alligator skulls


YAHOOOOO this was fun to do ! so not long ago I asked @devilsroost​ if Bendy ever thought about getting a voodoo doll of Dylan so he can make his life a living hell aaaaaannnndddd BOOM ! ideas started to pour down like rain and so was born Mama Bayou the witch doctor/voodoo priest snugs.

Now i got big plans for her and specialy that she will make this Bendy pay for his hideous crimes. She speaks whit the ghosts of the victims from ,,The bad thing’’ as they restlessly beg for revange as they cant pass on intro after life. As a victim herself after loosing her husband to the ink demon she promised she will make justice and nothing will stop her from doing so.

This was supposed to post a few days ago, dang it Tumblr. Not cool.

But in honor of Black History Month, I have my painting “Marshland Priestess” 🎨✨ This is a character from a graphic novel I worked on called Sky Pirates. 📚 Her name is Calypsu. 💖 She’s a fierce and fiery woman who protects her village and is one of the most revered leaders of Neo Terra. 🛡👑 You don’t want to mess with her, that’s for sure 😜


Check out these stunning chokers!  They’re part of a collaboration with a friend that makes a lot of badass cosplay stuff.  He made these choker bands for me and then I attached my lovely bone pieces to them.  The first has (cat?) elbows and the second has an alligator tooth.  A third is still in progress.  Expect selfies in them later

I flopped onto my bed, it’s hard and old, as if the mattress was made of straws packed and tied together, but it was familiar, I’ve slept on this bed for years since I was but a teenager. I hid my face into my pillow–a deflated cheap goose feather pillow that smelled like salt–and I sighed into it.

Soft breeze circulated inside my room, I heard the light bulb flicker as if a storm was raging outside but I was just outside and the weather was fine. Then the light went out, my curtains flapped close, and the temperature in my room dropped a couple of degrees.

They’re here. I turned around, now laying on my back, eyes closed because I just couldn’t be assed to open them again for the rest of the evening. I felt long slender fingers combing my hair, the skin was neither warm nor cold, void of temperature, and yet the touch was gentle. It was eerily comforting that I sighed to it.

“Bad day?” asked the owner of those fingers, their voice low and raspy, laced with a strange motherly tone. That tone was not present when I first met them.

“Mm…” was my only answer.

“You poor thing,” they cooed, their void fingers now cupping my face and caressing my cheeks. I allowed my eyes to open lazily, just so I could view their chalky alligator skull sitting oddly on their shadowy lanky figure. Their hollow eye holes stared deeply into my eyes, I can feel them studying me, studying my mind. “What a mess inside,” they remarked, their thumbs massaged my temples.

“I thought you got rid of it last week,” I whined, even though I very much enjoyed their massage on my temples. I’ve went to many massage parlors and this monster that I accidentally freed when I broke my great-great-great-great-grandfather’s heirloom old watch did much better job than those professional masseuses.

“I never said I got rid of it completely, as much as I want to. It’s not something I can erase, but I can clean it up, like the dust on your window sill.”

“You said ‘it’s all gone’, you big liar,” I whined some more but face leaned into one of their hands. It has no temperature, sure, but at the moment, it felt warm.

“Forgive my choice of words, then. I didn’t mean to lie, not to my dear one.” Their hands held my face closer and I could feel the tip of his snout nuzzling my forehead. “I’ll clean it again, would you like that?”

“Yes please.”

And they were quick to do their work. I felt what was like tiny rubber tubes being inserted into my brain coming from the tips of their slender fingers. I felt them tapped into the darkness in my mind and as soon as it touched this disgusting grime in my head, the tubes started sucking it out, draining it. I gasped, I was reminded of something that pained me that I teared up, but they cleaned up immediately and I felt their soft tongue lapping over my eye to wipe my tear. And moments later, I forgot what made me cry, and I felt their fingers left me.

I opened my eyes to watch them pull out a squiggly stringy jumble of pulsating black mass out of my head and proceeded to munch it whole in one bite. They tapped their belly before leaning back in and licked me on my cheek. “There you go, I hope you’re feeling better.”

“But it will return again. You said it won’t disappear completely.”

“No, but I will be there and clean it for you again. I am, after all, an eternal creature, eternally devoted to only you.” Their body slithered under my blanket, draping it over my body at the same time as they lied down beside me. They sleep on their chest, hugging the pillow, and I nestled against their side. “You might get sick of it returning constantly, and that is fine, but just remember that you have me and I’ve never failed you even once, haven’t I?”

No, they haven’t, that is true. And I have to remind myself that I am lucky to have them always by my side, cleaning my darkness when it bothers me.

Alligator tooth choker

Been working my butt off making this piece all day yesterday and today… but it’s gorgeous and so worth it.   Also making some bee pendants y’all will see soon!