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10 ways you can take action and be an ally to trans people

1. Educate yourself. Find out how here

2. Use a person’s correct gender pronouns when referring to or speaking with them. If you aren’t sure what pronouns to use, it’s alright to politely ask. For example, you could say “what pronouns do you use?” or “Hi, my name is Shane and my pronouns are they/them. What about you?” Do not ask for a transgender person’s “real name.” You can also join this campaign to challenge your classmates to not use masculine/feminine pronouns for a day.

3. Speak to transgender people like you would cisgender people, or people that are not transgender. Avoid comments that you wouldn’t say to cisgender people such as:

a. “He’s so hot. I’d date him even though he’s transgender.”

b. “You look like a real woman.”

c. “You look so pretty, I would have never known you weren’t a real woman.”

d. “What was it like being born a boy?”

e. “What surgeries have you had?”

f. “What’s it like to have sex as a transgender?

g. You’d pass so much better if you wore more/less make-up, had a better wig, etc.”

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#4: Seek out and listen to the stories of transgender people in your community. Speak out in solidarity when you read stories about transgender people facing violence or the startling number of transgender women who have been murdered because of who they are.

#5. Share positive things you’re seeing regarding why trans rights matter on social media using #goodlook and Laverne Cox’s #TransIsBeautiful

#6: Keep updated on what’s going on in the trans community by liking the TransAdvocate and National Center for Transgender Equality pages on Facebook. 

7. Call out gender policing that discriminates against a person’s level of masculinity or femininity when you see it. 

8. Advocate for all-gender bathrooms in your school or community. You can start a petition here to get gender neutral bathrooms on your campus.

9. Join a local Gay-Straight Alliance through GLSEN or the GSA Network, or learn how to take action on your college campus with Campus Pride.

10. Take part in Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to honor those victims of anti-transgender violence, on Nov. 20.

For even more tips on how to be an ally to trans people, check out this list from our partners at GLAAD.

New York’s hottest club is NWSL. This place has everything – streaming issues, artificial turf, 11 player walls, Merritt Mathias almost killing someone.


firstly, I would die for all these new gems so jot that down


seriously My favorite type of gem are the big gay fusions

Please give Zircon a raise, she tried her best

okay,Yellow and Blue Diamond standing like that was also high class gay right there

Blue Pearl can draw! :D

So apparently, Blue Diamond can send out this sort of aura deal that can cause other gems to feel sadness/ cry and it DOESNT effect humans (Lars didn’t cry)


Lars can escape gem detectors and he did some goOD SHIT

seriously, I love his character development, how relatable

The fact that EVERYTHING Padparadscha Sapphire does is just a bit late is so cute oh my god

Of course a fusion between a Ruby and a Pearl would be a total worry wort oh my gosh

The Rutile twins ;A; sooo goood!!!

Im love my big polyamourous caterpillar grandma fusion????

So steven can like, bring back the dead/ heal someone who JUST became dead and thats what happened to lion and by doing that, it creates a sort of wormhole pocket dimension 


Theyre Trying to get a ‘drop ship’ to fly?? what drop ship, THEY HAVE ANOTHER SHIP??



white kpop fans are whole new level of stupid. they’re a whole separate tier of racists and if i wasn’t used to them it would prolly blow my mind. and recently it’s even worse cuz they’re desperate to seem like “allies” so they don’t get called out but all they do is repeat what we’ve been saying for years and speak on shit that doesn’t concern them.

Middle Schoolers and DnD

Context: So we are all beginners. Today we just started coming up with characters and I thought some of the stuff that was said by my friends was outrageous. Can’t wait to DM for these dorks…

“My gnome is racist and wants to kill every human.”

“Hey Allie, don’t we live in the same box?”

“Just imagine my orc as those dudes that live in their mother’s basement, but without the mom. I means he’s got a neckbeard and all!”

“I bet she heard my SoundCloud albums and wanted me to join.”

“His name is Gabe and he is known for his ridiculous eyebrows!”

“Can I name him ‘Peanut’?”

“You guys are my parents, now.”

“My character has a habit of sleeping on top of moving vehicles.”

“I’m fixing to Tokyo Goul my Tiefling up!”

“So many tieflings… I’m scared”

You know what? I feel bad that Sauerbrunn and the USWNT have to feel like they need to center the feelings of men to get support for their fight for equality. If your support and allyship hinges on feelings and everyone being nice to you, your support was pretty questionable to begin with. Part of recognizing your privilege is realizing that your feelings might get hurt in the process. We see this a lot when POC talk about racism and white privilege and a white person is like “You hurt my feelings! Good luck getting my support now!” You should want equality and be supportive even if the truth hurts (and nothing that’s been said is false - objectively the USWNT is the more successful program in terms of trophies). Women and women in sport have had to go through so much and told so much sexist, misogynistic BS. The USMNT should take a cue from the US men’s hockey team - who seemed far more supportive of the US women’s hockey boycott. If women stopped doing something based on hurt feelings there probably wouldn’t even be a program right now. Sauerbrunn has been such a great representative for the USWNT and the game. She was really great and open in this interview and I recommend listening.

gallagher girls headcanons and the ones that matter sorry facts only

macey mchenry

-a raging pansexual ™
-had a big crush on cammie on the first three books and had a very hard time getting over it

-she is half puerto rican and you’ll have to take that away from my cold dead hands!!!
-she always had a lot of body hair, shaved whenever possible and felt ashamed of it until her mother made a campaign with a bunch of models with body hair. from that day on macey never touched the hairs in her arms again.
-has a secret twitter account to complain abt donald trump
-donald trump has her blocked on said account
-she and bex love hamilton. Her fave song is yorktown for obvious reasons
-helped in many refugee camps. 

bex baxter
-so in love with liz that it almost kills her
-you know that vine where there is a man in front of a bus and a bunch of ppl are like ‘get out the way!!” but he gets hit anyway and the ppl in the background are like ‘oh for fucks sake mate’? liz is the man and bex is the ppl in the background
-bex’s american accent sounds like she is from boston for some reason
-when cammie runs aways bex cant talk to anyone for days, not even to liz. it’s only when macey finally asks if she’s okay that she crumbles and they cry together.
-although liz is the love of her life and macey is her soulmate, she and cammie share a especial bond that she cant describe. 
-went to every black lives matter protest she possibly could. so vocal about social issues and brings that into the work space bc lets face it it’s still very racist.

liz sutton
-it aint no lie baby bi bi bi (bi bi™)
-literally cried for a whole day when she realized she may like girls bc she was afraid of the hate and ppl rejecting her
-macey was the first to find out but didnt tell liz. she played backstreet boys bye bye bye for weeks whenever liz entered the room. when liz finally decided to say something, macey bought cupcakes in the colors of the bisexual flag. 
-when she finally decided to start telling ppl, thinking they would see her as a freak, rachel called her to her office to talk and showed all of the lgbt previous gallagher girls and the amazing things they achieved for themselves and the community. liz went out and bought a bisexual flag pin and over the week many girls took the courage to do so too.
-bex drags her to a parade. she feels scared of the crowd but it turns out to be one of the ebst days of her life.
-whenever trump’s team takes the lgbt page off of the white house site, she hacks and put it back, adding a lgbt flag hidden in the pages.

cammie morgan
-the straights can have her
-has severe ptsd and she was a little reluctant on getting proper treatment
-she, zack and joe go to therapy together
-when all the mess ends she realizes she lost a bit of the things that happened in her friends lives and spends every moment after that making up for it
-loves zach with all her heart but if her friends have an emergency she doesnt think twice to go to their rescue
-zach understands and never comes in between them
-has dislexia but learned to live with it, althought sometimes it’s still difficult
-send a christmas card to every gallagher girl she studied with every year

edit: yeah i know bye bye bye is by nsync i was half asleep when i wrote this let my brazilian ass LIVE

Valentina is anti-black as hell. First we have the issue of her stigmatizing Shea as the ABC (angry black chick.) Through years of systematic racism and stereotyping, any black person calling you on your shit, is automatically seen (by ignorant people) as the aggressor, whether they’re calm or not. Even though we could easily see that Valentina was actually the one upset but through her prejudice, she could only see Shea’s truth as aggression and anger-fueled speech. You get it? Simple. So that’s that on that but THEN we discovered the fact that Valentina lied to Nina about “protecting” her from her fans and later went to Shea basically boasting about how nice that was of her. That was unnecessary. Unless you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to seem like an ally. Shea didn’t need to know what conversation you specifically had with Nina, who just so happens to be one of the only other black queens. You didn’t need to tell Nina you would “protect” her. Just do it. Being a decent person is not deserving of some type of reward.

  • Dinah: It's all in the subtext. Like when someone says, "I'm only two minutes away."
  • Normani: I'm still in my pajamas.
  • Dinah: "We should stay in touch!"
  • Normani: I've already forgotten about you.
  • Dinah: Or, "It's fine, honey!"
  • Normani: You have five minutes left to live.
  • Camila: Uh, okay. So are you going to tell us what we should be celebrating?
  • Ally: Don't worry about it.
  • Lauren: May the universe have mercy on you.

You know what privilege is? Is when you`ve seen straight couples on TV your whole life and you`ve been able to relate to them… and now there are LGBTQ representation and you`re happy that other people can relate to them too… So please, don`t be straight and stupid… 

Mon Ew is an awful character and his “relationship” with Kara is ruining the show…. you don`t like Supercorp? I don`t like it either (sorry), but at least the chemistry between Kara and Lena is real (even I can see it).

You don`t like Alex and Maggie? Ok, but don`t say you`re tired of the fixation of Sanvers shippers (me included)… cause you`re living in a bubble where 99% of the media is made for straight people… and the LGBT community is just hungry  for this kind of characters and they just want to protect them.

So please, acknowledge your freaking privilege and make something good with it.


I decided to actually draw out the Overwatch OC’s I use for roleplays and other things. This is Eira and Florence Santiago, or, “Dem Doritos kids”. 

Eira pilots the suit, Florence provides mechanical aid. The suit has the power to create portals that it can then travel through - on the downside that the character walks very slowly through the map.

Attacks and personalities under the cut.

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Disney Channel

Aries : The Suite Life on Deck

Taurus : Wizards of Waverly Place

Gemini : Sonny with a Chance

Cancer : Hannah Montana

Leo : Shake it Up

Virgo: Jonas Brothers

Libra: Jessie

Scorpio : Good Luck Charlie

Sagittarius : Austin and Ally

Capricorn : A.N.T. Farm

Aquarius : Kickin It

Pisces : Dog with a Blog