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Happy Birthday - Allison Argent

You were abruptly awoken by an alarm by your cheek.  You grinned, turning over in bed to see your sleeping beauty next to you, sound asleep.  Soft breaths leaving her parted lips.  Your took a moment to just look at her, taking in her stunning features.  Her sharp jawline, long lashes that cast shadows over her pink cheeks.  Her soft mocha curls that framed her face and fell across her pillow.  She was just breath taking.

“Allison” You shook her shoulder gently.  “Allison wake up”

“Hm” She mumbled, eyelashes fluttering but she didn’t open her eyes.

“Baby, it’s midnight” The girl sighed, placing a hand on your shoulder and giving you a small and soft kiss.

“You ‘nly kiss at mid’ight ‘n New Years” She mumbled, already curling back into her blankets to sleep.  But you giggled, shaking her shoulder.

“Allison it’s your birthday” You said with a big smile.


“You’re nineteen” You whispered, wrapping your arms around her waist and tugging her  closer to your own body.

“Mmmhm” She hummed again, nuzzling her face into your neck.  

“Happy birthday” You said, holding her tighter as her body comfortably tucked into yours.  Her head tilted back just a little.  When she pursed her lips, they touched yours.  She did this twice.

“Thanks love” She said, smiling softly, and you kissed her again.  “Can I go back to sleep now?” You giggled, nodding and holding her close.

You woke up around ten o’clock, finding that Allison was sound asleep in your arms still.  You smiled, kissed her forehead gently, and wiggled out of the bed.

You pulled the shirt you slept in down to cover your to the mid of your bare thighs, and padded your bare feet out to your apartment’s kitchenette.  No, it wasn’t big, but it was perfect to fit yours and Allison’s needs.  Two bedrooms, one that you shared and one that your friends would stay in here and there.  Usually your twin brother Stiles when he got too drunk to take home.

You got to work in the kitchen, making a special birthday for breakfast.  Even though she told you not to go all out.  It was a little late for that.  Your hips swayed to the soft music in your head as you mixed batter and poured circles onto the griddle.  Then sprinkled chocolate chips over them.  Chocolate chip pancakes were always Allison’s favorite.  In the meantime you set the table with two plates and two glasses, then went back to flip the pancakes.  

You didn’t even know your girlfriend was in the room until two arms wrapped around your waist, and her chin sat on your shoulder.

“Morning baby” She hummed in your ear, and placing a soft kiss on your cheek.

“Mm morning sleeping beauty” She chuckled at your common nickname for her, and kissed you a few more times.

“You making me pancakes?” Allison smiled into your skin, kissing along your jaw.  You giggled when she moved to your neck at the ticklish feeling.  Then suddenly remembered that you were cooking.

“Oh-!” You jerked forward, flipping over the pancakes, seeing that you hadn’t burned them.  Allison laughed.

“Like to see I still distract you” She said, and you scoffed.

“Babe, you’ll always distract me” You said, and she blushed a light pink.  “Come ‘mere” You tugged on her wrist, pulling her over closer to you as you set the spatula on the counter.  You pulled her all the way against you before placing a long and sweet kiss on her lips.  “Wanna know the day’s plans?” You murmured, and she nodded.  “Well we eat this completely un-burnt and delicious breakfast together” 

“So far so good”

“Then we get dressed and ready for the day, and head to your favorite cafe on Beacon Ave, meeting all of our friends- and Liam” She chuckled.  You sure were Stiles’ twin.  “We hang around there for a while.. then we all head to Lydia’s for a few extra hours of festivities.  Drinking, games, presents… I do believe a cake was mentioned” Allison giggled.

“Red velvet?”

“You bet your cute little ass it’s red velvet” You said, and she laughed again, giving you a quick kiss.  “And then… after Lydia’s.. I was thinking we just come back here” You lean in towards her ear.  “And the whole night… hot…birthday… sex” You murmured, and Allison broke into a big grin as you leaned away and went back to your pancake flipping.

“God, I love you”

After an un-burnt, and quite delicious you might add, breakfast, you and Allison got ready for the day.  Her in a stunning maroon fitted sweater and light jeans.  She zipped up tall brown boots and her hair was left in their natural curls that you loved so much.  She grabbed her leather jacket at the door, because she was Allison Argent.  (there was a Chinese ring dagger in each boot as well, but you knew better than to argue with her about that).

You were wearing a striped vintage looking tee shirt with short overalls.  Accompanied with a messy bun and converse.  Your short overalls were Allison’s favorite, loving the way it showed off your long legs.  You caught her licking her lips as you grabbed your purse from the closet.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer” You winked before you both headed outside to walk to the cafe.  It was really only a block away, and the California weather was beautiful.

You walked into the shop, hand in hand, both smiling widely.  The barista grinned upon seeing you.  Already getting to work on your coffees.  So… maybe you two were regulars.

It was a comfortable environment in the couch areas, your brother cracking jokes with an arm slung around Lydia.  Scott with Kira on his lap, and Malia on the couch with Liam and Hayden.  Everyone talked and laughed and wished Allison a happy birthday.  You drank a few mugs of coffee together before deciding to go back to Lydia’s.

Again, you all sat around the same people as you watched a movie.  You cuddled into Allison’s lap on the couch, Kira back in Scott’s on the other side.  Stiles and Lydia sharing a recliner, Liam and Hayden sitting on the floor in front of the couch.  Malia got her own seat.

Somewhere, maybe an hour into the movie, you’d nuzzled your head into her shoulder.  Looking up at her, and she gave you a soft and sweet kiss.

“I love you” You whispered, and she kissed you again, holding her arms around you.  You rested your forehead into the crook of her neck once more.

“I love you more” She whispered back, and you smiled.

“Not possible” You retorted, slowly falling into sleep.  Allison dropped her lips to brush by your ear.

“Don’t fall asleep babe” She murmured in a low voice.  She nibbled gently on your earlobe.  “You still owe me hot sex” 

You just smirked.

hbd crystal reed!
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Okay, so wolfpackbliss and I watched “Hansel & Gretel - Witch Hunters” and our brains took off on a TW AU tangent and the world has to suffer the consequences of our brainchild. omg please don’t mind the horrible sketch above I couldn’t NOT provide visual imagery but I didn’t have the time to make it good.

So, basically, one night step-siblings Scott&Stiles are woken up by their mommy Melissa, and accompanied by their dad John in the deep, dark forest. John promises to be back for the kids, but he never, ever returns.
Cold, scared, alone, Scott and Stiles clutch each other’s hand and wander deeper into the woods, barefoot and trembling in their thin nightclothes.
They walk, walk and walk until they stumble upon the Gingerbread house, where lives Peter Hale the Candy Witch. (what? it’s how it’s called in the credits section in the wikipedia page!!).

Peter Hale forces Scott to eat more and more candy and Stiles to prepare the oven. But as the wicked witch prepares to cook poor lil’ Scott, Stiles manages to outsmart him, and Peters gets roasted in his own oven. 
Skip fifteen years: Scott&Stiles become renowned witch hunters. They are both somewhat immune to magic, but the incident in the gingerbread house has left Scott diabetic.
Mayor Deaton of Beacon hires the Witch Hunters to rescue about a dozen of children kidnapped by witches. The two arrive in town just in time to save Allison Argent from behind burned at the stake as a suspect of Wtichcraft, much for the delight of their die-hard Fangirl, Kira Yukimura.
Scott&Stiles search the woods, find the Evil Witch Jennifer. They kill her and steal from her a sort of astronomical/astral map that reveals the witches’ plan: Peter The Candy Witch has long since been resurrected by a strange child immune to magic, Lydia Martin. And now Peter, along with his coven Members, Kate and Gerard Argent, plans to sacrifice the missing children in three days time, under the light of the Blood Moon.
Scott&Stiles, along with the Mayor’s Deputy Chris, Allison’s Dad, go back into the woods again and manage to capture one of Peter’s coven. That same night though, Peter and his other acolite, along with a monstrous Wolfbeast with ruby-red eyes that Peter calls “nephew”, attack the little town of Beacon, kidnapping the last girl needed for the sacrifices.
Scott and Stiles are separated in the mayhem. Scott is rescued by Allison, whom he’s falling in love with, while Stiles is found, attacked, unjustly arrested beaten and almost… something else, by the wicked town Sheriff, Adrian Harris, and his men. Stiles thinks he’s done for, when a tremendous roar surges from deeper into the woods, making the trees shake like windswept leaves. The Wolfbeast crashes through the underbrush, fangs dripping, eyes blazing, claws out and ready to strike. He makes a carnage of Stiles’s attackers, and rescues to boy, carrying him to a secluded hella romantic waterfall where he tends to his wounds.
In the end, Scott&Stiles reunite, they discover that their mom was a Spark, or White Witch, just like Allison; that Beacon hills is their hometown and that the villagers they’re trying to protect burner her the night our two heroes were left in the woods as kids. They also discover that Stiles is a Spark by blood, and that Peter needs him as the final sacrifice. Peter manages to overpower Stiles and takes him away to his coven’s lair.
Kira, Allison and Scott rush to the rescue, but the greatest help comes from the Wolfbeast itself, which seems to be completely smitten with Stiles. The Wolfbeast is severely wounded during the rescue mission, and falls of a cliff. Stiles rushes after him, but what he finds at the bottom of the ravine is not his furry friend, but the gorgeous Derek Hale, a cursed young man who is under the thrall of Peter and his Coven.
Scott, Kira, Allison follow Peter (and Kate?) to the burned out remains of the gingerbread house. The witches are killed and their remains burned, but Allison gives her life to save Scott.
In the end, Scott, Stiles, Derek and Kira embark on a journey to exterminate all the evil witches.

a mix for the vast eternity above us

01. kaiser chiefs – man on mars  //  02. james blake – the wilhelm scream  //  03. kraftwerk – spacelab  //  04. lykke li – no rest for the wicked  //  05. burning hotels – allison  //  06. blue foundation – eyes on fire (zeds dead remix)  //  07. jamie woon – night air  //  08. the black keys – mind eraser  //  09. starkey ft. charli xcx – lost in space  //  10. muse – supermassive black hole  //  11. polia – wandering star  //  12. the national – looking for astronauts  //  13. kids of 88 – universe  //  14. moby – we are all made of stars  //  15. the xx – infinity  //  16. the strokes – on the other side  //  17. pink floyd – eclipse
listen // cover // part one


You used to be someone who did
                                    the               r i g h t 

                    thing. House has 
                                           Do you think it’s all been for the better?

I also want to see people discuss Tex critically, but I only want people who LOVE AND ADORE Tex to do it, and only because they LOVE AND ADORE HER

Special Friends: Chapter Seven

Hello lovelies, have a chapter of Special Friends! As always, I live for your feedback, so let me know what you think, what you wanna read next and any other ideas you may have!

The week passed with no supernatural occurrences and classes that numbed even Lydia’s mind. She was restless, on edge - and it had nothing to do with the usual dangers she felt. Valentines Day had rendered her incapable of functioning normally.
Her thoughts, both in school and at home, were filled with her best friend’s lips. And hands, and fingers… and tongue.

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