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A/N: So I have had this floating around in my head for a while and I wanted to get it out for Halloween, which I did woo! Little slice of Potter family life. I probably won’t update Coquettish for a few days, but I do have plans for a third part! Hope you all enjoy this one :)

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Harry wakes to tiny feet inches from his face, round, chilled toes wriggling dangerously close to his unprotected and highly vulnerable nostrils.  The lack of movement apart from said wiggly toes indicates his bedfellow is still asleep and definitely not James, although the telltale birthmark on the left bony ankle confirmed it was his second son easily. Using his one cracked eye to determine the cleanliness of Albus’ foot, Harry mentally shrugs and pulls it toward his mouth, placing an affectionate kiss on the balls of his son’s still smooth sole. 

Ever the light sleeper, Albus’ head appears somewhere around Harry’s knees, traditional Potter hair rumpled even more in sleep, his green eyes still foggy, cheek bearing the imprint of wrinkly sheets.  Blinkingly slowly as he attempts to recall where exactly he fell asleep last evening, Albus’ face eventually lights up with recognition, before he scoots up the bed, legs scrunching and unscrunching as he drags his bum toward his father’s head.

Eyeing Ginny’s still sleeping form, she’d been up ‘til a hellish hour putting last minute touches on the kids’ costumes, Harry reaches back, and pulls the duvet and sheets up, ushering his youngest underneath the covers.  Once they’re settled, noses inches apart, two dark heads sharing one pale yellow pillow, Harry rubs a warm hand up and down Albus’ back, “Sleep ok mate?”

After letting out a yawn and rubbing his eyes with childish fists, Albus nods, snuggling closer until their noses do touch.  Harry’s eyes cross as he tries to hold his son’s gaze, as his sleep grizzled voice rumbles quietly, “D’you want to talk about the dream?”

Shaking his head, Albus slips one hand up between them, running smooth fingers over the angular planes of his father’s face, his index finger eventually finding and lingering over the faded scar Harry still habitually hides beneath his fringe. Understanding flashes across the older Potter’s face for only a moment before he brings Albus’ hand down to his mouth for another kiss, “You know everything is safe now, right?”

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