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Swamp Strega Pinterest Board

Swamp Strega-

Colour Scheme:

-Faded Greens and Browns

-Metallics- Bronze, Tarnished Silver, Dull Iron (mainly in jewelry)

-Cool greys, and slightly faded Blacks, Charcoal colours

-Bright emeralds for a pop of jewel tone (in makeup or in garment)

-Rusty reds, or reddish browns

-Creme or eggshell accents instead of pure white

Clothing and Accessories:

-Shorter dresses with lots of lightweight “tatter-y” layers over them

-Crocheted, and distressed  vests and coverlets

-Old lace shawls

-Cowl neck hoods, or lightweight infinity scarves (to protect your face from sun and the ever pervasive mosquito population)

-Ripped up tights (can be layered over each other)

-Chunky, durable boots for walking in marshy areas, or if weather turns colder, strappy sandals and/or mary janes for walking around town.

-Crystal Point Pendants, “Mixed Media” Jewelry (see pinterest for examples), Bone Jewelry, Wood and Natural Object jewelry, leather

-Simple Drapery that has a focus on creating an erratic and asymmetrical hem line

Inspirational things:

-Vulture Culture

-Odd Antiques

-Tattered Lace and Fabrics

-Marshland, Wetlands, Swamps


-Old gnarled trees

-Folk Magic

-Palmistry, Tarot, a general sense of the Southern Occult


-Animal Bones

-Alligators, Pythons, other swamp dwelling reptiles

-Delta Rae

-Earth and Water Magic

So this is what I came up with today, Swamp Strega. Ironically enough, a cold front just blew through my area, but I was still feeling rather inspired, and was tired of seeing pages upon pages of Tia Dalma whenever I searched for “Swamp Witch”.  Feel free to leave me comments, or questions, my inbox is always open!



i needed to make sure my memory card & batteries were good for my camera bc zoo tomorrow– so i tested that out on my gator i got last week. the lighting in my room sucks and i’ll eventually get a good picture setup, maybe.

speedbump decided to model to display size & how difficult it is to find a place to take pictures in here.

I’ve been busy making flowers to be used in my ongoing collaboration with the lovely Jana @bone-lust Miller… including one with a human tooth at its center! Follow her page for a chance to purchase these highly requested wearable pieces and future Forgotten-Bonelust works as they can only be found in her shop at


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The new collection includes the Coyote, Wolverine, and Alligator, (all with articulated jaws!) as well as the White-Tailed Deer (with antlers!), the clever Raccoon, the stoic Musk Ox, the wily Goat, and the elegant Sacred Ibis.

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