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Ally I'm making like a birthday video montage for my mum (she's my best friend) do you have any music suggestions I can put to it? xo

You’re My Best Friend by Queen or The Best Day by Taylor Swift 💛✨👭

Based on this

The idea was too good, so I thought why not visualising it?

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i used to be like "I'm not like those straight people" because I didn't fetishize m/m relationships and thought f/f relationships were nice too but guess who's gay now like I really thought I was the best straight ally I'm shrieking

Raise ur hand if you started out as an over-invested ally


Lauren fucking Jauregui looked at me. We had eye contact for 7 seconds. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was just running through my hair, putting them on the other side, like Lauren does it and as I looked at Lauren, she already focused on me. The way she looked in my eyes…I wasn’t breathing for 7 seconds. My heart stopped. To be 100% sure that she was looking in my eyes, I smiled to see if she smiles back and as you can see, she smiled. I smiled and she smiled back. My heart cannot handle this. That video btw is NOT my video. I was going through my explore page on Instagram and suddenly saw this video. Someone took this video and it was exactly in that moment she looked at me. FATE HUHH LMAO. What a blessing honestly. I love her so much.

What also happened:

Before the concert, I met Ally’s dad and Dinah’s cousin. YES. I took a picture with Jerry but not with Dinah’s cousin because everyone wanted pictures and I didn’t wanted to pressure her even more. BUT I had the opportunity to give her the letters I had written for Camila, Lauren, Ally, Dinah and Normani.
I think they all received them safely because Camila followed me and that’s because I noted down my Twitter username…and I wasn’t tweeting or spaming her. So I’m really the happiest ever. I’m a little too late because it was last week (20th October) but I couldn’t find any time…I’m 24/7 on wattpat because I’m way too much into DIWK lol but here ya’ll go.


Well I saw no interactions, the only thing I saw was that Camila kept staring at Lauren’s ass. 😏🍑

That’s it. I’m the happiest.
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> squeezingcamila :)