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‘Thank you, Fifth Harmony’ Best memory [1/??]

Fav moment from this little head: @unapologeticluv-blog


cape_usa: A sample of stars at our past CAPE 25th Anniversary Gala. Once again, there is no shortage of API talent! #CAPE25#AAPI #API #Diversity #Inclusion

I Wish To Be As Happy With Life As Lauren Jauregui Is With This Ice Cream Cone

A woman embracing her sexuality is something that shouldn’t be taboo; most of our songs that are popular are sexual for sure, but I would say that’s more of a result of what the culture in America propels and consumes. Our first singles, “Miss Movin’ On,” and “Sledgehammer Boss” all had to do with harnessing your power and love. Those unfortunately weren’t as successful as “Worth It” or “Work From Home” so I think it’s a clear trend of what people want vs. what we want to give them. Again though, women embracing their sexuality should never be a reason to disregard their intellect or ability to speak on topics beyond that.
—  Lauren Jauregui for VULKAN ( @ssweet-dispositionn )

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Ally is in Hufflepuff, Dinah is in Gryffindor, Lauren is in Slytherin, and Normani in Ravenclaw