First Time ~ Liam Dunbar smut

Description: Liam teaches the y/n certain things…

Warnings: Smut,swearing

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“Liam….c’mon. If you don’t hurry up with popcorn I’m starting the movie without you!”you yelled,throwing a cushion at him.”Babe we’ve watched The Outsiders like a hundred times already.” he replies,wrapping his arms around your waist.”We’ve been dating two years though, so we’re actually falling behind on this modern classic.”you smile, planting a kiss on his lips before you both make your way to the couch. 

“Oh my god young Rob Lowe was so beautiful in this movie.Look at that bone structure..” you breath. Liam huffed lightly beside you.”Babbbbeee don’t get jealous.I was just kidding.” you say as you turned to sit on his lap. “ Liam you know I love you.” you say as you take his face into your hands gazing into his eyes. “Really?”he replies resting his forehead against yours. You leaned slowly into a soft delicate kiss. Your hands tangling in Liams hairs as his hands rested on your lower back pulling you in close to him. 

Liam deepened the kiss as his hands lightly squeezed your ass.You slowly guided his hand to your breasts. You broke the kiss and pulled your shirt off to reveal a black lace bra. Liam looked at you like you were a four course meal. “Liam…I’m ready.”you whisper.”Y/N I don’t want you to feel presumed because I know it’s your first tim-” he rambles but you cut him off by pressing a rough kiss to his lips. Liam picked you up and brought you to the bedroom where you assumed the same position on the bed. “Y/N” Liam breathed ” If you feel uncomfortable just stop me okay?”.  You replied with a nod. Liam attacked you with rough,hungry kisses. You slowly began to grind on his thigh , desperate to get rid of the ache in your core. Liam smirked as he tore off your underwear. ”Liam! They were expensive!” you shriek as he threw you on the bed. Liam attacked your collarbones leaving dark purple bruises along the way. Liam pressed a thumb to your clit. He pushed two fingers in stretching you out as you gasped at the pleasure. His fingers curled inside you as a wave of pleasure washed through you.”Liam fuck…I’m not…not gonna…last.” you say writhing beneath him.He smirked seeing the mess you had become. He lifted off his shirt as you kissed your way down his chest. You nipped at his chest leaving purples bruises all over him as you felt a growl gather in his chest. You fingers slipped into the waistband of his under wear where you gripped his hard length as he let out a small pleasured groan. He removed his underwear in a swift movement. You lay back on the bed as he leans over you. “If it hurts stop me okay?.” “Okay Dunbar but please just fuck me already!”you giggle. He slowly pushed himself into you.You felt a slight pain but it was soon replaced with pleasure once you adjusted to his size. He thrusted slowly into you making sure you were okay. “Liam fuck yes….harder…” you say clawing at his back. His paced picked up as you devoured every inch of you. You felt a knot in your stomach,knowing you were near release. Your walls tightened around Liam as he moaned your name, thrusting out his high. You were sent over the edge as your hips bucked up. You screamed Liams name as you let out your sweet release. 

Liam got up and got you a shirt and some underwear as you came down from your high. “How was it?Was it okay?” he rambled. “ Liam it was perfect” you said nuzzling into him. “Wanna do it again?” he smirked. You jumped up off the bed. “Race you to the shower!”

prompt #14, #15 (Derek Hale)

14.“I will love you unconditionally.” 15.“If you can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you can love the right one.” Requested by @la-rosa-de-valaina23

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“seriously Derek you’re girlfriend is the darach?” Stiles said dramatically flailing his arms and just being, well Stiles.

“she had us all fooled.” Derek said running his hand through his hair.

“uh actually I called it the entire time.” I said rolling my eyes.

Scott and Stiles chuckled a little bit. Jennifer Blake would be in here any minute to plead her case to Derek. Stiles, Scott, and I had caught her and rushed straight to Derek to warn him. It hurt me more because I was in love with Derek, but he only saw me as some little kid, as Scotts annyoing twin.

“she’s coming.” Scott said pulling me and Stiles into the corner of the room where we wouldn’t be seen.

We watched Jennifer Blake rush into Dereks loft. She ran over to him pulling him into her. I rolled my eyes thinking that should be me. I’m the only person who hasn’t betrayed him yet, still he glances right over me.

“Derek.” she started with tears in her eyes.

oh she is good.

“what’s wrong?” Derek said going over and cupping her cheek with his hand.

I guess Derek wasn’t that bad of an actor either.

“people are going to come and they’re going to tell you a lot of things about me.” She starts.

Jennifer stops looking around the room.

“they’re already here aren’t they.”

Stiles, Scott and I step out of the shadows.

“got that right psycho.” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

“where’s my dad?” Stiles asked with tears in his eyes.

“Derek do you believe them or me?” Jennifer asked looking into his eyes.

Derek reached a hand up to stroke her hair before grabbing the back of her neck roughly and throwing her into the wall. I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit. Jennifer got up transforming into the Darach. Scott and Derek wolfed out getting ready to face her but, she disappeared in a cloud of smoke before we could do anything.

“Stiles and I are going to go after her, y/n stay here with Derek in case she comes back.” Scott said ordering everyone around like he was some sort of alpha or something.

I rolled my eyes sitting on Derek’s bed in the loft. Scott and Stiles rushed out the door probably going to find the twins. Derek stood looking out the window not saying anything. It was an awkward silence.

“did you really call it the entire time?” Derek asked still not looking from the window.

“I knew something was off about her!” I said flailing my arms like Stiles now.

“are you sure that’s the reason?” Derek asked raising his eyebrows now looking at me.

“well uh yeah.”

Derek started to walk closer to me.

“you just lied to me.” Derek said now towering over me.

“I just didn’t like her.” I said shyly looking at my feet.

“why?” Derek asked grabbing my hands.

“because you did and because I like you but you only see me as some little kid.” I said finally looking up at him.

Derek dropped my hands and took a step back.

“y/n you don’t want to be with me, I’m not a good guy.” Derek said turning around so his back was facing me.

I made a bold move going over and wrapping my arms around him from behind. I laid my head on his back taking in his scent for a second.

“it doesn’t matter what you think, Derek I will love you unconditionally.”

Derek remained quiet so I continued.

“I know you just got hurt by Jennifer but if you can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you can love the right one." 

Derek turned around in my arms and  put one hand in my hair and the other on my cheek.

"I never saw you as a little kid.” Derek said stroking my cheek with his thumb.

“than what?” I stuttered trying to control my racing heartbeat.

“I saw you as an innocent beautiful soul that I wasn’t about to ruin.” Derek admitted looking in my eyes lips dangerously close to mine.

“I want to be ruined.” I said pushing my lips on to his.

Derek kissed me back with passion and hunger, like it’s something he’s been wanting for a long time. I matched his hunger and passion because it’s something I’ve desperately wanted as well. Nothing could ruin this moment, not even if Jennifer Blake were to storm in here right now. I was finally getting everything i’d ever wanted.

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Okay but like imagine this: It's the very final episode of Teen Wolf ever, and the last of the credits have rolled, and then suddenly there's one final scene. It's coach out on the field, his whistle in his lips as he's bossing his lacrosse players around. Suddenly that name rolls off his tongue one last time in disgust... "Greenberg!" And the camera switches to everyone on the field and this Zac Efron looking guy turns around, gives the coach a wink, and suddenly gets knocked out by a flying lacrosse ball... The end

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