allightz started following qkq

When a quality blog as such is following my blog

I can feel only guilt;

The blog owner even has GOOD MUSIC on their blog, stuff that I’d like, relaxing, esp. with exams coming up and all.

This is such perfection.

Thank you for making my day.

the cuban 008
the children in havana seemed like sprinters while ones in korea seemed like turtles. while lots of children in korean streets walk slowly with a heavy backpack on their back, almost cuban ones run and play with their thin and long legs and arms. it was too different to me who was a small and pale boy with a backpack bigger than myself. actually, I was a geek. LOL
what is a healthy life and what is a life full of happiness. guess it could be diffenrent accordingly to a view. at least for children, guess that they could breath and play with not much burden because the world should not be a factory of well trained members on it but be a part of nature for lifes in it.