i've been tagged by allie blah blah blah i'm just answering her questions okay

11 Questions!

What was the biggest thing that ever happened to you?
Umm. Probably when I found my faith and started to figure out who I am.

What have your parents ever done to you that made you the most mad?
Oh I don’t know. There have been a good number of things, but I don’t know which was the worst.

Describe one class+teacher that you hated the most
I really really really hated my computer class last term. The most boring 2 hours of my week with the oldest, rudest lady I’ve ever met. 

Favourite thing/hobby you had as a kid? (ex. Pokemon cards, silly bandz, a certain show)
SO MANY POKEMON CARDS. also books. lots of books. 

Something you wish you could change about yourself.
How lazy I am.

Make up a fictional character right now. Describe their appearance+personality.
One time there was this girl named Allie and she was flawless and wonderful OH WAIT 

Childhood best friend? How did you meet?
Myciala, we went to Preschool together and she lived down the street. :3 

Are you superstitious? 
Not particularly. 

What is your favourite type of weather? 
80 and slightly breezy. Or thunderstorms.  

Describe your dream job.
I would love to work in a museum, tending to the artefacts and doing research and taking trips around the world.

11 random facts about yourself.
ugh why. fine.
1. Most meat makes me physically ill.  2. I hate anything coconut flavoured.  3. I have really ugly legs and I hate them.  4. I’m double jointed (or whatever) in my fingers and hips.  5. I’m severely pessimistic when it comes to my own life. 6. I love calendars.  7. I went to state 3 consecutive years for Theatre.  8. I can’t sleep without holding onto something.  9. I love flying.  10. My closet is organised by colour, sleeve length, and personal favourites. 11. this is dumb.