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the way you draw tae in goblin au something about it is soooo soft and warm. idk how to explain it but like innocent and fragile..? also thanks to your awesome drawings (& funny vids!!) im going to watch goblin asap and your FA was the reason i started Nyctophile (& a lot faster than i was gonna)! you're drawings literally motivate me to start&finish these things faster than my procrastinating butt would've, thank you!!! u sweet like a peach

ANON IM SCREAMING YES!!!!!! tae is actually a lot younger than kook in this AU (which explains his shorter height and smaller built) but there’ll be a timeskip and you’ll see why when u start on the kdrama!! so excited for u!!


I had a good feeling when I found out they chose my all-time favorite Disney princess, Mulan, for this week. I’m so proud of ‘em! Truly deserved that 39/40. :’)



Hey guys! Here’s my very glow-y outfit and poster for the 1989 World Tour I see tomorrow in Bossier City!!!! I’m so so so excited!!! I love Taylor more than anything and I can’t wait to party all night with here!!!

I’ll be in section 109, row C, and in seat 13 (!!!!!)

swiftkitten13 and rdcook13 will be going as well and they’ll be in the left pit!!!

I can’t wait to see taylorswift!!! It’s literally tomorrow!!