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the five times you lay your eyes on bucky || b.b

Relationship: Biker!Bucky x reader

Summary: The five times you lay your eyes on Bucky. 

Warnings: none!!

Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: honestly I wrote this on a whim and I kinda love it ???

The first time you lay your eyes on Bucky you’re just starting your late night shift at the diner. Your eyes lock with his as you tie your apron around your waist, blushing as he sends a wink in your direction. 

It was Friday night, which meant it was busy with intoxicated people flowing in from the pub across the street to the diner in search of some greasy food to satisfy their cravings. 

You were overwhelmed, serving five tables all at once, trying to get their orders out in a timely fashion while refilling their drinks. It’s not like you meant to do it on purpose, you were just rushing through the orders that your hand knocked over a man’s drink as you took their menu. 

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry,” you stumbled out as you grabbed a towel, patting down the table before grabbing the now empty cup from it’s position on it’s side, a rough hand catching your wrist, “you better be gettin’ me a new one for free,” the man spat in your face aggressively before pushing you harshly away from the table making you stumble. 

Tears formed in your eyes as you mumbled out an another apology, being cut off by an unfamiliar voice halfway through, “that’s no way to treat a lady,” the voice barked behind you, but it didn’t make you cower, it comforted you. 

“And if you’ve got a problem with her you best be comin’ to me first,” whoever was behind you spoke again making the man nod his head before apologizing to you repeatedly.

You quickly walked away behind the counter, footsteps following you as you finally looked up to see Bucky’s concerned eyes ghost over your face, “he didn’t hurt ya, did he doll?” He asked in a gentle voice, nothing like he sounded just seconds ago.

Tears had spilled past your eyes and onto your cheek as you nodded, unable to form a sentence, still in shock and completely overwhelmed, “I promise he won’t be botherin’ you no more,” Bucky said again, a smile appearing on your face as he wiped away a stray tear. 

“Thanks, Bucky,” you croaked as he let out a small chuckle, “anytime, doll,” he winked before he made his way out of the diner, a small group of men following him as they got onto their bikes, engines roaring to life. 

Your eyes met Bucky’s one more time through the glass as he did a small salute with his fingers before riding away into the night leaving you with butterflies in your stomach and a hurricane of thoughts in your mind. 

The second time you’d seen Bucky was walking home after a horrible date, your arms crossed over your chest as you kicked a couple of stray rocks and twigs with your heel clad shoes, not caring if they were getting scuffed all the while mumbling about how much of a prick your date was. 

“Rough night?” A voice brought you out of your thoughts as you turned to your left to see Bucky leaning against his bike, arms crossed over his chest as his leather jacket and black jeans hugged every muscle. 

“You wouldn’t believe it,” you chuckled dryly as you stood on the pavement in front of Bucky, “Lemme guess,” Bucky smirked as he straightened out his posture, “all talk no action sorta guy?” He guessed as you dropped your head, chuckling, “how’d you guess?” You asked almost rhetorically as Bucky shrugged his shoulders, “lucky guess,” he said as he moved to grab a helmet. 

“How ‘bout I give you a ride home?” He suggested, holding out the helmet to you as you thought it over, “why not,” you shrugged before Bucky got on his bike, you following his actions as you loosely wrapped your arms around his torso, “you’re gonna have to hold on tighter than that, doll,” he chuckled as you tightened your grip on him as his engine roared to life once more. 

“Thanks for the ride,” you said, passing his helmet to him as he smiled, “it was my pleasure, darlin’,” he said before you both fell into a sort of awkward silence, “well, I should get going,” you said as he nodded his head, “yeah for sure,” he said but you didn’t move. 

You turned around taking one step before turning around hastily walking over to Bucky, giving him a kiss on his cheek, “thanks again,” you whispered as a blush crept over your cheeks, “like I said, anytime, doll,” he said, his breath fanning over your face from your close proximity. 

Your breath hitched in your throat as his fingers moved a strand of hair behind your face, “better get home before your parents start to get worried darlin’,” he whispered as you nodded, practically skipping up the steps to your home. 

The third time that your eyes landed on Bucky was when you were grabbing the mail on a Sunday morning, fluffly robe, cat pj pants, and koala slippers. Your heart kicked as his eyes landed on yours, a smirk making its way onto his face. 

You cursed yourself for stepping out of the house in the state you were in, hoping that Bucky would continue to mow the neighbours lawn instead on striking up a conversation with you. 

Luck was not on your side as Bucky jogged up to you, smirk not faltering. 

“Mornin’ stranger,” he chuckled as you grabbed the multiple envelopes from your mailbox, “mornin’ Buck,” you giggled as he crossed his muscular arms over his chest, the tank top he was wearing left little to the imagination. 

“You mowing lawns now?” You teased as he chuckled, “Mrs. Braverman needed a strong, handsome fella to help her out,” he winked as you rolled your eyes, “then get back to work, Barnes,” you said walking back towards your front door. 

“I sure will, kitten,” he shouted back as you sighed knowing you had just gotten a knew nickname from him, “never again,” you mumbled to yourself, stepping inside the house, swearing to throw out those dreaded pyjama pants. 

The fourth time you saw Bucky was when you walked passed an ally hearing someone groan in pain as you did. You told yourself that you should just ignore it, that it wasn’t a good idea to get mixed up with whoever’s business it was. 

That was until you heard a man snicker, “should’a thought twice ‘bout challengin’ me, Barnes.” 

You took a deep breath mustering up as much courage as you could before venturing into the alley, your heels clacking along the pavement, echoing so much that it got the men’s attention.

Bucky was on the ground, face bloodied as three men stood over him, “what’re you doin’ here, little lady,” one of the men snickered, coming closer to you. He reeked of body odour and whiskey, almost making you sick to your stomach, “let him go,” you said sternly, eyes flickering over to Bucky’s whose were pleading for you to just run. 

“Or what?” They taunted as you rolled your eyes, “you really wanna beat up a lady? Go ahead,” you smirked as all the men snarled before brushing past you, “you’re lucky your girl saved you, Barnes,” they spat, “next time you won’t be lucky,” they barked before leaving the alley. 

“Are you crazy!” Bucky gasped as he jumped up, slightly limping towards you, “don’t you ever do that again, ya hear me, doll?” He said, hands cupping your face as his desperate eyes searched yours. 

“I couldn’t let them hurt you,” you whispered, his thumb rubbing over your cheeks as he closed his eyes, shaking his head, “let’s get out of here,” he said as you nodded. You wrapped your arm around his torso as he wrapped his around your shoulder for support before you made it to your house. 

“Sit,” you commanded as he did what he was told, sitting on the covered toilet as you grabbed a bunch of medical supplies, “you’re lucky my parents are doctors,” you joked as you began cleaning his face, “that I am,” he mumbled, watching your concentrated expression as you moved on fixing him up. 

“There,” you said, throwing the last piece of bloodied tissue in the trash, “all done,” you smiled as Bucky examined his face in the mirror, “you’re real good at this, sure you don’t got anyone else to practice on?” He half-joked as you chuckled, “I’m a fast learner,” you smiled as he brushed some of your hair behind you ear, cupping your jaw with his hand. 

“Thank you,” he mumbled as your eyes fixated on each others. Everything around you seemed to still as Bucky slowly leaned in, until his lips were just inches from yours. 

You wrapped your arms around his neck, standing on your tippie toes as you closed the space between the two of you, connecting your lips in a gentle kiss, Bucky’s free hand pulling you closer to him. 

“You’re very welcome,” you winked as you pulled apart, leaving Bucky’s head spinning. 

The fifth time you saw Bucky he was stood outside the carnival entrance, flipping a coin as he leaned against the wooden fence, eyes searching for your own. The second they met yours he dropped his coin and pushed off the fence to embrace you in a hug. 

“You came,” he said, awestruck by your presence, “I told ya I would,” you said, wrapping your arms around his torso as he chuckled, pressing a kiss to your forehead before leading you inside. 

It took weeks of convincing, but you had finally agreed on going on a date with Bucky. You were hesitant, not because you didn’t like him, but because your parent’s would surely have heart attacks if they found out you were going out with the town’s bike gang leader. 

“I’m, uh, really happy you’re here,” Bucky said shyly as he intertwined his fingers with yours, a blush creeping up onto his cheeks, “is the infamous Bucky Barnes blushing?” You teased, tilting his chin up with your index and middle finger. 

“Am not,” he said defensively, pulling you towards the ferris wheel, “I’m just a little cold,” he tried to cover up as you giggled, “whatever you say,” you teased as he wrapped his arms around your torso. 

“It’s so beautiful,” you said in awe as the ferris wheel reached the top, “not as beautiful as you, doll,” Bucky quipped as you hid your face in the crook of his neck in a desperate attempt to hide your own blush.

“Oh is the infamous [Y/N] [Y/L/N] blushing,” Bucky mocked your previous words as you narrowed your eyes at him, “you’re lucky you’re cute,” you said as he pulled you closer to him, “ditto,” he mumbled against your lips before pressing them in a passionate kiss making your toes curl. 

“You should sneak out more often,” Bucky chuckled as you whimpered at the loss of his lips against yours, “less talking more kissing,” you mumbled before threading your fingers through his hair as he happily pressed his lips against yours again. 

Needless to say it was a bit difficult to keep your hickey’s covered from your parents as they scolded you. 

Thank God for fall or else your parents would be livid about the marks on your thighs. 

today i have lost 19 followers (and counting) and received 8 anons telling me (in various ways) to go fuck myself, despite the fact that i have not been rude to anyone, have not called rick names, have not directly messaged or tagged rick in any form, and have not ever made any personal attacks against him or anyone who has disagreed with me. the rudest thing i did today was not say please and thank you as much as i normally do (which is too much i know sorry), and also that post where i told people to make their own posts rather than replying to mine with insults.

if you honestly, truly think that a millionaire author who literally makes a living off writing books that are deliberately marketed to minority youth shouldn’t be held accountable for his horrible representation of female characters, and wlw characters especially, then good riddance to you. 

i am allowed to be mad that someone who just won an award for supposedly being such a fantastic ally has turned around and told us that we are perpetuating harmful stereotypes of ourselves and that it would be impossible for him to write a few sentences that made it clear that reyna had fallen prey to compulsory heterosexuality and never actually had feelings for percy or jason in the first place. (which wouldn’t be hard, considering how weakly those subplots were written in the first place!)

but whatever. you’re entitled to unfollow me, that’s fine. you are not, however, entitled to come into my replies or my inbox and tell me that i am being ‘too harsh’ and ‘a cry baby’ and ‘a fucking bitter lesbian’ (read my bio next time!) ‘who couldn’t write half as well as rick’ and that i should ‘try publishing something then if it’s so easy’. do not send me messages talking about how i should ‘go die’ for ‘hurting rick’s feelings’ when it’s perfectly obvious that none of you give a shit about the feelings of real live vulnerable lesbians and bi women who have just been told by an author they trusted that their very existence is a harmful stereotype. all of you are being horrible and immature and adding nothing conducive to the perfectly valid discussion around the complete and utter lack of wlw characters within rick’s books, which is not going to stop just because you’re stamping your feet and throwing a tantrum.

rick doesn’t need you to fight his battles for him. he is old and rich and famous and can quite easily distance himself from this, if he doesn’t want to fix it. but the young girls who aren’t straight that read his books do need people like me to fight for them, because they have to read an old, rich, famous author they admired telling them their opinions don’t matter, and they have to see that point of view regurgitated by people on this hellsite, and they deserve better than that.

your annoyance at seeing these posts does not outweigh the harm this has done to the confidence and self worth of girls in this fandom.

percy jackson would be absolutely disgusted with all of you, and so am i.

one week since u looked at me

James and LIly fight and it’s 100% the other person’s fault, and everyone is just a little bit unhinged. 

3371 Words

For @expressopatronum​, who requested a jily fic based on the Barenaked Ladies song. :D


James Potter to M8S B4 D8S: well. Fuck.

James Potter: im broken up

James Potter: literally

James Potter: and metaphorically

James Potter: and every other kind of shitty ally tbh

James Potter: hello?????

James Potter: im in Crisis here

Peter Pettigrew: we know, mate. You ok?

James Potter: how??

Peter Pettigrew: well…

James Potter: she texted u???

Remus Lupin: she texted me

Peter Pettigrew: then he told us

Remus Lupin: wtf, Prongs

James Potter: u believe her???

Remus Lupin: didn’t say that, mate. Just a weird situation, yeah??

James Potter: Weird = shitty, then yea. her fault tho for being so dramatic!! And do u arseholes have a group chat w/out me???

Sirius Black: nah. y would we do smth like that to u prongs. go chill @ mine. AND i for one am being a good mate and withholding judgment. (except on evans cos shes clearly at fault here)

James Potter: damn straight she is. 100%!!! and im already @ urs, actually. where r u tho?

Sirius Black: alcohol

James Potter: Good Man

Remus Lupin: I’m getting pizza

James Potter: don’t bother?? never eating again

James Potter: PS no more talking to evans unless its for espionage

Peter Pettigrew: this should be fun

 - - -

 James Potter to Not Lovely Lily: ready for ur apology, like, whenever, babe

James Potter: no?

James Potter: sirius’s sofa is super fucking cosy, btw

James Potter: PS whatever the current differences between us, pls dont stoop so low as to eat Mums biscuits

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Fifth Harmony

It was the sixth anniversary of Fifth Harmony and what better way of celebrating another milestone in their careers than by singing in front of thousands of people. It wasn’t just any other concert. It was in Madison Square Garden, New York no less. This was their biggest concert by far. Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane, Normani Kordei, and Ally Brooke sang and danced to their songs from Reflection, 727, and their self-titled album Fifth Harmony.

My innocence is wearing thin

But my heart is growing strong

So call me, call me, call me

Miss movin’ on, oh-oh-oh (ohhhhh)

Miss movin’ on, oh-oh-oh (on and on and on and on and on)

Miss movin’ on, oh-oh-oh (on and on and on and on, on and on and on and on)

Miss movin’ on, oh-oh-oh (hey… yeah yeah)

Yeah, I’m movin’ on



“Madison square garden thank you so much for having us tonight!” Dinah speaks loudly through her microphone. The crowd goes wild as the four girls move closer towards the centre.

“Tonight is a special night for all of us as you know. Six years of Fifth Harmony and we couldn’t have a better celebration tonight. We started off six years ago with thirty to forty people coming to our mall tours now we have 85,000. This is unbelievable” Normani says with extreme awe at the crowd in front of them. Indeed, through that six years, their fan base has grown bigger.

Ally took her turn to speak. “We’d like to share this special moment with you as we all look back to our journey. So, join us as we view this short video of Fifth Harmony through the years”

All four of them turn around to look at the screen in front. A montage starts playing. None of the girls has seen this video. They knew something would be playing but the management never told them what it would be. A surprise for them as well in some sense. (video would be something like this credits to owner)

As much as they try not to be emotional, they can’t help themselves from tearing up. One drop follows another. The crowd too had tears in their eyes, witnessing the transformation of young dreamers into the pop stars that they are now. Before anyone realises it, Camila appears on screen and cheers can be heard all over the place. Even the girls were quite taken aback by her participation on the montage.

“Thank you so much harmonizers for supporting the group through the years. We won’t be here without you guys. Seriously, thank you so much. I’m so proud of the girls for what they’ve achieved, for their success, and will always be proud of them. To my girls, I will always love you. You are my sisters for life. We may have had our differences but deep in my heart I still love you so much. I will always be a part of Fifth Harmony and you will always be a part of me.” Camila ends her message by blowing a kiss to the camera. The video continues to play, recounting all the awards and achievements they received in their six years together. The last frame ends with simple words, “Thank you Fifth Harmony.”

The girls try to clean up their faces before turning around again to face their fans. Everyone claps their hands for a wonderful video that summed up the years of Fifth Harmony.

Normani is the first to speak amongst the four. “We were five normal girls trying to reach our dreams and here we are today standing proudly on this stage. If not for you, we wouldn’t be here today so, thank you so much harmonizers. I would like to thank our families too for keeping our feet to the ground and protecting us and loving us no matter what. Our dream was very small. It was just an idea of us recording our own songs and maybe one day sing it in our own concert. Then it got bigger and bigger. Our lives did change.”

“We’ve become who we’ve always wanted to be. With you and our families and our team, we’ve gotten something not every fifteen or sixteen-year-old could have. We started touring the world and wherever we were there were people screaming at us. We didn’t know what was happening. You guys are one of the main reasons why we’re still here tonight. My mom, my dad, my siblings, and every one of you thank you all so much. You have truly been amazing.” Lauren says through her tears, her raspy voice sounding even raspier.

“We’ve had our sacrifices our differences but at the end of the day, we made it through the crazy because of you. I believed in myself because you believed in me too, in us. Thank you guys so so much. My family, my relatives, every single one of you, thank you for making everything possible. You made our dreams come true over and over again. We’ve met people the people we’ve met because you lined up in our concerts, bought our albums, you did everything for us. It’s been absolutely incredible.” Dinah blows a kiss after her own words.

Ally then speaks up after the youngest amongst them was done. “The past six years would literally be nothing without you. We’re so blessed to be here in front of such lovely crowd because of your support and love. Thank you, harmonizers. We appreciate what you’ve done for us and you made us realise what we’re doing was something amazing. You’ve supported each and everyone in the group through our ups and downs. Once again thank you so much. And to our families thank you for supporting us in our six years.” Cheers go louder as the tears on the girls’ faces pour down. Smiling through tears is something not easy to do.

Lauren clears her throat as she recomposes herself for her next words. “Sadly, the time has come for us to say goodbye.” Gasps from the fans can be heard all over Madison Square Garden. “Trust me we’re all dreading this” she continued with her voice breaking. “Our lives have changed drastically and it’s very overwhelming. We didn’t know what was happening to us and here we are six years later saying goodbye to it all. It’s not an easy thing, I tell you” Lauren wipes her tears as Dinah comforts her with a side hug.

“This song, this next and last song is very special to each of us in Fifth Harmony. This started everything for us; our dreams, our career, everything. This means so much to us and we hope this would mean something to you too.” Normani introduced their finale song and the melody starts playing as she spoke. “May this song remind everyone of you here right now that everything is possible. That the impossible is possible if you just believe. You believed in us and we got to do everything for six years because of all you here tonight.”

“Madison Square this is ‘Impossible’ and this will be our last memory of Fifth Harmony so make it a good one!” Dinah tried to put the crowd in hype despite her own voice betraying her. Ally shouts “We love you” before they started singing.  


I remember years ago

Someone told me I should take caution when it comes to love

I did


And now when all is done

There is nothing to say

You have gone and so effortlessly

You have won You can go ahead tell them

Tell them all I know now

Shout it from the rooftops

Write it on the skyline

All we had is gone now


Tell them I was happy and my heart is broken

All my scars are open

Tell them what I hoped would be


[Dinah & Normani:]




[Dinah & Normani:]




[Dinah & Normani:]



I remember years ago

Someone told me I should take caution when it comes to love

I did


The song becomes very emotional like every word sang by them is a blade plunge to everyone’s hearts. This their last song and it was their very first song together. This is mainly the reason why all four of them decided to end their journey with the same song that fired up their dreams. It felt…home.

At the end of the song, Lauren, Ally, Normani and Dinah hugged each other just like all their other performances. They broke off their embrace and started speaking again starting with Ally.

“I’m trying my best not to cry but I’m crying.” Ally tries to joke around. “We’re all crying. Lauren’s crying, Dinah’s crying, Mani’s crying, you guys are crying. It’s really hard to hold back our tears tonight, isn’t it? It’s really true when they say ‘as one journey ends, another one begins.’ Fifth Harmony maybe closing its book but four stories will be opening after tonight. Dinah, Normani, Lauren, and I will be braving the world as solo artists but we’ll continue to support each other nevertheless. These three ladies right there are my sisters. Thank you for being my sisters. I’ve had the best time in my life more than you could ever imagine. We’ve literally had so much fun and I couldn’t imagine doing it with someone else. I love you so much ladies and I will always be here for you.” There were a lot of ‘awws’ heard in the audience with Ally’s speech.

Normani followed after with her own words of gratitude. “We started out as strangers from different states and walks of life but we’re ending our story together as sisters. It’s been a wild ride but no matter how fun every ride is; it just has its end. Despite that, I know I would always have these ladies with me. Lauren, Dinah, and Ally, you are the sisters God forgot to give me. Your parents are my parents and my parents are yours. My three best friends in the whole world, thank you so much for our time together. No matter what, regardless of any circumstance you are always in my heart. I am and will always be proud of you. I love you”

Seeing as though they were speaking by age, Lauren took the chance to speak after Normani. “To my sisters Normani, Dinah Jane, and Ally, I love you so much I hope you know that. DJ I’ll miss your annoying arse pranking us 24/7, and Mani I’ll miss your chicken wings cravings, and Allyson Brooke, the sunshine of the group, I will definitely miss your cooking. We’ve spent our teenage years together and you’ve been my pillar through everything that was thrown my way. You’ve accepted me for who I am when I was confused and scared and trying to figure out myself. I just want to give a massive shout out to the three of you. You all are such amazing ladies. I love you so much.” Lauren was beaming with pride for her sweet speech. It’s true that the girls have been there for her no matter what and thanking them through those short sentences was not enough but it would have to do for now. “Also to Camila, Camila who’s not here with us tonight, thank you very much Camz for all the love and all the time you gave us when you were still in the band. We love you very much.” Of course the fans especially those who have been rooting for any interaction between Lauren and Camila have their spirits on cloud nine for Lauren’s unexpected message to Camila. Dinah Jane smiled to herself thankful that Lauren had done that. In the end, Dinah never stopped being Camila’s friend.

“Alright. Alright, my turn I guess. What’s up Madison Square? Six years with these girls were crazy. Imagine living with four hormonal teenage girls. I have a bunch of siblings and when I got into Fifth Harmony I gained four more. These three girls, Ally, Mani and Lauren will always be the big sisters that I will look up to for the rest of my life. I can do stupid things and I know they won’t judge me. We may be halfway across world away from each other, I know they’d be wherever I was if I needed them to. I love you girls so much. Imagine all the aeroplane rides and the buses we’ve been on. You’ve given me millions of memories I will keep forever. I love Y'all.” The four of them gather again for one more hug. Dinah broke away however so she could shout something one last time. “Me and my girls will always conquer the impossible!”

The crowd claps their hands for a very touching night. It’s been surreal to witness a very wonderful performance that turned out to be a finale performance then witness again the goodbyes of the four girls.

“There’s also one more person who also would like to join you ladies there on stage if you’d like me to.” The girls are startled with the footage that played behind them. They are very familiar with that view. It was the passage from the backstage towards the front stage and the person in the view is no other than their former member, Camila Cabello. The fans go wild again upon seeing Camila joining the rest of the girls in her old costume.

“I’ve spent four and a half years with you ladies and I just couldn’t miss paying my tribute to this band that I once called family. Like I said we’ve had our differences and troubles but we’re all past that now. I wanted to take this chance, we all wanted to take this chance to give you this proper goodbye that you all deserved. No more letters. Here I am joining my sisters in this stage for this final moment. And I also would like to use this time to give a special shoutout to the four of you. People always ask, ‘what’s your favourite memory of Fifth Harmony’ and I guess this one of those favourites. I will never forget this night just like all those times we’ve had together. Dinah, Ally, Normani, and Lolo, I love you girls so much. Thank you for everything” The girls welcomed Camila to their embrace after her heart-warming speech. They may have had some trials and tribulations before but none of those matters anymore tonight.

“After 6 years of being together, we are doing this one last time,” Dinah announces to the crowd as she smiles to her girls.

“Hi, I’m Dinah Jane,”

“Hey, it’s Normani Kordei,”

“Hi, I’m Lauren,”

“Hey, I’m Ally,”

“Hi I’m Camilla”

They all took hold of each other’s hands, interlocking them together. Normani on the farthest right with Ally on her side. Beside Ally is Dinah who has Lauren in between her and Camila. For the last time, they spoke the words they’ve mastered by heart.

“and we’re Fifth Harmony!”

They raised their interlocked hands up in the air before taking their final bow. The confetti dropped on cue while the girls continued to bow in every side of the Madison Square Garden. “Once again thank you Madison Square Garden and the rest of our Harmonizers all over the world. Goodnight everyone and goodbye!”

Six years together, five sisters brought by fate, four promotional singles, three albums released, two record labels, and one story that ended in harmony. They are and will always be Fifth Harmony.

Friends bday pt 2

When I returned to the table my friend was alone. I asked where the guys went and she said for a smoke. We grabbed our drinks and returned to the dance floor. I was feeling pretty excited from the fucking I just got in the bathroom and soon I was grinding on another hot guy on the dance floor. My friend was also getting pretty close to a guy. Yet she managed to whisper to me something about was I too drunk as I’m married and grinding with this guy pretty good. I told her my husband would be ok with dancing as long as it didn’t go past that. (This gf doesn’t know what a bad wife I have become).

After grinding on this guy for a bit he asked if I wanted to go for a smoke I said yes and told my gf where we were headed. Once outside he lit a couple of smokes and led me around the side of the club. We barely finished the smokes before we were making out and he was squeezing my tits. I was rubbing his cock through his jeans when he told me I needed to suck his cock. I leaned down and started, he grabbed a handful of my hair, and pushed down on the back of my head, making gag as I did. It wasn’t long before he was filling my mouth with his cum, and he told me to swallow it like a good slut. I did as I was told. Just then I heard my friends laugh as her and the guy she was dancing with started to come around the corner. Lucky for me the guy who had just fucked my face had already put his dick away and lit two more smokes so when she found us she had no idea what a back ally whore I’d just been.

My pussy was still full of cum from 1 guy and I could taste another guys cum in my mouth while I had a smoke and talked to my friend about how I hoped she was enjoying her birthday. She told me she was and asked if I would consider her a slut if she made out with a guy that night. I told her she definitely gets a free pass on her birthday to make out with anyone she wanted to. Then just for fun I leaned in and open mouth kissed her. She made out with me for a minute then laughed saying not exactly what she meant but that she liked it. I wished her a happy birthday slapped her ass and told her it was time to go dance some more. We said goodbye to the guys we had been dancing/smoking with and headed back inside.

Camila talking about songs on the album that reflect leaving the group on @y100miami  |  Its about her life of course shes going to write maybe like a song about it. Nobody has to hate. You can use music to express any feeling and if she wrote about things that happened during that process let her be. As long as shes in a good place now im sure the girls wrote someting too. LOVE ONLY

On July 7th, 2016, a certain toaster posted the first chapter of Your Grace is Wasted.  Thus began an obsession that has spanned over 80 fics and 750,000 words of Voltron fic.

I’m so sorry.

There will be two sequels coming out relatively soon: One a direct sequel to a plot thread talked about but left unsolved, and the other about paintball.

For now, thank you all so much for your support and enthusiasm for Spectrum.  It received over 200 votes in the sequel 2k follower polls, which is absolutely incredible.  

Haven’t read them?  Here’s all of them in order.  Note that for most of them, while you don’t HAVE to read them in order, you might miss jokes and details.

You Grace is Wasted 
     Five times that no one was thinking of Shiro as a dad.

Leave Them Stunned and Stuttering
     Five Times Shiro couldn’t be knocked off balance, one time he was, and one time he trusted the team to see.  Or, when sibling bonding goes wrong.

With Every Broken Bone
      Five times Shiro lied to the team, and one time he told the truth.

In Need of Something Good Right Now
      5 times someone held Shiro’s hand.

Please Hang Around
      5 conversations between Shiro and Matt after the Holts were rescued.

Unleashed the Dogs of War
      5 times Shiro lost his temper.

Beast You’ve Made of Me
      The Alteans once had powerful allies. Some were wiped out, and some fell.  In hopes of regaining powerful friendships, the team land on a planet to search out signs of rebellion against the Galra. What they find instead are old acquaintances, court intrigue, and old wounds.  Or: One time the universe conspired to make Shiro’s life hell

You can also find more, non-canon additions here!

Thank you all.  Here’s to another year of this nonsense.

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The Bastard of Winterfell

Jon Snow x Reader (second person)

1586 words

Jon Snow is nervous to meet his future wife- and even more nervous to prove himself in front of her.

A/N: My first fanfic in a while! I just watched Game of Thrones and LOVED it, so expect some GoT soon, especially Robb and Jon, my babies.

F/N= first name, L/N= last name

You shifted in your seat, pretending to be asleep as you listened to your parents whisper back and forth.

“A bastard,” you mother muttered, the word like venom on her lips.

“Ned Stark’s bastard,” your father reminded her gently. In your mind’s eye you could see the desperation in his eyes.

“She is a lady!”

Your father sighed. “She is the youngest of nine daughters in a small house. She has limited options. It’s either marry her off to some old lord who is on his seventh wife who will use her for her body, or the son of a good man who will, Gods willing, treat her with compassion.”

Your mother hummed, her arms probably crossed across her chest. “He’s still a bastard.”

You knew your father was right. It was good of Ned Stark to arrange your marriage. When he heard your father was desperately trying to find a match for his youngest, favorite daughter, Lord Stark had an unusual proposal. One your father simply couldn’t refuse.

It was even Lord Stark’s idea to have you stay at Winterfell for a few months so you could get to know your future husband; you’d only met once or twice as children when you visited Winterfell. You remembered Jon Snow being quiet and brooding; you wondered what kind of man he’d grown into.

Your eyes opened as Winterfell came into sight. At least you could find comfort in the fact that the beautiful Stark castle would be your home.

Ned Stark stood at the gate, a friendly smile on his face. He embraced you and your parents, offering you a small wink. Your stomach was in absolute knots.

He led you through the gate, where his family lined up to greet you.

Robb Stark, the most charming young man in the North, kissed your hand. He often accompanied his father to visit your home and was always kind to you. At least you would have an ally in your brother by law.

“Lady F/N,” he said with that dashing smile. “Your beauty has grown since we last met. I had assured my brother that his bride-to-be was lovely, but I must admit, my words did you no justice.”

You blushed. “Thank you, Lord Robb.” You continued down the line to the very end where-

“L-Lady F/N.” A pair of nervous brown eyes searched yours. “A pleasure to see you again.” Jon Snow glanced towards his brother, who gave him an encouraging nod. Jon kissed your hand gently. “I, er, look forward to getting better acquainted.” A pause. “With you.” Another pause. “My lady,” he added quietly.

A small smile escaped your lips. Jon Snow had grown to be a handsome young man, with curly black hair you wanted to reach out and touch. Though Robb’s confidence was definitely attractive, there was something sweet to Jon’s nervousness. You liked it.

“I seem to recall a young dark-haired boy who was never without his sword,” you said, noting that he still held your hand. “Do you still practice the whole day long?”

Now Jon smiled, a small, shy grin. “Indeed, I do.”

Down the line, Robb piped up. “Perhaps after lunch you would like to watch us practice, my lady?”

You nodded. “I would like that very much,” you called back. You turned back to Jon. “If that’s fine with you, that is.”

Jon nodded. “Very fine, my lady.”

“Good.” You gave his hand a small squeeze and released it before following Lady Stark to your room.

As you entered the castle, you glanced back. Jon was standing in the same spot, staring after you, as Robb chattered excitedly in his ear.

You sat beside Jon at lunch, noticing that he barely looked at you. Your stomach sank. Across from you, Robb cleared his throat.

“So, my lady, what do you do with your free time?

You looked up at Robb, who stared at Jon pointedly.

“Oh. I read. I ride. Some needlework.” You looked down the table at the eldest Stark sister. “Though I have heard Lady Sansa’s needlework is true art. Perhaps she could help me improve my own?”

Lady Sansa smiled graciously. “I would love to.”

You turned your gaze to the younger sister. “And Lady Arya, I would love to learn to shoot properly, if you have the time. I have been told your skill surpasses that of any of your brothers.”

The girl’s face lit up. “I would love to!”

Good. More allies in your new home.

After lunch, Jon excused himself to grab something from his room, promising to meet you and Robb in the yard.

Robb offered you his arm as you headed out. “I apologize for my brother, Lady F/N. He… well honestly he is a little scared of you.” A small smile played on his lips. “Not that I can blame him. You are, after all, his future wife.”

You nodded. “I must admit, I’m nervous as well. I barely know him.” You smiled at Robb. “But if he’s anywhere near as kind as you and your sisters, I know I will be very happy here.”

Robb nodded. “Aye, he is. A bit… glum, at times. But very kind,” he assured you. “And before lunch he admitted to me that you are the loveliest creature he ever laid eyes on.”

You felt yourself blush. You opened your mouth to reply-

“What’s this I hear the bastard is marrying himself a lady?” a voice called out.

You and Robb turned as a lanky young man approached you. His eyes traveled up and down your body.

Robb sighed. “This is Theon Greyjoy, our ward. Theon, this is Lady F/N L/N. Jon’s intended.”

Theon’s eyes had yet to find your face. “Hello my lady,” he finally said, the kiss he planted on your hand lingering far too long. “I am looking forward to getting to know you.”

You took a step back. “Thank you.” A mop of curly black hair caught your eye. “But if you will excuse me, I believe I see my future husband.” You broke away from Theon and took Jon’s arm. “Jon, I am very excited to see how well you wield a sword.” You smiled sweetly at him.

He looked a bit taken aback. “Really?”
You nodded. “Really.” You gave his arm a reassuring squeeze.

Theon spoke up. “I’ve an idea.” You and the brothers turned to look at him. “A duel. You and me, Snow. Winner gets a kiss from your little lady here.”

The color rose in Jon’s cheeks. “I-”

“What the matter?” Theon challenged. “Scared I’ll kiss your bride before you do?”

Jon glanced at you. You could tell he did not want to back down in front of you. “Fine. Grab your sword.”

Robb led you out to the yard, helping you perch yourself on a fence. “Not to worry, my lady. Jon is a fantastic swordsman. Your lips are in safe hands.” He smiled at you and lowered his voice. “And make sure to cheer him on. He’s always wanted a pretty girl cheering him on in a duel.”

You laughed. “I’ll be sure to cheer him on to victory.”

The two young men came out, ready for combat. Jon glanced your way. You smiled and gave a small wave.

“Good luck Jon!” you called out. A smile tugged on your future husband’s lips.

“Nicely done,” Robb murmured beside you. “I do believe my brother is blushing.”

You giggled in response. You could definitely feel yourself falling for the bastard of Winterfell as you watched him wield his sword. He looked confident and strong as he swung his weapon this way and that.

“Go Jon!” you called out, clapping.

He turned his head to look at you, a proud smirk on his handsome face. Theon took the opportunity to take a cheap hit, knocking Jon to the ground. He held his sword to Jon’s throat.

“I do believe I win, Snow,” he claimed smugly. He sauntered over to you. “And now for my prize.”

You grimaced and looked to Robb, who looked at shocked as you felt.

“That was a cheap shot,” Robb finally choked out. “You know in a fair fight Jon would have slaughtered you. He was nervous in front of F/N!”

Theon shrugged. “That’s life, m'lord.” He turned to you. “My prize.”

You looked at Jon, who still lay on the ground, looking utterly defeated. You could feel the embarrassment radiating from him.

“Here’s your damned prize,” you muttered. You barely brushed your lips against Theon’s cheek, then jumped down from your post. You walked over to Jon, who slowly sat up as you approached.

“I-I’m sorry, my lady,” he muttered. “If I hadn’t gotten distracted-”

You smiled as you knelt beside him. “I’m glad you got distracted.” You took his hand in yours as he looked at you, puzzled. “You getting distracted by me was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.”

A small smile appeared on his lips. “Really?”

You nodded. “You know, I think second place deserves a prize too.”

Jon’s eyebrows rose. “Oh you do?” He glanced behind you at the other boys, who looked just as surprised.

“I do.”

You leaned down and pressed your lips gently against his. You could feel his smile pressing against yours as his hand rose to pull you closer. He finally let you go and pulled back. A large smile spread across his face.

“I think I’m gonna like being married,” he murmured before leaning in for another kiss.

Part 2

Fifth Harmony on Camila leaving the band: “We’re on a good place, she’s in a good place, and everyone deserves to be happy”

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You don't need to do this prompt now, but I headcanon that Alex is a really good artist? Like during her childhood, art was her escape from her mother's abuse? So maybe Maggie walks in, sees Alex drawing, and asks to see her art so Alex lets her flip through the pages and she lands on a page of sketches Alex has done of her and Alex explains that "I didn't have a camera, but I do have a good memory so I drew the moments I thought you looked the most beautiful" and Maggie is S H O O K

Precision has always been important to her.

Extremely important.

So when she sketches, it always needs to be as realistic, as alive, as a pencil can make it.

And pencils, she’s discovered, can bring so much life.

When she was a child, her main muse was the ocean, was the crabs she would watch on the jetty, the sandcrabs she’d scoop up in her hands before letting them go each time the surf came crashing onto the shore.

When Kara came into her life, it was Kara. Kara flying, Kara dancing, Kara laughing.

She still draws Kara, and she’s added J’onn and James and Winn to her repertoire.

Her most recent addition – and her most intimate – is Maggie.

Maggie sleeping with the light dripping through the slatted blinds pouring onto her face, her limbs and hair all askew, her lips very slightly smiling, like she’s dreaming something good, something safe, something warm, something happy.

Maggie on her motorcycle, head turned back at a stoplight to look at Alex, her smile radiating through the protection of her helmet.

Maggie under her motorcycle, hands greasy and hair tied up and tongue sticking slightly out of her mouth as she makes her repairs.

Maggie pouring coffee in the morning, sleep and sex still in her eyes, peacefulness in her entire stance, love in her every pore.

Maggie laying on her stomach on Alex’s bed, knees bent, socks half-on, half-off, sprawled out like it’s her own bed – because it is, it is, it is – and reading, her eyes intense, her body transported to whatever fantasy realm she’s reading about this time.

Alex is putting the finishing touches on this last one when Maggie walks in the room, and Alex jumps and slams the book closed. Maggie puts her hands up in surrender and stops in her tracks.

“Hey, Danvers, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you – “

“No, no, it – it’s fine, you’re fine.”

Maggie tilts her head and waits, and Alex stares up at her, considering her, chewing the inside of her cheek, and then she smiles softly, shyly.

“I was drawing.”

Maggie beams and she approaches again, kneeling in front of Alex’s chair and putting her hands on her knees.

“Babe, you never told me you draw.”

Alex smiles and squirms and Maggie knows she’s in love.

“You… wanna see?”

Maggie nods eagerly and she starts at page one, and she gasps as she flips through page after page of beauty, page after page of intimacy. Page after page of the people Alex Danvers loves most, as Alex sees them, as Alex knows them, as Alex feels them.

“Ally,” Maggie sighs, and Alex blushes furiously. “These are beautiful.”

She freezes when she gets to the first drawing of her. Freezes, and stiffens, and Alex splutters.

“I’m sorry if it’s weird, I just… I have a good memory, and I wanted to draw you in the moments you look most beautiful, I’m sorry if it’s weird, I – “

But Maggie is carefully putting Alex’s sketchbook to the side and she’s crawling into Alex’s lap and she’s kissing her, kissing her, kissing her.

“I’m wild about you, Alex Danvers, you know that?”

Alex blushes even harder and Maggie beams and swallows awed tears.


“Yes. Always.”

Crack/Shitty AUs Part 2: The Sequel

((okay so for some reason the first one was pretty popular??? What on earth guys))

  • who are you always texting on your phone?? is it a significant other you can’t tell me about??? “what? no, give me my phone back!!” ………’re writing little writing prompts and laughing at your own jokes? are you kidding me?
  • hey buddy, pal, i think you have the wrong number. please stop sending me memes at 3 am
  • we’re arch enemies in one MMO but allies in another and we never realized it until you finally used your speaker in the enemy one and I recognized your voice
  • I run a shitpost blog. You are a wonderful artist who draws my shitposts. A beautiful friendship blooms from there
  • listen, this is a perfectly good meme blog and all but how on EARTH are you 7 years behind in memes how did you even find these relics??? and reblog them in chronological order??
    • bonus if you make this more serious and time-travely lol
  • wha-what do you mean you unironically like minions?? I’m sorry I can’t do this anymore I’m leaving you
    • this one is purely a joke don’t get all upset at people who do or don’t, please
  • at first you were getting mean anons and you were replying to them in really shitpost-esque ways and I found them funny but at this point it’s become your blog legacy so you ask me how to change it and I just send you another shitpost ask

I feel like these aren’t as funny as the first ones but I also feel like the first ones weren’t that funny either lol ^^’ have fun! Happy writing!

~Mod Karissa

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i'd like to do my end-of-degree project about something related to queer history (since i'm studying history) but it's very usa centric all what i know and i'm from europe, plus idk how would people react when i tell them (like maybe they'll try to convince me to do another topic) and^this would mean to out myself and this all is dismotivating me from doing it. any idea of where i could look into (i was thinking about asexuality or trans/nb history) or any message of positivity and confidence tx

Alright so there are a number of things we would love to address in this ask. First European queer history, so with that you have two avenues you can go through; a person by person basis (so if you go in depth on one person who happens to be queer such as King Kristina of Sweden then no one can say anything because you are just reporting the facts of a subject) or a queer movement in which case our suggestion is you look at pre-WW2 Berlin for an absolute wealth of information. 

And now for how people will react. I am never going to try and push anyone into come out, and I don’t know enough about your situation to know if it safe, or if it is something you really want to do and will make your life easier, but I will give you some excuses in case you don’t want to come out. 

“I am just trying to be a good ally”

“I am really interested in this period of history/person”

“I find unrecorded history really compelling”

“I have a friend who told me about it and it seemed really interesting.”

But you also can come out this way, if you feel like that is something you want to do and are comfortable with this method then this is a good way. Or you could come out earlier if this isn’t the way you want people to find out, but you want to be out.

Lastly know that no matter what you do or what you decide you are the product of thousands of years of work and lifetimes dedicated to pushing forward queer rights. And whatever you do or do not do, you are a credit to all the people who have come before you just by existing. No matter what choice you make, I am proud of you, and I truly believe that so many of the people I have written about would be too. 

If you decide to research you are furthering the work of giants like Magnus Hirschfeld, and Arthur Kronfeld. If you choose to take a different path and stay in the closet and write in subtext and code you follow the footsteps Oscar Wilde or Greta Garbo. 

And we here are proud of you, for your desire to do this work, even if you don’t end up doing it right now I can promise you the desire will never leave. Whether you end up doing this paper or not this desire is going to find its way into your work, there is no creator who has been able to fully separate themselves from their creations. So no matter what you do, it is going to be amazing, and it is going to make all the people who have come before you proud.

Ignoring the fact that my banner looks like it was created by some kid messing around on their computer (which is exactly what it is), welcome to my first follow forever! After reaching 10k followers, which I honestly still can’t quite comprehend and am so incredibly thankful for, I figured it was about time I make one of these… but to be honest, that’s just an excuse for me to write painfully cheesy messages to express my gratitude :’)) 

First and foremost, I would like to thank the sweet angels who are following me or have once followed me at some point in time. Honestly, narrative writing has never been my forte. I was never a naturally gifted writer; and for those of you who have followed me since the very beginning, I’m sure you’ve noticed just how often I write/post. It was only after persistent writing and posting and waiting - only to garner a small audience and occasional feedback - that I really started improving. So to those who stayed through it all and to those who dropped by for even the shortest of feedbacks, I’d like to say thank you. It only took you less than a few seconds to send me those messages, but to me, it’s something I’ll remember forever. You are the reason why I’m still here today. You are why I’m still striving to be the best that I can be. 

…which leads me to the second point I’d like to make. I’ve never been one of those popular writing blogs or at least I never felt like I’ve made my presence known in the writing community. I guess back when I first started this blog, I wanted to be one of those writers everyone looked up to and loved to talk to, but now I’ve come to realize how much numbers really don’t matter anymore. I’ve come to fall in love with writing and the messages/feedback that come with it. I appreciate every single person who cares enough to like/reblog/comment my posts, send me a quick message, or even those who don’t have a tumblr blog and are silent followers who check up on my blog every once in a while (I used to be one of those, I gotchu). I’m already more than thankful for everything.

TO THOSE AMAZING BLOGS WHO PROVIDE WONDERFUL CONTENT TO FILL MY DASHBOARD EVERY SINGLE DAY? Thank!!! You!!! I’d type out personalized messages for each and every one of you, but that’d take me forever and this would end up being an essay. So I’ll just say thank you and you’re one of  the reasons why we love kpop so much (and you, too, of course :D)

AND LASTLY, TO MY AMAZING FRIENDS THAT I’VE MADE ON THIS SITE… you know how much I love you. In fact, you probably have a message somewhere down below. And if not, it’s probably because I didn’t know if we were on that level yet, BUT I LOVE YOU! SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, HERE’S MY FIRST FOLLOW FOREVER!

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Hi, bi!

(that’s me hiding my nerves behind humour btw)

I wanted to come out to you all so that if I start reblogging things. or commenting on posts you won’t wonder what the heck’s going on. 

I’ve thought I might be bisexual for the last couple of years, but because i’m in a long-term relationship with a guy, I didn’t think about it all that much. Over the last few months though I’ve had to really bite my tumblr tongue not to just say it. as i know you’ll all be lovely, and i want to be able to be myself here. 

I haven’t told my partner yet, and I’m not sure if i will, maybe, we’ll see. 

But yeah, that’s me, all this time I thought I was a just good ally, turns out I was part of the community without even really realising it. 


ps - I’m really just learning, and don’t pretend to know a lot about queer history or issues - i’m learning, but if i say anything problematic, please (gently) let me know.

Chris watched you from the back corner of the bookstore as you talked to the last fan of the day, or so you thought. His last two hours had been spent waiting in the back for you to get through all your other fans, so he could speak with you alone. The last time he attended one of your signings, he made the mistake of joining the line like an every day man- which he was not; he was Captain America and he had to leave the store before he deterred the attention from you. He wasn’t going to make that mistake again, so there he was pretending to browse the non-fiction shelves.

“You’re my lucky last, Ally.” You signed the inside cover of the thirteen year old’s copy of your latest novel, ‘To My Future Husband’. “Thank you so much for coming out,” you smiled at her and she smiled back. “I hope this book helps you find the love you deserve,” you told her as you closed the book and slid it across the table.

“It will,” she nodded without hesitation and your smile widen. “Thank you so much, Y/N.” She told you and you rose to your feet, ready to hug her when you saw her eyes glisten with tears. “Your books are always so inspiring and heartfelt. I hope that when I’m older I can do what you do, inspire and touch the lives of others with my words.”

“Thank you, sweetheart.” You walked around the table and wrapped the young girl into a warm hug. “I hope to see you at my next event. If you’re willing, you can bring me some of your work. I’ll be more than happy to read it,” you told her and her face lit up. “If it’s good, I can get you a meeting with my publisher so you too can do what I do.”

“Thank you, Y/N,” Ally grinned.

“Yes, thank you, Miss Y/L/N.” Her mother smiled at you and you nodded, passing her your card. “You are such a sweet young lady. I’m sure your mother must be very proud of you.” She looked over your shoulder at your mom, who attended all your events with you.

“She’s my biggest fan,” you nodded and glanced back at your mom with a smile. Your mom smiled but tapped at her watch, letting them know that their time with you was up. “Sorry, we’ve got a meeting,” you winced at your mom’s straightforwardness. “Thank you for coming out though, I really appreciate all the love and support.”

“Of course,” Ally’s mom smiled. “Let’s go, Ally.”

The meeting you were talking about wasn’t really a meeting, it was your first meal of the day. Your hand patted your stomach which was now growling at the thought of Olivette’s homemade blueberry bagels. You watched the mother and daughter leave the store and you let out a weary sigh of satisfaction. “And that’s a wrap,” you mumbled to yourself. “Thanks for that, Mom.” You walked back over to your mother who was gathering your things. “If they didn’t go, I was going to faint from starvation.”

“Oh, I wasn’t doing it for you.” Your mother chuckled and your eyes narrowed in confusion. “That handsome gentleman in the back has been waiting two hours for your attention.” Chris winced but turned away from the shelves to look over at the two of you. “I figured Mr. Evans could take you to lunch while I head back to the hotel to get some rest.”

“What are y-” You turned to where your mother was looking and your breath hitched in your throat when you caught sight of the handsome, blue eyed, dark haired, straight from Heaven, Bostonian angel. “It’s Chris Evans,” you breathed.

“Uh-” Chris cleared his throat, his cheeks as flushed as your own. “Yeah, um- Sorry, I’ve just been trying to avoid a scene with your fans.” He started to walk towards you. “I didn’t want to deterred the attention from you because you deserve all the attention in the world and-” He cut himself off, blushing deeply when he heard your mother laugh softly. “I’m a huge fan and I would love to take you to lunch if you- um- if you don’t mind me doing so.”

“Yes please,” you blurted out.

“This is like the start of one of your fan fictions.” Your mother chuckled and you bit the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from scolding her. “Well, I’m going to take your things back to the hotel. Captain,” she addressed him and he tore his gaze off you to look at her. “I trust that you’ll take very good care of my daughter?”

“The very best, ma'am,” he nodded.

“I look forward to seeing you around, son,” your mother smiled at him.

“Mom,” you hissed at her through your tightly clenched teeth, “please stop.”

“Alright alright,” she laughed. “I’ll leave you two love birds be.”
• • • • • • • •
The two of you ended up having lunch on the rooftop of Olivette’s; the café owned by your best friend which meant she had the authority to keep everyone off the roof so you could have some privacy with Chris Evans. You mentally reminded yourself to buy her a box of her favorite Godiva chocolates to thank her, though you were sure that bringing him to her café was thanks enough; she too was a huge fan of Captain America and all things Chris Evans.

“I really hope you turn one of your books into a movie.”

“I’ll only do that if you promise you’ll direct it,” you told him and surprise swept over his face. “You did an amazing job in 'Before We Go’, I’d love to see what you could do with one of my works.” You saw his smile spread to his eyes. “I still can’t believe you’re a fan of my work,” you admitted with a light chuckle.

“Why not?” He chuckled. “You’re an amazing writer, a lot of people are fans of your work.”

“Yeah but-” You tried not to smile as you teased him. “It’s mostly thirteen year old girls.” He laughed, doing his signature left boob grab. “It’s not very often I get approached by guys.” He raised an eyebrow. “About my books,” you added with a giggle.

“I was going to say,” he smirked flirtatiously “Pretty girl like you should be getting approached everyday.” You blushed and bit back your smile. “I don’t know what to say,” he shrugged with one of his adorable half smiles, “your love stories are amazing and I’m a hopeless romantic.”

“Chris Evans, a hopeless romantic. Why am I not surprised?” You smiled and he chuckled softly. “I always had a feeling you’d be, considering you love everything Disney. I think only the best guys can appreciate the kind of love Disney portrays.”

“Okay, stop.” He chuckled and you titled your head in confusion. “You’re becoming more and more perfect with each passing second.” You laughed. “If you continue, I’m going to blurt out an I-love-you and make things real awkward real quick.”

“I think my mom already made things awkward with her comments,” you chuckled.

“Your mom’s lovely.” He said with a smile and you nodded, taking a sip from your water. “What was she talking about when she said isn’t this like the start of one of your fan fictions?” He quizzed and you choked on your water. “Let me guess, you wrote about me.” His lips quirked into an amused smirk and you thought you were going to die from embarrassment. “Wow, I am incredibly honored. Where can I read this amazing collection of fan fictions?”

“Yeah, I’m not telling you that.”

“Can I be honest about something?”

“If it changes the subject,” you winced.

“Yeah, that’s not going to happen,” he chuckled and you sighed. “I’ve read all your little fan fictions on your Tumblr, cute URL by the way.” He admitted and your eyes widened in shock. “They’re the reason I’m such a huge fan of you and your work.”

“Really?” You were still unsure of how to react; did you want to laugh or cry?

“Really,” he nodded with a smile. “I enjoy the way you portray me, the way you portray love. I don’t know if I can live up to your image of Chris Evans but- I’d like to try, if you’re willing to give me a chance.”

Did he just?

“I’m sorry, but-”

“Yes, I just asked you out.” He chuckled softly, scratching the back of his neck. “If this is like your mom said, one of your little fan fictions, you should be saying yes by now and easing me from this nervous tension.” You giggled and he smiled. “So…” He raised an eyebrow. “Yes?”

“Yes,” you smiled.

anonymous asked:

How did you know you were bi and not a lesbian? I know everyone's experience is different but would appreciate hearing from you if you're comfortable sharing how you figured out your sexuality :) I'm in a difficult spot of "am I just gay or is my attraction to men genuine?" cause I definitely forced it when I was younger and learning about coercive heteronormativity is both eye opening and confusing lmao

((Content warning: I talk about rape, trauma and child sexual assault in this post. This post is ok to reblog if you wish to. ))

Not going to lie it was touch and go a few times, a lot of internal debating and agonising.

I first came out maybe when I was 14/15, I had online relationships with boys and girls and I had these two gay friends and they were… Toxic and biphobic, I realise that now.

They told me that bisexuality was an “attention seekers disease” and that it undermined gay rights. That my behaviour (See: bisexuality) made them feel “unsafe”.

So in order to be a good gay ally and a good friend I went back in the closet. I chose boys and I chalked it up as a phase.

I can’t easily express how much damage that did, that I then did to myself.

My case, for me, was complicated by the fact I had been sexually abused by men since I was four years old and felt very, VERY little attraction to men sexually. My low sex drive was “weird” and I would force myself to be with men sexually, trying to “fix” myself.

I had sexual relationships with women, I enjoyed them, but as part of my self delusion I told myself I wasn’t bi because “just because you have sex with a woman doesn’t mean you’re attracted to them”…? It made sense to me at the time, or I pretended it did.

Then I got a crush. A big one. On a girl. She was a friend and she enchanted me and I couldn’t stop thinking about her. But she was straight and I was married, to someone who was not a woman.

But still, it changed everything and I’ll forever be glad that I fell for that beautiful, sweet woman. I can still feel this sense of awe when I talk about her and when I see her posting about her life on Facebook I’m happy when she’s happy. She saved my life, that’s what it feels like.

I was not happy in my marriage and I did ponder. I’d had romantic and sexual relationships with men, women and my nb husband. But the relationships where I had felt the most were women, where I had felt the most safe and… Desirous.

It was hard, trying to figure out what exactly my sexuality was. Was I a lesbian? Was I bisexual? Was I on the ace spectrum? My repeated assaults had created such an ingrained sexual trauma that I couldn’t separate myself from it. I’d developed into a young woman already with sexual trauma, that trauma had shaped me and I couldn’t figure out a way to detach it.

In the end I chose bisexual because I could be attracted to men in the abstract, though there was LOTS of agonising over if this was just coerced androcetricism believe me and I knew I was attracted to women. I suspected that gender probably wouldn’t matter to me as long as I felt safe.

At that point it’s worth noting I genuinely didn’t think I’d ever date a man again. Even though I knew I was likely to be single again I couldn’t imagine the frustration of trying to date a man. Because it is frustrating, and worrisome, to be around men and be… Waiting, hoping they are one of the good ones, hoping they won’t suddenly say something misogynistic and dismiss you.

But bisexual seemed the closest and I remember this awesome lesbian from Mardi Gras many years ago candidly talking about labels and how they are there to help people understand themselves, not to restrict themselves.

She meant that sometimes labels can change and that’s fine. I felt comfortable with bisexual and I knew that if I later changed my mind on that… That would be ok.

This was something that was very much reinstated by my contact with the ace community who told me it was ok if I was ave, and it was ok if I was a bisexual with a low sex drive. It’s ok to use a label while it fits you and move onto another if it doesn’t.

You’re not a bad person if you think you’re bi and it turns out you’re a lesbian, or vice versa. Our understanding of ourselves is always shifting and sometimes that means labels.

What this lengthy post is trying to tell you is that… We all have different experiences. Don’t try and force yourself to fit to a label. If you don’t like a gender romantically or sexually then you just don’t.

You can pick a label, but make sure you’re not pushing yourself to fit that label, because those labels are meant to fit US… Not the other way around.

What you are may take time to figure out, you might change your mind. That’s fine, take your time and try not to let yourself be coerced.

Best wishes, stay safe.

  • Davos: Alright, you've told Jon. Now don't tell anyone else unless they absolutely need to know
  • Gendry: Right
  • Farmer: Good Morning
  • Gendry: My name is Gendry Waters. Bastard son of King Robert Baratheon, first of his name. The bull, the rower. I survived Harrenhal, it's said that my blood alone can kill a usurper. Brother in Arms to Jon Snow, King of the North, and ally to his sister Arya. I was betrayed by the Lord of Light. I knew something else was coming, I didn't know what, but I knew. My mother had yellow hair, and she used to sing to me-
  • Davos: Gendry!!
  • Gendry: What he had to know
  • Fisherman: Good Morning
  • Gendry: It is I Gendry Waters. I have Targaryen blood through my Grandmother. I survived the gold-cloaks