allison burns

Standing on the Edge|| Aether

I still have dreams of you at night
I can’t tell the dark from light
I never thought I’d be
The one you’d leave behind

But I will fight until the day the world stops turning
And they will fall to ashes, I will just keep burning

Allison watched the sun beginning to dip beneath the horizon. Stray streaks of magenta swirled the impending indigo sky. She shrugged to her feet, feeling the grime of mud caked up on her skin. The rust colored gash burned from the contact but she had to keep moving. The rustling sounds of leaves disoriented the young huntress, her fingers cocked on the ill tempered trigger. Her heartbeat echoed in her ears reminding her of the impending doom. Allison’s feet worked sloppily beneath her as she’d dipped between the thick foliage to collect herself. 

This is a dream. Just wake up.

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Okay, so wolfpackbliss and I watched “Hansel & Gretel - Witch Hunters” and our brains took off on a TW AU tangent and the world has to suffer the consequences of our brainchild. omg please don’t mind the horrible sketch above I couldn’t NOT provide visual imagery but I didn’t have the time to make it good.

So, basically, one night step-siblings Scott&Stiles are woken up by their mommy Melissa, and accompanied by their dad John in the deep, dark forest. John promises to be back for the kids, but he never, ever returns.
Cold, scared, alone, Scott and Stiles clutch each other’s hand and wander deeper into the woods, barefoot and trembling in their thin nightclothes.
They walk, walk and walk until they stumble upon the Gingerbread house, where lives Peter Hale the Candy Witch. (what? it’s how it’s called in the credits section in the wikipedia page!!).

Peter Hale forces Scott to eat more and more candy and Stiles to prepare the oven. But as the wicked witch prepares to cook poor lil’ Scott, Stiles manages to outsmart him, and Peters gets roasted in his own oven. 
Skip fifteen years: Scott&Stiles become renowned witch hunters. They are both somewhat immune to magic, but the incident in the gingerbread house has left Scott diabetic.
Mayor Deaton of Beacon hires the Witch Hunters to rescue about a dozen of children kidnapped by witches. The two arrive in town just in time to save Allison Argent from behind burned at the stake as a suspect of Wtichcraft, much for the delight of their die-hard Fangirl, Kira Yukimura.
Scott&Stiles search the woods, find the Evil Witch Jennifer. They kill her and steal from her a sort of astronomical/astral map that reveals the witches’ plan: Peter The Candy Witch has long since been resurrected by a strange child immune to magic, Lydia Martin. And now Peter, along with his coven Members, Kate and Gerard Argent, plans to sacrifice the missing children in three days time, under the light of the Blood Moon.
Scott&Stiles, along with the Mayor’s Deputy Chris, Allison’s Dad, go back into the woods again and manage to capture one of Peter’s coven. That same night though, Peter and his other acolite, along with a monstrous Wolfbeast with ruby-red eyes that Peter calls “nephew”, attack the little town of Beacon, kidnapping the last girl needed for the sacrifices.
Scott and Stiles are separated in the mayhem. Scott is rescued by Allison, whom he’s falling in love with, while Stiles is found, attacked, unjustly arrested beaten and almost… something else, by the wicked town Sheriff, Adrian Harris, and his men. Stiles thinks he’s done for, when a tremendous roar surges from deeper into the woods, making the trees shake like windswept leaves. The Wolfbeast crashes through the underbrush, fangs dripping, eyes blazing, claws out and ready to strike. He makes a carnage of Stiles’s attackers, and rescues to boy, carrying him to a secluded hella romantic waterfall where he tends to his wounds.
In the end, Scott&Stiles reunite, they discover that their mom was a Spark, or White Witch, just like Allison; that Beacon hills is their hometown and that the villagers they’re trying to protect burner her the night our two heroes were left in the woods as kids. They also discover that Stiles is a Spark by blood, and that Peter needs him as the final sacrifice. Peter manages to overpower Stiles and takes him away to his coven’s lair.
Kira, Allison and Scott rush to the rescue, but the greatest help comes from the Wolfbeast itself, which seems to be completely smitten with Stiles. The Wolfbeast is severely wounded during the rescue mission, and falls of a cliff. Stiles rushes after him, but what he finds at the bottom of the ravine is not his furry friend, but the gorgeous Derek Hale, a cursed young man who is under the thrall of Peter and his Coven.
Scott, Kira, Allison follow Peter (and Kate?) to the burned out remains of the gingerbread house. The witches are killed and their remains burned, but Allison gives her life to save Scott.
In the end, Scott, Stiles, Derek and Kira embark on a journey to exterminate all the evil witches.


You used to be someone who did
                                    the               r i g h t 

                    thing. House has 
                                           Do you think it’s all been for the better?

a mix for the vast eternity above us

01. kaiser chiefs – man on mars  //  02. james blake – the wilhelm scream  //  03. kraftwerk – spacelab  //  04. lykke li – no rest for the wicked  //  05. burning hotels – allison  //  06. blue foundation – eyes on fire (zeds dead remix)  //  07. jamie woon – night air  //  08. the black keys – mind eraser  //  09. starkey ft. charli xcx – lost in space  //  10. muse – supermassive black hole  //  11. polia – wandering star  //  12. the national – looking for astronauts  //  13. kids of 88 – universe  //  14. moby – we are all made of stars  //  15. the xx – infinity  //  16. the strokes – on the other side  //  17. pink floyd – eclipse
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I also want to see people discuss Tex critically, but I only want people who LOVE AND ADORE Tex to do it, and only because they LOVE AND ADORE HER

Special Friends: Chapter Seven

Hello lovelies, have a chapter of Special Friends! As always, I live for your feedback, so let me know what you think, what you wanna read next and any other ideas you may have!

The week passed with no supernatural occurrences and classes that numbed even Lydia’s mind. She was restless, on edge - and it had nothing to do with the usual dangers she felt. Valentines Day had rendered her incapable of functioning normally.
Her thoughts, both in school and at home, were filled with her best friend’s lips. And hands, and fingers… and tongue.

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