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the worst feeling is when you are watching a tv show you got spoiled a few times and a character that you know dies appears and you’re like “this is it. this is how I’m gonna love them and get my heart ripped off”


stories i probably will never write :: harriet winchester

  Harriet Winchester never knew how it was like to live a normal life. She was just so used to traveling and going from one city to another, making friends and then leaving them. This felt like her version of normal.

Martha Adams wanted, to tell the truth about everything and why her last name was Winchester in the first place (Mainly it has to do with the fact she hast to bring up Dean and their relationship and that still ends up including supernatural world) but it was too dangerous. Too dangerous that she never expected to come back home to her daughter being possessed by a demon.

    The only way she could get back her daughter was by making a deal with a crossroad demon and even then the demon gave her two weeks to live.

    So the next time Harriet woke up, she didn’t expect to see her mother being taken by hellhounds and move in Men of Letters bunker with Sam and Dean Winchester.

As I have been wanting to make this blog more fandom diverse, I thought I should make a list of fandoms I am willing to write for. If you don’t see a fandom on here that you like then just shoot me an ask and I’ll see what I can do for you!


Once Upon a Time

The Walking Dead

Game of Thrones

Criminal Minds

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit



Scream (MTV)

Star Trek (reboot)

Teen Wolf

The 100

The Vampire Diaries

*If you want anything specific that you don’t see here, feel free to ask*