alligator wrestler

I want to tell y’all another story from my childhood

Right after I came to the states, we were in Louisiana for a few years, and I had babysitters that pretty much just took me and my (youngest) older sister into their house for a couple days at a time. A wonderful old black couple, Creole to their core, accents and the real pidgin and everything. We called them granme and granpe, the whole nine yards.

I want you to imagine me, a 5 year old half asian child, on the porch steps, and a 60+ year old creole man in a rocking chair overlooking a creek in deep south Louisiana, when this happens.

“Hey, gason.”

“Yeah grandpe?”

“See that gator in that crick?”

So i look into the creek, and I see this medium sized alligator’s head poking up.

“Yes sir.”

“Want to know what they taste like?”

I was innocent, and not yet privy to the depths of this man’s character.

“What do they taste like?”

“I’m gonna show you.”

This 60+ year old man goes inside, then comes back out with a fucking bowie knife. He walks up real goddamn slow to the creek, and jumps on this god damn alligator like a professional wrestler, gets his arm over its mouth, drags it out of the water, and proceeds to use the knife to cut the motherfucker’s head off.

So we had alligator meat, red beans and cornbread for dinner the next two days.

I miss them.