Illustration for myCars 2fanfic, “When Life Gives You Lemons,” Chapter 3: I Was a Teenage Lemon!

Center: Holed up in a hotel, Professor Zundapp shows Grem a slideshow of the clinical trial he participated in after high school

Grem’s flashbacks, clockwise: Dreaming of buying window louvers with his earnings, a pickup game of football, an attempt to learn guitar, Grem’s official I.D. photo taken by the experiment recruiters.

2 a.m. thoughts

So if Professor Zundapp and Miles Axlerod wanted to keep selling gasoline and their wildly successful sham product, Allinol, really was just gasoline with added ingredients, why not just keep selling it and reap the profits? Nobody would have been the wiser, at least until someone did some reverse engineering and figured out what it really was.

As Mater would say, I hope that makes a lick of sense. It’s late.