength and passion. A figure climbing in the window distracts them both, “Der?“Y/N looked at him in slight surprise, but it was nothing compared to Stiles’ angry gaze. "What are you doing here?” Derek took his eyes of Y/N long enough to glance at Stiles. “Some of us actually remember to visit and don’t go sneaking around.” Stiles couldn’t help, but wince at the blow and Y/N noticed. “Derek can I stop by when I’m done here?” Derek sighs as he shoots Stiles a glare. “"Here I brought these to cheer you up.” He hands her the three (Favourite flower). She immediately brightens up a little as she takes them. “I hope that cheers you up.  Be careful.” Derek softy kisses her forehead before heading to the window. “Thanks Hale. They are beautiful.” All she gets is a wink in response before he’s gone. “What the hell was that??!?” Stiles was furious. How could someone have the guts to flirt with his girl right in front of him? “That was Derek Hale bringing me flowers.” He couldn’t understand how she could be so calm about this. “Are you seeing him or something?” The words escape his mouth before he can stop them. He knew he shouldn’t have said them. The hurt and angry look on her face spoke more than words ever would. “You’re not jealous, are you? Because Derek is my friend who has actually come to visit me and see how I am doing after the death of my best friend since I was a baby. AND it would be very stupid of you.” She was getting annoyed. She had been nothing, but loyal to him and understanding. “I’m sorry.” The words tumbled out of his mouth before he could stop them. He wasn’t sure which part he was apologizing for because he hurt her more than she knew. Both of their hearts were pounding as the silence became tense. “For which part? Letting the nogitsune in? Does a part of you feel guilty because Allison died? For not checking on me when I needed

you the most? For breaking that promise you made the night you told me you love me and not being here when I was falling apart? For being jealous?” Her words cut through the tense air like knives. She was angry and he couldn’t blame her. Yet, he was still hiding the truth from her. Though he should have known what words were about to escape her mouth. She was extremely intelligent, she knew something was up. She turned to look at him taking in his tired state and guilt filled eyes. She had to stay strong as she should up and took a few steps towards him. “Or are you sorry because you are lying? Because you couldn’t confront me without feeling guilt for keeping your secret from me.” She knew him too well. “Y/N…. Please.” She shakes her head cutting him off. “Don’t.” She was hurt. She had trusted him more than she trusted anyone else. She had let him in on such a deep level and she couldn’t understand why he did it. “Was I not enough? Did you start to ind me boring? Was it because I just wasn’t there at the time? Or was it because she is supernatural?” Her words pierced him like a sword. “No. No of course not. It wasn’t like that. Y/N you have to believe me. It meant nothing.” He was shaking his head rapidly as tears gathered in his eyes at the sight of the tears streaming down her cheeks. His heart ached. “I didn’t want to believe it when Derek told me. I wanted to deny it. I couldn’t though. It was so obvious and you pushed me away. You couldn’t even tell my yourself. Why? I just need to know why? Why did you do it?” It was no longer just tears streaming down her face, It was sobs, gut wrenching sobs. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. If I could take it back I would. I have never regret anything as much as that moment. I love you. I love you so much. It was a mistake. You are more than enough for me. You are my everything and I don’t know. I don’t know why it happened. It just did. I wish I could take it back. I never wanted to cause you pain. I love you too much.” Tears were streaming down his face as he watched her break down. He had never seen her so vulnerable and it was killing him. He wished he could undo it. He really did. He hated himself for it. He grasped her face in his hands, attempting to wipe off her tears, but she jerked herself way. “I hate you. I hate that I let you in. I hate that I let you see parts of me I never let anyone else. I hate that I let down my guard for you. I HATE THAT I LOVE YOU!” Her voice was raising with each word and her heart shattered. Seeing  his face broke her heart. SH=he couldn’t do this right now. “Leave! Get out!” Her voice broke as she shouted at him. His eyes were full of hurt as he flinched. “I can’t do this right now.I-I-I I need time. I need to think. I can’t look at you. GET OUT!” She shouts. “I promised I would never leave you.” He voice was barely above a whisper. “If you ever loved me leave right now.” Her voice was cold. She felt like a hunter again. The one her parents always wanted. “GET THE FUCK OUT!” With one last look he walked out leaving her sobbng alone.

She wasn’t sure how much more she could take. She couldn’t do this anymore. She picked up her cell phone and clicked the contact she had been ignoring. Her hand shook as she brought the ringing phone to her ear. “Y/N? Hello?” Her eyes flutter closed as more tears come out. “Papa Argent?” Her voice broke and he could hear it on the end of the line. “Y/N are you okay?” She could hear his worry. She wasn’t okay. She didn’t know how to be okay. “I’m not

okay. I can’t do this anymore. -I-I’ve seen too much. I’ve done too much. I can’t-” her sobs cut her off

I saw this poster at the grocery store yesterday, and I was torn between deep sadness that any human anywhere needs to be taught that dogs need love, and GASPING HILARITY at the idea that this was Derek Hale’s idea for a dog welfare campaign.

MAKE ME A PART OF YOUR PACK: the cry of Derek Hale’s heart, so unsurprisingly he assumes most dogs feel the same way.

(also worth noting: he definitely believes that dogs deserve better than life on a chain or in a pen, but given the number of times he’s been resigned to being tied up and tortured as something he probably deserves, he’s not quite to the point of believing that about HIMSELF. New prayer for 3B: an episode where Derek, being helped out of electrified chains by Allison and Lydia, stands up and declares that HE DOES DESERVE BETTER THAN LIFE ON A CHAIN OR IN A PEN. HE DOES.)

AU where Derek doesn’t build a pack after Season 1 and, instead, tries to leave Beacon Hills entirely. Unfortunately for him, Scott McCall is a kid with really persuasive puppy-dog eyes and Derek feels obligated to stick around for a bit. An exploration of slightly alternative werewolf lore and what would happen if Derek was more reluctant to be an alpha… and if the Alpha Pack found him alone. read on AO3 

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Teen Wolf 3x22: De-Void

Nogitsune!Stiles attacking and yelling at everyone

Papa Stilinski looking at his son, hoping there’s still some part of him left there, and wanting to protect him.

The nogitsune catching Allison’s taze!

Beating up Derek!

That is Stiles’ voice! That is Stiles scared!

The nogitsune’s plan was for Scott’s pack to protect him, not kill him. 

Flies flying out of Stiles’ body!

Everyone tying the nogitsune down, injecting him, and taping his mouth shut.

The nogitsune puking up Stiles!

 AFTER Lydia said Malia.

Stiles is back!

Which Stiles is really Stiles?

Stiles wants to go cry in a hole for the next 20 years.

Dylan gets progressively more astounding with each new episode! It doesn’t matter who he’s in a scene with, he can hold his own! It’s all in his expressions! It’s crazy! I don’t get it!

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