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some fox hcs bc i’m sick and it’s all i’ve been thinking about:

  • when they have movie nights, allison and matt have a competition to see who can catch more popcorn in their mouths. allison always wins so matt just throws popcorn at her without even letting her catch it
  • they all go team grocery shopping after finding out neil has never had at least 50% of the junk food they all grew up on
  • renee takes up crocheting and makes them all fox print patterned socks. they wear them every movie night(even andrew)
  • nicky gets homesick sometimes and when he does he makes a lot of the traditional dishes his mom would and the foxes eat all of it even though they literally saw nicky chopping raw jalapenos earlier
  • allison and dan are real housewives fanatics and they will kill a man to get to the tv. kevin still has the scars on his arm from where allison nearly clawed his arm off for trying to change the tv
  • the foxes do charity dog washing at a nearby pet shelter and neil literally almost gets smothered by the biggest dog there and that’s when the foxes find out neil is the biggest dog magnet
  • nicky makes the mistake of teaching andrew to bake and he never leaves the kitchen. but the tower always smells like vanilla so that’s a bonus
  • neil cannot cook for shit and i’m standing by this until i die. he tried making cup noodles in the dorm microwave and matt came back to a small fire and a calm neil just watching the fire blaze
  • neil twists his ankle falling down some stairs and matt uses this as an excuse to bridal carry him everywhere
  • “do i even weigh anything to you?”  “no, it’s like holding a couple of grapes.”
  • allison and neil take exactly 5 hours every saturday to go shopping, get facials, gossip. allison has video proof of neil sitting on a lounge chair with his whole face covered in a cucumber face mask, sipping lemon water, and getting his nails done. he looks right into her camera and in the most deadpan voice says “ah yes, the bourgeoisie.” the video ends with allison snickering and dropping her phone 
  • whenever anyone is late to practice they have to go on a run with neil and every time they fall behind is a lap they have to do at the next practice. no one is late again after kevin comes back from a run and passes the fuck out
  • the foxes went to disney world once and lost andrew. they don’t speak of it ever again. 
  • matt when asked by some sexist reporter why he listens to what the girls tell him to do: dan’s my girlfriend, renee could kill me, and allison has enough dirt on me to ruin my life until i die. also i respect them more than your crusty ass so that’s there as well. next question?
  • (matt isn’t allowed to do press duty for the next week after that)
  • kevin, five drinks in and nearing tipsy: if renee ever became a villian we’d all be screwed
  • the rest of the foxes except for renee and andrew: AMEN
  • casual cheek kisses are a thing among the foxes but no one kisses neil around andrew unless they want to lose a toe
  • it isn’t a question if whether or not a drunk kevin has acidentally called andrew “aaron”, it’s whether or not kevin actually made it out alive
  • nicky matt, and neil all have a shared exasperation for White People Food
  • neil and renee have been banned from nearly evershopping center within 50 miles of palmetto bc they wouldn’t stop throwing the knives to test how sharp they were
  • aaron and andrew play pokemon against each other(even tho andrew is more partial to acnl) and andrew manages to beat aaron’s entire team with just a jigglypuff and no one knows how he did it
  • once neil got really drunk and before he went to bed he kissed everyone’s foreheads(aaron left right after neil kissed renee’s) like his mom used to do to him before she went to sleep and it left everyone in shock
That what friends are for - Peter Hale x Reader

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Pairing: Peter x Reader

Prompt: Derek comes to you when he has concerns about Cora, Peter decides to tag along for his own amusement. Shopping, Seduction and Sexiness ensues!

Warnings: Explicit smut. BECAUSE I CAN! Muah! :* Love you guys!


You turned over in your bed, trying to get comfortable but having no luck. After being laid there for over an hour you gave up. You sat up with a huff opening your laptop you decided to scroll through Tumblr. You got bored after half an hour and decided to look at some NSFW posts. You tilted your head as you saw the first post, you stare at the girl who had stockings on, no panties and a lacy bra. Her hands were tied with black silk and he eyes were covered with the same material. The man was licking from her pussy to her ass. Gotta love Tumblr you thought, you bit your lip and continued scrolling, after about half an hour you decided to watch a film.

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Friendly reminder that, before Liam held Hayden’s dead body,
before Scott held Allison in his arms as she died, and before
we saw how Derek had held Paige in his arms before giving
her a quick death, there was Lydia Martin, who watched her
first love die in front of her, not once…

but twice in the same night.

Lydia Martin who felt the death of her best friend that she tried to save

and the following night felt the death of her new boyfriend.

The girl who saw her banshee grandmother try to lobotomize herself…

The girl that heard her grandmother’s last breaths,
trying to save her banshee granddaughter from her
same fate of ending up alone and insane…

Before you talk about the poor babies losing their first love…
don’t forget the girl who lost everything she loved.

Including herself.

Baby Daddies

Requested: idk why but i’m having some serious baby fever. could you something with a character(s) of your choosing with kids that’s super fluffy and amazing like the rest of your writing?

(you have two children with two different baby daddies lol bye) 

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski x Reader, Issac Lahey x Reader 

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I Have This Kink - Part Two

Pairing: Stiles x reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1937

Author’s Note: So, I hope you guys enjoy this because I honestly don’t know how I feel about it lol. Thanks to @mf-despair-queen and @dumbass-stilinski for looking this over for me. You guys da best.

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Teen Wolf Imagine- What Happened to Y/N? (Part3)

Part1   Part2   Part4

Author’s Note- Guess What’s coming back after pretty much a year, I know I suck. The Third part to this series, HIGHLY SUGGEST reading part 1 and 2 if you already have because I’ve made slight alterations and it’s going to get complicated, enjoy x

Lydia’s Pov

“Look, I’m sorry for not telling you guys sooner. I just didn’t want to break Y/n’s trust” Lydia spoke quietly. “Lyd, you did nothing wrong, she asked you to keep a secret and you stuck to your word” Allison reassured, rubbing her arm for comfort. “How long was it going on for?” Scott asked, pacing back and forth his livingroom.”Not very long, a few months maybe” she answered truthfully. “Are you sure you want to hear about this?” Stiles asked, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. “No, but if it means finding my sister I’ll do anything” he stated. “She didn’t mean to tell me- it just kind of slipped out one day” she began. Scott let out a small sigh, and flashed her a sympathetic smile. “I’m not angry at you, and I don’t think it’s your fault in the slightest. I just need to know all the possible facts to try and find her” Scott crouched beside her, sensing the guilt and upset radiating from her. She nod her head slowly and gave a weak smile back, as tears began to well in her eyes. She had been holding onto them for so long that they chose that exact moment to make an appearance. Scott reached to hold her hand for added comfort, as she began to tell her side of the story.

It was a few weeks ago, at the seasonal party the sports players would throw to celebrate all of their achievements. Your brother and friends being on the Lacrosse team earned you an automatic invite each time. It was basically just another excuse for the Beacon Hills High jocks and friends to get wasted. You decided to go over to Lydia’s to finish getting ready, because you two are both usually an hour late and the rest of the pack end up having to wait around for you. “Heyy” you beamed, as she opened the front door. “Someone seems very happy” She laughed, as you walked in. “That is becauseee” you anticipated, before showing her the bottle of alcohol in your hand. “Y/n, are you encouraging the participation of underage drinking?” Lydia faked a gasp. “It appears I am” you laughed, as you headed up to her room. “How much have you already had?” she asked, shaking her head with a smile. “A few shots, maybe more” you shrugged, flopping onto her bed. “We’re going to be wasted before we even get there” she claimed, taking the bottle and taking a large drink of it. “That’s the point, we get there an hour later but we don’t need to catch up with everyone else’s drinking” you educated. “Y/n most of our friends are supernatural and cant even get drunk, your brother being one of them” she laughed. “Oh yeah” you giggled. “I’m almost ready, so I’ll do your makeup for you to save time” she said, fixing her neckless in the mirror. It took her about 45 minutes or so, giving you time to sober up a bit more. “Why do you keep smiling like that?” she asked, while applying the finishing touches. You smiled and looked up at her, “Guess who I’m hooking up with” you slurred slightly, with a mischievous grin.

“Wait, so were they just hooking up, or were they dating?” Allison asked, edging forward. “She never said” Lydia shrugged, shaking her head. “Did you ever ask her?” Stiles questioned. “No, she didn’t really like to talk about it that much, so I didn’t ask questions” she answered. “I cant believe he still hasn’t come forward” Allison mumbled. “It’s the first thing he should have done” Lydia agreed. Scott stood staring at the ground in thought, he didn’t really know how to feel right now. “I need to talk to him” Scott eventually spoke. “I think you should wait a bit, give yourself time to take it in” Stiles suggested rationally. “Do you know anything else, anything at all?” Allison quickly asked. “Ermm- the pep rally. He was the last one of us to see her” she suddenly remembered, widening her eyes. “Wait- what?” Stiles asked. “We were dancing with her, and then she disappeared” Allison said, looking at her quizzically. “I saw him staring at her from over the crowd, the next time I looked he was walking off with her following” the image was a little fuzzy due to her being slightly intoxicated back then. “Are you sure?” Allison asked. “I’m sure” she claimed. “We need to find him, now!” Scott said firmly. Everyone stood up, as he grabbed his jacket. “Scott wait, you need time to cool down” Stiles tried to diffuse. “We need to talk about it, before we make any decisions” Allison added. Scott swung the door open, almost crashing into someone on the way out.

“Woah” Isaac said, by the sudden movement. “Scott are you okay?” he asked, as the other three made their way over to the door. “My sister” Scott growled. “You know don’t you” he said, looking down. “Yeah I know” he said between gritted teeth, eyes glowing red. “Let him explain” Allison said, pushing past and standing in-between them both. Scott’s rage came second, to the grounding of his anchor, as his eyes faded back to brown. They all walked back inside the house, taking a seat on the sofas. Isaac put his head in his hands, slightly tugging on his curls in frustration. “Why?” was all Scott managed to say. “It wasn’t planned, we just started kissing one day and one thing led to another and it became a regular arrangement” he justified. “Oh god” Stiles murmured, sensing the awkwardness himself. “You like her don’t you” Lydia pointed out. Isaac glanced at Scott, before gently nodding his head. “Do you know how she feels about you?” Allison asked. “No, I couldn’t tell if she liked me or if it was just for-” He began, but cut himself off. “Look I don’t know where Y/n is, I know just as much as you do” he claimed. “You were the last one to see her” Stiles stated, folding his arms. “I was also the only one to notice she was gone” he quickly fired back. “If I hadn’t texted her, then you wouldn’t have known that she went missing at the rally” he explained. He then proceeded to pull out his phone and pull up the texts. He handed his phone to Scott, who began to read them and conclude that the date and time matched up. “Why are you apologising, what did you do to her?” Scott asked, looking up at him. “We had an argument earlier on, when Lydia saw us” he stated. “Explain” Stiles imputed.

You followed Isaac into the men’s bathroom, which was empty luckily enough, before pushing the trashcan in front of it so no one else could get in. “What is the matter with you?” you asked him. “Nothing” he shrugged, not looking at you. “You have been avoiding me all day, I didn’t even know you were coming tonight until Scott told me” you complained. “I’m sorry, next time I’ll ensure to be on my phone for all hours of the day” he commented. “No Isaac, don’t make me sound petty when you know yourself that you’re being off with me” you stated. He was about to speak before there were loud knocks on the door. “Are you going to let them in? Considering it is a public bathroom and all” he asked, clearly so he didn’t have to continue with the conversation. “Not until you tell me what’s wrong” you crossed your arms. “I needdd a weee” a deep voice called from outside the door, followed by laughs. “I’ll tell you what’s wrong” he said, walking over to you. “I love you Y/n, and you don’t love me back and it is fucking killing me” he blurted out. You just sort of stood there staring at him, not sure what to do. “Isaac” was all you managed to murmur. “I’m sorry- just forget I said anything-” he suddenly said, brushing past you and out of the door. Everything seemed to feel hot, suffocating even. You then shortly walked out, pushing past the drunken boys who had chosen to fall asleep outside the toilets instead. That’s where you felt the clarity of the air.

“So you told her how you felt and she freaked out?” Lydia asked. Isaac simply dropped his head. “I’m so sorry-” Allison said, knowing how shit he must currently be feeling. Scott locked his phone and past it back to him. “I’m mad at you for doing it behind my back, but I know you wouldn’t hurt her” Scott spoke. Isaac looked up, as Scott pulled him into a man hug. He had to remember that he wasn’t the only person to lose you, when you disappeared that day. “Do you know anything else?” Stiles asked. “Well there is something, she’d lie about it every time I would ask” Isaac began. “When I’d see her she’d be covered in bruises and cuts, and sometimes she’d be hurt pretty badly” he told. “Just like when she came home that day” Scott mumbled to himself. “She’d say it was from pack training or gym class, she would always have tons of excuses lined up” Isaac furthered. “We need to find out why she kept getting injured” Stiles suggested. “And who by” Scott finished.

Hope you guys enjoyed, it Is back at last. Let me know if you enjoyed this part or are enjoying it so far. Already started on the next part, I promise you wont have to wait another year for this one x

New Girl

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1493

Author’s Note: I saw a gif of Stiles and made this cute little thing. There will most likely be a part two if people want it. Thanks to the greatest @dumbass-stilinski for editing it, telling me that one part was confusing and making me realize somethings that I wrote didn’t transform from my phone to my computer. Enjoy all!

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❍ The Youngest (The Pack x reader) ❍

Warnings : none

          “What were you thinking?! ” Derek Hale practically yelled at you.

“Derek, I’m fine” you lied.  To be honest you were a bit scared.But you didn’t want to cry in front of Derek.  You  made yourself comfortable in Derek’s loft.“If I weren’t there on time, I don’t know if you will be FINE now ” he crossed his arms. 

            You thought you could prove you are not weak and you are smart. You went out alone in woods , try to find any clues the pack’s currently stuck with but only to be chased down by few hunters.Of course,if Derek wasn’t there you’d be dead. 

             "Come on y/n, let’s get you home" he looked at your sleepy from snuggling in his couch. 

             " I’m tired" you mumbled curling up. He rolled his eyes. “yeah, that’s why I’m taking you home.Your parents must be worried “ 

              “They won’t, Iied to them that I’ll be staying at my friends’ ”  you mumbled still closing your eyes. He rolled his eyes. Being the youngest of the pack has pros and cons.“Night Der” you wouldn’t believe but the sourwolf smiled at you. 

                 You rushed to school. “Derek, come one, don’t tell Scott ” you whined. Don’t take me wrong, being Scott’s beta is fun but not all the times. “He needs to know, to make sure you won’t do it again” he spoke. 

                  "He will be lecture me to death” putting your head down,you groaned.

                  “What did I say y/n? what did I say? ” Stiles started slamming down your locker. 

                  “Y/n” You then saw Scott shook his head. Here it comes. “What were you thinking y/n?” he asked calmly. 

                   "You sound just like Derek, you and Derek have been practicing or what? “ you tried to joke. When no one laughed you closed your mouth. 

                   "I get it, Scott! ” you sighed for the hundredth time. They’ve been following you around lecturing you since you arrived to school about how you could have get hurt.

Yes, you tried to forget last night. It was actually like a nightmare, alone in the woods being chased down. Tears glistened in your eyes. No matter how much you tried you couldn’t help it. You hated yourself for crying now, they already thought you were fragile. 

              “Hey, hey… now” Stiles lifted lifted up your chin.

              “We are only trying to protect you, y/n” Scott spoke softly.“Please don’t do like that again, okay? “ 

               "Promise me? ” Scott asked. “okay ” your voice was quiet. 

               They both hugged you and left for their classes. 

                 You realised you actually never thanked Derek. You quickly grabbed your phone and dialled Derek.

         Biting your lip, you waited for him to pick up, “What’s wrong kid? You okay? ”  he sounded concerned.You wanted to yell you are not a kid but realised now not a good time. 

          “Hey Derek, I never thanked you for saving me, so… Thank you” you spoke 

          “It’s fine, don’t do that again,kiddo” with that he hung up. 

           "Sourwolf” you muttered putting your phone in your bag. 

            “y/n” you looked up to see Lydia crossing her arms , Allison looking unamused with Issac standing behind her. 

            “ Great,another lecture ” you sighed. 

        Sure, being the youngest sucked but hey it’s good to have people who genuinely cared about you. 

poetry-protest-pornography  asked:

2, 14 or 28 for the fic prompt thing! Sterek obviously, please and thank you 😚

Thank you for the prompt, dear! I picked 28. It turned out a bit silly, I hope you don’t mind!

Summary: Stiles is trying to find Scott and Allison’s new house, but he accidentally knocks on the door of their hot neighbor instead. (On AO3)

(And shout out to @inell for telling me this didn’t suck!)

It’s dark, and Stiles has poor night vision, okay? Scott had given him a thorough description of their new place, but none of those features are really helping him now.

And apparently none of the people in this neighborhood believe in porch lights. So when he knocks on the door that he thinks is red, he’s expecting Scott, or maybe Allison, to answer it.

He’s not expecting a man with immaculate stubble and brooding eyebrows to answer, ethereally backlit by his hallway light. He cocks one of those magnificent eyebrows as he leans on the door that, it turns out, is actually blue. Whoops.

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I just really like the idea of an au where the foxhole court is set in present day and Twenty One Pilots just decide to do their music video for ‘Heathens’ purely about the Foxes because they’re such a big thing and their PR say it’s a good idea etc.

  • so Wymack gets an email saying can they have the foxes for a week or so, to film them for this music video
  • Wymack is like, you can have them if they agree to it but Wymack kinda pushes the idea with the team because it’s good PR
  • so they agree but to only one week no more
  • no one is hugely enthusiastic about it because none of them are into acting or strutting around or being filmed
  • the upperclassmen are kind of excited but not that psyched
  • the monsters only agree to go because the filming people agreed to one week only of their time
  • so the cameramen are really pushed to their limit trying desperately to create this music video out of this really uncooperative grumpy sports team in one week only 
  • the week is boring because it contains a lot of just standing around and having to be around other people a lot and being yelled at by various people
  • Andrew is completely apathetic because he really doesn’t care about it at all
  • although Neil is kind of interested as to how they’re gonna pull a whole music video out of the multiple videos of the team just standing or walking around
  • after the week is over they all kind of forget about it because it wasn’t that interesting being filmed walking a round through the woods a lot
  • until Wymack calls them all into his office before practise one day and shows them the finished product on his computer
  • and it’s actually turned out surprisingly good
  • at the beginning, it shows flashes of their different faces, like dan’s eyes, then matt’s mouth, Kevin’s profile etc. all kind of in shadow
  • and then it flashes to a wide shot of all of them standing against a white wall, all with their arms crossed looking directly at the camera and terrifying
  • then it goes to them all walking along to the beat, zooming in on their feet and then moving up to a shot that shows all their side profiles at the same time as they walk to the beat and they look really fucking badass
  • and then when the first verse starts, it shows that shot of them all standing against a white wall again, but this time, they’re all in a different position; so Dan is leaning on Matt and Allison has an arm draped around Renee and Nicky has his arms back behind his head and Kevin has an exy racquet over his shoulder, dead centre, and then either side of him are Aaron and Andrew who are both still standing with their arms crossed and looking downright murderous, and Neil has his hands in his pockets next to Andrew, melancholically looking off to the side 
  • and then when there comes the line ‘you’re loving on the psychopath sitting next to you’ it has a moving shot of Andrew looking utterly bored but chilling, his face half in shadow 
  • and then on the line ‘you’re loving on the murderer sitting next to you’ it has a moving shot of Aaron’s face, glaring at the camera real intensely
  • on the last two lines of that verse, it has a shot of each of the upperclassmen smiling ominously and confidently into the camera, looking flawless and terrifying at the same time
  • and then there’s another shot of them all walking but it’s face on now, so it looks like they’re walking towards the camera
  • and on the last line 'you don’t know the half of the abuse’ it zooms in on Kevin’s face and his tattoo
  • on the line 'we don’t deal with outsiders very well’ there’s this really poignant shot of Neil standing a little apart from the others, which must have happened while they were on a lunch break or unaware of being filmed
  • and then a really lovely shot of Neil running a hand through his hair, and a couple of the others looking up over at him as he does it
  • and they have this shot of Andrew just looking Neil up and down really slowly before catching his eye
  • 'you’re loving on the freak show sitting next to you’ has a fast moving shot over all their faces
  • 'you’ll have some weird people sitting next to you’ pans out to look at all of them again
  • and then it goes in to this montage of shots of the foxes stadium
  • and on the first line of the chorus again, it has a shot of all the foxes walking on to the court for a game
  • and the during the bridge there’s a montage of the greatest violent moments of the foxes during games
  • so it builds up and has the moment of the hit or punch or whatever, right on the beat on the line 'watch it’
  • so they have one for Andrew, Matt and Neil all throwing a terrific punch and the slow mo reaction of the offending player 
  • 'why’d you come you knew you should have stayed’ shows the upperclassmen walking with all their arms around each other, laughing
  • 'I tried to warn you just to stay away’ shows Kevin gesturing to Aaron and Nicky animatedly about exy
  • 'And now they’re outside ready to bust’ shows Andrew standing just away from the group looking at something away from then camera 
  • 'It looks like you might be one of us’ the camera follows Andrew’s gaze to Neil standing with his gaze directed downwards, but his face looks really a soft, and relaxed and almost happy and he looks like he belongs 
  • and as the music dies away everyone just kind of stays quiet because it’s way better than any of them thought it could be 
  • and everyone’s surprised at how they’ve been conveyed by the music video and they all kind of walk slowly out of the office, glancing at each other, especially Neil
  • and Neil and Andrew don’t speak but their arms brush very very slightly as they walk and they both acknowledge it
  • everyone slowly gets going in practise, but everyone’s a little contemplative of how they all look now to the public but also to each other
The College Years  - Sophomore Year (Chapter 39) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Abu”

Characters: Stilies Stilinski, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Allison Argent, Liam Dunbar, Hayden Romero, Ethan, Derek Hale, Peter Hale, Malia Tate, Melissa McCall, Noah Stilinski, Cora Hale, Alan Deaton, Mason Hewitt, Theo Raeken, Zachary Pillit, Coach Bobby Finstock, Corey Bryant, Jordan Parrish, Chris Argent, Lydia Martin & Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: This is not the end of Sophomore Year but it is the end of this storyline. Phew. Thanks for sticking it out with me through it. Bet you never wanna see the word ‘rabisu’ again in your life. 

Summary: The Pack go head-to-head in the epic conclusion to the rabisu issue. or something… it’s not that epic. There is a nice cliffhanger though. Enjoy that.

Chapter Thirty-Eight - Chapter Thirty-Nine - Chapter Forty

Originally posted by stileslydias

“Just to clarify, Sylvie, you don’t think that reciting the Maqlû will kill her?” Stiles asked into the speaker of your phone, which was resting in his hand between the two of you as you both sat up in your bed, the night before the ritual was supposed to take place.

“No. I read what you sent me. Frankly, it sounds more like an offensive coven charm, than anything else.” Sylvie Reneé Ducette, the coven witch from Louisiana who brought Allison back to life only a few months before, said through the speaker.

“It offended you?” Stiles was confused.

“No, an offensive charm.. like an attack spell.” You explained quietly, rubbing your bottom lip between your thumb and index finger.

“Oui, mon chéri. It reads as if the conjuror were still alive, then the incantation would both kill him and his demons. I don’t think it will backfire and kill you… But if it does, Mieczysław knows where to find me.”

You glanced over at Stiles, and exhaled from your nose, licking your lips and shaking your head. Stiles rubbed his right hand over his face, pushing his fingertips against his temple, and glanced back at his girlfriend. The concern over your safety in performing the Maqlû did not need to be verbalized. You were both feeling it.

“Thank you, Sylvie. I appreciate your insight.” You said as you rested your chin against your hand, your elbow connected with your knee.

“De rien, Y/f/n Y/m/n. Fais attention.” Sylvie spoke in her French-creole drawl.

“Je vais.” You replied back in French.

“À bientôt.” Sylvie said before she hung up.

Stiles clicked the button on the top of your phone, locking the screen. “I hate when she says that. It always sounds like a threat.” You raised your eyebrows in agreement, and chewed on your bottom lip. “What were you guys saying at the end there? I only made out ‘you’re welcome’.” He asked.

“She told me to 'be safe’ and I said I would.”  Stiles sighed, shook his head, and wiped his thumb against your black screen. “I can see the wheels turning in your head. What are you thinking?” You asked.

“When she brought Allison back, she said that the only reason she was doing it was because it meant Gerard was dying.” You nodded, and Stiles continued, glancing over at you with his eyebrows furrowed. “So then why did she basically just offer to bring you back if something happens to you on Tuesday? Why are you important to her?”

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Little Beta(s) Chapter 30

Prompt: Liam get’s turned at an early age and he looks at you as his guardian/parent. Plus you’re dating Scott who’s always trying to look after him. (10 year gap between Liam and reader)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) Scott McCall x Reader, Derek Hale (younger and platonic) x Reader


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20- 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 -25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29

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Kevaaron fake dating au

Aaron is a biology tutor, a damn good one at that.

There’s a waiting list to get a study session with him because he’s also a busy athlete.

Because of this he usually doesn’t have weekly appointments with people they mostly just need his help cramming before a test (his speciality)

But there’s this one girl who schedules an appointment every week.

Since the second time he helped her he’s been seeing her all over campus.

At first he thought it was like when you learn a new word and start hearing it all the time.

Then he thought they must have the same major.

Then he thought she was just trying to pawn him out of his tutor fee.

But then he saw her at a Vixen party and became Worried™

He’d been talking to Katelyn about their lab report when he’d spotted her leaning against a wall in the back of the room.

She didn’t have a drink or anything other than her phone which she clutched tightly to her chest as if nervous and waiting for something.

Katelyn said she didn’t invite the girl.

Katelyns much more socially active roommate said the same.

No one aaron asked knew how shed gotten into Fox Tower since you had to have an activated key card to enter the elevator or stairs.

Normally aaron would’ve brushed off her presence as just another fame chaser but this time was different. She’d been too close too often for too long and he was beginning to get very nervous.

“What do I do? I don’t want to be mean or anything!” He cried to andrew, who had been talking to Renee and was pissed at being interrupted.

“Kill her.” Was his only advice.

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Isaac Lahey
Song Lyrics:Ava-Famy

~Two oceans in between us
And I wait for shore~

Lydia wrapped her arm around your neck as you slumped down onto Scott’s kitchen counter, running her hands through your hair she cuddled you close. Telling you everything would be okay in the end.
The pack sat in silence, the last 24 hours had been the worst in your lives.

You had lost two of your best friends. Allison and Isaac. Allison had passed away the night before and that lead to Isaac leaving.

“He would never leave you behind"Stiles mumbled to you quietly before taking over from Lydia, his hands stroking your hair.

“He’ll be back soon"Scott said sadly, still in shock from losing the girl he loved.

"He’ll come back to you"Stiles repeated, resting his chin on your head. He looked up at the pack sadly as you buried your head in his arm, crying until your eyes were sore.

~There’s a gate I see
There’s a way for me~
The sword plunged through Allison’s body, leaving a deafening silence.

The fight immediately stopped, Lydia’s screams echoed through the tunnels as you stumbled back to the wall. Using it for support because your legs were giving way.

Scott caught Allison in his arms and they both fell the the floor.
You almost drowned from your own tears as you watched Allison say her last words.

Kira was stood next to you in her mothers arms, shaking visibly.
Isaac stood still, his eyes frightened. He looked as if he was barely breathing himself.

"Isaac"you whispered to yourself.
You managed to push yourself up off the wall, walking slowly towards your Best friend.

"Isaac"you said abit louder.
He started to walk towards the gates, his own tears spilling off his face onto his clothes. You planned on going with him wherever he was going, there was a way for both of you and the gate was your way out.

"Y/n, the nogitsune has vanished"Kira held your arm gently.
You spun around, looking for the evil entity. The one that had caused all of the chaos. It was nowhere to be seen.

You turnt back around the follow Isaac. But he was long gone.

~Now this one sits here
And whispers things to me~

It had been a year or two since you had last seen Isaac, and everyday the pain just got worse. It was as if you were missing a limb. Things had changed within the Mccall pack. You had new friends in the pack.

Malia and Liam had joined soon after Allison’s death and Kira had departed to go to the desert to figure out who she wanted to be. You had a suspicion that Chris Argent left with Isaac but you didn’t want to ask any questions afraid to bring up the sensitive subject.

You were sat in Math, of course Lydia was sat beside you. The teacher had sat Stiles and Scott towards the back of the room, separating them from you, Lydia and Malia because of the distractions.

You could hear Stiles rambling on about the new kid Theo. Who was coincidentally sat beside you.

"Scott do you not see how weird he is I don’t trust him"Stiles hissed.
You glanced over at Theo, who was looking straight at you with a smirk playing on his lips.

You heard Stiles swear loudly at the back of the room as Theo leant towards you.

"You’re too smart for math"he whispered.
You rolled your eyes, determined to get rid of Theo for Stiles.

"How about we ditch next lesson and get Ice cream"he whispered again.
Your heart stopped. That was something you used to do with Isaac.

Scott’s eyes widened as he listened in on your conversation. He knew how much you loved Isaac and you would do anything to remind yourself of him.

~Now I got the Devil inside
This one made a pig of me~

Theo’s smirk didn’t falter, but when you agreed to leave school with him his smirk grew into a genuine smile.

Lydia looked over at you with sadness in her eyes. She knew you didn’t like to talk about what happened that night and she knew that it was still affecting you. And Theo wasn’t a good remedy.

When the bell rang you and Theo were the first ones out of the classroom.
Malia and Lydia spun around to send Scott and Stiles a warning look. They all knew.

‘This wall is primal, my grinding jaw
The headache of the necktie on my bedroom door.’

As you woke up you clutched your head, almost shrieking from the pounding headache you had developed. After grabbing ice cream with Theo the two of you decided to hit the clubs. Partying for hours and letting your troubles slip away as you let alcohol slip down your throat.

This hangover was the worst you’d ever had, trudging over to your bedroom door your hand reached out for the golden door knob. Instead it came into contact with something soft.

You pulled the fabric off to reveal Isaac’s scarf. You remembered when Isaac had given it to you on a cold winters night. The two of you had been ice skating and he had warned you that you needed to wear a thick jacket but you decided on a small leather jacket.

He laughed quietly as he saw you shiver.
"Are you cold?"he smirked.

"Not even a little bit"you smiled back.
He pulled the scarf from around his neck, grabbing your hand and spinning you around to face him.

You were scarcely close but the warmth radiating off his body made you comfortable. He wrapped the scarf around your neck and paused.

Smiling at your appearance.
He reached up and tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear.

He was about to lean in but something cold fell on his nose, he looked up at the sky, mentally cursing it for ruining the moment.
Seconds later and snow was falling from the sky leaving the two of you astonished.

Your lip started to tremble as you run your hands along the wool. Anger coursed through your veins, your jaw grinding together as you threw it to one side.

He left you. You didn’t leave him.

~My conscience burning
My eyes are too
Cuddled up with hard contempt
Does she love you? And, I swear I do~

You felt bad for dating Theo when you were still clearly in love with Isaac. But Theo had his own secret life and so did you.
You didn’t trust him one bit but he was a distraction.

He had his arm around your body, you cuddled into his chest. Your eyes burning from the lack of sleep.
"I’m gonna have to leave soon"he sighed as he placed a kiss upon your forehead.

"Oh where are you going?"you hummed, lifting your head off his body so that he could get dressed.

"Uhm-I have to do some extra work at school"he said quickly before pecking you on the lips.
He opened your bedroom door to reveal Lydia who was startled slightly.

"Hey Lydia"Theo smirked before rushing out of your house.
Your best friend rolled her eyes as she walked into your room, getting into bed next to you.

"He’s lying its a Sunday there is no school god I hate him"she stated as her fingers intertwined in your hair.

"I know"you replied.
Lydia looked around your room, her eyes stopped suddenly, focused on the Scarf laying on your bedroom floor.

She threw the covers back and walked over to it, holding it up with one finger.
"This Theo’s?"She asked, acting as if she was unaware of who owned the scarf.

You peered up from your covers, heart racing.
"Uhhh no"you mumbled.

"It’s Isaac’s"you added.

"Do you still love him?"she asked seriously, sitting down in front of you.
You nodded, tears falling unexpectedly.

"I love him, I swear I do"you cried, leaning your head on Lydia’s chest.

"Get rid of Theo Snaken"she sighed as she rubbed your back.

~This world is rabid, this world is through
Follow me through an empty chamber
I’m sleeping next to someone new
My conscience burning, my beastly roar~

The next morning you awoke next to Theo, you didn’t know how he had gotten there but your bodies were tangled together.
You smiled for a second before Isaac flashed through your mind, different memories sparking in your mind leaving you overwhelmed.

You quickly untangled yourself, slipping out of your bed. You couldn’t breathe, you found yourself gasping for air as you stumbled over to your wall of pictures.

The wall was covered with pictures of you and Isaac as babies, then as toddlers. Pictures of you and Isaac growing up together through the awkward teenage stage littered the walls. Your stomach filled with anxiety butterflies and you reached up. Ripping down all of the memories.

You started to scream and roar as the pins that held the pictures up started to pierce your skin. Blood trickled down your arm but you carried on destroying your wall.

Theo jumped up and ran over to you, confused at your sudden outburst.

"Y/n stop! Your going to hurt yourself!!"he tried to hold your arms back.

"This can’t hurt me as much as Isaac’s already hurt me"you cried as you ripped the pictures to shreds.

"Just go Theo, just go"you sobbed pushing him away.
He knew what had happened between you and Isaac, he also knew you needed time.
He walked over to you, hesitating for a moment before kissing your nose and wiping your tears.

"I’m not gonna make you choose between us, but just know that I will always be waiting for you"he whispered before leaving.

Your headache returned as you slumped to the ground, your conscience screaming at you for the way you had handled things with Theo.

~The headache of the necktie on my bedroom door~

Bags developed under your eyes and the memory wall was now empty, apart from the few pictures of you and the rest of the pack.

You sat on your bed, clutching the scarf to your chest. You and Isaac weren’t just friends, you were something much more.

Isaac had been your first love, the boy that had made you question your sanity plenty of times. He was the only guy that you would die for.
When he turned into a werewolf you were the only one he would protect with his life, he became ruthless but with you he was Himself.

For 16 years of your life Isaac had been your rock, and every since he had left you had been unsteady. Your life going downhill.
There was a loud knock at your bedroom door, sighing you pushed yourself up off your bed, the scarf dangling from your hands.

You swung the door open.
Isaac Lahey stood before you, tears streaming down his face. Bruises covered his skin.

"I’ve been trying to find my way home, back to you"he cried.
Your head started to spin, you wondered if you were seeing things.

"I’m sorry it’s taken me this long"he added. Lydia stood behind him, tears in her own eyes. She had brought him home to you.

"Y/n say something please?"he pleaded.

"Do you know what I’ve been through, all the different emotions I’ve felt. I thought I was never going to see you again"you whispered.

"I’m home now, we’ve got the rest of our lives together"he nodded.

"What made you want to come back"you asked sadly.

"You, I realized how stupid I was running away from my problems when I have you by my side. The girl I love"he confessed.
He walked towards you, his arms wrapping around your body pulling you in for a tight hug.

You dropped his scarf, bringing your arms up to hug him.

"I love you too Isaac”

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