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I have been a JoJo fan since I was literally 6 years old. Her album was the first that I ever owned; I literally taught myself how to sing by listening to her over and over as a child.
It confused me when after her highly successful sophomore album (The High Road) she stopped releasing music; it made no sense. Come to find that she and her mother naively signed a record deal when they were poor and vulnerable and looking for a way out. They did not read the fine print.
The label had legal ownership of her name and her voice and kept her in limbo for upwards of 7 years, barring her from releasing any new music unless it was on their terms.
This is why upon hearing that Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony and reading the official Fifth Harmony statement I noticed certain things did not add up.
Reading into it further, I noticed the circumstances under which the groups deal was signed; the majority of the group were 15/16 years old when they signed their contracts, and without going into the details (you can find them with a simple search on Google/twitter), their management and label found a loophole that enabled them to essentially have full ownership of the girl’s image/music/name without their realising, as they were so young and genuinely uneducated on the ins and outs of the industry.
It took JoJo 7 years and a hell of a fight to sue her way out of her deal - if you are a Fifth Harmony fan, I urge you to voice your outrage and help these girls out. I had the misfortune of hearing the leaked audio of one of the girls crying/distraught over the issue, referring to herself and the girls as ‘slaves’. Contractually speaking, as of right now, they are just that.
Speak up, voice your concern, have it make the forefront of media/the news. These girls are contractually trapped and unable to speak for themselves; please shout as loudly as you can for them.
As an artist myself, I know that your doing this will be intrinsic to their respective careers in the future.
Do you want your idols to stick together out of contractual obligation, or do you want them to be free and wholeheartedly thrive?
Speak up, and #FreeFifthHarmony.
And best of luck to you and the girls.

Camila Cabello and the “Pity Card”

Ok, I’m so done of reading people saying that Camila is playing the pity card in her interviews, stop being so selfish, stop making everything so hard and something I said in my last post made by me you should remember: At the end of the day everything is a job.

Things I have read and I want to say about it:

She needs to stop talking about 5H, she left - Yes, she left the group but… are you really going to blame her for talking about it? Of course people is going to ask her about it! She has not said something shady about the girls. In my opinion, if she play the card of “I don’t want to talk about it because I left the group and that’s not a part of my life anymore” it’s going to be worst! She knows 5H was important for her, thanks to that she is the girl she is today. And the interviewees wants that ‘juicy’ topic. Even people is saying that the girls have not talked about her but the truth is they have not done any interviews.

She wants people to feel sorry about her- I’m sorry? she is saying that she was not feeling ok being in the group just for personal issues (not being herself, for example) if she wanted to make you feel sorry about her she could mention the hate she receives. Sometimes we see the music industry like something magical but here we have a girl who was not happy in the way she was in that industry (she was a puppet, with 4 more puppets for a show) She is looking for her personal well-being and that’s something to admire because a lot of people just stay where they are because they are afraid or they just care about other things (fame and money).

Something I want to give my opinion

She had no contact with the other girls - Ok I don’t know if this is true or no, it’s hard to know because they can text each other and we will never know. But I believe they do have contact, but there are things they can’t talk about, remember the last letter “from 5H” they make Camila looks so bad, and maybe everything is just a story they are playing (yes, even Camila) and they just need to follow it.

entire US intelligence community: Putin hacked the US.

donald trump: i don’t believe it.

congress, us allies, and private industry: Yeah, Putin hacked the US.

donald trump: Nope, didn’t happen.

vladmir putin himself: Yes, Donald, I hacked the US.

donald trump: I don’t believe you, Vlad. I’m sorry, they must be making you say this. Would you like to have Alaska back?

Happy 20th Birthday Lauren! 

Thank you for blessing us with your voice;

and continue to make a difference.

If tomorrow women in the West woke up and decided they really like their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business. The cosmetic industry, the clothing industry, the diet industry, the gym industry and then think of all of their ally industries who support them. So when I say that global capitalism is dependent on women hating themselves, I’m not exaggerating here.
—  Dr. Gail Bines