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The story of Phillip Phillips

I don’t know if you guys know Phillip Phillips - he sang those songs “home” and “Gone, gone, gone”. I don’t know him that well but I like his songs. He was the winner of American idol and has since then got into a massive legal battle with 19 entertainment who produce the show and run the record label he is signed to as a result of winning (so like what Simon Cowell/Syco is to the X-factor/5H). 

I know we are talking about American idol here and not X-factor, but they are basically the same thing and this whole thing has everything to do with Fifth Harmony. In fact, the two shows are so similar that Simon Fuller (owner of American Idol) actually tried to sue Simon Cowell by claiming the copyrights to the X-Factor format, and as a result, Fuller is actually now a partner in the X-factor. Basically Simon Cowell worked with Simon Fuller on American Idol but then sneakily fucked off to produce his own show that did exactly the same thing lol. No wonder Fuller tried to sue him!

Anyway, in January 2015, Phillips started a legal battle to basically get out of his deal with his management. His management company was the same as his record company - all run by 19 entertainment. So basically, Simon fuller had set it up so that he can control and reap the benefits from everything in the winning act’s career (similar to what simon has done to 5H). Apparently 19 entertainment  “Manipulated” him into accepting jobs that didn’t benefit him and his lawyer said the contracts were "oppressive, fatally conflicted.“ . 

Some of the ridiculous agreements included being forced to perform for no money and literally not even knowing the title of his album before it was publicly announced!!!!. He claimed that 19 entertainment repeatedly withheld information regarding his career (I think we all know 5H have been in similar situations of being kept in the dark regarding their careers…)

Basically, before phillips actually won the show, he signed a contract with 19 entertainment that allowed them to govern his management, merchandising, recording and publishing. You can assume a similar deal with 5H - From what I understand, the X-factor also makes contestants sign with Syco before the show finishes, making them remain with syco for 3 months after the show finishes… And during those 3 months, Syco/Sony can decide whether they want to exercise their option of signing the act to a full-on record deal. So what I’m saying is that all the bullshit reality TV style contractual stuff that they are able to get away with in that format, probably still applies when they go into the full record deal. These things are set up so that the labels get a lot of passive rights (where syco get a percentage of everything the x-factor contestants do for years) and active rights (where they also get to control everything about the artists’ careers so that the label can benefit the most). Syco/sony still retain a ridiculous amount of control over the artist’s career - probably way more than a normal record deal.

Phillips tried to use the Californian Talent Agencies Act to void his contract with 19 entertainment. (It’s quite a technical thing thats not that interesting). 19 entertainment then tried to sue Phillips’ manager, basically for turning against them and ‘manipulating’ him into trying to get out of his contract. Then, also, in summer 2016 (after 19 entertainment went bankrupt lol) 19 entertainment tried to sue Phillips for millions because he wasn’t carrying on with his contractual obligations to them while the whole legal battle was going on. The latest article I saw on the story from the end of last year was predicting that the label would not been able to sue him because of their bankruptcy. However… I only skimmed through the articles so if you find some more updates on the story please let me know. 

The details aren’t really that important - the important points are that these reality TV shows that artists sign record deals off of are notoriously horrible. The contracts give the label active rights to control almost every aspect of the artist’s career. And even when Phillips tried to get out of his management contract, his new manager was hit with a poaching lawsuit, and he himself was hit with a 6 million dollar lawsuit. It literally took actual bankruptcy of the company for him to not get sued in this process. Usually getting into a legal battle with a label is suicidal - they just have so much more power, money and resources, and have usually covered their backs in iron-clad contracts. i think another really important point to take from this is what Phillips said about how his label treated him - that they repeatedly withheld information from him regarding his own career - that he didn’t even know his album title before the public did. i think this stuff is particularly relevant to 5H. The execs are pulling the strings and the artists are the puppets. At times the girls may know just as much as we do regarding their futures. I’m sure as a coping mechanism they’ve learnt to just roll with it and pick their battles.

Anyway I’m not sure on the latest details of the legal battle… I assume he legitimately managed to get out of his management contract in the end, but here is his twitter is you want to support him.

WTF Is Going On In This Fandom: Camren, Epic, Jauregui Family, Social Media Rant/Theory

If you peeped the reblog I just posted from @backstage-meg this won’t seem like it’s coming out of left field. I doubt they (5H, Mila, their families and friends etc) are at liberty to truly discuss what has gone on behind the scenes so we are left with inuendo and scarce clues to try and piece together some semblance of an explanation for what has gone on over the last few months/year…I’ve learned not to trust anything that is being blatantly thrown in our faces. Hence Laucy, 5H drama between the girls, the families shading each other on sm, all this epic/syco label BS. None of them are saying or doing what hasn’t been scripted for them to say or do. Now of course I don’t mean literally scripted but more like dictated instead. I do believe all the girls have private AND public sm ACCTS…except for their twitters because there is really no point. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they have secondary Instagram accounts📱💻. And we already know they all have private snapchats. We are focused on the wrong things. Mike liking and unliking a tweet, Lauren following and unfollowing Mila, Candece Campbell’s radom tweet about Instagram messing up her followers at the same time Lauren was having her “follow debacle” happen, was like a whistle blow to pay attention to the details. Laucy was brought out and shoved down our throats while Camren has been denied and destroyed by mgmt, the label and even the girls themselves. Dinah’s last message to Mila “no matter what they say. No matter what you do…” 👀🐸🍵Come on Dinah was warning us just days before that shit was about to hit the fan and that we should know better than to just believe what we hear and see in the media. It’s all sensationalized. Mila saying she hasn’t seen or interacted with the girls since leaving (even though they all admitted to lying during interviews) was hard for me to believe, even with the current narrative💅. You don’t just sever nearly 5 years of a bond. No matter how tight things got in the end. It was always designed for mila to be the break out star💃 (or at least the first one) hell Demi called it years ago while they were still on x-factor. Now I know people and situations can change. Egos can grow and resentment can start to fester. But I also know enough to know that egos don’t destroy groups bad business practices do. All artists have major egos although some have learned to tame the beast. Your ego doesn’t make you a bad person your actions do. And honestly if the original members of Destiny’s Child can get over being robbed financially💲💰💵 and rekindling their relationship with Beyonce and Michelle and New Edition can welcome Bobby Brown’s crazy ass back in the fold and the Spice Girls can get over themselves to deliver a crazy performance at the 2012 Olympics then hell anything is possible.😮🙌 And I doubt Mila missing meetings would be the final straw to break the camel’s back. She received her gold plaque the same night she left/was kicked out of the group. And we all know there is no such thing as a coincidence when Camren is involved. I know this is long winded. But I had to speak my peace as I watch this fandom panic yet again over this staged bullshit. You’d think by now we could smell it before we see it…😂😂 I said all that to say, trust and believe all contingency plans have been put in place and if you hear the girls saying something especially in a well known publication or media platform📺🎤💻📰 understand those words passed through a dozen mouths before it left theirs. And anyone affiliated with them can’t take a shit around the girls without getting permission to use the toilet and signing their name on the tissue paper. And those who can’t be controlled will be removed. Probably why the laucy interactions have dialed down. Oh and don’t forget it was just in December that Lucy liked Camila’s tweet about the BT video and “bringing the characters to life” and then a couple days later she randomly unfollowed her ….really😒? And the Jauregui siblings pretty much unfollowed around the time she left too…smh. In the right light🔦 it looks like the story makes sense and is on the up and up. But start pulling at the loose strands and details of this narrative and you’ll see how quickly all this shit unravels. And on that note I’m done! This was just a flow of thoughts …So it may make sense. It may make me look crazy, but I’m willing to risk the credibility of my sanity for the sake of voicing my opinion and getting these thoughts down on paper. 📝Speaking figuratively of course. Love you Munchkins.😘

Dean Munch🎓


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So Meg, what did you think of Lauren's tweet saying 'FUCK YOU' to the media? I love her, but come on. She did a photoshoot w/a professional photographer w/another girl, her bff & apparently ex, & the photographer talked about L & LV's personal relationship in an interview. Of course the media is going to pick up on it & talk about it. This is something completely different than the leak of the kiss pics, which were taken at a private family event. I sometimes wonder what is going on in her mind.

Ok I’m about to go off on a rant lol. All I am seeing on my feed is stuff about how Lauren is a “hypocrite” and “she put this out there so how can she not expect a reaction”. But people need to understand that the reason why the whole things SEEMS contradictory is because THESE ARE NOT ALL LAUREN’S ACTIONS. You can call someone a hypocrite if they are individually in control of all the contradictory actions, but she’s clearly not! On the one hand we have what Lauren wants - how she wants to be seen, what she values, how she wants her image to be used, her will to keep her private life private. BUT on the other hand we have what her PR team wants - they want headlines and money, and they are paid to know how to create a buzz out of something

So what does this leave us with? - Two different images of Lauren which sometimes line up with each other, but also sometimes contradict each other. Lauren may not always like the tactics her publicists use, but she can’t do anything about it! Please read the last post i wrote on this blog - It’s so relevant to this debate! When Lauren signed her contract she legally granted her Label the exclusive right to use her image, likeness, name and biography for publicity. This is just a fact. It means that her publicists can feed whatever they want to the media and it’s not in Lauren’s control. It means that Lauren is not allowed to publicise stuff about herself without doing it through her label.

I think part of the reason why people see this as all within Lauren’s control is because the shoot itself was very Lauren. It was done with people she trusted in a quiet location, it was very tumblr pretty and the way she showed her body was classy and elegant. Lauren has to do a certain amount of publicity appearances, photoshoots, interviews etc… She contractually has to co-operate with her PR team, and my feeling is that she’s been able to negotiate and make a lot of compromises recently. By playing along and cooperating, she’s been able to do things her way a little bit. BUT this does not mean she is in total control! 

This shoot was clearly not something totally ‘organic’. 1) Billboard didn’t just report on it - they literally released one of the pictures on their instagram. So (once again) they were they were obviously a part of the whole thing. 2) This indie photographer who publishes their stuff online obviously has no reason whatsoever to release their photos MONTHS after they were taken and do an interview with bloody MTV to go along with it!! The timing and the way it was done means that it was obviously co-ordinated by 5H’s team. 3) Do you really think that that Lauren would choose to give the media specific information about the exact state of her love life???!!!!! Come on people! As if Lauren would explicitly tell a media outlet who she is/isn’t in a relationship with! It’s so fucking obvious that her team fed the media ‘info’ on her relationship/breakup. These journalists don’t know who Lucy is or that the fanbase was starting to feel that she didn’t seem to be spending time with Lauren any more. I repeat - the media was FED this information by Lauren’s PR people. 4) Lauren tried to make this hers by using her body for art and to make a statement, but her team of course knows what the media wants and they KNEW that this shoot would end up being about objectifying Lauren in a trashy way. They KNOW how to get clicks. This is what it was about in PR terms for them. Again, we have two different images/stories - the way Lauren see’s things and the way her team uses her to gain publicity for the product they are trying to sell.

^^^ So Lauren is not a hypocrite. She’s an incredibly strong person who is trying to assert her values in a situation, where she has very little legal control over how her image and personal life is used to sell records. THAT’S  why we see two contradicting sides to the story. If she was submissive and went along with everything without complaining through indirects, then she wouldn’t look like a hypocrite because we would only see one side of the story - the PR side, not Lauren’s side. 

This applies to soooooooo many things, especially the ‘break-up’. Fans are always calling out the girls for being hypocritical and self-contradictory when their actions don’t add up. “How can Dinah say that she loves Mila no matter what two days before she posts something accusing her of being a selfish diva?”. “How can Lauren say she’s a feminist who supports other women but then shades Mila?”. “How can the girls not support Camila in her solo stuff but now support each other whole-heartedly?”. 


ALL OF THIS STUFF SEEMS CONTRADICTORY AND DOESN’T ADD UP BECAUSE IT IS NOT ALL IN THEIR CONTROL !!!!!!!!!!!! They are not hypocrites, they are just people are not contractually able to control the narratives that are presented to the public about them. The small opportunities they have to express their real selves contradict the images of them that their team sells to the media and the public for publicity purposes. That’s why they ‘seem’ like hypocrites. It’s that simple.

Sorry I used this ask to go on a long rant (it’s general - not aimed at you anon), but please please please people read my last post about how the artists grant the label the right to control their public image. This is so important to understand. 

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You've probably got told this many times but its so reassuring to have someone like you being proud of being a sjw and an ally in this industry that struggle so much with these themes recently! Im forever grateful for you and the whole star crew !! (Sorry for my english Im from sweden hehe)

Hey! I’m glad it’s reassuring for you! 

I would not personally label myself an ‘SJW,’ not because I don’t believe in fighting for social justice (I do) but because honestly I’m not that politically active? So using any label that identifies me as such seems a bit disingenuous. I have a lot of Opinions and Convictions and I talk about them a lot but that doesn’t necessarily help anyone much.

But: the term ‘SJW’ is now mostly used to silence anyone who says anything even remotely political (well, left-leaning political) on the Internet, and that is real dumb. Like seriously: when did “caring about social justice” become an insult? If someone wants to “accuse” me of being a “”””Social Justice Warrior”””””” as a way to discredit me, I’m happy to embrace the label! 

On This Day: April 14
  • 1775: The first abolition society in N America established -“The Society for the Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully Held in Bondage”.
  • 1816: Bussa, a slave in British-ruled Barbados, leads a 400 other slaves in rebellion and is killed by British troops.
  • 1874: During the German Revolution, the Freikorps, counter-revolutionaries and fore-runners of the Nazis suppress Communists in Dresden.
  • 1892: Marxist archaeologist V Gordon Childe born.
  • 1905: Birth of Jean Pierre-Bloch in France. He was an activist, resistance member and anti-racist.
  • 1919: American individualist anarchist Josiah Warren died.
  • 1930: Over a hundred Mexican and Filipino farm workers arrested for union activities in Imperial Valley, CA. Eight are later convicted of “criminal syndicalism”.
  • 1930: 17 year old Jimmy Hoffa leads Kroger warehouse co-workers in job action, forcing the company to give in to their demands.
  • 1937: Spain’s Friends of Durruti Group issued a manifesto stating its opposition to celebrating the anniversary of the Second Spanish Republic.
  • 1964: Rachel Carson dies. Ecologist, activist and author of Silent Spring
  • 1968: The Easter Sunday “Love-In” is held in Malibu Canyon, CA.
  • 1978: Thousands of Georgians demonstrate against Soviet attempts to change the constitutional status of the Georgian language.
  • 1986: Death of French writer Simone de Beauvoir. She was an existentialist philosopher, political activist, feminist and intellectual.
  • 1988: French anarchist Daniel Guérin died.
  • 2005: United Steelworkers and Paper, Allied-Industrial and Chemical and Energy Workers merge to form North America’s largest industrial union.
  • 2007: At least 200,000 demonstrators in Ankara, Turkey protest against the possible candidacy of incumbent PM Erdoğan.
Political Marriages are complicated.

Affection Seeker’s hive is allied with Aurora Industry’s hive.
Aurora Industry was enemies with Onyx’s hive.
Aurora Industry was at war with DES.
Onyx’s hive is a part of DES.
Affection Seeker is trying to hide from Chrysalis, a member of DES.

If Affection Seeker married Onyx both their hives would share resources and might.

This marriage could force Onyx and DES into peace with Aurora Industry. But would Drag Affection seeker into DES. And that would mean she might have to meet with Chrysalis, and that could lead to war if Chrysalis discovers who Affection Seeker really is and how she became a Queen.

This marriage could bring about peace.

Or tear everything apart at the seams.


This picture took approximately 2 hours to compleat. It features the Chain Lightning Hydro Dam and the “Underground”. The domains of the separate hives.

The “it girl”

I’ll be using some extracts from the next post (it could be a fan whoever submitted it, still it’s got some valid points to elaborate). The extracts will be in bold to stand them out.

We’ve all concluded & agree that Lauren will be the next girl to be placed at the  front.

Originally posted by nojauregui

Most of the fans want the next album to be led by DNA. I’m positive the distribution of solos will be so much better. If anything I believe this time around not one of the girls will be left without a solo throughout the album. Nonetheless out of the 4 voices, I would say Lauren’s tone it’s the one that the GP immediately tells apart. Also I’ve notice many outsiders still think she hasn’t been given the opportunity to shine. To conclude this paragraph:

Lauren will lead 5H3 & I’m calling it some fans are not going to be very receptive of this…

“There is a concerning issue however. As there is now 4 members in the group. One in particular has a lot, a lot of potential even more so than the former member. Why do you think they did not send this never out? Their recent solo project was just a simple test and the test has been passed with an A+”

We’ve already established how if Lauren would have been the one to leave first, it would have meant a loss of stans, a loss of money for the label….

“As sad to say but when the group was a whole two members where the presumed stars of the group. Now there is only one. The pressure is going to be on this member. Heavily. This particular member may or may not cope. Just I’m urging - this is of utmost importance that you guys continue to support this member regardless. I can not give in to much to this but just be wary and do not make the same mistake you made with the previous member.”

Evidently, Lauren will have so much pressure to endure… By making the same mistake that was done with the previous member, I understand our anon is talking about not to blame her for the stealing of scene like some did with C.

“All of you need to be open minded and not naive believing everything that has been broadcast to you. The biggest mistake made was separation.“

I’ve accentuated in other posts how the division of the fanbase into the different branches was clearly a deliberate attempt to bring about this whole plan in the most successful way possible. 

“The current concern should be on the existing members of the group. You guys need to get them out and I’ve seen some good suggestions so far but show your support to them. When I say them I’m talking about the individual members the real people because they will need it in due time. Things aren’t going to be easier for them if anything the fun has just began.

That last line makes me get a lump on my throat. Despite of this information being true or not, our dear anon is stating facts here: The fun has just began. Lauren’s audio tells enough on how that far they were being treated… Now that one is gone, comes the next part of the narrative– the production of juicy headlines; keeping media & the GP attached to their sits with the unfolding of the storyline. I can’t even begin to imagine under what type of manipulative methods they are going to be put through. Yes, let’s hope change in this case directs to betterment but I would be lying if I tell you that I’m not worry.

The other day a fan tweeted how she currently is handling fine this whole situation but it’ll surely hit her once they present & do interviews as a four piece group. Applies for each one of us & so to LAND I would say… It will definitely hit them once they return to work. It’s not a simple process. Adapting is key.
As fans we need to show utter support not only by voting, streaming, etc. Also by being committed in comprehending the situation behind them. The fandom tends to complain about their working system. About the lack of promo, the time they spend rehearsing, the output, etc.
E.g. Bear in mind the schedule is not up to them, mgmt is in charge of arranging dates & their days off (if they don’t rest them properly, or when they overwork them last minute). The promo depends on the profit Epic provides. Without budget Maverick can’t do much & got to function with what they can.

“You guys need to support both former and current members because this is not easy in them emotionally. STOP BEING NAIVE!  Keep and open mind and focus on hints and clues been dropped. “

Originally posted by electra-heart2001

About our head girl… She’s being positioned as the face & as much as it is unfair to DNA, I’m sure the label won’t change their mind.

Sometimes I sense L is not fully confident with her singing voice, however, given the circumstances, she’ll have to step up that aspect (not exactly by choice but forcefully). Like our anon is politely asking: Don’t turn this harder for Lauren… I wonder if certain parents will now shade on her as well? If that happens, don’t follow those manners. People will start to start to tag her as Camila 2.0 but understand this is not up to her.

P.S. Last but not least, stop giving them all a hard time on social media. The way hatred has unraveled on each girl is insane. IF YOU’RE GOING TO SUPPORT ONLY ONE PARTY IT’S YOUR CHOICE BUT DON’T TRY TO BRING THE OTHER ONE DOWN.

entire US intelligence community: Putin hacked the US.

donald trump: i don’t believe it.

congress, us allies, and private industry: Yeah, Putin hacked the US.

donald trump: Nope, didn’t happen.

vladmir putin himself: Yes, Donald, I hacked the US.

donald trump: I don’t believe you, Vlad. I’m sorry, they must be making you say this. Would you like to have Alaska back?



The Earth Mech Industries are allied to the Galactic Mining Federation, they supply all the mechs and hardsuits for different uses (military, construction industry,…).

This mech is designed for melee combat and leadership.

About the title:
E.M.I = Earth Mech Industries
F-0.2 = the frame I used for the build
-G = type of mech ( here G= Ground)
Size: ~29ft (9m)

- 1 Turbo axe
- 1 Heavy blaster

- heavy armor
- long range communications and scanners

C&c appreciated! ^^

I have been a JoJo fan since I was literally 6 years old. Her album was the first that I ever owned; I literally taught myself how to sing by listening to her over and over as a child.
It confused me when after her highly successful sophomore album (The High Road) she stopped releasing music; it made no sense. Come to find that she and her mother naively signed a record deal when they were poor and vulnerable and looking for a way out. They did not read the fine print.
The label had legal ownership of her name and her voice and kept her in limbo for upwards of 7 years, barring her from releasing any new music unless it was on their terms.
This is why upon hearing that Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony and reading the official Fifth Harmony statement I noticed certain things did not add up.
Reading into it further, I noticed the circumstances under which the groups deal was signed; the majority of the group were 15/16 years old when they signed their contracts, and without going into the details (you can find them with a simple search on Google/twitter), their management and label found a loophole that enabled them to essentially have full ownership of the girl’s image/music/name without their realising, as they were so young and genuinely uneducated on the ins and outs of the industry.
It took JoJo 7 years and a hell of a fight to sue her way out of her deal - if you are a Fifth Harmony fan, I urge you to voice your outrage and help these girls out. I had the misfortune of hearing the leaked audio of one of the girls crying/distraught over the issue, referring to herself and the girls as ‘slaves’. Contractually speaking, as of right now, they are just that.
Speak up, voice your concern, have it make the forefront of media/the news. These girls are contractually trapped and unable to speak for themselves; please shout as loudly as you can for them.
As an artist myself, I know that your doing this will be intrinsic to their respective careers in the future.
Do you want your idols to stick together out of contractual obligation, or do you want them to be free and wholeheartedly thrive?
Speak up, and #FreeFifthHarmony.
And best of luck to you and the girls.

If tomorrow women in the West woke up and decided they really like their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business. The cosmetic industry, the clothing industry, the diet industry, the gym industry and then think of all of their ally industries who support them. So when I say that global capitalism is dependent on women hating themselves, I’m not exaggerating here.
—  Dr. Gail Bines
Artifact on iTunes
Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy Artifact directed by Bartholomew Cubbins for £7.99.

Hey guys, I forgot to post about this properly before, but not long ago I finally watched the film Artifact (thank you anons who recommended it!). I strongly recommend you buy/rent it off amazon or iTunes. It is a fantastic documentary that offers some really valuable insights into the music industry. 

Out of everything I’ve read about the industry in recent months, the one recurring theme that stands out is the constant battle between Art and Money. This film tells the story of this tension through documenting Jared Leto’s (30 seconds to mars’) legal battle with their label. The band was an international success and made tonnes of money for their label, but they somehow ended up millions in debt to their label. [Note that this is actually normal in the music biz]. They tried to get out of their contract but were hit with a 30 million dollar law suit because of it. They got caught up in the power relations and legal drama, and at the same time decided to make their own studio, hire a producer and record a whole album. We see scenes of men in suits talking about business & legal strategies, interspersed with shots of Jared and his band in the studio banging out music with nothing but raw emotion and passion.

The music industry has become what it is because artists are taken advantage of. People’s untainted passion for music and the idealism that comes with that is taken advantage of. The artist is supposed to be simply grateful for the chance to practice their craft for a living, and the arrangement is set up so that this is ALL they get. Everything is set up so that other people can make money off of them and, as this film shows, it is almost impossible for the artist to challenge this status quo in any significant way.

Strongly recommended to anyone who is a fan of any major label artist (especially those with Syco contracts and especially those who have compared their employment arrangement to slavery). Educate yourself and you will never want tho shit on a pop-star again.