alligators & crocodiles

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Speaking of turtle penises, reptiles have two of them ~the more you know~

Only some reptiles - squamata reptiles like lizards and snakes have 2 while testudines and crocodylia (turtles, tortoises, crocodiles and alligators) have just the 1. Also, marsupials have a forked penis and ducks have a curly one. Some spiders have penises on their heads so that they can just fuckin charge at a female. I feel educated, this is the important stuff.


Here’s Mirow, a freshwater leviathan. Infinitely patient and clever, she’s always willing to listen to interesting problems and could, potentially, offer her assistance. It’s just difficult to tell whether Mirow intends to help, or if she’s more interested in getting you to move a little, too, close, to her River.
But a 50/50 between being eviscerated or blessed with ancient gator magic is better than nothing, right?

Thanks to everyone who helped me decide on her colors on twitter a while back!