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I am convinced that the scale means nothing and its all about inches. I haven’t lost much weight in months, but I am getting smaller.

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Agree with the ditch the scale comment. Take measurements for a bit and see if those change. And crazy as it sounds, sometimes the answer is more food not less. It’s worked for me at least.

I am measuring both weight and inches and everything was up this week.

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The only way I drop pounds is when I’m doing insane mileage. So frustrating. Hang in there!

John’s theory of longer duration workouts (not balls-to-the-walls hard but just moving for 50 minutes) is working for him and I hope to do the same. I actually started to add on the pounds during the marathon training so that didn’t work.

I need to get a lot better at tracking what I eat and makes sure I’m not out eating my workouts. I’m pretty sure I’m not under eating but I need to get a week of consistent calorie reporting to have a better gauge at what my food intake is. Getting back to a consistent workout schedule would be awesome too (do you hear that body???).

alliesaysrelax said: ok soooo I’m gonna need you to be my personal trainer and make me get off my lazy ass. ;-) great job.

Well, here’s my deal. If I am training for something, I’ll move my azz. I consider needing weight training two times a week to improve my slow metabolism, yoga twice a week to keep things from hurting, and running because I signed up for a half marathon (I know, silly person). Or I have a program to follow like Chalean Extreme and I want to stay on track.

I can’t just workout to lose weight. Does that make sense? Even with running I think of how this will help my game. I really should add in ladder drills for soccer but I don’t have the time at the moment. Once the half is done in May, I’ll probably switch back to more plyometrics and HIIT workouts for soccer conditioning.

Now if I could only get my eating under control, I would be fitting into that bikini!