allies forever

Let’s be really real this morning before 7 am: if The Get Down was about the (white) history of Rock n Roll in the 70’s and starred white teens, a lot more people would’ve been like “OH THIS IS SO COOL, MUSIC HISTORY” and Netflix would’ve marketed it differently. Tumblr would’ve lost its mind if Dizzee Kipling was a white kid who thinks he’s an alien who is in love with white Thor. Mylene and the Soul Madonnas being an all-girl rock band would’ve been a huge draw. Merch would’ve been everywhere. Coming of age for a moody poet and his reckless and troubled friend trying to make it big with the music they love? They would’ve eaten it up.

This tea isn’t even piping.


I’m just spreading the message. It’s getting harder for OT5. I’m so sick of the fucking label creating drama. I mean we’re all human we all like a bit of drama once in a while😏but THIS IS FUCKING UNACCEPTABLE! FUCK THE LABEL!

It’s the 17th so be ready for a heartbreak…😔

Thank you for 5 beautiful years of Fifth Harmony. I will forever be grateful that I discovered you guys and have decided to become a harmonizer. You five girls have taught me so much. Thank you for that. Thank you so much. Thank you for showing me what a real sisterhood looks like. And thank you to the 4 beautiful girls who had decided to keep going after losing one of them. I can’t imagine what I would be doing right now if I had not known about you girls. I may not have been with you guys since the begging, but from the moment I discovered you guys, I have cherished and enjoyed every single moment. Although there may be four girls on stage, there will forever be 5 girls in history and in my heart. Thank you so fucking much for making me truly happy.

What if the moon is in love with the sun? What if the sun is also in love with the moon? But it’s a forbidden love. Between them, love is not as powerful as it is between two people– What if that’s the reason why we have night and day because they keep on chasing each other, every second, every minute– Isn’t it sad to think that if they’re really in love, it’s sad to see and to think that they’re really not meant to be together.” She said while looking in the beautiful twilight.
He looked at her watching the soft glowing light from the sun and said, “Well, it’s not that sad. You see, they found a way to meet twice a day. The Sun And Moon make love in the dawn and dusk– and I think that’s beautiful.
—  @lunaloveswolf
Do NOT trust the media

The label is only trying to divide the fandom and create drama. Why? DRAMA SELLS!

Examples of Dinah’s “sneaky” ways:

You see what they want you to see. Remember there’s two sides to every story and then there’s the truth. Just thought I should put this out there.

can you take a little time and appreciate these beautiful moments of the girls together? would that these will be always saved with much love, why not we can go back of these moments? Thanks God for see, feeling and live these beautiful moments. ❤❤❤❤❤ OT5 4EVA, ALWAYS IN MY HEART 😭 🌹