allie likes to craft

Newly tossed into the brewing pot:

The Smellcaster

Uses powerful scents/perfumes to buff allies and debuff enemies

Gains bonuses to things like Perception and Craft: Alchemy, while also gaining the Scent ability which grows more ridiculous over time. The big twist though, is that it’s a Constitution based caster.

A heartier Con means they can take deeper whiffs from their Smellbook, gaining more smells per day. They can only learn spells up to level 6, but they can snorf from their Smellbook to regain a small handful of smell slots when desperate, at the risk of knocking themselves out anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on how deeply they inhale. It takes 8 hours to fully clear out their sinuses and lets them regain all their smell slots properly.

Biggest road block right now: Which spells could logically be smells; things like Bull’s Strength and Eagle’s Splendor are def in, but I’ll need to narrow down which Illusion spells could be explained as scent-triggered hallucinations. There’s also some possibility of emotion-affecting spells from other schools, like Cause Fear.