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Thorns FC bond at the Oregon Coast | Part I



“Four Eyes” feat. Allie Barrett, Rhiannon McConnell, Sophie Koella, Florence Kosky, Kyle Kellogg, Naleye Junior Dolmans and Magdalena Jasek by Nicolas Kantor with styling from Catherine Newell-Hanson x the December 2016 issue of Teen Vogue
Hair by Tina Outen and makeup by Erin Parsons


Thorns FC bond at the Oregon Coast | Part II

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Merritt said: "We may have another change that's significant as well. Hopefully, in a positive way." How can be positive that Allie could leave? She is a very important pieace of the team in their 5 years.

Dude, Allie was so unhappy at the end of the season that she was venting on social media. I’m sure that went over GREAT with Parsons.

Allie has been a huge part of this team, she was it’s backbone for 4 years, but sometimes you outgrow each other.


Really, how can someone hate this team?

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okay this is a challenge, do it if you feel like it. I do not like Kent Parson but am ready to be convinced. What would you say ?

so i’ve gone over my thoughts on parse 3 and whether or not he’s abusive and all that, which is important reading on this topic, but is not about my feelings. and lord do i have a lot of feelings. so here goes.

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One Goal Beyond | A Thorns FC Symphony

Your heart and your feet – play with rhythm

It had only been a half an hour ever since Tinley left the county jail after talking to her mother, and she was still in the process of taking in the information that she had given her. From the time where Meadow was first confessing her troubles to Kai, to where she had mentioned she nearly committed suicide. Tinley’s fear about losing her mother continued to increase as many scenarios ran through her head imagining what kind of things Meadow could do to herself in jail. She was hoping she had done enough convincing to help her clear her mind out. As she arrived at her neighbor’s house, she stood at the front door silently, afraid she would scare the poor woman to death, knowing Ally was prone to getting trigger happy quite easily. After a while, she knocked on her front door slightly. “Mrs. Richards?” Tinley called out. “A-Are you home..?” Tinley waited for a while and then realized she still wasn’t coming to the door. Sighing heavily, she said, “Its me, Tinley… you know, Meadow’s daughter. Um… do you think you have time to talk?”



This is the first in a series of monthly episodes taking fans behind the scenes with Thorns FC players and staff. For the first episode, the team headed to Bend, OR to spend time together in advance of the 2016 NWSL season. It was all about the importance of being a “team” not just a group of talented players.