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Do you know any fics where one of them gets jealous? P.s. I absolutely love your tumblr! :)

Hey :)

Thank you so much! I planned on making this short but like when does that ever happen :p So here are some jealous!derek fics and there are jealous!stiles fics here and in case you missed it the mutual pining fics are also a good time :)

Coaches Cupcake Coffee House by  ChildOfTheRevolution | 4.8K

Danny looked at him as if he were crazy, ‘It means he wants to ride the dick Stiles.’ He said slowly, as if talking to the mentally insane.

‘Ride the dick, my dick?’ Stiles asked weakly.

‘Figuratively speaking of course, Derek looks more like a topper to me. And you, my friend, are a twink of the most twinkiest standards, but I’m not one to judge.’

so, hey, let’s be friends. by  standinginanicedress | 29.5K

Stiles has been fucking obsessed with famous werewolf author Derek Hale since he was fifteen years old and the first book came out. Like, embarrassingly obsessed. Like, had a poster of the guy hanging up on the wall above his bed, obsessed. When Hale moved back to Beacon Hills, Stiles just figured he’d hole himself up in his rebuilt mansion, writing his fourth book, never to fulfill Stiles’ endless daydreams about running into him and having the alpha fall madly in love with him.

It’s completely fucking improbable and nonsensical, would never happen in a million years, so of course Stiles somehow winds up in a no-strings-attached agreement with his literary idol, all while eating chicken McNuggets out of his pocket at random intervals and plotting the demise of the McFlurry mixer.

Lunch and Pinatas by  literaryoblivion | 1.5K

After Derek becomes a deputy, he notices Stiles coming around a lot and hanging out with Deputy Parrish. And yeah, he’s kind of jealous because he thought he and Stiles might have had… something.

He Gets Me High by  talktowater | 11.5K

Stiles and Derek act like a couple. But they’re not. Seriously! Derek has a boyfriend and Stiles has a girlfriend. They’re just friends, overly-attached and possessive friends, but that’s it. Right?

and i can easily understand, how easily you could take my man by bleep0bleep | 1.9K

“Your smile is like a breath of spring, your voice is soft like summer rain, and I cannot compete with you, Jordan…”

The voice drifts along the hallway of the loft building, a clear tenor that’s rich with sorrow. Stiles stops in his tracks, is that…Derek? Singing a country song, twangs and all. It sounds good though. He must be still drunk, he’s not even getting the song right.

A Start by  Inell | 1.4K

Derek’s acting like a jealous boyfriend. The only issue? He and Stiles aren’t dating.

Theory of Overprotective Canines by  rosepetals42 | 11.7K

Stiles is totally looking forward to living alone in his super cool apartment off-campus. He is. He is also very excited to bike to school every day, ready to set up an awesome game room, and definitely over his crush on Derek Hale. Completely over it.

Or at least he is until Derek decides he’s moving in with him. And then turns out to be the perfect roommate. And then starts attending all his classes. As a wolf.

This is not going according to plan.

Deputy Derek Hale, Alpha by  eldee | 12.6K

Deputy Derek Hale has recently become an alpha, and that changes things for him. Now that he’s back after a leave of absence, he’s hoping to get what he and Stiles had almost-started back on track. The thing is, it seems Stiles is going through some changes of his own and Derek’s not sure how he fits.

Little Red Riding Hood (you sure are looking good) by  aohatsu | 10.2K

Stiles hangs out with werewolves. Stiles dresses up as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. It’s supposed to be ironic.

I’ll Wait Up For You, Dear by  WhoNatural | 5.4K

Derek is the Uber driver who always seems to be up when Stiles needs a ride home from work.

On The Job Training by  suzvoy | 21.1K

Stiles finally gets the practical experience he’s been looking for. It’s safe to say it doesn’t happen even remotely the way he was expecting. AKA, pretend boyfriends! With a twist!

I Wanna Take You To A- by  twentysomething | 5.1K

“He doesn’t like to think he’s following orders, but he does slink away to the bar, where he thinks it’s marginally quieter. At least it sounds like Ale-ale-jandro isn’t right in his ear, anyway. Stiles sighs. He’d already texted Scott from the car and gotten back ‘srry w allison bro derek gve me nite off.’”


“No, no, no, no,” her voice is panicked and he is trying to reassure her that he is fine, but I see the blood starting to seep into his shirt. I know he’s not bleeding out, but given enough time, he might. Even if he doesn’t, there might still be a lot of damage done. I’m not sure if he’s aware of this, but every time he tries to calm her down, she flinches. She blames herself. We’re similar people in this regard – it’s easier to deal with someone’s anger than their forgiveness.

“We need to get Yulian to a hospital,” she says, smoothing down his hair and moving it away from his face. It’s weird to see her act tenderly, given what we’ve just done. The people we’ve killed.

“No, no hospitals,” he says and leans his head against her and she flinches again.

Rico turns and looks down at Yulian, his face painted with smug satisfaction. “We can’t leave yet. We’re supposed to go through the place and clear the offices, too. And I’m not leaving all this money just because your boyfriend got shot.”

“I didn’t say to leave the money,” Emilia snaps, “but we need to take him in to get treated.”

“If he’s alive when we’re finished, we will,” Rico says, he looks like he’s enjoying this. Yulian had told me about threatening him to leave when they were on that stakeout. I guess the man holds a grudge. My friend stares back with a bored expression. I’ve learned over the years that when he meets a confrontation with that stance, he’s planning something nasty. If I gave a shit about Rico, I’d almost feel sorry for him.

“Man, you know there’s not gonna be shi-“ Robbie started but closed his mouth when Rico turned to glare at him.

“No, we’re going through those offices. Did anyone say anything when Chuey got shot? I bet his body is still out where he fell. I didn’t stop. He was my friend. So why the fuck would I stop what I’m doing to save that Ruso motherfucker on the floor there?

Emilia stands and draws her pistol. Yulian hisses something – probably to tell her not to fucking do that – “I’m taking him out now,” she says and, for a moment, I don’t know who’s she’s talking to.

The other man doesn’t look afraid, “I’ll put a bullet in his head now. One less person to share money with. I’ll even be your partner afterward - I know how you like to fuck ‘em. You’ll be happier with me, I’ve got a huge dick.”

Her answer is to rack the slide of the pistol she’s holding. Shit, shit.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I step in the middle with my hands spread upward, praying that this doesn’t escalate further. They’ll kill both Yulian and Emilia together and probably me, too, because I’m their friend. “Let’s just take a deep breath for a fucking minute here, you guys are going to get blood all over my money,” I say, in a half-assed attempt to lighten the mood.

“Of course you’d jump in, can’t have the only person that can’t speak Spanish aside from you die, Flaca?” I clench my jaw shut. I would not react to this but it still stung – I hated being reminded, hated that I’d been treated as an outsider by people that I’ve grown up with. I couldn’t help how my mother raised me and, really, my only other option to make money as young as I had been when I got into the game was to be pimped out. No fucking thanks, better to swallow this shit than some gross old man’s load.

“You understand then,” I shrugged.

“We’re not fucking going yet and I’ll be damned if that bitch dictates what we do.” Rico’s reaching for his piece now and my breath catches, shit, we’re going to die here.

“How do you think Fermin would react if he found out you killed his spy? The one that keeps the cops off of him? I think that’d be very bad for you and your entire family,” comes another voice from behind and relief washes over me.

“I wasn’t going to kill her, Chino. Just the asshole – if he’s dead we can keep going.”

“He was sitting across from the Boss at the last meeting, I don’t think that would be a good idea either,” Gene responds, a pissed look on his face. I wonder if he caught that bit about Emi fucking her partners.

Rico sucks the air between his teeth, he hadn’t considered that.

“I’ll take them, you guys can go finish what we need to do here. Take the money to Fermin and get the credit.”

Rico rolls his eyes, “Whatever.”

I grab a big duffle bag of money on the way out behind Gene and Emilia who are supporting Yulian into the narrow hallway. Gene looks at the bag questioningly, “Asshole Tax,” I explain. No one says anything as we go to Gene’s car but I’m starting to feel dread settle in. I’m fucked. Yulian, Emi, and Gene are safe because they’re in demand by the bosses. I don’t have that luxury. Even if they swung for me and got the bosses to be okay with what I did, I know I’m done with the others because I chose the outsiders over them. Maybe I’ll have enough money to move to Windenburg and I’ll be able to get a job with the Volkov’s.

We get in the car and Emilia is still fussing over Yulian. The little shit is eating it up. Gene is watching it through the rearview mirror, J Cole’s Dreams playing on the stereo. Petty. All of this mess was his fuck up, not theirs. “Eyes on the road, Chino,” I remind him and he makes a face.

“All right, Flaca.”

It almost feels like old times.


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okay,,, this is low key crack but, neil loving those Dramatique reality shows like real housewives or americas next top model and shit where its just a bunch of petty ppl and he and allison love watching them together and talking shit abt all of them (andrew does not see the appeal while renee is quietly amused)

crack ?? um neil and allison are the cattiest bitches in class I exy they would be hypocrites if they couldn’t appreciate their fellow catty bitches. this is their bonding time like after allison takes neil shopping 100% their guilty pleasure is to sit back with some burgers and watch these kinds of shows 


John Densmore’s most iconic tweets 

I always feel bad for Nicky in literally any Kandreil fic because like?? where is he?? do they kick him out of the dorm all the time ? does he move in with Matt and Aaron??? Is he in the room WITH THEM, trying to sleep, kinda turned on by Kevin and Neil but also silently weeping because Andrew????
?? ??????
how does the poor boy survive those 3 ??

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Can I request some fic recs that center on Isaac? I guess the pairing doesn't matter too much, but I've been missing him lately. I know that you mainly do recs for Sterek, but might you have any for Isaac?

sure thing! more ships under the read more

gen fics

  • This Doesn’t Have To Hurt by metisket (T, 4k) Melissa isn’t sure how she accidentally adopted a teenager, but she’s confident that somehow, it’s all Stiles Stilinski’s fault.
  • Picking Up Strays by peroxidepest17 (Not Rated, 12k) Stiles has an idea named Isaac and the Sheriff has to deal with it.
  • Primae Noctis by dsudis (T, 4k) The rest of the night of Isaac’s first full moon.
  • look at the crystal moon by nokomis (T, 3k) Five hugs that Isaac gets from his pack.
  • Nine People Looking Into the Darkness of Space by GoddessofBirth (T, 1k) In which Isaac accidentally steals Stiles’ best friend, and Isaac and Stiles are not friends. No matter what Isaac thinks.
  • Making Space by GoddessofBirth (T, 1k) When everything settles down a bit, Scott decides they should invite Isaac to start hanging out with them. Isaac could use some friends, and not to brag, but he and Stiles are pretty much the best friends to have, ever. Pure, pure fluff, where everybody lives through the finale, nothing hurts, and Stiles and Scott and Isaac become best bros.

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I kind of lost interest in TW fanfic a while back, but I'm really getting into it again. Do you have any fic recs for stories where Stiles and Allison are bros?

Naughty Hookers (Swathed in Wool) by pprfaith

Runes and all kinds of things by FeelingsDusk

When You Are No Longer Usefull by T J Feardorcha (MonsterTesk)

Road Trips Were Made For Emergency Playlists by mysecretashes

Unbalanced ‘verse by Sapphy

Even When You’re Gone by quelling

Step Up/Dance AU bc I’m sucker for those

  • Andrew, Aaron and Nicky are leaving together after Tilda died and the Hemmicks kicked Nicky out for being gay
  • Andrew is a sight when he dances, the dancefloor an only place where he feels something.
  • All three work in Eden’s Twilight and when they are not working they’re partying there

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Any dirty dancing type stories. Love your blog

Hey! I only know a couple dirty dancing AUs but here are also some club type fics in case that’s what you were wanting :)

feel the magic between you and I by  stilinskisparkles | 11.4K

“See?” Derek holds his arms out, “Everything’s working out great for you, and I still have no dance partner,” he turns to Erica, “Face it, no one is as good as you.”

“We still have one more,” she sing songs.

Derek peers over to the list, flinches when he sees Stiles’ name, “No.”

“You haven’t even seen me dance, and you’re already dismissing me?” Stiles sails into the room, tossing his bag in the corner as he does so and doing a dramatic spin to face them. “I got moves.”

Certain Kind of Fool by  saraubs | 36.5K

Derek, who has been dragged against his will to the same resort his family visits every summer, is determined to spend the next two and a half months sequestered in his room. His only friend, his sister Laura, is preoccupied with her newly-bonded mate, and doesn’t seem to care about anything but making him happy.

When Derek meets Stiles Stilinski, a sharp-tongued waiter, he thinks that this summer might not be a complete waste of time. There are only two problems: First, Stiles is human. Second, he doesn’t believe in mates.

This You and Me Thing by  Cousin Shelley (CousinShelley) | 14K

Stiles is perceptive, Scott is a mother hen, Erica dances, Boyd is Zen, Danny is smitten, Matt is nervous, Jungle staff really need to learn to spot fake IDs, and Derek absolutely does not dance.

I Wanna Take You To A- by  twentysomething | 5.1K

“He doesn’t like to think he’s following orders, but he does slink away to the bar, where he thinks it’s marginally quieter. At least it sounds like Ale-ale-jandro isn’t right in his ear, anyway. Stiles sighs. He’d already texted Scott from the car and gotten back ‘srry w allison bro derek gve me nite off.’”

One Night Pancakes by  literaryoblivion | 5.6K

Derek loves his kids. He does. But… every once in a while he needs a break from them. It’s natural. It’s totally fine. He needs some “me” time occasionally. It’s allowed, okay?

At least this is what he keeps telling himself when he drops the kids and their overnight bags off at his older sister Laura’s house.