alligator costume


Finished this dragon tail commission last night. It’s got brown anodized aluminum on top with a yellow/gold anodized aluminum underbelly. The commissioner wanted it based on an alligator character, so I could call it a gator tail, but I still think of these as dragon tails.

I added some backwards-turned scales into the pattern to mimic the double row of bumpy armored scales that gators have down their spine. I think it turned out pretty well. It’s a subtle effect from certain angles, but when the light catches it from other directions the inverted scales catch the light really well. 

31 inches long, so slightly shorter than my standard pattern. It weighs in at 2 pounds 10 ounces.

I’m currently not taking more commissions for these until I get through my queue of outstanding orders, but you can still check out my page of information about them if you’d like.

College gothic
  • You are walking to class.Someone wearing a full alligator costume is walking leisurely in front of you. You look around to see if anyone else is as confused as you are. No one else seems to notice anything out of the ordinary. You begin to wonder if you are the only one who can see them.
  • You exit a coffee shop and enter the building where your next class is scheduled, only to find another coffee shop. Thinking you are mistaken, you attempt to exit this building only to find that the exit leads directly into another coffee shop. You go to the bathroom. Inside, there is another coffee shop.
  • While relaxing on the lawn with your classmates, you are approached by a squirrel. “Look away,” someone says. “Don’t make eye contact.”
  • You enter a building in attempt to find your advisor’s office. You find it, but when you are done you cannot find the entrance through which you initially came in. You roam the halls for what seems like hours, but you still cannot find the exit. When you finally find an exit, you are halfway across campus from the building you initially entered.
  • There is a large group of girls sitting on the lawn all wearing shirts that have writing in a language you don’t understand. Upon close inspection, you find that every one of the girls looks exactly the same.
  • Large areas along your daily commute to class are closed off by fences nearly three times as high as you are. Large banners that read “COMING SOON” prevent you from seeing whatever is beyond the fence. You ask a man standing by the only entrance to the fenced-in area what is coming soon. He doesn’t answer. You repeat your question. The man looks at you, frightened, and flees back inside the fence.

My true form. Multiple children made crying faces, and many more screamed and ran away, or made roaring noises at me. There were shouts of “Crocodile!” “Alligator!” “Dinosaur!” and “Lizard!” It was great.

This is my preferred method of interacting with children (and strangers in general), which really illustrates how my ideal career is “neighborhood witch all the children are scared of.”