allied forces aph

  • England: 8 hours, 46 minutes, and 30 seconds of playing... I'm going insane...
  • France: *crying*
  • Russia: stupid capitalism.
Allies and Axis hearing s/o singing a beautiful soft song:

America/Alfred F. Jones-
“Hm…?” Alfred hummed while investigating the noise he heard upon entering the home. He knew there would only be one person home at this time. After a moment of thought and a glance of his watch he assumed you’d be showering. But it wasn’t running water he heard, though it was having the same soothing effect. He thought at first it was the radio but he wasnt hearing static. And then it hit him. It was your voice he was listening to.
“Damn.” He chuckled, alarming you to his presence, and inturupting your song.
China/Yoa Wang-
“Eh?!” He spun around once he heard a voice from outside the room. He’d been sleeping, quite peacefully, before you woke him. But he quieted down when he realised what it was he was hearing. It was you, singing while going about chores. He could almost see it now. Your head phones sitting tightly in your ears and cutting you off from the rest of the world. He laid his head back down and listened carefully, eventually lulling him back to sleep.
England/Arthur Kirkland-
You didn’t even realise you were doing it. It started with humming as you dusted the shelves. It only turned into singing when Arthur left the room. You made it through the verse and a chorus before he silently returned. The blond leaned on the door frame and watched on as the volume of your words grew. A smirk played on his lips, loving the private concert you were giving him.
France/Francis Bonnefoy-
He’d requested many times that you sing to him, but you always refused. But now, the circumstances were a little skewed. Francis had been in bed sick for several days. And right now he was shaking with a fever an even had a cold rag on his head. How could you possibly say ‘No’? As you squeaked the words out he smiled with content, giving you some confidence. By the end of your ballad he was sleeping peacefully, the same smirk still on his lips.
Russia/Ivan Braginsky-
He could barely contain himself as he stumbled across the sight. You were hanging sheets on an outside line, singing to yourself and the clothes. Ivan quietly sat down in the grass to listen. He rested his head on his hands and gazed. There were so many things he adored about this moment. The candid movements, especially the scattered words in the form of song. He found your voice sweet and calming, he wished you never noticed him there. But an accidental content sigh took care of that.
He knew he shouldn’t of been listening, he knew that very well. It was rude and otherwise disrespectful to eavesdrop on another person. On the other hand it was you. And you were singing. He’d never heard you sing. It wasn’t like your speaking voice, no, it was more captivating. The words poured smoothly from your lips, and he more than eager to receive them. Even if it was in a dishonest fashion.
Italy/Feliciano Vargas-
It wouldn’t take long for him to join you. Your small hummings and sparce words elated him. And soon enough he had you swinging around the room. Not only this but he demanded (or rather insisted) that you sing louder and much prouder.
Japan/Kiku Honda-
This sweet baby would initially want to apologize and leave. But as he listened more and more to your voice he was stuck. You somehow put a spell on him, forcing the man to listen. You’d never even would have known he was there if he didn’t snap back an begin a profuse apologizing marathon.

Allied Forces as Things My Friends Have Said

America/Alfred F. Jones: “Potatoes have skin. I have skin. Therefore, I am a potato.”

England/Arthur Kirkland: “Screw the trumpet, I think your mouth needs a straight mute.”

France/Francis Bonnefoy: “You have beautiful, wide, child-bearing hips.” (I think this may be from another fandom but I heard it from a friend of mine)

China/Yao Wang: “I will personally take you to China just to see if you could finish that bowl of soup.”

Russia/Ivan Braginski: “You say you dropped your mixtape? Where? The trash?”

Canada/Matthew Williams: “I can smell it… The essence of fuckboy…”

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Allied Forces! Allied Powers? Allies. 100% Serious and Legit Icons of the Allies. Feel free to use these as you please! I’d absolutely love to see these being used! 

With s/o for a long flight-

(These might turn into imagines, if it gets enough notes, up to you guys!)
Allies + Canada:

America/Alfred F. Jones:

  • Alfred is completely fascinated by air travel, so naturally, he doesn’t shut up. 
  • Argues with the flight attendant because he doesn’t wasn’t to turn his electronics off. (Too bust taking pictures outside the window.)
  • Might notion subtly about joining the mile high club.
  • If you hit any patches of turbulence nothing will keep him from crawling into your lap. Not a seat belt, not a flight attendant, and certainly not common sense.
  • Talks none stop about his military days flying planes.

Canada/Matthew Williams:

  • Is a little afraid of flying, he might seem a little jittery upon take off.
  • Will hold you during the entire flight, worried something may happen.
  • Insists on sharing a blanket so you too can cuddle, no that you’d argue.
  • Gets a little aggravated that ‘Pancakes’ aren’t a dinner option.

China/Yao Wang:

  • Unnaturally calm.
  • Sleeps the entire way, turbulence or not.
  • If you wake him you’ll face the king of Jet Lag. Grouchy, messy and just stay away.
  • Seriously, sedated the entire flight.

France/Francis Bonnefoy:

  • Watches all the Stewardesses, says he should get a costume for you like that.
  • Requests ice after you slap him. 
  • Is a little more nervous than he’d like to admit, clutching to you hand/arm. 
  • Extremely insistent about the mile high club, until turbulence strikes.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky:

  • Turns into a small child, holding your hand and staying close to you. (He would say it was for you, but you know. You know.)
  • Would most likely want a red eye flight so the plane isn’t crowded.
  • Several of the bones in your hand will be broken by his iron grip when you go through turbulence.
  • You’re the one insisting on the mile high club, just so he’ll go to sleep.
  • He’s a clever bastard and can now brag to Francis.

Allies + Romano


  • A little on edge, but prefers a morning flight.
  • Has a few drinks, ‘just to settle his nerves’. 
  • Wouldn’t be overly touchy do to the small space and abundance of strangers.
  • Handles turbulence like a pro.  

Italy/Feliciano Vargas:

  • He never shuts up, very entertained by the fact you’re in the air.
  • Snuggles heavily when it’s time to sleep. 
  • Prompts short make out sessions when you’re left alone in your row.
  • Tries comforting you during small shakes.

Japan/Honda Kiku:

  • He’d take the view and opportunity to draw an interesting perspective. 
  • Good luck getting his attention, he’s too busy looking out the window. 
  • Not shaky at all, he’s very scientific in explanations about the ride.
  • Might hold your hand upon request, since it’d semiprivate.  

Romano/Lovino Vargas:

  • Loses his shit when the plane shakes, even slightly. 
  • If you weren’t there he’d be driving everyone insane with his random cursing.
  • Like his brother he’d invite you to kiss while you were alone. (It calms him.)
  • Grumbles about how it’s weak to show fear…whilst gripping your hand far too tightly. 

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Edit. Added France! There was no version of him in traditional clothes and that’s why I didn’t made an icon for him. But since people were asking there he is!

I was watching an APH-MMD at YT and then paused at


I mean just look at them, they’re totally like:

“Kesese~, Vest I’ve drunk all the beer at home.”

*the face as he realize what his brother just had said*

And then in the same MMD…

OK, the allies are dancing and suddenly England is holding his wand out of nowhere, while Russia & France don’t know whats going on and China & America are looking like:

“Aiyah! Not again, he destroyed this moment, aru!”

‘WOW, what’s that ligh—- wait’   "Dafuq dude, are you serious!?!“

Allies/axis & Canada reacting to s/o in lingerie of their flag:

America/Alfred F. Jones- Are you trying to not walk tomorrow? Cause that’s how this night is ending.

Nuff said.
Canada/Matthew Williams- A blushing wreck, unable to function, at first. Once he fully drinks the image of you in it’s another story. You’d be pressed against a wall, hands exploring what skin was exposed in no time.
China/Yao Wang- He’d more appreciate you went through effort of finding the outfit than realizing it’s intent. But not for long, he’d show his real appreciation while pealing the outfit away, preferring what it held beneath.  
England/Arthur Kirkland- Drooling more with every step you take toward the bed. In a rare moment of weakness he’d toss his gentlemanly nature out the window. If you wanted to be branded in Britain pride he was more than happy to mark you as his own.
France/Francis Bonnefoy:
“Mon cher…I didn‘t get to see you put it one…so how about I watch you take it off?” He purred in your general direction, already lying back to watch the show.
Russia/Ivan Braginsky- The most you’d see is his eye twitch before he gathered you in his arms. With nothing but his teeth he’d remove the clothing and make sure you knew what fire was just lighted in him.

Germany/Ludwig- A low growl came from his throat as you walked out. His eyes ate you alive while he walked over, slipping only one strap from your shoulder. After one more deep vocalization from him you were on the bed, outfit pressed up to your stomach and his head embedded in your neck.  Italy/Feliciano Vargas- For once the man was silent. He observed how the lace laid on your skin, he’d never so badly wanted to disturb such a beautiful sight. It would take you walking over and initiating your intent to break him from the spell.  

Japan/Kiku Honda- After a stuttered compliment and looked away, you’d feel a little hurt. Insecurity would set in until he softly patted the space next to you.  One you were comfortable he’d begin lacing kisses to your skin, if he couldn’t express his thank verbally, he’d damn sure do it physically.

The Allies at some point (probably?)
  • America: WHO DAT WHO DAT!
  • Canada: I-G-G-Y
  • Russia: Who da who da?
  • China+France: I-G-G-Y!
  • America: *Furiously pointing at England*
  • America: WHO DAT WHO DAT
  • America: I-G-G-Y!
  • England:
  • England:
  • England: I fucking hate all you assholes
  • China: this is why I-G-G-Y get no friends aru
How they act while at an amusement park:

Allies + Canada:

America/Alfred F. Jones-
I hope you don’t have a queasy stomach. If so, skip the fair food, cause you’ll be riding every single coaster they set up. On the plus side though, you’ll be down 70 bucks because he won’t stop till he wins you the biggest bear at the carnival.  
Canada/Matthew Williams-
He will not under any circumstances let go of your hand. Roller coaster? Hands. Crowd? Hands. Getting pushed into the fountain by a passing America and Prussia? Hope you’re ready to get wet. He’ll also win you a prize, although it’ll only take him two tries. (Suck it Alfred.)
China/Yao Wang:- All the kiddy rides will be conquered by this man and this man alone. Prepare to play mom for the day and hold all his toys.
England/Arthur Kirkland:
He’d want to go home every waking moment. He hates the crowds, he hates the food and he hates the coasters. But the second you drag him to a couples ride, that changes. After you sneak a peck to his cheek as a small thanks, the evening turns around. Of course…that’s until you get thrown out because he thrashes the teenage smartass working the game booth.
France/Francis Bonnefoy-
His main goal is basically to have sex on the most dangerous Roller Coaster there is. This fails of course and he goes quiet. Or at least tries getting as far as he can, you’ll question him at first but give in. Then when you get caught with his hand in your pants by the Ferris Wheel operator, he’ll murmur something about hormones.  
Russia/Ivan Braginsky-
If you so much as glance at any toy or any game he’s on it. It may be luck or it may be his terrifying glare knocking things over, but he wins. He’ll buy you every funnel cake and waffle cone. You might gain 10 pounds but he just says it’s more to love. He’s more intent on making you smile during this trip than anything else.  

Allies + Romano:

He doesn’t understand the point of these types of places. But after the combination of you and Italy begging him, he had to fold. He didn’t trust strangers so he’d likely keep and arm around you. He’d purchase anything you wanted, save the games. After one loss he’d spout about how they’re rigged. (You win one by total coincidence and shove it in his face. How could you not? Big tough German guy can‘t win fucking ring toss, c‘mon.)

Italy/Feliciano Vargas-
You will never get a chance to sit down. He wants to see everything and try one of every dish. He’ll have a clenched fist in your clothes or hand around your wrist the entire time. He wants to spend this time with you, and maybe lick some ice cream off your cheek.

Japan/Honda Kiku-
Also doesn’t fully get the point of these functions. He’d mostly just suffer through whatever you had planned. But you’d see the small smile creep to his lips when you screamed your lungs out. He’d be more than a little embarrassed when you handed him the small prize you won.

Romano/Lovino Vargas-
He turns into a small child. He runs around telling you about every ride and making sure you go on them at least three times. He’ll get sick eating all the sweets in top of corn dogs, and thanks you for holding back his hair. He’d swear you to secrecy of the whole evening. Whit this promise agreed to he would win you anything your heart desired…and be more than a few bucks in the hole. But he’d fucking do it.
(Later you saw him running with a big bear, and you‘re pretty sure it‘s stolen but you‘re sure as hell not giving it back.)